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Presenting the best free psychic reading online sites of 2021, go through this exceptionally detailed review of the best psychic websites, Kasamba, California Psychics, Keen Psychic, and Psychic Source and know how can a psychic reading change your life for the better.

Everyone gets lost at some point in his/her life. The difficulties, stress and pain can often obscure the right path of individuals to a successful life. They find it extremely difficult to trust someone in their state of vulnerability. What they need is a professional who can make them see their way easily and lead them to find solutions to the problems that are circling them.

If people are troubled by their past or keen for a peek at the future to know what lies ahead in their path, they can try out psychic reading. Who knows if the mystical predictions or the cards might alter their lives should they follow it. Struggling alone can lead to hasty decisions to unburden oneself. To avoid this, one can always interact with a professional to deal with it in a better way.

The digital age has made the lives of people easy and simple. Just a few clicks and you face to face with expert online psychics. Search for a psychic near me or psychic reading near me to visit the websites famous for their mystical psychic reading. It is far better than visiting the psychics in person in the first place. Not to mention the awkwardness and strangeness between the psychic and the person.

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People can opt for free psychic reading online to test themselves once and look for themselves if it works for them or not. Online psychics use a variety of tools and methods to predict something or to dig up answers for their clients. These include horoscope reading, numerology, future telling, astrology readings, psychic medium, tarot card readings, spiritual readings, love readings by love psychics, dream analysis, aura readings, rune casts, crystal readings, and much more.

There are plenty of options present on the sites regarding the type of reading they want, mode of the reading, tools used for reading, and even the option to select the online psychics based on their ratings and reviews. If the person remains unsatisfied with one, they can always choose another to untangle the knots of thoughts in their minds.

What of the psychics, are they credible, authentic? Yes, of course. The psychics or online psychics present on the websites that are reviewed in these articles are professional and only admitted to the team after thorough verification of their background. Apart from this, the information of every client that visits any of these sites are kept confidential.

The most common question for the online sites is whether the psychic reading is credible or not? Can online psychics be trusted? How do we know which sites offer trustworthy psychic readings? Even after mustering up enough courage to finally share their problems with someone professional, people may find themselves with these troubling thoughts. But worry no more because, in this article, four different and most authentic and trustworthy sites are listed for people to choose from.

Each of these sites presents introductory offers and unbelievable deals for the people to choose from. Some even offer free sessions for the person who doesn’t want to lighten up their pockets just yet. In some cases refund is also available for the person who remains unsatisfied with their psychic reading.

Best Free Psychic Reading Online Services For 2021:

Kasamba : most trusted source for accurate psychic readings, offering the best introductory deals including first free 3 minutes along with 50% discount on the first psychic reading session.

California Psychics : Excellent reviews, great for love and tarot readings, unbelievable introductory deal consisting of $1 per minute and 5 free minutes using coupon code ‘ADD’

Keen Psychic : Top choice for online chat & phone readings, highly reputable for astrological and spiritual predictions, psychic medium, tarot card readings, financial outlook, love and relationships readings at just $1.99 for the first 10 minutes.

Psychic Source : Highly skilled readers, excellent service. great site for first time psychic reading services users, It offers the first 3 minutes free and a 75% discount on the psychic reading sessions afterwards.

Kasamba – Editor’s Choice


A well known and reputed website with 20 years of providing authentic and trustworthy psychic reading to people all over the world. People visit this outstanding website to seek answers through the best online psychics with their preferred type of psychic reading. Be it tarot card readings, numerology, aura reading, astrological predictions, love readings by love psychics, dream analysis or crystal gazing, this website has numerous expert and talented psychics present for each type of psychic reading.

A horde of options is present for every step on the website. For the mode of the psychic reading session, phone psychics and chat psychics are present for psychic reading services by online chats or phone. Opinions for choosing the physics are also present based on the reviews and the rating present. A new client can easily navigate through the website with the help of easy navigational features and choose the type of readings they desire. They can choose live psychics for live psychic reading sessions and love psychics for love readings. They can try different types of psychic reading services to know where their hearts lie and what they should follow.

It is not easy for a person to trust someone and talk about their burdens and worry at the first meeting. The online psychics are well versed in their subject and know how to do their job well. They make their client comfortable and encourage them to unburden themselves so they know clearly what they wish to know.

Kasamba has helped a lot of people in the past two decades in their love life, relationships with other people, family, financial situation, career goals, troubled or haunting past, and those who are curious for a peek at the future. It helped people to find purpose and hope in their lives when they are extremely vulnerable and depressed.

If people are confused about the choices that may alter them permanently, then a gentle nudge along the right path can change their life into a better version of it. Kasamba offers these people a chance to create a better future for themselves with life-changing and authentic advice on how to best tackle the particular problem.

To make most of the psychic reading sessions, the people must know clearly what they have asked. They should prepare beforehand and be clear of what to ask to use the sessions wisely and fully.

Salient features

  • Exceptional discounts for both new and old clients along with best introductory deals.

  • Kasamba offers a great introductory deal to its new customers that consist of first free 3 minutes.

  • A 50% discount is offered by Kasamba to the new customers for the psychic reading sessions, should they find the free session satisfactory and wish to know more without considerable loss of money.

  • Different modes to conduct the sessions present and offered by Kasamba, that is, psychic reading services by online chats or phone, for which phone psychics and chat psychics can be opted.

  • For customers comfortable in the live psychic reading sessions can choose live psychics for the same.

  • Kasamba is famous for the variety of psychic reading options that are present alongside the tools used by online psychics and live psychics. These contain daily horoscope, tarot card readings, astrology readings, and psychic medium.

  • Verified and trusted psychic present, each expert in different readings that gives the clients plenty of options to choose from. They can choose the psychics with which they are most comfortable.

  • Hassle-free registration for the entry of new clients. The information of all the clients is kept confidential and is used for keeping track of the clients and their psychic reading sessions.

  • Money-back deals are also offered by Kasamba for the customers who remain unsatisfied with the answers obtained.

  • Psychic reading services are provided to the clients 24 x 7.

  • People can also use the android and iOS applications to get psychic reading whenever they require.

Why choose Kasamba?

  • A better and stress-free life for the clients after taking some sessions with the online psychics to tackle their problems.

  • Plenty of options to choose what may seem the best for the people.

  • Verified and genuine online psychics with legitimate background and experience.

  • Numerous expert online psychics and live psychics are present for tarot card readings, crystal readings, numerology, astrological predictions and much more.

  • Unmatched offers and deals are presented for new and old clients of Kasamba.

  • People can get their psychic reading done either by phone, chats or messaging for which phone psychics and chat psychics are always present.

  • Multiple modes of payment available for the people for easy payment and navigation.


  • Some of the highly professional online psychics charge very high for psychic reading sessions.

  • People do not have the choice of having video sessions with their psychics, that is, face-to-face psychic reading sessions.

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California Psychics – Great for Love and Tarot Readings


One of the genuine psychic reading websites offering relief and satisfaction to all those in need who come for mystical advice or want to know what the stars have to say about their fate. It is good to have faith in something rather than nothing. Without hope and faith in life, a person starts to crumble in their grief and confusing thoughts. With the assistance of attested and verified online psychics, they might have the chance to rebuild their lives in a better way.

This website has been cherished amongst people in duress since the ’90s. California psychics have done a wonderful job of keeping their clients blissful and content these past 25 years.

The readings offered by these online psychics are taken with utmost precision and are very accurate and to the point. People find solace in their genuine advice and are encouraged by the psychics to act on it and to make their path more bearable.

California Psychics is a platform for the people who have lost all hope and at least want to try and look at what their destiny holds for them in future. The new clients can get the best psychics at the lowest price available in the market. To use the psychic reading sessions, the people must prepare the questions well before so they get a fair idea of the readings before the session is over.

California Psychics categorizes its pricing options into three major ones, Preferred, Popular, and Premium. A person can easily choose what they want according to the price structure. The low rates do not simply mean psychic reading sessions does not mean the degraded quality of psychic reading. Despite the low rates, the readings and advice are extremely genuine, precise and authentic.

The screening test conducted for the psychic reading being inducted to the team on California Psychics is very thorough and difficult. They run background checks for each psychic because these online psychics once inducted into the team will be responsible for the clients. For talented mentors, reliability and diligence are considered good traits.

Registering for the psychic reading sessions is extremely easy on the navigable website of California Psychics. Hassle-free signs in with minimum information and then you can also get the reading on the mobile applications launched by California Psychics for the ease of the customers and to save their time.

Salient features

  • A minimal charge of a single dollar per minute for the psychic reading sessions on California Psychics.

  • Outstanding deals and offers for their regular and new customers alike.

  • Use the ‘ADD’ coupon to get an extra 5 minutes of psychic reading session alongside the regular deals.

  • Anyone can get an unbelievable discount of 80% for psychic reading sessions to resolve the dilemmas circling their lives.

  • Love psychics, live psychics, phone psychics, and chat psychics are some of the options present for the clients to choose from for their psychic reading sessions.

  • Talk to the psychics or chat with them using the phone psychics and chat psychics options presented by California Psychics.

  • Ratings and reviews for every psychic are present on the website so that the client can make an informed decision for who to trust with their problems.

  • Register on California Psychics to be informed of the daily offers and deals and daily horoscopes.

  • Partial money refund offers are available to those who remain dissatisfied with the psychic reading.

Why choose California Psychics?

  • California Psychics offer 24 x 7 psychic reading services to their clients. The clients visit their site all over the world and they might not be comfortable talking at some fixed schedule. The timing of the psychic reading sessions is convenient and flexible.

  • Online psychics make sure that all their clients are satisfied with their readings and the answers they interpret for their problems.

  • The rates offered by California Psychics are no match with any other relevant websites. Extremely low rates for the session barely put any dent in the client’s pockets. People can know about their fates at only $1 for every minute of the session.

  • The psychics use a variety of tools like i-Chings, pendulums, tarot cards, crystals to know of the people’s fate. Some tools like i-Chings are exclusively used only on California Psychics.

  • If a person is dissatisfied with one psychic reading session, they can always opt for other types and psychics to check the accuracy of their predicted fate.

  • No waiting for the psychic. People can start with the numerous talented and gifted psychics right away.


  • Video conferencing is not available for psychic reading. Due to this, the online psychics are unable to assess the body language and facial features of the client that can be essential in discovering their fates in many ways.

  • If a person is plagued by many questions, then they may have to pay a little extra to cover all the doubts in consecutive psychic reading sessions.

  • The numbers of psychics are a little less as compared to other sites.

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Keen Psychics – Best Array of Experienced Psychics


Best known for the spiritual guidance that it offers to its clients. For people going through dark times, spiritual advice can act as the last ray of hope to which people can cling until the darkness is evaded. Best spiritual advisors are present on the website to offer help and guidance to the person in need. People who are witnessing the chaos between their mind and the body should find some sense of relief in the spiritual solace offered by the spiritual advisors.

Even if a person is struggling for love in their life, they can contact the love psychics to resolve their dilemmas. They would come to know if they are clinging to the right person or it is time to let go and move on. People struggling to keep their relationship intact should know if their partner deserves such faith from them or not.

The mystical aura around a person can tell a lot of the person’s past, present, and future. It is what aids the gifted psychics to look beyond them and find the answers they need. Sometimes a person has to make some very life-altering choices and they often regret it afterwards due to lack of guidance in past times. To refrain from making such mistakes in future, they must seek professional guidance where the advisors can help them in making better choices that affect everyone around the person.

Salient features

  • Keen Psychics offer astounding introductory deals and offers including the first 3 minutes free and afterwards 10 minutes of the session with their favorite psychics at a minimal charge of $1.99. Grab this offer at the earliest and resolve all the dilemmas that plague the minds all the time.

  • Accurate readings guaranteed by the gifted and certified psychics. People can trust this website to solve all their doubts and give them guidance and support with their reading necessary to carry on with their lives.

  • With the clients visiting the sites in their dark and good times from all over the world, Keen Psychics offer psychic reading sessions round the clock without any break.

  • Many options are present related to the type of readings, mode of readings, that is, psychic reading services by online chats or phone, for which phone psychics and chat psychics can be used, and preferred online psychics.

  • Regional psychics are also present so that the customers don’t feel as if they are different. They can opt for this if they want a comfortable environment and someone to whom they can relate mostly.

  • Different tools for psychic reading are used to assist the online psychics and live psychics to assist them in predicting the accurate fate of the client.

  • People can choose online psychics and live psychics based on their skills and specializations in certain fields.

  • The new clients can choose the psychics based on the reviews and ratings put on by the old customers to know and decide what they want.

Why choose Keen Psychics?

  • Free trial for new customers who are still unsure of what to expect or choose. They will get a fair idea of the process and they can choose next time according to their needs.

  • Large numbers of online psychics are available so that no one has to wait for their turn. No appointments are necessary. The person can interact with the available psychic right away.

  • Expert psychics are present in every field. For instance, people who are troubled with love life can opt for love psychics.

  • The information of all the clients is kept confidential and never revealed to anyone in any circumstances.

  • Every reading, whether given via chatting or phone call, is of the highest quality based on the questions and the person asking for it.

  • Astounding deals and unmatched offers available all the time for both new and old clients.

  • Highly experienced psychics to deal with the clients in a friendly and professional manner.

  • Different modes of payment options are offered by Keen Psychics to reduce any barrier or hurdles in the way of people seeking guidance and answers.


  • The client cannot see the psychic reading results after the end of the session because no record of the sessions is kept at all.

  • No option for a video call is available for the clients who wish for face-to-face interaction with the live psychics .

  • A Money-back guarantee is valid for only those who have paid for the old subscription. The new clients have not been extended this offer.

Click Here to Talk With Keen Psychic Experts

Psychic Source – Very Good Reviews


People who are worried about their career or the financial growth of their business can go for this website. It is known for solving problems in these particular fields. If a student is troubled and wants to get some guidance and help then they can also go for Psychic Source. It has three decades of worth experience in dealing with clients troubled by these problems. People have faith in Psychic Source because they know and trust the psychics hosted by this website.

Problems can be related to family, friends, love, career, troubled past, financial situation, and much more. Day to day lives can be a struggle for such people. Sometimes a small piece of advice can do wonders for them. People can seek the guidance of talented and skilled psychics to know what lies ahead in their life and what they must do to overcome difficult situations.

Gifted psychics are very rare and some of them are present on Psychic Source to resolve the difficulties in the lives of the people. They can assess the cause of their troubles and consult in the other worlds to illuminate the best path that can lead to happiness and contentment.

Salient features

  • Psychic Source is best known for gifted psychics that specialize in financial situations, love life, relationships. People can opt for astrology readings, psychic medium, tarot card readings, spiritual readings, love readings by love psychics, dream analysis, energy healing, career advice, spiritual healing, and so on.

  • Psychic Source offers free psychic reading online for customers who are new to this service and want to test the accuracy of the readings.

  • The First 3 minutes are free with a 75% discount on the rest of the psychic reading session. Clients should choose from a variety of deals and offers to get advantages along with the answers they seek.

  • People can get accurate and high-quality readings through phone calls or messages by opting for phone psychics and chat psychics.

  • Psychic reading services are offered 24 x 7 by Psychic Source for the people so that they can get the service at their ease.

Why choose Psychic Source?

  • The online psychics ensure to make the psychic reading session comfortable for their clients so that they can open up and talk freely about the problems that are haunting them.

  • Rates for each psychic reading session is very low so that every person in need can afford it without any hesitation and any extra thought.

  • This site gives the option of video sessions which in turn results in high-quality readings from the psychics because they can assess their client and the aura surrounding them.

  • People who have more faith in stars or numbers can opt for astrological predictions and numerology respectively.

  • Dream analysis is present for the people who are troubled by confusing dreams repeatedly. Online psychics can interpret the meaning of their dreams and give them advice on the best course of action.


  • Online psychics are priced differently according to their experience and the quality readings that they give. For an accurate reading, the client may have to pay higher than usual.

  • The plenty of options can confuse the new clients.

Click Here To Speak With Psychic Source Accurate Psychic Readers – 3 First Minutes Free

Why trust an online psychic reading?

Yes, people can and should trust the readings as they are produced by the best-gifted psychics around the globe that are given the job only after passing a series of difficult tests and screening process. These online psychics are skilled and experienced enough to tell the fate of a person in a single session over phone calls or messages.

People who are not comfortable with facing a stranger in person can use this online method to their advantage. Moreover, choosing the online methods gives plenty of options to people to choose from.

What are tools for a psychic reading?

Psychic reading sometimes requires assistance along with the gift and persistence of the psychic. This assistance is given by the tools that are used by the psychics to produce the results more accurately. These tools are

  • Pendulum
  • Runes
  • Crystal orbs
  • i-Chings
  • Oracle cards
  • Tarot cards

All these are very helpful to assist the psychic to seek the answers that their clients require. People can choose the tools they want to assist in a psychic reading.

What is tarot card reading?

This type of psychic reading involves interpretation of the cards chosen by the client. Total 78 cards together form the tarot deck. Every card consists of a special symbol or image which can be interpreted differently based on the present situation of the client. Usually a client, in the hope to get some answers, chooses the cards randomly. The psychic then peers over the card and then predicts the fate of the client. The deck is divide into two categories:

  • The Major Arcana: This category consists of 22 cards in total that predicts major events in life.
  • The Minor Arcana: This category consists of the last 56 cards that tell about minor events in life.

How to get an online psychic reading?

The clients have many options to interact with their online psychic. Chat Psychic option is present for those who prefer texting. They can get their psychic reading session conducted over text messaging or via email. Phone psychic option is present for those who prefer their readings done over phone calls. The customers have the freedom to choose any of the features in which they are most comfortable.

These websites also have the option of Live psychic for those who wish to get instant answers.

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