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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Chat & Phone Psychics For Accurate Readings

Confused about your choices or having second thoughts about your relationships? What to do and where to go? Situations arise and you make your choices based on the consultation you receive from your family and friends. Opt for the wonderful psychic readings to observe a transformational change. Guidance is necessary at every crossroad of life. Decisions decide the course of your life, that is why it is equally important to listen to positive guidance and then make our decisions.

These online psychics are professionals that are experienced and well versed in their respective fields. They are present to guide the people in need of help. Even if the person is visiting the site for the first time and is not aware of the plethora of options present on it, they need not worry. These Online psychics will ensure that every person who visits the site gets proper attention and reaches out to them through the chat feature present on the website.

Different types of options are present on the websites for the people to choose from. They are card reading, palm reading, astrological readings, aura reading, tarot reading and so on. The people can choose any of it for their benefit.

Psychic reading sites won’t tell you your future, no. It will observe your past and present and spread the possibilities of your coming future or provide you with ways to tackle a problem in your current life in any field. Psychic reading has been present in this society for a very long time. In this pandemic, the life of every individual is transformed by the continuous use of online services. But a large number of frauds have come up claiming to provide true psychic readings. How do we identify the good ones? We have best psychic reading online websites here that will provide you with the guidance necessary to move ahead in life.

We are presenting the top websites providing a variety of services to the people one by one. Look through the reviews and think to yourself what will be the best for you.

Kasamba, California Psychics, Keen Psychic, and Psychic Source are the top websites predicting accurate fortunes for people and offering the best prices and fabulous features. Read further to know more!

4 Best Services for Online Psychic Readings 2021:

Kasamba – Best psychics for accurate predictions about love & relationship, the readings done via Phone readings and Live Chat, Kasamba Offer 3 first minutes free + 50% discount for first reading session.

Keen Psychic – Best For Guidance on Big Life Decisions and future tellers, Keen Offer 10 Minutes For Just $1.99, Readings is done by live chat and phone call.

California Psychics – most accurate platform for tarot card reading and Spiritual Readings, the readings done via Phone Or Chat, California Psychics Introductory offer: $1 per minute plus Use promo code “ADD5” for extra 5 minutes for free.

Psychic Source – Best for career and money questions, psychic source offer 3 first minutes for free and 75% Off for the first reading session. readings are done via live Video, Online Chat and by Phone.

Kasamba – Best Psychics For Love Readings

If you are new to this and want to try it before investing in it then your search ends on Kasamba. The accuracy of a psychic reading is very crucial for the customer as well as for the psychics. The customer has turned towards psychic reading online in time of need. It is the moral duty of the psychics to learn and observe and then produce accurate results which will likely help them in forming tough decisions of life. For psychics, it is important because they have to look for the overall image of the website. If a person is dissatisfied with psychic reading, then it can result in distrust and loss of customers.

Key features

  • Kasamba offer the first 3 minutes free
  • After that, if you are interested to know more then you will also get a 50% discount.
  • The psychic reading can be done either by chats online or phone, whichever is more suitable for the customer.
  • Live Psychics are also present to guide people in real-time.
  • Different categories like horoscope reading, numerology, psychic Medium , tarot reading are present for the customers.
  • The Professional Psychics are verified thoroughly and extra efforts are taken by Kasamba to ensure quality results.
  • Money-back guarantee offers for hesitant people.

What To Expect?

Kasamba is famous for accurate psychic readings. That is why it is one of the top free psychic reading online websites. Kasamba psychics have captured the attention of a large number of people seeking guidance for their varied problems in life.

If you have questions regarding finance, love life, relationships, career, or simple general questions about life, then you can trust this site to provide you with satisfactory answers. This site has been cross-checked by many other sites for its authenticity and so far it has done immensely well to keep up with the best work.

Be it psychic readings, tarot card readings, or spiritual readings, it will provide the best through every method. Kasamba has twenty years of experience working and handling people through their good and bad times. Psychic readings by phone or chat are available for people to choose from.

But before starting the sessions with the online psychics, you must be clear about what questions you have to ask for the tarot card readings or other psychic readings. If you will be clear then you can use the time of the session in a better way. This will save a lot of time and help you in making full use of the service you have applied for.

Exciting offers

The most valued feature of Kasamba is its promotional offers. As this has been already mentioned, with the promo code of Kasamba, you can get the first three minutes of the psychic reading with their choice of professional psychic free. This offer helps out many people who are at first hesitant and not very sure of whether to give it a try or not. People can chat psychics if they have any confusion.

Kasamba also gives a 70% discount to new customers so that they can get an idea of what to expect and what they will receive in less amount. If they remain satisfied then they can go for other services as well. With money-back guarantee offers, people feel safe to try out the features without getting bothered about their money.

Professional psychics available

The navigation of the website is very easy. The customers coming to the website for the website will easily learn what to see and where to go. There is a detailed explanation of each service that they offer. The professional live psychics are extremely talented and their background and work are thoroughly checked with a screening process before they can interact with people belonging to different demographic areas. These psychics are divided according to their expertise in different types of psychic readings. This way they can dive into their subjects more deeply and tell you what you need to know.

A person can either use call or text to interact with the psychics. The offers provided by Kasamba are the best ones and people should be aware of them and take full advantage of them.

Try Kasamba Gifted Psychics Here – 3 Minutes For Free

Keen Psychics – Most Accurate Psychic Readers


It takes tremendous effort to give multiple solutions to the problems that are circling the life of the concerned person. People who are tangled in their love lives and want to get simple and straight guidance of what to do next, then they can try it once.

Key features

  • This website offers 10 minutes of psychic reading session only for $1.99.
  • The service is offered 24×7 for the customers and the satisfaction of the customers is valued above everything else.
  • This site is famous for the love psychic readings.
  • The interaction with the psychics can be via call, i.e phone psychics, video call, text, i.e chat psychics, email, and so on.

Best Seers available

With varied and experienced online psychics present, they can handle every person with their equally varying problems with extreme ease. With the wonderful 10 minutes offers, people can ask and learn anything with their online psychics and even know if the claims made by this site are true or not. The spiritual advisors and seers will put in all their efforts to seek spiritual guidance necessary for their client. They will use their two decades of worth experience to sort out even the difficult questions that are plaguing the minds of their clients.

What to expect?

The individuals coming to this site in extreme need will get some sense and purpose to sort their lives and start building it again with a renewed sense of spirit in them. You can choose the online psychics based on your experiences and observations. You can get in touch with the psychics according to their specialty and whatever your queries are related to. Tarot card readings, astrology, psychic reading are present along with many other options for the customers.

If the customers are not comfortable meeting the seers in person then they can use the phone psychics or chat psychics features to tell their problems and discuss them with their preferred psychic. The customer first has to sign up, creating an account on the website and then click on the options of their choice. The choices of the customer will lead them to a page where they will be asked some questions. The questions are general and not at all personal and then they will be asked to interact with the live psychics present on the site for better use of their service they signed up for.

The website provides services over many areas which can be better understood from the description below.

Financial problems

Financial problems can cause tension and depressions. To overcome this and get a little spiritual guidance, you can trust the website and the advisors to provide you with nothing but the best. Even if live psychics can give you a little advice or outlook of what to expect in future, the person can be better prepared and try out different methods to remove the financial problems for his/her life.

Relationship problems

Relationship problems are also very exhausting, both mentally and physically. The adverse effects of this can be seen in a person’s life. The progress of life is stopped and the person starts living in despair. The psychics can help you to achieve balance in the relationships and sort out problems with interaction and talking. They will also provide you with predictions and ultimately it is you who have to decide between working hard on that relationship or letting it go for good.

Love life brings happiness, but without proper nourishment of the bond, it starts to splinter from various points. If one or both the persons in the bonds are not able to give adequate time to the other that this bond starts to weaken. However complex the problems may be, the love psychics will surely find a way around and give you good advice. It is often good to leave it in the fate of stars.

The spiritual readings can make you understand the spiritual process and its workings and get an insight into how to live life peacefully. The online psychics present on the website are very experienced and can go to the depths of the spiritual realm to find solutions to your problems.

Tarot reading

Similarly, the tarot cards have helped a lot of people to ensure a smooth and blessed life. It often provides little hints of the future along with what is coming or what to make of your current situation through those magical 78 tarot cards. Experienced tarot readers have changed a lot of lives for the better and this might work for you as well.

Astrological predictions

People often trust stars above everything else. Maybe because the visibility of the stars assures the people that they are watching over us from above and they will provide the best answers to our queries. Astrological predictions are very popular and are in high demand. The psychics present for astrological predictions are experienced and talented and can predict for people in no time. They will tell you about good news coming in the future to alert you for any bad event that might befall you.

The fantastic service provided by this website is what makes the trust of people on this site stronger. With quality service and accurate predictions, it continues to change the life of people. Reviews are very important and the customers who have for so long placed their trust in the company, are extremely pleased with the results and encourage other people to trust them and try their services for once.

Click Here For 10 Minutes at $1.99 With Keen Top-Rated Psychics

California Psychics – Best Psychics For Tarot Readings


California Psychics have 25 years of experience in dealing with customers and providing them with the best psychic reading services. The special offers that they provide is a dollar for each minute. There is a wide variety of live psychics available for the customers. If they are not satisfied with one, they can always move to another for a better experience.

Key features

  • It charges a dollar for each minute of the session.
  • You can get 5 free minutes more if you use the promotional code.
  • The customers can interact with the professional psychics through phone, i.e phone psychics, text or email at their convenience.
  • Variety of online psychics to choose from.
  • If the customers are not satisfied with the sessions, then they can opt for a partial refund to cover some of their money.

What to expect?

Some highly experienced live psychics may charge a little more for small sessions. But there are thousands of online psychics available on the website that you can choose from that charge less but still offer good service. The reviews of the online psychics are very good and people have tried call and text features, and they are impressed with the efforts their psychics take to ensure accurate predictions.

The first encounter with your preferred psychic will leave you longing for more interaction with them. It is usual for psychics to leave lasting imprints on someone’s life. The more experienced a psychic the better. Even after using the offers, the people will come back again and again to get guidance from mystical sources. The spiritual services offered by this website can be very enthralling and people have experienced and given great reviews about the same.

Talking with a professional is much preferred over brooding on problems alone. People get frustrated easily, not being able to cope up with the problems in life. In these situations, even a small ray of hope is very much appreciated in taking them out from deep wells of despair and misery. There is no such option of revealing the customer’s information. If the customers don’t want their identity to be revealed, then it is kept that way. Under no circumstances the private information of customers is leaked in any case.

The customers can just choose what service they want and which psychic they would prefer to take over their session and start interacting right away with their preferred way of interaction. Along with the easily navigable website, an app is also present for the customers to use at their ease. This is very advantageous for the clients as well as the company. People can access psychic reading online from anywhere anytime.

The customers can create an account with their name, date of birth and password of their choice. These details are not revealed anywhere and are solely responsible for keeping the data. The minors cannot create an account on this website. Though there is a free trial period for new customers, they are charged once the limit of the free trial is exceeded.

As the website is easily navigable, you can see options for live psychics, clairvoyants, dream analysts, and choose them according to the service and their specialty. The professional seers are also categorized based on their favorite reading topics like love psychics are present for any doubts regarding your love life. Similarly, live psychics are available for career, family issues, relationships, financial problems, and so on.

Even if you are sticking to your usual psychic reading online, there is no harm in trying the other tools as well. These tools when used by the seers, aid them in giving mystical predictions accurately. You can choose the tools as well like tarot cards, crystals, oracles, runes, pendulums, and so on for the predictions. Online psychics are even categorized based on their interacting style, straightforward, inspirational, compassionate and so on. You can search and choose different options on the website like love psychics, psychic near me, psychic reading near me to get on this website.

If you are not comfortable with choosing the psychics for yourself then leave it on the website. These are well versed in their field and will surely impress the people with their knack for mystical predictions.

Exciting offers

The rates offered by this website for its services to the people is affordable and there are several offers and promo codes present at a time to choose from to get good discounts. For the people coming into this section for the first time, introductory deals are available where they can try out the sessions for themselves for free and see for themselves the authenticity of the website and whether the claims of the website is true or not without any considerable loss of money.

There are several types of psychic readings offered. Horoscopes are provided and sent to people over email if they do not have time for sessions. It is also beneficial for those who do not trust the seers very much. Specialized horoscopes are also delivered at the request of the customers.

California Psychics: Accurate predictions, $1/min – Click Here To Start

Psychic Source– Best Psychics For Career & Money Advice


We have already reviewed the websites that are famous for love and relationship advice, but what about if we want to get advice and predictions for our career and professional life? What if we are having financial problems? Psychic Source is the perfect website for these types of problems and queries.

Key features

  • First of all, this website offers the first three minutes of the session free.
  • It also offers a 75 % discount should you wish to continue the services provided by Psychic Source.
  • You can use different features of this website such as phone psychics, chat psychics, and live video sessions of psychic readings by the experts of the website.
  • Various forms of psychic reading are present and varied services offered to the customers such as tarot readings, online chat psychics, career advice, love readings, and so on.
  • Knowing the importance of time, the psychics are available 24 x 7 to give predictions for people.
  • The chatting feature of websites is the widely used feature.
  • The psychic reading can be done either through text or email.
  • The experts are categorized for the benefits and advantage of the customers so that they can choose easily from among them.
  • Psychic Source provides free psychic reading online.

With 3 decades of the worth of experience and quality service given to the customers, it has achieved a new level of fame through the positive reviews of the customers. It has and continues to change the lives of people with accurate predictions and strong advice. People stuck in their lives have come to this website in need of a push towards success and they have not been denied that. People continue to thrive and move forward those who value true predictions and heed the advice of stars.

What to expect?

The people can ask for predictions without any hesitation and can opt for free psychic reading online anytime. The website will be happy to give service to the people whenever they require through their preferred mode. The online psychics do their best to maintain a comfortable environment while the customer can talk freely about their problems and what they want to the seer or advisor.

Guidance is necessary for every individual. The website ensures that their customers get the guidance they require to get happiness in life and move forward shedding despair and hopelessness. Online psychics can provide people with what they need the most in their sad lives, hope and vision. Without these things, it becomes very difficult for people to get through their daily lives easily. With faultless predictions, the psychics heal the person from the inside out, making them whole again and providing meaning to their life.

A balance between soul and body is necessary and the psychics help the people find that balance to continue their life and live it to the fullest. The psychics are trained professionals and well versed in their fields. They are invited into the team only after a detailed selection and screening process to weed out the lame ones. The website will take no risks with the trust entrusted to it by thousands of people so the online psychics must be good.

People prefer reading rather than live video calls. There are many options for psychics present for each reading and you can choose and see which one you are most comfortable with.

Dream analysis, numerology readings, angel card readings, tarot card readings, astrology readings are also present for the people along with psychic reading. They can try several options to see what suits them best. Even if they are dissatisfied with one advisor, they can easily switch to another in the same field of reading.

No investment is required for this website. You can make a free account and start choosing the options right away. If you are unsure of what to select, you can select the no preference and then see for yourself what to choose.

Click Here to Connect Psychic Source Gifted Psychics For Free

What is the Meaning of Psychic Reading?

Psychic reading means the perception of information through uncommon skills and heightened senses. For you to enter into that magical realm, you must understand the working and the terms related to this field.

The information can be gathered through these types:

  • Clairvoyance: Perception of information by looking through the inner eye. One should have done lots of concentration to perceive through the senses and see visions. For an average human, the senses are clouded and only after rigorous practice and concentration can one look beyond the range of sensors to understand and predict someone’s life.

  • Clairsentience: Perception of information by feeling without really touching. As explained above, one also needs lots and lots of practice to achieve something like this. Feeling beyond the range to observe the aura about a person is really rare and only the psychic who can achieve this give accurate predictions.

  • Clairaudience: Perception of information by hearing. The process of hearing the otherworldly whispers can be very rare and by this, the people can get the answers they are looking for.

  • Claircognizance: Perception of information through knowing before required. This term refers to knowing something naturally and beforehand. It is often experienced in some people that an event happens but without any external hint of that, they know in themselves that it has happened.

  • Clairalience: Perception of information by a smell that is not there. This is important in detecting the spirits of the otherworld and communicating with them.

  • Clairgustance: Perception of information by tasting something which is not present there is solid.

Click Here to Visit Our Top-Rated Psychic Reading Website

Psychic reading has helped a lot of people in finding a new meaning to their lives. People are using this as means to find new hope, inspiration, and purpose in life. People seek advice from psychic reading for love life, relationship, career, finance, and so on. The art of psychic reading has been followed for a long time. Various methods and processes were employed to find answers a normal human cannot perceive. It is like asking for advice or a hint of the future from fates itself.

The experience of psychic reading can be life-changing. The different types of psychic reading are:

  • Palmistry: This process includes observing the palm of a person and perceiving the information through the lines present on the palm. The main lines that are observed are the heart line, headline. Fate line, and lifeline.

  • Aura readings: This process involves perceiving information by observing the aura around the customer. The energy around the customers emits different colours and the predictions for the sura reading is done based on the colour of the aura that can be orange, green, and black.

  • Tarot reading: The art of reading cards and predicting the situation according to the card that comes up by the customer is called tarot reading. Every card of the deck(78 cards) contains a message which is revealed when it comes up. Every message can predict several meanings depending upon the question of the client. The deck is divided into two, the major arcana which gives messages about major events of life and the minor arcana which tells about minor events of life.

  • Numerology: The prediction in numerology is done through observing the numbers of customers.

  • Psychometry: This involves perceiving information by an object. The aura and energy surrounding the object can be studied and then used to make predictions.

Visit the most-qualified and gifted psychic advisors

Can a Psychic Reading change your life?

If you are stuck in life over something, then this can help you to move forward with a new spirit and help you to find a balance between the mind and soul of the body. Sometimes even a small piece of advice can turn your life in a better direction. Spiritual guidance can help you find clarity and peace in your life. At times of extreme despair, when you have nowhere to turn, even talking to someone about your problems brings immense relief. A person in need of help must not be denied at any costs. The customers can choose any of the four websites listed above and get whatever service they require.

  • Inspiration to live every moment of your life to the fullest

    Online psychics inspire customers to live their life when they have lost all hope. The problems in life, however big and complex they are, should not hinder the success of a person at any costs. The psychics give hope and install a renewed sense of clarity in a person’s mind and help to to find a vision for their life. To achieve the vision, inspiration is crucial at all steps, which fills hope in a person that they can achieve the vision no matter how many problems they have to face.

  • Positive outlook for life

    People are often depressed with the growing burdens and responsibilities and soon they start to fret over small things. They lose the will to cherish and live every moment and start seeing negative aspects of everything. This can be removed by seeking spiritual guidance and learning bigger truths of the universe and ourselves. The small act of seeking advice from online psychics can alter the whole life of a person. It can change the way a person thinks and looks around itself. A small piece of advice can bring a lot of change in human behavior if the person in questions decides to heed it.

  • Find a purpose

    What is the ultimate purpose of life? No one is here without any purpose to fulfil. If a person is confused about what to do and when to do it, then getting advice from online psychics seems pretty good. The various features present in the website makes it relatively easier to choose and explore the different types of psychic reading online to know one’s ultimate purpose in life. You will get hints and predictions about your purpose in life and what should you pursue. You should manage to read between the lines and figure the hidden meaning yourself.

  • Balance and peace are necessary

    Life turns to chaos if peace is not present. Nothing can be achieved without balance between mind and body and the peace that comes after it. With both presents, you can easily handle the situations and make decisions for yourself easily. If you are not able to maintain a balance between the soul and the human body, then it affects both, thus shattering the peace in life. You can go for a spiritual healer, receive the proper guidance required and flourish with peace of mind.

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