Emily Lark Back to Life Program Reviews – Healthy Program That Works?

Research shows that you can fight chronic back, neck, and sciatica through simple stretches. Chronic pain can stem from an injury, bad postural habits, and exercising incorrectly. Emily Lark is a US-based health coach and the creator of several pain-relieving techniques. The Back to Life Program utilizes simple stretches to release tension and offer instant pain relief. How does the protocol work? Who can perform the Back to Life stretches?

About Back to Life

According to the official website, Emily Lark had severe back pain from a car accident. She spent many years and a lot of money trying to cure her chronic back pain. Emily tried pain-relieving techniques such as medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. However, all these methods provided her with temporary relief.

She eventually became a certified yoga and Pilates instructor. She spent hours researching natural cures for chronic back pain to fight her injuries. After hours of research, she developed the Back to Life program involving simple stretches that you can perform in the comfort of your home.

Mistakes Most People Do that Accelerate Back Pain

According to Emily Lark, many unknowingly accelerate back pain because of three mistakes.

You are stretching the Wrong muscles Incorrectly.

Emily claims that most people stretch the bad back or neck muscles, but that may not be the root of the problem. She gives an example of a person suffering from shoulder pain massaging the shoulder muscles while the real focus should be the chest muscles.

Using Strength to Combat Back Pain

Most people believe that strengthening their back muscles can combat the pain. Emily Lark states that most people do not have real back issues but rather a rotten core, and weak core muscles force you to use your back muscles. Thus, improving your core muscles is the key to eliminating hips, knees, and back issues.

Resting your Back

Emily Lark states that most individuals rest their backs when they experience back pain. They believe that giving back rest will heal the pain. However, some research shows that prolonged rest causes muscle stiffness that damages the back and prolongs recovery.

How Does the Back to Life Program Work?

Emily Lark believes her program can clear back, shoulder, and neck pain. She claims that similar workout programs are incomplete and hence doomed to fail. Some back pain protocols are strenuous and require too much stretching leading to an imbalance. With the proper stretching and strength training, Emily states that you can eliminate any back, neck, or shoulder pain.

Back to Life utilizes a series of exercises, simple stretches, movements, and workout tips to benefit the back in multiple ways. Emily Lark’s treatment plan supposedly offers quick relief and is ideal for individuals of all ages. The Back to Life stretches are easy to perform, require minimal equipment, and do not take much time.

The three-part video protocol is the principal of Emily’s Back to Life program. In the videos, the creator demonstrates how to protect your core and combat pain in the back, neck, and shoulder.

Back to Life stretches can be performed everywhere, including at home, on your kitchen table, or at your desk. Thus, the program has dietary tips to ensure you proceed with your system with nutrients that support healthy inflammation. Emily also recommends making nutritional adjustments to eliminate foods that cause unhealthy inflammation and aggravate the pain.

Back to Life incorporates simple workouts and dietary changes to fight chronic pain. She claims performing the Back to Life stretches each morning can benefit your back and overall well-being.

What is Inside the Back to Life Program?

Emily Lark suggests making dietary and workout transformations to combat back pain. Some of the things you will discover from the program include:

  • How to defeat back pain and lower unhealthy inflammations through making three simple dietary changes
  • The three-part videos demonstrate how to perform simple stretches that fight back pain and protect it from developing issues in the future.
  • Emily Lark teaches a unique bedtime position that aligns the spines and hips, providing the comfort you sleep.
  • You can perform a specific standing technique at any place to ease pain and strengthen your core muscles.
  • The goalpost stretch is a simple movement that can release the tension on your neck and shoulders, alleviating pain.
  • The four cardinal moves can strengthen your spine and improve your flexibility.

Back to Life Program Features and Benefits

  • It can fight chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain
  • Emily Lark claims that the movements are not time-consuming and are ideal for people of all ages
  • You can perform the Back to Life stretches at any time and place
  • Emily Lark’s program supposedly heals chronic pain and protects the core muscles from future problems
  • The Back to Life Program involves workout and dietary changes hence providing a sustainable long-term solution to chronic back pain
  • All the stretches and movements are simple and do not require investment in expensive gym equipment
  • The Back to Life stretches can promote better blood flow, augmenting cardiovascular health.

Back to Life Availability and Pricing

Customers have the privilege of purchasing a digital or physical version of the Back to Life Protocol by Emily Lark. After completing the transaction, the digital version is available in your email within a few minutes. All the materials and videos are downloadable. You can order the Back to Life Program via the official website for only $37!

Each order comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. You can email customer service at support@backtolifesystem.com with any questions.

Final Word

The Back to Life protocol by Emily Lark involves simple stretches and dietary advice to defeat chronic pain from the core. The creator states that it is crucial to eliminate foods that cause unhealthy inflammations in combination with simple targeted stretches. Performing the Back to Life movements every morning releases muscle tension, alleviates pain, and strengthens the core muscles. Visit the official website to get access to Back to Life today!


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