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Ever since its launch in 2001, Millionaire Match has had a solid reputation and credibility. This dating site is not for casual hookups and it is for more serious encounters.

That doesn’t mean that it’s a site where people sign up to find marriage, though. So basically, it’s more serious than casual dating sites but not built for providing outcomes that end in marriage. Due to this reason, we refer to Millionaire Match as the – site that’s in-between.

For almost two decades, this dating site has been catering only to attractive single and taken people, who are, among that, considerably successful. Hence the “Millionaire” in the very name of the site.

Every 2–3 years, the site launches new features to provide only the best experience for its members. Since Millionaire Match invests in keeping up-to-date and puts the interest of its users first, it has gained many good reviews.

Our review will be no different. We’ve comprised a list of the most important features, pros, and cons, as well as a real-life experience of one of the members. Again, if you’re wealthy and good-looking, in search of more than just a fling, you’ve come to the right place.

The Main Features of the Millionaire Match and Member Structure

Millionaire Match counts over more than 2,600,000 members from the USA. Even though the number is enormous, the gender proportion is equal, including 50% male and 50% female users. The site is constantly on the run, as there are more than 2,700 logins daily.

Most users are between 35 and 54 years of age, which shows that it truly is only for those who are successful adults. There are wealthy lawyers, doctors, and CEOs you can find at Millionaire Match. The name “Millionaire match” was chosen as such for a reason.

You can also stumble upon Hollywood celebrities or women who are professional models. Moreover, the site’s great reputation had it featured on CBS, ABC, and CNN.

Now, when it comes to differences between the way males and females use the site, we may name a few. Since we have differences rooted in our character, we pay more attention to different features of this particular website depending on our sex.

As you can share and post your achievements on the Member Luxuries Page, more males are active in this area. They are also the ones who have a gold membership and a millionaire badge which is certified, as opposed to females.

On the other hand, females are the ones who tend to post more on Forums and Blogs, but whichever sex you are, male or female, the rules of Millionaire Match and profile check-ups apply to all. Namely, before your profile goes live, it has to pass a thorough verification process.

The same goes for all the photos that you wish to upload. Everything is reviewed by the staff first. That makes the website safe and authentic, providing all users with a unique experience.

Here are some of the key features of Millionaire Match at present:

  • The site gives its best at removing all fake profiles;
  • You get your personal profile, and you fill it out;
  • There are circa 3.8 million users around the world;
  • All users are either successful or attractive;
  • Gold membership is more frequent among men;
  • Certified Millionaire Badges are more frequent among men;
  • Blog posts are more frequent among women.

This site will ensure that you only stumble upon reliable profiles of a well-situated attractive person. The reason we say that this dating site is neither here nor there is because it can be placed in the golden middle.

Millionaire Match is a medium between the marriage-focused eHarmony and the hookup-centered Tinder. With the site here in question, you are certain to get an adult experience that will lead to something more serious only if you choose to make it so.


How to Sign up and How To Make a Contact at Millionaire Match

Within just 7–10 minutes, you can register and finish your sign-up at MillionaireMatch. All you have to do is write a short paragraph about yourself and some info on the kind of person you are looking for. The first step at registration will ask you for your age, email, gender, and first name.

After this initial step, you proceed to create a safe password and a catchy username that is not your real name. Afterward, you’ll be asked to type some personal details such as your height, body type, relationship status, ethnicity, and yearly income.

The next step is uploading your profile photo. It will be pending for a while, but that’s only for your safety since it has to go through a check-up and verification. In the end, you’ll verify your email and are good to go to use all the features of the website.

In short, this is the most important info to know while signing up, listed out in theses:

  1. Registration is free;
  2. It’s a 7–10 minute process;
  3. Sign up via Facebook is available;
  4. Email verification is required;
  5. Uploading a profile photo is obligatory.

Now that you have fully registered and completed creating an honest profile for yourself, it’s time to make contact. In the remainder of this paragraph, we’ll prove to you how easy it is to use Millionaire Match actually is.

For the availability of all the features that this dating site can provide, we suggest a paid membership. For a gold membership, the prices are as follows:

  1. For 1 Month – $70.00 / Month;
  2. For 3 Months – $56.67 / Month;
  3. For 6 Months – $45.00 / Month;
  4. For 12 Months – $33.33 / Month.

Only users with paid memberships are allowed to send text messages. Therefore, this dating site can be very challenging for those members who sign up for free. They can still reply to messages that are sent to them, but they can’t initiate the convo.

To make sure you will attract other users, work on your profile. Write catchy headlines, or make an interesting video intro about yourself, and upload it to your profile. The first contact you can make is to send a “wink”. You can only send 50 winks per day, and only after you have viewed five profiles fully. That goes for both free users and paid members.

A feature available only to premium (gold) members is the recently initiated service for handwritten letters. That’s especially great for preventing potential break-ups and conveying your feelings sincerely. In a letter, you can include memories, events, and stories.

Pros and Cons of Millionaire Match

Since this website is primarily for rich and successful individuals, the designers were aware that these people tend to be constantly on the go. For this reason, there’s an app available for both Android and iPhone.

After a thorough examination of this website, we have comprised a list of the most important benefits. However, each worldwide dating site must have some downsides. For a better insight into all the things you may not like, we’ve comprised a list of those as well.

Benefits and Pros of Millionaire Match

  • All members can get a diamond logo included on their dating profile – you can get the diamond logo and be a certified “millionaire” if you meet certain standards. It gives you insurance that all those who have earned the diamond logo on their profile have met those standards and passed all the verification procedures;
  • All members go through verification – if you see an active profile with a description and a photo, you will also see an icon next to the photo, which confirms it’s verified. We find this as probably the strongest benefit of Millionaire Match since this is how the website becomes devoid of all scams and fake profiles;
  • Free members can still reply to messages sent to them by the Premium members – even if you don’t have paid membership, you can still reply to texts sent to you;
  • There are no online ads on the website – living in the modern world of advertising, you have probably been irritated a couple of times so far by pop-ups and ads. Millionaire Match is free from those;
  • There are always users online, and the response to messages is almost immediate at all times;
  • The customer service is available 24/7 at Millionaire match – guaranteed service via phone or email at all times;
  • The diversity is huge – there are straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual users. When it comes to the relationship status of the users, you can find single, married, separated, widowed, divorced, and those who are in a relationship.

Downsides and Cons of MillionaireMatch

  • There is no video chat function – as opposed to the well-known ChatRoulette, where people only meet each other via cameras; Millionaire Match has no such feature. MM leaves you to decide whether the person is right for you or not based on their photos and what you find out while chatting to them;
  • It’s more pricey than most other dating apps – we’ve laid out the cost of one, three, and six-month membership at Millionaire Match. It’s safe to say that it’s somewhat expensive. On the other hand, this is a website for rich people mostly, so that may not come as a surprise to them;
  • There are many gold diggers here – this definitely is a downside, but like the very pricey membership cost, it’s not unexpected to stumble upon gold diggers here;
  • The app version has fewer features than the website – this may sometimes be an issue since most successful people are always on the go.

Millionaire Match Real Life Review

As a part of our review, we’ve decided to sum up the lengthy review of one of the site’s satisfied users. Rick, a male of 42 with a net worth of $35 million, shares his experience with Millionaire Match.

Namely, he came across the website on a Sunday during brunch at his golf club. It came as a suggestion from one of his friends. Rick’s friend said that he had met a woman online through this website. Rick, however, first thought this was yet another case of a sugar baby.

However, before Rick uttered this, his friend interrupted Rick’s thoughts and added that it’s a real, serious relationship. Rick thought that with more than 40 years of age, this was highly unlikely to happen to him.

However, after a week or so, he met a woman. The woman was around his age, attractive, and equally successful. And that’s how Rick signed up for a three-month subscription at Millionaire Match.

All conversations he had, he described as genuine and nice. Afterward, he started going on dates. He didn’t find the right woman immediately, but he had been using the website for just a month at that moment.

He added that with a bit more time, he would expect to find the right match.

The Wrap Up

Millionaire Match is a safe, credible, verified, useful website for middle-aged, attractive, and successful people. If you find yourself falling under this category of people, this website is, without any doubt, a must for you to try.

Of course, there are some negative features, like with all other dating sites. However, other than the lack of video chats and the fact that it’s more expensive than most, there aren’t many more.

We hope that our thorough analysis of the features of the website and instructions on the registration process has helped. They’re there for you to see how easy to use Millionaire Match actually is.

Bear in mind that diversity is welcomed here and that you are not alone. This community is suitable for singles and for straight and gay alike. Whichever your case is, you can most probably find another person who matches your situation.

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