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Local auto repair shop sees ELECTRIC changes

What zero-emission targets mean for the future of cars and trucks

Target 2035. That’s the year most vehicle manufacturers, state and federal governments have set for discontinuing production of internal combustion gasoline engines.

2035 may sound like the distant future, but it’s less than 15 years away. And Chuck Watts from Z Sport Automotive is already seeing more zero-emission vehicles in his Everett repair shop. The timeline for Washington is even faster — the Clean Cars Bill aims to ensure all new vehicles sold in the state are zero-emission by 2030.

“Electric vehicles aren’t a small niche anymore. GM has just announced their plans to go fully electric by 2035. The Ford Escape Hybrid has been around since 2004, and we’re expecting the fully electric F-150 next year. Zero-emission is the future, and it’s coming quick,” he says.

Everything you wanted to know about electric vehicles but were afraid to ask

1. What is a hybrid vehicle?

“A hybrid vehicle has both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, and both power the car,” Watts says. “Sometimes the gas engine does all the work, sometimes it’s the electric motor, and sometimes they work together. Hybrid vehicles are more fuel-efficient, but still use fossil fuels.”

2. Plug-in hybrid vs. hybrid: what’s the difference?

“A plug-in hybrid still uses both a gasoline engine and electric motor, but it also has a plug to charge the electric battery. That means you can get more range on electricity, and use even less fossil fuels than a regular hybrid vehicle,” Watts says.

3. Who are the big electric vehicle manufacturers?

“All of the big automakers are going electric, and every manufacturer has hybrids. At Z Sport we service a lot of General Motors hybrids and Toyota Prius hybrids, but we can service all makes and models,” Watts says.

4. Electric vehicle charging stations in Snohomish County

Sure, auto manufacturers are committed to making more electric vehicles. But where can you charge one locally?

“There are now hundreds of public charging stations across Everett, Lynwood and Marysville, and even smaller cities like Snohomish, Mukilteo and Lake Stevens,” Watts says. “The infrastructure has come a long way. Battery range continues to improve, which means commuters from Arlington or Whidbey Island can easily make a dozen trips on a single charge.”

5. Are electric vehicles hard to maintain?

“EVs are in fact easier to maintain than vehicles with an internal combustion engine. They have fewer moving parts and less petroleum-based fluids which means systems last longer — EV brakes especially,” Watts says. “The battery is probably the single biggest repair, but the technology has improved so much you can expect to get 150 000 miles without a replacement.”

Z Sport technicians are highly skilled to diagnose and repair modern vehicles, whether you drive an EV, hybrid, or internal combustion engine.

“Modern vehicles are as complex as phones or computers, so it’s crucial to give keep up with software upgrades as well as regular mechanical maintenance.”

The expert technicians at Z Sport Automotive service all vehicles with care and professional skill. Call 425-259-4691 or visit zsport.com/contact-us to book a service for your electric vehicle, hybrid, performance car or family vehicle at their shops on Smith Avenue or Broadway Avenue.

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Z Sport Automotive
Local auto repair shop sees ELECTRIC changes

What zero-emission targets mean for the future of cars and trucks

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