Love Tarot Readings: Best Free Love Tarot Cards Reading Sites

Love Tarot card readings can clear up one’s life problems in a short period. To make better decisions in life and find insightful guidance check out these best love tarot reading services in 2021.

Uncertainties are piling up one over the other these days – the future seems more chaotic than ever, with climate change wreaking havoc after havoc on the planet, the pandemic sweeping across the globe like a plague we never prepared ourselves for and with unemployment and poverty on the rise in many countries. When we feel like there is no hope at all, the world of divination, love tarot reading and psychic arts can come to the rescue.

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For many years, the art of love tarot card reading has provided humanity with kind and gentle guidance. Instead of the ruthless superficial judgement offered by the modern scientific method, tarot cards reading uses the metaphysical channels that exist between our world and the spiritual world to predict the future, tell our fortunes and help us make better decisions. Psychic readers and tarot readers have the special skill of becoming a friend in a short period, getting to know the advice-seeker to their very soul to see through their actions to their intentions and innermost desires. By asking the right questions, one can have a session of quiet introspection and reflection while the tarot reader reveals more about the deeper implications of each card that has been chosen. When a card is upturned and the special symbol is revealed, one will naturally feel intrigued and feel the anxiety and tension roping around the veins dissipate into nothing. Love tarot card reading has helped many relationships recover from near breakups and brought entire families back from being estranged. The new popularity that manifestation and tarot readings have received in the late few years is largely owed to Gen Z and the Millennials appropriating the aesthetics of astrology. Still, there is a lot of truth hidden behind each major and minor arcana card.

Of course, with the pandemic on the rise with second waves of the virus spreading everywhere, it is not exactly wise to search up ‘tarot card reading near me’ and go wherever one wants. The mass digitization that has been happening across most industries in the world has made many services go completely virtual; it might come as a surprise that online tarot card reading has been a thing for quite a few years now. Many sites act as portals that connect advice-seekers and tarot readers – some of them have proven to be quite fraudulent and offer insincere services. We have an exhaustive conductive analysis of websites that offer online tarot reading and compiled a list of the four best websites on the internet. Here are the top four websites that should give any newbie a good experience during a tarot card reading.

Top 4 Websites for Free Love Tarot Reading Online :

These websites have built a reputation for themselves by being reliable, accurate and authentic in the tarot card reading services they offer. Here is a brief overview of everything they offer:

Kasamba Kasamba is well-known for its love tarot card readings, conducted by psychics who have many years of experience dealing with clients going through breakups, torn relationships and unrequited love. Every love tarot reading with Kasamba is worth the very cheap fee they charge. They also offer three free minutes for every new customer and an extra 70% off for all new customers. Kasamba completes its psychic readings over live chat as well as via phone call.

California Psychics Specializing in fortune-telling and love tarot readings, California Psychics has a good reputation in predicting the future based on past and present emotions and energies. Ideal for those looking for predictions on which they can base major life decisions, California Psychics offers tarot card reading online at just $1 per minute, with additional free five minutes on using the promo code ‘ADD 5’. They complete their tarot card readings via phone call and live chat.

Keen Psychics Keen is the cheapest online tarot card reading website on the internet – pay just $1.99 for an entire ten minute period, which is plenty to get a full session done with a premium reader. Pay only as much as one would for a lower-rated psychic and get an expert reading done if the customer is newly registered. With smart matching, Keen’s phone call and live chat services are the best in the industry.

Psychic Source With expert cartomancers on their team, Psychic Source offers rare services like angel card readings and excellent free love tarot reading. The company also prioritizes customer privacy and safety over all else, using advanced encryption software to protect the customer’s data. Charging just $0.66 per minute, they also offer three free minutes for all new users. Completing their readings over live video, phone call or online chat, Psychic Source is useful to those who prefer specific methods of communication.

Now that an overview of each website has been established, we must look at what each website specializes in detail. Looking at the specialties can tell us exactly which websites to go for when we have specific requirements, like angel card readings or qualms about data privacy. Keep in mind that when one is looking to find ‘tarot reading near me, it is pivotal that proper research is done into the various aspects that surround brands that offer tarot reading services. It is natural to want only the best and most experienced tarot readers to conduct our online sessions because many people make important life decisions based on the signs that the universe sends them. Keep in mind that websites with many positive reviews and customer testimonials on their websites are more reliable than ones that do not. Let’s look at each of these portals up close.


  • Expert-approved love tarot reading
  • Get three free minutes on registering as a new user.
  • New customers get 70% off on their first reading
  • Has the best introductory offer in the psychic community
  • Rates as low as $1.69
  • Over a hundred and fifty tarot readers available around the clock.

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The team behind Kasamba has over twenty years of experience in the world of psychic arts. After they set up the company in 1999, Kasamba has become one of the largest tarot cards reading portals globally, with over a hundred and fifty tarot card readers ready across time zones to serve the customers. Adapting with the times, their format of offering their tarot online services has evolved from a simple website to a cross-platform app available on the Apple Store and the Play store. With just a couple of clicks, people can have their cards read and get results in a few minutes. This option is especially useful for those who are constantly on the move.

The decades of experience has allowed Kasamba to accumulate many psychic readers on the website, each with their specializations. Primarily, psychics at Kasamba specialize in a love tarot reading, a practice that has helped many individuals over breakups and relationship issues throughout the years. The mystic arts have a unique connection to the heart that tarot readers tap into when conducting their online tarot card reading session. This can tell someone more about themselves and their partner and what stage of the relationship they are in right now.

Kasamba has great introductory offers with premium psychics available at reasonable rates that go as low as $1.69 per minute. They also offer three free minutes when a new customer signs up on their portal. With the extra 70% off that new users get on the time they spend after the three free minutes, Kasamba’s offers are irresistible even to the most sceptic visitors on their website.

Each psychic on Kasamba is trained and certified – the team behind the website’s amazing offers makes sure that each tarot reader is screened and approved before being featured on their website. This ensures good quality readings being completed every day. The team’s dedication to creating the best tarot reading experience for the customer is why they have so many positive customer reviews on the internet. Kasamba is also a favorite among psychic readers because of the respect and dignity with which they treat them.

Kasamba also offers what they call the best match guarantee, which ensures that each new user is matched with the best available psychic at the moment. Some of these psychics are usually people with decades of experience who charge higher fees. Still, with the best match guarantee, new users can get a premium experience at rates that range around two dollars. By offering such wowing rates consistently, Kasamba has risen to the top four best tarot reading online websites globally.


  • Online tarot card reading offered at rates at affordable rates.
  • Get three free minutes on registration.
  • Additional 70% off for new customers.
  • Best match guarantee offered to all users.
  • A cross-platform app is available to access tarot reading on the go.
  • A large variety of tarot readers to choose from.

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California Psychics

  • image 5
    Reasonably rated at just one dollar per minute.
  • Specializes in predictions and fortune-telling.
  • Use promo code ADD 5 for extra five minutes of reading.
  • Have cards read via phone, live chat and video call.

California Psychics has been around for twenty-five years, connecting people who need their tarots read with professional psychics who can tell an individual’s entire life just by glancing at their upturned cards. Customers tend to leave extensive reviews on their website under the various tarot card readers they have in their directory. Each psychic found on California Psychics is screened by the team and only listed online if they have considerable powers of clairvoyance. This is why tarot card reading online takes on a whole new level with California Psychics – they focus on quality over having many psychics.

Visit California Psychics Top-Rated Love Tarot Readers

Specializing in fortune-telling and predictions, California Psychics has tarot readers who have revived the ancient art of divination in its true form. Centuries ago, people in powerful positions like kings, queens and aristocrats usually relied on tarot readings to guide them through their important decisions. Love tarot reading, in particular, was sometimes mixed with fortune-telling to inform socialites in Victorian Society about potential suitors and how to rope them in. The practice has, in many ways, shaped history from the shadows, which is why tarot card readings that can read the past, present and future are still relevant today.

During their sessions, these specialists usually ask the advice-seeker to narrate what their past has been like. Then they ask them what their current situation is like – what stage of life they are in, both financially and otherwise, what kind of problems they need assistance with and so on. After this period of introspection for the customer, the psychic asks them to pick out their cards from the deck. Online tarot card reading preserves the true meaning of the practice by focusing on the customer’s feelings and mindset instead of the pure physicality of the card itself.

California Psychics offers these groundbreaking services at the low price of just one dollar per minute. In addition to this, new users can also use the promo code ADD5 to get an extra five minutes for free. They offer so many attractive discounts because they want newcomers to have a good experience with a professional psychic where they can take their time with their tarot reading without worrying about the expense. Most people cannot get a proper tarot card reading done in just three minutes or less because it requires conversation and communication. California Psychics also tries to charge the same for premium psychics during the first reading as they do for an ordinary, up-and-coming fortune teller. Even though a premium psychic can charge up to nine dollars a minute for a usual sitting, they will complete a new user’s session for just five dollars.

These rare talents have made California Psychics’ tarot card reading online one of the best in the industry. If someone needs to get a reading done quickly before a job interview, a marriage or other important life events, California Psychics is the place to go.


  • Specializes in tarot card reading that tells the future.
  • Each reader is confirmed to be qualified, screened psychic before enlistment on the website.
  • Best match guarantee – get a premium psychic at the price of an up-and-coming one.
  • Detailed seer profiles so that customers can have a good idea of what to expect.
  • Around one dollar a minute, generally reasonably priced.
  • Use Promo Code ADD5 for five more minutes.

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  • 4
  • Easily the most affordable tarot reading portal on the internet.
  • Only $1.99 for ten minutes of the session.
  • Qualified, expert tarot readers complete the readings via phone call and live chat.
  • The importance is given to customer privacy over all else.

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Having completed over thirty million sessions in twenty years, Keen Psychics has grown in their time on the internet to become one of the most trusted tarot card reading online portals of all time. Offering their services around the clock to people from all over the world, Keen has truly contributed to the democratization of the psychic arts by offering services like cartomancy and tarot online for a surprisingly low fee of just $1.99 per ten minutes. In ten minutes, even the most verbose of customers can complete their questions and seek guidance from the qualified and professional clairvoyants found on Keen.

Keen is also known for prioritizing customer privacy and data protection. Many users are understandably flustered about sharing personal information to strangers on the internet – whether it is their credit or debit card information being fed into a psychic portal’s website or about telling their life’s insecurities and problems to a random clairvoyant. Keen understands this anxiety that is reasonable in this age of function creep and data breaches, which is why they make sure that their website is completely protected. Customer information is fortified using several encryption layers that give maximum user protection from any data leak. Customers can confess pretty much anything to the tarot card reading professionals because all information divulged is understood to be confidential – the psychic cannot and will not share it with any third party.

On their website, new users can find video content that guides blooming members of the psychic community through the processes of getting a psychic reading done. They are usually on much-needed topics like “What to do After a Reading,” “When Can I Ask Specific Questions?” and so on. This is extremely helpful, especially for those who are daunted by the idea of just opening up their phone and confessing their innermost fears to a stranger.

Over 1700 clairvoyants have found their way to Keen, trusting the website because of the respect with which it treats both its psychics and customers. Members of all kinds of communities trust Keen with their information, especially folks from the LGBTQIA+ community and members of various religious and ethnic minorities. Those who speak languages other than English are also delighted to discover that Keen has many multilingual online tarot card reading specialists willing to cross the language barrier to deliver good tarot readings.


  • Cheapest tarot card reading portal, charging just $1.99 for ten minutes of reading.
  • Website is user-friendly.
  • Round the clock tarot reading available.
  • Phone calls, live chat, video calls available.
  • Thirty million sessions over twenty years – experience provides quality.

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Psychic Source

  • Ideal for those looking for subversive cartomancy techniques, like angel card readings and free love tarot readings.
  • Only $0.66 per minute.
  • Three free minutes for first-time users.
  • Readings are done via live video, phone and online chat.
  • Great UI/UX that is easy to use for those who aren’t techno-savvy.

Psychic Source has thirty years of experience in offering psychic services to the general public. Using this time, they have diversified their portfolio of services to collect a group of clairvoyants who specialize in subversive card reading practices other than the ordinary tarot card reading. These professionals offer cartomancy and love tarot reading, the traditional kind of card reading where just an ordinary deck of cards is used to tell the fortunes and energies of a person. They also offer angel card readings, a special kind of cartomancy with very few practitioners left in the world.

>> 3 Free Minutes With Psychic Source Gifted Love Tarot Readers

Angel card reading is done using a specialized deck of cards. The sessions involve connecting to the heavens and the Cosmo verse to get gentle and reassuring guidance from the angels and other heavenly beings. Unlike the brutal honesty offered by the usual tarot reading and cartomancy, angel card reading is far kinder and softer and is perfect for those who are looking for comfort and love in life. The psychics who specialize in this tend to be empathetic creatures who can understand the problems in one’s life on a deeply personal level because of how much they understand human nature.

Psychic Source has also been praised for having a very easy-to-use website that even the least techno-savvy people can figure their way around. The optimized UI/UX has been developed over a decade, which assures a seamless experience even for users who are not comfortable with digital modes of communication.

Charging just $0.66 per minute, Psychic Source has been dedicated to popularizing the lost art of tarot card readings to the new generations. Offering an additional three free minutes aside from the unbelievably low rates, Psychic Source aims to make the psychic arts available to people from all over the world, from all ages and nationalities. Psychic Source also offers promo codes using which new clients can get up to 75% off on their first reading. The online wallet system that they have in place protects customers from spending too much accidentally – a common worry that many internet users have. On Psychics Source, update the online wallet with the necessary amount of money for however many readings that one intends to complete in the next few days and use it over that period. Never worry about overspending with this foolproof method.

In addition to this, Psychic Source also offers around the clock customer support. If the user feels uncomfortable in any way or feels like the tarot card reading online session was not up to the mark, they can contact the customer support team, who will look into the matter. After thorough investigations, they will make sure that the claims are real, after which the customer is issued a full or partial refund of their money. This professionalism and dedication offered by the team behind Psychic Source have made it the first choice for both psychics and advice-seekers.


  • Offers rare services like cartomancy. And excellent free love tarot reading.
  • Angel card reading available.
  • Prioritizes privacy
  • Cross-platform app available on both on the Apple Store and the Play Store
  • Charges just $0.66 per minute
  • Three free minutes for new users.
  • 75% off from promo codes.

Visit Psychic Source for accurate love tarot reading

How does a tarot card deck work?

Tarot card readings are done using specialized decks of cards that have beautiful and meaningful illustrations on them. Unlike an ordinary deck of playing cards, one can buy aesthetic tarot card decks that various artists have taken the liberty to paint and customize according to their whims. This is why most tarot card readers have their special deck of cards with a certain weight and lightness to them that they prefer. If any customer is planning to buy their deck of cards, it is highly advised that they go to a shop and purchase one themselves. Most metaphysical shops that sell props to aid in fortune-telling sell gorgeous tarot card decks that may even come in designs related to one’s favorite movie, musician or TV shows.

Even though there are so many different kinds of decks available on the market, there are some universal characteristics that each deck should follow regardless of its aesthetic orientation. All decks will have seventy-eight cards that are divided into two groups – major arcana and minor arcana.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana are the big twenty-two – these trump cards are pulled when the advice-seeker has life-changing influences and revelations in place. Unlike the minor arcana cards, they don’t have any suits to belong to and stand alone independently. They represent very significant life events of any person’s life.

Minor Arcana

Minor Arcana cards pertain to everyday life and smaller influences. Fifty-six minor arcana cards are divided into four equal suits – wands, pentacles, cups and swords. Sometimes, the suit of pentacles is also called the suit of coins because it deals with money, finance, career etc.

How does a tarot reader prepare a deck?

Tarot card readers shuffle the deck before beginning their readings so that the selection is completely randomized. The energy left over from the previous reading is cleared out completely. Before they ask the advice-seeker to draw their card, they ask them to hold in mind and ask themselves why they need an answer. This may range from anything from ‘When will I find love?’, or ‘Should I quit my job’, or ‘When will my startup find an angel investor?’. Regardless of what inquiry the customer or the queen has, the deck will reveal only the true energies swimming beneath the customer’s subconscious. Even if one reads for oneself, there will be a certain attraction towards certain decks within the card that should select the card. It is this attraction that the practice of tarot card reading relies upon for accuracy – the idea is that the universe plays a role in urging each of us to do the things that we do, and therefore influences even the smallest decisions we make.

A Three Card Spread

Most tarot card reading sessions take place using a three-card spread. A tarot card reading online session begins by drawing just three cards from the deck and laying them out in the front. Each of these three cards tells a different story – usually, in the most basic reading practice, the first card drawn speaks of the past. Using this card, the reader will tell the advice-seeker what kind of energies they are getting from their past – if it is negative or positive, whether there is an overwhelming influence of the past on that individual’s current life that needs to be removed, or if there is an individual from the past who may make a harrowing return.

The second card deals with what is taking place in the present – tribulations within the family, problems at the workplace or even difficulties the user faces about their love life. All of this revolves around the present, and the second card will reveal exactly that. This helps the clairvoyant get an idea of where the advice-seeker is in life and guide them accordingly.

The third card deals with the future – this does not necessarily mean the immediate future. It could be five minutes from the reading or ten years in the future, but the last card is the most important for many sessions, especially for those trying to predict the future. Whatever energy the last card exudes is what the future of the advice-seeker holds in store.

The three cards together give an idea about how each stage in our life will proceed. By reading the past, present and future, tarot card readers can predict accurately how one can make better decisions in life – through a process of introspection and self-analysis, any advice seeker will be able to unveil the secrets behind their actions and delve deeper into their psyche to achieve self-actualization. Tarot card reading is truly a way of figuring out the meaning behind the strange energies that draw and repel us from various forces that surround us in the world.


In this world where uncertainties are piling up one over the other, looking towards the psychic arts for guidance can provide stability and reassurance in life. These four websites offer reliable and affordable tarot reading online accessible to everyone with an internet connection. They value customer privacy, the authenticity of service and offer practices of the psychic arts that are slowly dwindling, like angel card reading and regular cartomancy. Do not hesitate to contact these top-rated websites to receive some much-needed psychic guidance for the family or yourself.

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