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Online Tarot Card Reading: Free Tarot Reading and Accurate Readers

When we lack the motivation to do anything or despair about our situation in life, what we require then is a bit of reassurance to get back on track. Instead, we are bombarded with tons of unsolicited advice from family, friends, and relatives that are either not applicable to our situation or end up worsening the problem.

In our despairing moments, we don’t need advice; we need reassurance that whatever happens, we’ll be fine. But, when that reassurance is hard to come by from people around us, we can seek it in divination.

Tarot card reading is a practice wherein professionals give people direction or insight into their past, present, or future. It helps in bringing more clarity in your life regarding love, career, finances, marriage, relationships, and family. It also serves to reassure you that you are on the right track or that whatever happens, you’ll be fine.

A tarot reading might be the one push you had been seeking to get back on the right path in your life. But, attending a tarot card reading parlor isn’t always possible due to time constraints, risk of scams and frauds, long-distance, and lack of good tarot card readers around you.

Fortunately, we have online tarot card reading sites to help us get some guidance in this digital age. The risk of scams remains, but it is much reduced as compared to offline sessions because we have sites that allow customer ratings, reviews, and feedback besides their strict screening process. To help you get the best tarot card reading experience, here is a list of the best tarot card reading online sites in 2021.

Best Online Tarot Reading Sites For Accurate Readers

Keen Psychics – Excellent Reviews, Great for love and Tarot Readings, 10 Minutes For Only $1.99

Keen Psychics is an industry leader with its excellent reviews, qualified professionals, and prime focus on customer satisfaction. The site has something to offer to everyone with its varied price ranges and psychic services. This makes it popular among people of all income and age groups. It is known particularly for its authentic love readings and exciting introductory offers.

California Psychics – Best Introductory Offer, Great Customer Experience, $1/Minute + 5 Free Minutes (CODE: “ADD5”)

California Psychics provides one of the best introductory offers along with a host of features to make the site user-friendly. Their expert psychic advisors provide trusted and accurate readings to help people with their most pressing questions about life.

Psychic Source – Great Options for People Just Getting Into Tarot Readings, 3 Free Minutes + 75% Off

Psychic Source is a perfect platform for those just starting on this journey because they provide three free minutes and give 75% off. This helps new users try out the platform with minimum risk. Additionally, the detailed reviews and ratings testify to the expertise of professional tarot card readers recruited by them.

Keen Psychics



  • Phone number to connect with one’s advisors or manage account when the internet isn’t available
  • Experienced & reliable tarot readers
  • Great for a love & relationship tarot reading, career advice, family matters, future telling
  • Valuable introductory offers – first 10 minutes at $1.99
  • Detailed Psychic profiles
  • Price and other filters for customer’s convenience

Keen Psychics manages to cover almost all its features on the main page, so users get a low down on all the advantages they will receive on using Keen Psychics. It has testimonials, Psychic Advisor Categories, prominent mentions, links to readings and FAQs, as well as a price filter. It manages to pack in so many features without making the page look cluttered. It adds to the user-friendliness as the customer is informed about most of the features he can avail on using Keen Psychics.

Alongside the attractive and user-friendly website design, Keen Psychics offers a satisfaction guarantee plan where if a user has an issue with the platform, he/she may be eligible to receive a credit to their account, up to a limit of $25 in Keen dollars, which may be used on future conversations.

One can be reimbursed for one unsatisfactory experience every 30 days. This is only applicable for conversations that occur within the past 72 hours. They have a ‘get matched’ tool that helps people match with psychics or tarot card readers who suit their needs. The tool helps to match with suitable psychics after asking a few basic questions. Psychics make tarot card reading online a smooth experience with these additional features.

Each Advisor on Keen has their specialties, skills and methods, approach to topics as well as background mentioned. This helps users get a detailed review about the psychic, which makes it more simple to choose one suitable for their requirements. They have customer reviews and ratings where people can easily figure out if the psychic is good at his/her craft. New users are also eligible for getting their first 3 minutes free of charge. So, they get a chance to see and review for themselves if the tarot card reader matches their requirements.

Features like these make online tarot card reading more convenient than offline sessions as you have very limited means in the offline mode to test the tarot card reader’s specialties beforehand. Often, it’s through word-of-mouth which isn’t very reliable.

Keen Psychics is particularly known for its love readings. Most customers have found answers to their love life troubles and relationship woes through love tarot card reading. On the Homepage itself, they have links to the answers to pertinent questions regarding love like, How do I know someone is thinking about me? How do I get through a breakup? Their love psychics help people overcome their fear so that they can manifest love from a healthy place.

Keen Psychics also has valuable introductory offers like getting 10 Minutes for $1.99 that will make love tarot reading available for many people. Additionally, Keen frequently gives its existing customers great promotion offers by email if they have chosen to receive promotions within their Personal Information.

Keen also has a phone number that can be used to connect with one’s advisors or manage one’s account when they are away from their computer or internet connection. Users can listen to their Favorites or recently called list, choose an advisor by Category, and speak with them by entering their extension, getting their account information, or reviewing account Balance. Tarot reading online becomes easier with these features in place.

Click Here to Get an Accurate Love Tarot Card Reading With Keen Experts

California Psychics



  • Strict application and screening process to recruit only genuinely gifted tarot card readers and psychics
  • Excellent introductory package: 5 free minutes to test your tarot reader (using code “ADD5” ) and $1/minute low rate after.
  • Informative blogs and a Psychic Dictionary section to educate users on the basics of clairvoyance
  • Any charges made with California Psychics always appear as “TELCASH” on the credit card or bank statement to protect privacy
  • Budget-friendly pricing so that people from different income brackets can experience the benefits of tarot card reading
  • Features like filters on blog pages, sorting tools, and subcategories based on psychic abilities, tools as well as styles.

California Psychics adopted a strict application and screening process to provide people only the best tarot card readers to guide them. As is evident from the great customer experience mentioned in the reviews, their authentic and reliable readings put California Psychics among the top 3 sites for online tarot card reading.

Alongside their Psychic Match Tool that helps people find the best psychics and tarot card readers suitable for their concerns, California Psychics also has a well-organized website structure where the psychics are divided into different subcategories. It makes the process of finding a suitable psychic easier. Psychics are put into different categories based on their abilities, tools, and style.

They also have some other categories like Customer Favorites, Customer reviews, Premier Psychics, Staff Picks, Rising Stars, and New Psychics. These additional categories make California Psychics the brand that it is. It prioritizes customer experience and therefore tries to bring in features that improve customer’s convenience.

‘Customer Favorites’ is a category that has tarot card readers and psychics who have been able to build a special connection with their clients. ‘Customer Reviews’ includes experts who have received rave reviews from their clients. ‘Premier Psychics’ is a category reserved for the most seasoned advisors, while ‘Staff Picks’ has advisors who have been rated highly among the staff at California Psychics.

California Psychics mentions how many advisors are available and how many are engaged. People can easily discern the tarot card readers who are available at any given moment by observing a red or green dot beside their profiles. Red signifies ‘on a call’ while green is for ‘available’.

The pricing structure of California Psychics is probably its most impressive aspect as it has something to cater to everyone’s budget. It has a wide range of packages to include people from various income groups. The makers want the maximum number of people to get the benefits of clairvoyance and tarot card reading.

The emphasis on privacy is another defining feature of California Psychics. Any charges made with California Psychics always appear as “TELCASH” on the credit card or bank statement to safeguard privacy. They also have a quick responding customer service team that addresses all concerns patiently and handholds users through the entire process.

Another impressive feature of this online tarot card reading site includes its efforts to educate new users about the gift of tarot card reading and clairvoyance. It has a Psychic Dictionary section to empower people with the knowledge of certain commonly used terms by psychics. It also has informative blogs on Love and Relationships, Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Animal sightings & symbolism, Destiny & Life Path, Dreams & Interpretation, Psychic Questions, etc. The blog pages have also been optimized for user-friendliness as one can find the blog that he/she wishes to read by clicking on the word filter given at the top of the page. The filter scans and finds blogs related to the topic/word one selects.

The site also offers $1/Minute + 5 Free Minutes (CODE: “ADD5”). Offers of free tarot reading online help to minimize the risk for any new user who tries the site. California Psychics is known for its exciting introductory offers and discounts. They have a mobile app to make things simpler and quicker for mobile phone users.

Searches for free tarot reading online accurate or tarot reading near me have steadily been increasing due to the rising popularity of these websites. California Psychics makes the list for top sites for a tarot card reading in 2021 because of its budget-friendly pricing, excellent customer experience, and additional features designed to ensure user’s convenience.

Try California Psychics Here – Enjoy 5 Free Minutes + 80% Off

Psychic Source



  • Multiple filter options to make the search process quick and effective.
  • Authentic readings from best-reviewed psychics and tarot card readers.
  • Attractive offer for new client 3 free minutes + then only $1/minute.
  • Ideal for new users who are just getting into online tarot readings.
  • They have Customer Care Specialists available around the clock to solve any concern or query.
  • Comprehensive articles to empower people with knowledge about the field of divination and tarot card reading.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee plan in place to provide maximum value for money.
  • The ‘Find a Psychic Tool’ makes finding the ideal tarot card reader or psychic for your needs easy and hassle-free.

Online tarot readings have become popular due to sites like Psychic Source that work towards providing new users with the best experience. Their introductory offers aim to minimize the risk of trying out a tarot card reader or a psychic by a first-timer. It offers 3 Free Minutes to all new users making it an ideal choice for all those who are just getting into tarot card readings.

Psychic Source provides 24/7 Customer Care Specialists who help users with all their queries. The helpline is especially useful for people who aren’t well-versed with technology. Their ‘Find a Psychic’ feature allows users to match with tarot card readers that are best suited to answer questions about their problems, concerns, and confusions. The tool scans through hundreds of profiles to find the ones that are ideal for the user’s situation in life.

No one can predict the future accurately, but Psychic Source understands that customer satisfaction is an indispensable part of tarot card reading online hence they have a Satisfaction Guarantee policy in place.

Psychic Source uses all three mediums to provide tarot card readings: phone, chat, and video. The site prioritizes safety and hence follows a code of ethics to ensure that the calls are safe and secure. They make sure that the privacy of the individual is not compromised.

Scams and misleading claims are the major reasons behind the skepticism around tarot card reading. Psychic source has a comprehensive profile on each tarot card reader, and psychic with their specialties, tools, reading styles, years of experience, regular schedule as well as appointments mentioned. This makes it easy for the user to learn more about the tarot card reader and select according to his/her preferences.

All psychics are reviewed and rated by customers. Some psychics also have customer endorsements. This ensures that authenticity is maintained. They are transparent with the charges. The fee charged by each psychic for any call, chat, or video is displayed on the profile.

The sorting and filtering tools make it very simple for the users to search for their desired tarot card reader. The filters include Clairaudient, Energy Healing, Empath, Love psychic, Pet psychic, Psychic medium, etc. It also allows filtering through subjects and expertise like love, relationships & family, career & finance, loss & grieving. Tool filter includes Angel cards, astrology, tarot, drowsing, Numerology, etc. It also has one ‘can read without tools’ filter.

People can also scan through psychics and tarot card readers through options such as appointments, busy, star rating, new and price sorting options.

The site ranks highly because it has been successfully providing clairvoyant readings for over 30 years and has become a well-known brand in tarot card reading. They have a strict screening process in place to recruit only the best tarot card readers for the job. The strict screening structure is in place because they understand how damaging wrong guidance can be in someone’s life. Hence, to prevent people from being scammed or getting the wrong advice, Psychic Source has designed a rigorous application process. This shows that the makers prioritized customer experience and placed their needs over convenience.

Tarot online comes with a host of advantages and Psychic Source utilizes them to curate a site that is easy to use even for a beginner. The ease of operations tempts even skeptics to check out the tarot card readings sessions once since their professionals maintain confidentiality.

Try Psychic Source – Get a Live Tarot Reading from Best Psychics

Offline Tarot Reading Session Vs. Online Tarot Reading Session: Which Is Better?

Since the advent of the digital, this has been a recurring debate. People around the world seem confused between the two, and hundreds of first-time users have been asking this same question.

The short answer to this is that there is no correct answer. It depends on different people and their convenience. Offline reading sessions allow you to be present in person which may lead to a different experience than an online one. Depending on the kind of person you are, it may be better or worse.

In offline sessions, you’ll have to open up to that person and talk about your biggest fears face to face while online offers a virtual wall. Some people find it easier to open up to strangers online while others prefer to do it in person.

For offline, you’ll have to invest time in travel. If there are no tarot readings near you, you can look for a tarot reading online free. Online tarot card readings are also ideal for people who have just started exploring this field. The introductory offers make it a minimum risk venture. One can try online tarot readers to get a basic understanding of what happens in a tarot reading session. They can then visit offline parlors since it is a bigger investment of both time and money.

Offline tarot card parlors are found through word-of-mouth and recommendations from relatives which might be a more reliable review of the psychic than one that is given by a stranger on tarot card reading websites.

But, sites these days are working to provide the most helpful and authentic reviews through a feature called Highlighted review. Online tarot card reading sessions can be accessed anytime, anywhere while for offline ones, individuals have to be physically present at a pre-decided time convenient to both.

Thus, offline sessions are suitable for those who want absolute accountability and authenticity, and can take the time to travel. Online sessions are preferred by those who can’t find any parlors near them and can’t make the time to travel long distances. It is also suitable for first-timers and skeptics as the introductory discounts allow for minimum risk. Online tarot card reading offers a wide variety of choices. People who desire convenience and choice are more comfortable with online sessions.

What Are The Determinants Of A Good Online Tarot Card Reader?

The fear of being scammed is dominant while attending an online tarot card reading session. With so much bad press around this field, it is important to be careful about which tarot card reader one is selecting to provide guidance.

A good rule of thumb is to check the reviews and ratings thoroughly before deciding on one. But, there are other determinants as well that decide how good the tarot card reader is.

First few minutes free

Genuine online platforms provide tarot card readers who are willing to spend a few free minutes with the user. This is to build a connection with him and to introduce him to their reading style and specialties. It also helps the user decide whether the person is right for their query or concern about life.

Tarot card readers online willing to spend a few free minutes is a sign of authenticity and credibility.

Transparent Operations

Fraudulent practices make it essential for a site to be transparent about its operations, whether it is the fee charged by the tarot card readers or their profiles. Tarot online can only succeed by building trust and credibility. Thus, good websites provide comprehensive psychic profiles detailing their skills, fields of expertise, level of experience, and availability. The fee charged per minute by each psychic is displayed on their profile.

Customer Satisfaction Assurance

Since the fee is charged per minute, there might be some tarot card readers who deliberately type or talk slowly to increase the duration. To save customers from these malpractices, a customer satisfaction assurance policy should be in place. This will safeguard their interests. Additionally, it will also prevent half-hearted reading sessions.

Years of Experience in the Field

Tarot card reading is a gift but like all other skills, it can be perfected only through practice. The accuracy of a reading increases with experience and practice. Hence, an experienced professional often gives a better reading.

But, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t try new psychics. They provide a fresh perspective on the issue and better understand modern dilemmas. This is where the first few free minutes become indispensable as they help you gauge the reader’s authenticity. New tarot card readers benefit from these free minutes as it gives them a chance to practice their gifts instead of being judged only through their profiles.

Additionally, one should go for well-established websites to search for tarot readings online. These websites are aware of the scams that happen and are better equipped to detect fraudulent behavior.

How To Prepare For An Online Tarot Reading?

It is important to be prepared before any tarot card reading session because the accuracy of the readings and their effectiveness in improving your life, depends on your questions. If you ask the correct questions, you can have an interesting, lively session where you learn about yourself and your present predicament.

However, for that to happen, you must introspect and ascertain what you want from the session. What answers do you seek? What troubles and confusions plague you? Often, we cannot explain what we are feeling. It is important to sit with ourselves and understand our feelings and concerns before we attend a session so that we can communicate effectively our concerns and worries.

Once the tarot card reader knows what is expected out of them, they will be better able to help you. One should record the session to help them remember important points.

What Kind Of Questions Can Be Asked In A Tarot Card Reading Session?

A tarot card reading cannot tell your exact future. Hence, it is futile to ask direct yes/no questions as the future is molded by your actions. It constantly changes with each action you take and each choice you make. The yes/no questions might prevent you from having a more fruitful session.

Therefore, go for open-ended questions that are based around the ‘how’ of things and not the ‘when’. Questions like ‘how to be better in relationships to find a partner in future?’ are more productive than ‘When will I find a partner?’

How Genuine Are Free Online Tarot Card Reading Websites?

Websites that claim to have tarot card readers who don’t charge any fee for their sessions, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Most professional tarot card readers will charge a fee. Many websites provide a discount and give a few minutes away for free. But, websites that claim to conduct the entire reading for free may use bots to answer questions or run a scam.

Caution is advised when dealing with such websites.

Can Two Cards Have Similar Meanings?

Some tarot cards seem to have similar meanings, for example, many see the 9 of wands as strength. But, Major Arcana also has a card named Strength.

The strength shown in the 9 of Wands is more militarised in nature. The strength that stands for being ready to strike but not making the first move, defense, and formation. This differs from the personal strength needed to prevail over our animalistic nature, temptations, or addictions.

In How Many Ways, Can You Use The Tarot Cards?

The tarot cards can be used in several ways. Fortune telling is one of the most popular uses of tarot cards. Tarot cards do have the power to predict the future though they may not always be accurate. Oftentimes, users were surprised to find that the previous answers in their journal matched with what transpired later but they hadn’t been able to interpret it then. Thus, keeping a journal is essential. It helps to understand the direction provided by the cards.

Personal growth, life coaching, spiritual development are other ways in which tarot cards can be used.

Do Tarot Card Reading Sessions Provide Concrete Answers?

The answers given by tarot cards are often cryptic. They seem unclear and often don’t make much sense at first sight. But, keeping a tarot journal might help one understand how the cards have been directing him over time.

The meaning becomes clear gradually as time passes. It might be that we are not in the right frame of mind or we are in too emotional a state to understand the meaning clearly. When we record the readings in a journal, we can use them later to interpret new meanings from them. A journal helps us to see the direction and understand the meaning over time.

There are also instances where we don’t understand the signs given by the cards and later realize it was right all along. Thus, the cards may also serve to caution us against future events.

A tarot card reading can be life-altering provided one uses it effectively. If you’re stuck in life or feel demotivated, there’s no harm in checking out the sites for tarot reading online. You may find some answers or you may find something new about yourself.

Tarot readings help in self-discovery and that can be the push you need to pursue your goals in life. It also helps in reassuring you about your path in life and provides hope in a despairing situation. The list has been carefully reviewed to help you get the best guidance for any issue in your life, love, family, or career.

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