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Best Tarot Card Reading Online 2021

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With the pandemic disrupting life across the globe, our paranoia about the future is more than ever, with our destinies clouded up and uncertainty filling up our hearts. It is at this time that we need the psychic arts and, more specifically, tarot reading!

Tarot card reading has always guided millions of people who have lost their way. Tarot readings use cards to reflect their lives, and if matched up with really accurate readers, helps gain more information about their futures. Many people take up the practice of tarot reading just for themselves so that it can give them a good sense of self-awareness and so that they can understand their life energies a lot better.

These days, the practice has shifted to tarot reading online, where readers who specialize in online tarot reading over a video call, phone call, and even chat help their clients find the true meaning behind their actions. With the turn of a simple card, the person whose cards are being read can unveil a flurry of feelings they were holding in or figure out where negative energy in their lives is coming from. There are numerous sites that pop up if one Googles “tarot card reading near me,” even though none of it is nearby – they are the easiest to use and the fastest ways to have one’s cards read. Here are the best online tarot reading sites in the world, with a comprehensive analysis of each.

The Best Services for Tarot Card Readings Online:

The following websites provide the most accurate tarot cards online readings. The list has been made by reviewers who have poured over every aspect of these sites and done an effective comparative analysis:

Kasamba : The best for love tarot reading done by experienced readers. Get 3 free minutes and 50% off. The readings are done via phone call and live chat.

California Psychics : The best tarot readers to tell the future, uncover one’s past, present, and future. The rates are quite low, at $1 a minute. If one uses the promo code ‘ADD5’, one can get an extra free five minutes. They do readings via phone call and live chat.

Keen Psychics : The cheapest tarot card readings online, done by experts. Get ten minutes for just $1.99. Readings are done via phone call and live chat.

Psychic Source : The best for angel card readings and cartomancy. Charging just $0.66 per minute, they give the first three minutes completely free. Psychic Source readers do their sessions via live video, phone calls, and online chat.


  • Great at matching psychic advisors with clients
  • Cost is low compared to other sites.
  • 150+ tarot readers available to choose from
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with potential refunds if the customer is dissatisfied with the service.
  • Mobile app available across platforms.
  • First 3 minutes are free and special discount 50% for first reading session
  • Readings are mainly done via live chat or phone readings.

Kasamba with over twenty years of experience in the world of psychic arts, founded in 1999, the same year as Keen Psychics. Over the two decades, Kasamba successfully acquired three million visitors to its website. With over 188 tarot card readers available on the website, Kasamba has become a noted name amongst people who are trying to find a good place to get love tarot reading done.

It is easy to sign up with Kasamba – users can either complete a detailed registration form or use a Google or Apple account to sign up easily. This integration into larger tech giants speaks volumes about the reliability of the website. Once registration has been successfully completed, the user can browse through the directory of highly qualified psychics to find one that seems to suit them. Each tarot reader has their specialty, which is displayed in the blurb, along with user testimonials, ratings and the price per minute. If the customer wants more specifically to go for a tarot reading online specialist, they can locate the navigation tool at the top of the website to get redirected to the section where only tarot card readers are shown. From the 188 tarot online specialists available, the customer can display in-depth information about the psychic, written by themselves, as well as what kind of a reader they are from the customer reviews.

After one has chosen the advisor, they can get right into the session, where they can decide to go beyond the three free minutes if they feel comfortable, or stop right before if the psychic advisor seems inefficient. This possibility of experiencing a tarot reading before buying into what the reader offers completely has allowed many first time advice-seekers to trust the website more easily.

Kasamba also has an additional perk of offering two kinds of card reading services, from which customers can choose:

Angel Card Readings , which involve receiving gentle and reaffirming messages from archangels, angels and other cosmic beings who occupy the heavenly universe. These messages also contain life advice, reassurance and the answers to life’s complex questions. Unlike tarot cards, it is highly unlikely that these messages will have negative readings. They merely seek to provide insight into the advice seeker’s path in life. There are 51 angel card readers on Kasamba from which customers can choose.

Cartomancy: These clairvoyants attempt divination or fortune-telling using an ordinary deck of playing cards, instead of using specialized tarot cards or angel cards. Known simply as cartomancers or readers, these are highly specialized individuals who can tell customers interpretations of their energy and choices based on the cards they pick out from the deck. Kasamba boasts forty cartomancers on their website, which is quite a feat considering how rare these clairvoyants have become these days.

Kasamba offers both chat and phone calls as a means of communication. Advisors’ rates vary based on what they offer and how good their customer ratings are – some can be as low as $1.69 per minute to as high as $25.50 per minute. Considering how Kasamba offers psychic advisors and tarot readers who are available at any time of the day, their membership fee is quite less.

Another interesting feature that Kasamba puts forward is the Best Match Guaranteed. Kasamba acknowledges the fact that finding the right tarot reader can be quite the hassle, much like finding the right therapist. This is why seekers of tarot reading advice are offered three free minutes with an advisor that they match up with customers based on available data. This is an extremely reliable method, especially for those who are not familiar with the website and how the industry works.

Kasamba also has a cross-platform app that is available both on the App Store and the Play Store for completely free. For those who are constantly on the move, an app through which can be done in a matter of seconds is extremely helpful.

Kasamba has found its place in the world of tarot reading by democratizing the practice, offering many new member awards and low rates of service.


  • Cheap rates with three free minutes
  • Cross-platform app available for those on the go
  • Offers angel card readings and cartomancy
  • Best match guarantee
  • Reliable customer service
  • Three free minutes + 50% off for first time users
  • 188 tarot card readers on the website.

Click here for 3 free minutes Session with Kasamba Top Tarot Readers

California Psychics

  • Ideal for fortune telling
  • $1 per minute
  • Use promo code ADD5 for extra free five minutes
  • Readings done via phone, live chat and video call

California Psychics may just be one of the oldest players in the business, with over twenty-five years of experience. It is also why they have one of the widest collection of psychic advisors and tarot readers on the internet – advisors flock to this website because of the trust it has earned within the psychic arts community. Tarot cards reading offered by California Psychics have been lauded for its accuracy and reassurance.

From the thousands of psychics customers can choose from, almost each and every seer has been screened and reviewed by California Psychics’ panel of experts, who take precautions to make sure that their customers are not scammed. The large number of tarot readers available also provides the customer with a range of choices, as well as the ability to just switch to another adviser if one does not work out – it is extremely difficult to find the perfect match in the first try, and the affordable rates offered by California Psychics makes it easy for first time users to take this liberty.

The highly competitive and affordable rate of just a dollar for a minute is accompanied by the numerous discounts and free trials that they offer. This encourages many first timers to take that first step towards seeking psychic advice and turning their life around. The discounted rates are provided without any money cut from the advisor’s fee, so customers can rest assured about the ethical side of it. New customers should search for promo codes before using the website to get most out of their online tarot reading.

The customer reviews that one can find about California Psychics are also extremely reassuring, considering how many people feel inspired to leave long and detailed answers about how their tarot reader saw into their souls and told them the answers they needed to hear desperately. Beyond reaffirming the quality of the service offered by California Psychics, such reviews also help customers figure out more about a tarot reader’s area of specialty.

Even if all tarot readers rely on the same psychic tool of a deck of cards to channel their powers of clairvoyance, many advisors who offer tarot online have areas of specialty where they excel in giving advice – for some, it may be love tarot card readings, for some it is advice related to money matters, familial relationships, career or for customers who feel like they have lost their direction in life.

It is paramount that an advice-seeker knows exactly what they want before they go into a session, so if they have a general idea as to what kind of insight they want to glean from the online tarot card reading, they can choose a psychic based on this, after reading a few customer testimonials.

It is rather easy to sign up with California Psychics – first, make an account on the website using the ‘create account’ option, which leads to a registration portal. After entering a few necessary information like name, email and date of birth, a password can be created for future use. California Psychics strictly prohibits minors from using the website, for the obvious reason that the psychics’ abilities have been checked and testified by the team, but their morales and hidden agendas that can lead little children astray can never be truly found out, and should not be left to chance. This kind of security is offered even to members, with the assurance that their personal info and biodata are completely confidential and not visible to even other psychics. Anything divulged during a tarot reading online session stays between the tarot reader and the customer.

California Psychics accepts payment of all kinds, which is necessary information that needs to be entered before the free reading can be claimed. They accept debit cards, credit cards and even PayPal, but it is ensured that customers are not charged if they stay within the five free minutes of trial. The easiest way to use California Psychics is to use their online wallet system, where users can load money and use it for their readings over the next few sessions. This avoids any hassles of post-paying or being surprised about the bill that is charged.

Premium psychics can charge up to $9 per minute – these are tarot readers who get consistently good reviews and are the best of the best, allowing them to charge more than the average seer. Even such premium psychics can be consulted with the first five minutes.

There is also the option where customers can let the team choose a psychic for them at just $1 per minute – these chosen tarot readers are usually the popular ones who have years of experience and charge up to $5 per minute, saving the user four dollars. They can also consult a premium psychic to begin with by paying $4 extra, which is still less than what they usually charge.

Customers should ensure that they have a good idea of what they want to ask the tarot reader before starting their online tarot reading session, because each minute counts. But because of the wallet balance system that they have in place, there is no need to worry about auto-charge – the only danger is that the free trial will time out and the session will end abruptly. Members who frequent tarot online portals can tell that it takes less than five minutes to get a proper reading done, especially considering how the website will provide a free transcript of the whole thing within seconds, which can be consulted before making huge life decisions.

Regardless, the 24/7 support team guarantees that users will be refunded for those who are not satisfied with the service, after they conduct a detailed examination of the session.


  • Free five minutes + promo codes and discounts
  • Matches customers with great psychics
  • Online wallet system to avoid auto-charging and overspending.
  • Great reviews online
  • 24.7 customer service that offers refunds to dissatisfied customers.
  • Specialized tarot readers with over decades of service.
  • Full transparency about user testimonials.

California Psychics: Accurate predictions, $1/min – Click Here To start

Keen Psychics

  • Great customer support
  • The website has great UI/UX.
  • 10 first minutes for only $1.99 as an introductory offer.
  • Guaranteed refunds if the customer is not satisfied.
  • Well reputed for their accurate tarot readers

A trusted psychic network that offers many more services other than online tarot reading, Keen Psychics helps many people across the world get through the hardest times in life. With qualified psychic advisors ready to take a registered member’s call and walk them through a session at any given point of the day, this round-the-clock spiritual advice portal has some of the best clairvoyants on the planet at extremely reasonable rates.

With over two decades of experience, Keen Psychics have worked hard to make a name for themselves in the industry of online tarot card reading, with many people claiming that their guidance has got them through some of the toughest times in their lives.

Keen Psychics also has stellar reviews from its users, which is why the user testimonials are highlighted as soon as potential clients enter their website. Offering a variety of services other than just love tarot reading, the website offers some of the cheapest tarot readings on the internet. The reasonable price and the attractive offers given to newly registered customers have made it a favorite first choice for many.

Priced at just $1.99 for ten minutes, Keen Psychics is the most affordable online tarot reading portal that exists right now. Because they do readings over both phone and live chat, their service has become much-coveted, especially for those who are not technologically equipped to handle complex video conferencing methods. They do provide video call readings as well so that customers can experience the complete feel of the tarot reading session. It is quite a feat how psychics at Keen Psychics manage to give accurate tarot card readings despite being at a long distance from their client.

Many first-time customers find it daunting to take that first step from just searching up “tarot reading near me” to actually go and get one, which is exactly what Keen Psychics has successfully overcome by offering an unprecedented introductory offer.

Keen Psychics successfully brought together a large number of almost 1700 clairvoyants under the umbrella of one organization after screening them rigorously. Every clairvoyant or tarot reader that can be found on the website has been chosen carefully from numerous shortlists after making sure that their claims of psychic talents are real.

Anyone can sign up on Keen Psychics with just an email and a password so they can look around the website, which has been praised for being easy to maneuver. The small blurbs provided about each tarot reader also includes a little about themselves, the languages they speak, their approach on specific topics like the LGBTQIA+ community, and some background information – it is important that each customer feels comfortable with their advisor, and knows a little about their personality can help them make their choice.

Once customers have sifted across the tarot readers’ profiles, which detail their specialties, techniques used and user testimonials, Keen Psychics allows customers to have a free session of ten minutes with their psychic of choice. This time is usually more than enough for people to get an idea of how online tarot reading works and they can choose whether to continue or not.

For those who are not ready to take that step quite yet, Keen Psychics also offers a useful feature on their website where they have uploaded a number of videos that help new users navigate the website and to see how an average psychic advisor goes about a session. This involves specific instructions and helpful guides including ‘What to do After a Reading’, ‘When to ask a specific question’, and the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Psychic Readings’. These videos are of immense help to those who are new to tarot reading online.

Keen Psychics also takes its customer service very seriously, due to the fact that their reputation depends on it. Customers who feel like they were not satisfied with a session, or feel like they were made uncomfortable by one of the psychic advisors, can contact the 24/7 customer support team to get their grievances addresses and refunds started.

Keen Psychics is a great choice for new customers who would like to get a glimpse into the beautiful world of online tarot card reading and the psychic arts.


  • Competitive rates that are affordable to most – 10 minutes at $1.99
  • Website is extremely easy to navigate, even for those who are not techno-savvy.
  • Three free minutes once registration is complete.
  • A customer service team that works around the clock to make sure that all clients are satisfied.
  • Readings are done via phone call, live chat and video calls.
  • Has already facilitated over 30 million sessions across two decades, making them one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Click here To Get 10 Minutes For Just $1.99 With Keen Psychics

Psychic Source

  • Great for subversive tarot card reading techniques like angel card reading and cartomancy
  • Only $0.66 charged per minute
  • Get the first three minutes for free
  • Live video call readings for maximum accuracy
  • Readings over phone calls and online chat.

Although sometimes the discounts on Psychic Source can go up to 75% off, do not be fooled for their cheap prices. Psychic Source has over three decades of experience in offering free tarot reading online accurate to the final detail, earning them the mantle of one of the most trusted psychic advice and online tarot reading websites on the planet.

Available around the clock, Psychic Source’s mission is to offer guidance to the human race which has been lost to forces like advanced technology and consumerism. Using spiritual powers like that of tarot card reading, Psychic Source wants to provide the public with the kind of advice they desperately need, with honesty and transparency.

This vision is shared by every psychic on the website, which is why the user testimonials are always stellar. It is also because of how cheap it is, even for premium psychics. The pricing does vary based on the years of experience the psychic has and the specialization they offer, but it largely falls under a reasonable rate. It costs more to consult a premium psychic, much like on any other website, but one can be assured that every penny paid for that extra wisdom is reliable and worth it.

Psychic Source takes privacy very seriously. It ensures all information entered into chat boxes or queries by the users is encrypted end to end and stored in cloud servers that protect all the clients from any kind of privacy breach. This information cannot be accessed even by those who are employed by Psychic Source and are only referred to when clients raise issues with specific readers.

If the customer has any problem with a specific tarot reader, in the sense that the advice they gave felt wrong, rude or made one uncomfortable, the customer support team behind Psychic Source works around the clock to make sure that the clients are satisfied, and get the money back. They also respect their tarot readers equally, and make sure the clients’ allegations have some truth in them before taking drastic measures like suspending the reader from the sight.

Psychic Source offers periodical promo codes and discounts that many clients are delighted to chance upon. It can go up to 75% off on their first session, along with three free minutes with any card reader of their choice. What holds many first time users back is the fear of getting auto-debited, but they will only be charged any amount if they go beyond the three free minutes – even if they realize it a little late, they will still get an additional discount of 75% off.

One big worry that clients with social anxiety have is that they will have to talk to a complete stranger face to face over a video call. Fortunately, Psychic Source understands how intimidating this can be, which is why they offer the option of keeping the video off. Much like YouTube live, the customer can send in questions and doubts through the chat box, which the tarot reader will answer through video. This system is far better than purely chat-oriented or video-oriented methods of conducting a tarot reading online.

Psychic Source has evolved with the times in their thirty years of experience, adapting to technology especially in these desperate times where the pandemic wreaks havoc in our lives. They have also developed an app (available both on Play Store and the App Store), through which clients can access the tarot cards reading portal with just a few taps on their smartphone. In situations where there is no time to open a laptop and sit down to have an online tarot reading session, customers can simply open their app, connect to a reliable tarot reader and get insights on how to proceed from that situation.

The professional and reliable attitude that shines through Psychic Source’s track record makes it an extremely reliable portal that users can consult when they find themselves in doubt.


  • Privacy protection is a priority
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed
  • Cross-platform app is available
  • Low rates and additional discounts for new users
  • Option to have video switched off and to communicate through text.
  • Refund provided if customer is dissatisfied.
  • Over thirty years of experience in the field of online tarot reading and more.

Click Here To Connect With Psychic Source Gifted Tarot Readers

How Tarot Card Reading works

The art of tarot card reading technically falls under the larger umbrella of cartomancy, although cartomancy has become synonymous with card reading done using a simple deck of playing cards. Tarot Card Reading is the most popular form of cartomancy in western society, with many artists and pop culture icons appropriating its aesthetics and techniques to enhance their metaphysical appeal. However, the practice has not been around for that long, at least not as much as many other wings of clairvoyance. It was only after the 17th century that clairvoyants who specialized in tarot reading started to make a name for themselves.

The process of getting a good tarot card reading online depends on how well one knows the process. A tarot card deck usually contains seventy-eight cards that are divided into two categories: major arcana or major mysteries, and minor mysteries (minor arcana). The twenty-two major arcana cards deal with big life events and overarching themes in one’s life like relationships and careers, while the fifty-six minor arcana cards focus on day-to-day tribulations, fleeting feelings and small incidents that take place in one’s life. Divided into four suits (cups, wands, swords and pentacles), the minor arcana cards determine the immediate effect of one’s energies on one’s life.

The Suit of Wands represents motivation, passion, spirits and creativity, that go into shaping an individual’s drive in life and their ambitions.

The Suit of Pentacles or the Suit of Coins is used to give career-related advice or help regarding financial situations. While getting attached to material possessions is not something that is condoned by the spiritual community, the suit of pentacles is still used to help those who are distraught.

The Suit of Cups deals with emotions – anything surrounding love, passion, relationships and creative pursuits is dealt with by the Suit of Cups and are used the most in love tarot card readings.

The Suit of Swords deals with direct actions and decisions that can cause the trajectory of one’s life to shift and pivot. The suit deals with logic, knowledge, intuition and natural communication that takes place around us.

The major arcana cards are very rarely used, and for good reason. Because of the greater connection it has to the universe and its ways of working, they are considered too strong to be used on a daily basis. Specialists of free tarot reading rarely bring out the major arcana cards for mini-sessions.

Make sure to know exactly the questions one wants to ask before contacting the website of choice – every minute matters, and most importantly, follow the heart while picking the cards.

Get Free Minutes On The Best Tarot Website !

How Tarot Card Readings help people find themselves

In this new age where identities are constantly fluctuating and truths are multiple and scarily varied, practices like tarot card reading can lend clarity in the fogged up perceptions we have of life. Everyone should ask themselves what situation they are currently occupying in life, and their relationships with the environment and the people around them. Think deep and clear about, and take a moment of clear introspection before diving into the online tarot reading session.

While the tarot card reader will provide the client with the wisdom and guidance they need based on their experience and talents, it is also up to them to ask the right questions, to be transparent with the psychic and with themselves, and prioritize the right things in life. Life will not be dictated by a pack of cards, but the energy that goes into being attracted to one, finding the images and text on it to be inspiring and thought-provoking and listening to the reader’s impressions of one’s life can help see oneself and one’s existence in a different light.

Final Thoughts

Before seeking spiritual advice and diving into the beautiful world of online tarot reading, make sure that one knows exactly what they are looking for. While tarot reading is all about exploring oneself and rediscovering the natural connection that one has with the universe, it can also lead to immense success and happiness once people start listening to their own soul speaking through their choices.

Use these four sites, which are the best sources for online tarot card reading available today, to seek accurate spiritual guidance through tarot online.

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