Community Transit has partnered with riders on the safety measures that help keep everyone on board safe.

Community Transit has partnered with riders on the safety measures that help keep everyone on board safe.

How Community Transit Keeps Snohomish County Communities Safely Moving

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our communities and how we move through them. Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, Community Transit has continued providing an essential service to people traveling throughout Snohomish County and the region.

Throughout the pandemic, public transit has helped get people to their front-line jobs and helped connect riders with crucial resources and services. The past year has underscored the importance of public transportation and how it can serve as a lifeline to communities in crisis.

With continuing efforts to vaccinate residents, public transit plays a vital role in helping people access vaccination sites throughout the region.

Key to the safety of public spaces is a partnership between communities and individuals to work together for mutual health and safety. For Community Transit, that means partnering with their riders on the safety measures that help keep everyone on board safe.

With the guidance of public health experts, Community Transit has enacted multiple measures to help keep riders and drivers safe and healthy:

  • Masks are required for riders, and are provided as needed
  • Air filters on buses were upgraded to the highest-rated filters that are compatible with Community Transit buses, with the air inside of buses being exchanged for fresh air about every five minutes even with windows closed
  • Every bus is disinfected daily with an emphasis on surfaces that are touched more frequently, like handrails and poles
  • Seats are closed to allow riders to sit a safe distance apart
  • Extra buses are deployed as needed to help increase social distancing on routes that have more riders
  • Health screenings and protective gear are supplied to employees

As we look forward, public transit will continue to be crucial in offering safe, equitable, and accessible travel options as communities recover. Those concerned about how small businesses and local economies will recover from the pandemic can find hope in our region’s investments in light rail and other public transportation services. Investment in transit benefits our local economy as well as bringing mobility and equity benefits to our region.

As our communities work together to move forward, Community Transit will continue to connect communities while prioritizing safety.

To learn more about Community Transit’s safety measures and how riders can protect themselves and others on transit, visit

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