Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021

Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021

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We all want to know what the future holds for us. Now, this is the reason why most people invest their time and money in fortune-telling and online tarot card reading sites. A skilled tarot card reader can answer all the questions of one’s past, present, and future. Therefore, most people wondering what their stars hold for them in relationships, careers, and friendships, want to invest money in tarot online reading sessions.

Getting a deeper insight into the possible outcome of a situation that one might face in the future helps them execute their plans properly. Therefore, instead of worrying about the future, finance, relationships, and health, a consultant with psychics can help one regain hope by being forewarned about future happenings. If a person is among those people wanting to find the best site for face-to-face online tarot reading sessions, this article will help you identify the best tarot card reading online sites of 2021.

4 Most Reliable Online Tarot Reading Sites of 2021:

Keen Psychics This site is best for new users and offers the lowest tarot card reading online Services by Experts. Enjoy online readings via phone call or live video session only at $1.99 for 10 minutes.

Kasamba With Phone Call & Live Chat facilities, this site is best for a love tarot reading by skilled Psychics. Get 3 Free Minutes + 50% off on your first session.

California Psychics – Popularly known for low rates, this site is apt for future-telling and has the best tarot card readings. Book a session for just $1 for a minute and Use promo code “ADD5” for additional 5 minutes for free. Tarot reading through Phone Call & Live Chat is available here.

Psychic Source – Booking a tarot reading session is cheap here with only $0.66 per minute + 3 first minutes free. Psychic Source website is best known for angel card & cartomancy tarot readings.

With the highlight of the key features of the four tarot reading online sites, read ahead to find their detailed review based on rates, genuineness, quality, and security.

Keen Psychics – Lowest Rates but High-Quality Service

Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021

Keen Psychics advantages

  • Free three minutes and affordable rates
  • Excellent 24×7 customer service
  • Hassle-free, user-friendly, & easy navigating site
  • Satisfaction guarantee and top-in-the industry psychics


  • Do not offer video readings

Keen Psychics is one of the cheapest and most authentic online tarot card reading websites that answer the urgent questions a person is facing in life. This user-friendly platform gives users access to thousands of genuine psychics who can help people find the answers they want.

Everyone can’t find a talented psychic or spend money on traveling just for an in-person reading. Keen is a website that bridges the gap between a client and a Psychic by bringing them together in a single platform. The clients here can select a psychic consultant based on their specialties, skill categories, tools, and other criteria. To become more sure and confident about a tarot online reading, users can also read customer reviews to see how well the psychics have performed in other sessions with other people.

Check out what are the top services at Keen Psychics site that client’s like:

Psychic readings

Psychic reading services at the Keen website are the best option for people unsure about what type of fortune-telling session will benefit them. The readings from experts at Keen Psychics help people to identify issues, strengths, and weaknesses in a person’s life at present.

Psychic readings

Psychic reading services at the Keen website are the best option for people unsure about what type of fortune-telling session will benefit them. The readings from experts at Keen Psychics help people to identify issues, strengths, and weaknesses in a person’s life at present.

Financial outlook

Most of the young generation deal with career uncertainness and have questions about career, money, finances, etc. The financial outlook readings at the Keen Psychics by specialists help people to understand their true earning potential & do better in life.

Psychic mediums

Many customers love Keen Psychics for its super-talented mediums who have supernatural abilities to connect with a person’s loved one who has died and pass on key messages from them.

Love and relationships readings

One of the most popular categories on the Keen Psychics platform is love tarot reading. This site has professionals who are proficient in understanding and advising clients on romantic topics.

Tarot Readings & Astrology

Keen Psychics is well adept at looking at birth charts. They are experts in understanding the future placement of planets and revealing how a change in the position of planets will affect the user. Besides, Keen Psychics guides are proficient in tarot reading and have mastery in Chinese, Vedic, & Mayan astrology.

Other readings include:

  • Dream interpretation
  • Feng Shui
  • Otherworld connections
  • Pet psychics
  • Angel card readings
  • Aura and chakra cleansing
  • Spiritual reading and cartomancy

There are various reasons why the Keen Psychics portal is gaining good reviews from satisfied customers from over the past twenty years of tarot card reading services. Here are the main features that set this site apart from its competitors.

Key Features of keen

Transparent services : Clients always want to select advisors based on previous ratings and reviews. At the Keen Psychics site, the advisor’s profiles with their overall rating, reviews, number of readings, are given clearly. Users can also get additional information like advisors’ specialties, background, & languages, which is a bonus.

Offers and rewards : Besides the smooth sign up process which only requires an email address and a password, the Keen Psychics platform has exciting discounts for new users. This site gifts its new members three free minutes of sessions to interact with their chosen advisor and decide whether they want to go ahead with the advisor or not.

Customer-oriented : Keen Psychics always prioritizes clients and works hard to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with their tarot reading online free experience, customers can contact customer experts directly for a refund.

Support Services : Connecting with the customer service at the Keen website is hassle-free. The clients can call keen’s customer support team or find answers to their queries using the web-based contact form available on the site. Keen’s 25×7 available customer support team ensures that all problems of clients are dealt with efficiently.

Try KEEN Tarot Experts 10 Minutes for $1.99 – Click Here To Start

Kasamba – Best For Love Tarot Reading

Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021

Kasamba advantages

  • Free minutes plus Low average rates for customers
  • More than 188 Tarot Reading advisors available
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee from the site
  • Mobile app services are membership
  • Find the Psychic you deserve with the best match guarantee
  • 15% more discount with Kasamba membership
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Paypal is accepted
  • Three minutes free with a new advisor

Clients have to enter their billing information first if they want to enjoy Free minutes sessions.

Kasamba, founded in 1999, is a massive online psychic platform where people can find talented and authentic psychics and spiritual advisors. Serving clients for over 20 years now, at Kasamba, the users can find guides who can help them understand themselves, tackle a life situation better, and lead a happy life. This site has top-quality psychic & tarot card reading services, which clients can get 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email. Specially designed to meet the client’s needs, this site offers a variety of services.

Love tarot card readings with Kasamba

Who doesn’t want to understand their love-life issues and dilemmas in interpersonal relationships? Every relationship is complex, and each relationship’s difficulties have different solutions. At Kasamba, expert psychics, therefore, offer personalized and specific types of love tarot card reading like:

  • Single and dating
  • Breaking-up and divorce
  • Cheating and affairs
  • Marital life problems
  • Parents and children

Tarot card readings at Kasamba

From Angel Card Reading to Cartomancy, Kasamba offers tarot reading services that help users to understand the difficulties in their lives.

Fortune telling and dream analysis is also popular in Kasamba

With more than 200 online psychics who are experts in fortune-telling, also has more than 100 psychics who specialize in revealing the meaning of dreams on their website.

Astrology reading

Astrology Readings at Kasamba includes Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology, and Career forecasts

  • Crystal readings
  • Aura readings
  • Pet psychics
  • Psychic mediums
  • Rune casting

Now, not only the services of this site are limitless, the users can get outstanding benefits if they book an online tarot reading or psychic reading service. Take a look at the Kasamba advantages:


  • Host of service : There are two categories of psychic reading services in Kasamba. The first one is Angel Card Reading decked with 51 advisors for the users to choose from. The second one is Cartomancy, where there are 40 advisors.

  • Easy communication with advisors: The sign up process for a new account is quick. Kasamba has an easy-to-use navigation tool at the top of the page in their website that directs the user to the tarot card online free readings sections. There are above 188 tarot reading advisors to choose from. Customer reviews, feedback, & advisor ratings are also available on the website, which makes it easier to select psychic clients.

  • Low rates guarantee: There are different pricing packages and rates in Kasamba that one can choose according to their preferences. From rates as low as $1.69 per minute to $25.50 per minute, users can go for the length of the reading session they think is best for them. The best thing is, new users can get up to 70% discount, and Kasamba also offers a 15% discount to its members.

  • Customer service experts: Kasamba advisors available 24/7 and users can contact them whenever they want. The support team of this site is friendly and is always ready to help clients get an answer to their queries fast.

  • Refund policy: Kasamba is known for its transparency and service guarantee. Finding an authentic advisor is effortless on this platform. However, if someone is not satisfied with the Tarot Card online free reading sessions, users have the option of contacting customer service to request a refund.

  • A website specially optimized for users: Other than low rates, new member rewards such as discounts for 50% off, and availability of the best tarot reading advisors, Kasamba has a mobile application for smartphone lovers, too. The app is free and is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, interested users can get advice from preferred psychics whenever they want.

Click Here For 3 Free Minutes Of Accurate Love Readings With Kasamba

California Psychics: Best Tarot Readers For Future-Telling

Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021


  • As a new client, you’ll be eligible for an introductory $1/min offer for new clients.
  • Special promotions via email and our Android and iPhone apps for existing clients.
  • California Psychic mobile app for easy tarot or psychic readings.
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied

Servicing clients since 1995, California Psychics has top-quality psychics and supportive customer service, and secure payments facilities. Today, this site had millions of satisfied customers who speak highly about their services and had the opportunity to connect with some of the most talented psychics in the world. In this platform, users will only find the best psychics who possess outstanding psychic abilities.

Take a look at the list of services that make them popular.

Tarot Card Readings

California Psychics have psychic readers who specialize in tarot card readings and proficient in a love tarot reading, career tarot reading, etc.

Love tarot card reading

The talented love psychics at California psychics are experienced and guide people efficiently on these heart-related matters.

Psychic Mediums

This psychic platform also has psychic mediums who are gifted with unique abilities & can connect with the spirit of a deceased person and pass all their messages to the clients.

Life path psychic interpretations

With the use of tarot cards, Angel cards, crystals, numerology, etc., the psychics at California Psychics guide a person to walk in the right direction in life and offer the best free tarot reading online accurate services.

Finance and Business psychic readings

Business and finance-related matters are tough to handle. Therefore, the expert psychics at California Psychics help their clients improve the way they handle money-related stuff.

Key Features of California Psychics:

  • 100% quality service and satisfaction Guarantee

    Most clients love California Psychics because they not only guarantee quality service. They are always ready to talk to the clients if they are not satisfied with a service. A user can call their customer care specialists & they help the user to connect with another psychic.

  • Available 24,7 365 days a year.

    California Psychics is always ready for the clients and has the best customer service team on their platform & can answer every question clients might have about signing up, scheduling, opening an account, or billing. Plus, this site has helpful, passionate, and knowledgeable psychics who give clients the best experience of psychic or tarot readings.

  • Secure & Confidential Payments options

    Users’ privacy is always maintained, and all the information regarding credit cards is kept secure. All the financial transactions are safe here so that the clients can pay after the sessions stress-free.

Visit California Psychics Top-Rated Tarot Readers

Psychic Source – Best for Angel Card & Cartomancy

Online Tarot Reading: Best Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021

Advantages of Psychic Source

  • Lowest rate and best pricing
  • Phone, chat, video Psychics available
  • 24×7 customers service experts for clients
  • Availability of various types of psychics from Clairaudients, career psychics, love psychics, pet psychics, tarot experts
  • Psychic tool to find best Psychic advisor match


  • The cost of reading sessions varies depending on the psychics/ time limit and can cost clients more than they think.

The Psychic Source has a knowledgeable and skilled panel of psychic advisors who have expertise in tarot card readings and psychic reading. This site only employs Psychics who are competent in their work of future-telling. They have thorough knowledge about the different aspects of life. Besides, the psychic experts on this site know how to use their abilities to benefit the clients. Operating for over 30 years now, Psychic Source brings psychics who understand the inner spirit of people. These psychics help people to reach higher goals in life.

There are different kinds of advisors and psychic reading specialists present in this online platform. From tarot reading near me, love psychics, career psychics, psychic medium, pet psychics to tarot readers, this site has renewed psychics who can help users find the life answers they desire to get. Take a look at the wide range of psychic readings available on this site.

Types of psychic readings at Psychic Source:

There are plenty of psychic services for a person to choose from on this site. Therefore, if someone is facing a difficult situation in life and is unable to find a way out, this site is going to help. The future can be uncertain, and one might feel incapable of finding a way out of it. Fortunately, if a person has many relevant questions about life but couldn’t find any answers, the experts at Psychic Source can help one find clarity and peace.

A clear, engaging, straightforward, and efficient card reading session can help users learn more about themselves. Plus, it can help people to get rid of anxiety and constant fears of the mind. Psychics at Psychic Source can help people overcome stressful life situations through comprehensive outlooks on life. The psychic readings sessions offered by Psychic Source experts are transformational and provide expert guidance in choosing one’s life path.

Here are a few types of reading Psychic Source offers:

  • Love tarot reading
  • Numerology
  • Dream interpretation
  • Energy work
  • Astrology reading
  • Spiritual reading
  • Past life reading
  • Tarot reading
  • Angel card reading

Additionally, apart from various kinds of psychic reading services, Psychic Source impresses its clients with a minimum amount of $0.66 per minute for a psychic reading. Users can also select 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30-minute packages according to their choice. Remember, the price range depends on the time, the charge of the psychic one chooses. The detailed pricing list is available on the site for interested users. The standard costs for 30-minute expert chat psychics sessions are $30.0 at this portal. Different payment methods like debit cards, credit, or other online payment modes are available for the users here.

Key features of Psychic Source


  • Easy connect : Psychic Source offers tarot readings via telephone, online chat, and video reading systems that are hassle-free to use. Users can get clear explanations while using their site. As one of the oldest operating expert psychic service providers, this site is committed to quality services.
  • Psychic finding tool for the perfect psychic match : Finding a reputable psychic on a website is difficult. However, with the Psychic Tool available on this website. Users can answer a few quick questions, and experts at Psychic Source will find legitimate advisors and pair them with a perfect match. Whether the client wants an expert on love and relationships or a career guide, this customer-oriented site does all the sorting for clients.
  • Hassle-free booking : Whether the client wants to schedule a phone, video, or chat appointment, the online booking system allows the users to choose preferred reading type, time, date, and reading length. Once the booking is done, clients get reminders, so the clients don’t forget their sessions.
  • Clear payments policy : The rates for each service at Psychic Source are mentioned on each advisor page. Clients can therefore determine beforehand how much amount and where they would like to invest. Plus, there are no extra costs, hidden fees, and surprise charges. Users are only charged for the length of their tarot reading online session multiplied by the psychic’s per-minute rate.
  • Privacy protection: The users of this site can connect with advisors through their secure login. They can remain assured of their privacy. The demands and needs of the customer are always the priority of this site. The users’ details are never shared with anyone else. Therefore, at psychic source, the users not only receive the best psychic experience, but can remain stress-free about their privacy.

Try Psychic Source Gifted Tarot Readers With 3 Free Minutes

What is the meaning of tarot card reading and how it works?

From its rise in the 14th century, tarot card reading is a form of Cartomancy that helps people find answers to their life questions. It helps a person to take a deep glance into their past and future. Tarot readers use tarot card decks to predict the future of a person. They also offer guidance to deal with difficult situations in life that may occur.

What is a tarot card deck?

Most tarot card readers practicing for years try different tarot decks before finding out what works for them. Usually, a tarot card deck consists of 78 cards and is adorned with special imagery, symbolism, and tale. While 22 of the cards are called Major Arcana cards, the other 56 cards are called Minor Arcana cards. The purpose of these cards is to offer spiritual insights and symbolize the struggles of daily life.

Some popular tarot card decks are :

  • Santa Muerte Tarot
  • Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
  • Golden Tarot of Marseille
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
  • Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck
  • Modern Witch Tarot Deck
  • The Fountain Tarot Card Deck
  • Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck
  • Forest of Enchantment Tarot Deck

Things to keep in mind while investing money in tarot card reading sites?

We all deal with relationships, career, financial, health, etc. Problems at a certain point in our lives affect other activities of our life. Disheartened by a loss like; death of a close person or loss of property makes us directionless. Fortunately, when a person is stuck in a bad situation or a hopeless phase in life, seeking help from a psychic can help the user figure out solutions through a tarot card reading session.

However, finding a knowledgeable tarot card reader is crucial. Therefore, it is important to only invest time in reputable sites like Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source, etc., who are not looking to make money at their client’s expense but want to help them find clarity in life.

Check out the following things one must do before making a final decision on which tarot site to for:

  • Budget, time consumption, and rates : Most online tarot card reading sites keep their payment structure based on time. They charge clients per minute. Therefore, it is vital to choose those sites with tarot advisors who never waste time. If one finds the readers constantly repeating the same message or typing slowly, remember, this can be a tactic to waste more time and increase bills. As a user, one must have the right to end any session whenever you want. If an advisor’s behavior seems inappropriate, the user must be given the option to make a complaint or end the session.

  • Check customer reviews : Going through customer feedback can help one find out about the psychic advisor’s authenticity. From the past clients’ experiences and their reviews, it becomes easy to find authentic sites. It also helps to identify the scammers. Remember, everyone has different opinions, and all the reviews on a site might not be good. An online psychic reading site with only reviews boasting about its website can be a fake one. Therefore, scrutinize all the reviews carefully before signing up for a tarot card reading near me service.

  • Performance of the tarot reader : Future-telling is not an easy job and tarot readers need years of experience, knowledge, and skills to reveal one’s past, present, and future. Therefore, they might make mistakes. However, if an advisor is giving information that does not match the client’s past, he/she might not be a real tarot expert.

By checking the above-mentioned points, one will find a competent advisor & one who cares about the users and their craft.

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Are online tarot card readings from the above-mentioned websites accurate?

With many free tarot reading sites flooding over the Internet, finding out which one will suit a client is difficult. However, from the detailed review of the sites like Keen Psychics, Kasamba, Psychic Source, etc., users will clearly see which platforms are good and who are the scammers. Here are a few things that separate the accurate sites from scammers.

  • Impressive free tarot reading via phone or cha t: Fortunately, users don’t have to meet a psychic in person or go for a face-to-face meeting for a psychic reading session with the above-mentioned sites. The truth is many scammers give advice based on the body language and behavior of a client and cheat them. By using online services the clients can remain anonymous and go for a chat option or phone calls option. The tarot readers with experience can work with little information and offer excellent guidance.

  • Satisfied clients: The popularity of the companies such as Kasamba, Psychic Source, Keen Psychic, and California Psychics depends on their customer feedback and their desire to return for more tarot readings. Now, this is why users can trust the genuineness of these free tarot reading online accurate sites and try them out.

  • Quality of Service : Advisors’ authenticity is vital for a tarot card reading site. The above-reviewed sites have professionals who are experts in their craft and are more interested in users’ happiness than money.

Why is online free tarot reading better than offline tarot readings?

  • While in both online & offline tarot reading, users can find clarity about their lives they are seeking, a few points make online readings more popular than offline ones. The effects of online and offline reading are both different to the tarot readers and the users. Check out how an online tarot reading is more profitable.
  • While in an offline tarot card reading session, the clients have to visit the practitioner’s shop or place of residence and therefore the online readings are more flexible. Users can effortlessly choose a suitable time and enjoy an online session from their home. Now, this saves both time and the users’ money, which goes into the transportation costs.

  • Online tarot reading sessions are more relaxing as the clients don’t have to be in unfamiliar surroundings. They can seek the guidance of an advisor from their personal space. Many people are not confident enough to meet the advisors face to face. Sites like Keen Psychics and Kasamba are best for those who want to reach out to the advisors without fear of judgment.

  • A person can face various types of difficulties in life. Sometimes it is about potentially embarrassing matters which the clients could talk about face to face. An online tarot reading session makes the clients feel confident about discussing these matters and open up easily. New clients might feel the whole situation more intimidating and might not share this level of confidence in an offline setting.

To sum up, sites like Keen Psychics & California Psychics have online tarot card reading sessions that a client feels comfortable and safe in. Plus, these sites are available 24×7 which one cannot get online. Therefore, this is the reason why they are better than the offline method. Check out what are the most common types of services a client can get here:

  • Angel card reading
  • Dream interpretation
  • Energy healing
  • Relationship advice
  • Love compatibility
  • Divination
  • Horoscopes
  • Astrology
  • Tarot cards

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Is free tarot reading sites trustworthy?

Advice from a tarot reading near me expert is backed by years of experience and practice. Not everyone can read tarot cards and reveal your fate. Therefore, those sites that are 100% free are not as authentic as the paid sites. Free sites simply don’t employ skilled Psychics. The free sites are actually computer-operated; all their data is processed by bots. People who have tried these free sites know how the answers are always generic and apply to anyone.

Websites that offer free tarot reading online accurate trials, and free minutes, generally are designed to build relationships and trust with new users. By offering free minutes, they gift the clients a glimpse of what they provide. Therefore, for people who are looking for answers to deep life questions, it will be better to choose a service that has a real psychic or tarot reader on the other end of it.

What are the things a user must keep in mind during tarot card reading sessions?

Remember, a tarot card reader is also a human being. For a tarot card reading session to work, an advisor or reader needs to connect with the user on a deeper level. Therefore, a client must have a calm and relaxed mind, free from other thoughts.

Besides, it is necessary that a person focuses on the questions they want to ask and are ready and optimistic while receiving the advisor’s answers. Nervousness and overthinking can not only confuse the user but can affect the advisor too. Therefore, to let the tarot reader get a clear picture of a person’s concerns, it is crucial that a client ask straightforward questions and never miss asking something due to unnecessary confusion.

To wrap up

There is nothing to lose if you choose a good tarot reading site. Therefore, in trying times when you want a helping hand to guide you through the difficult time, go for a tarot reading session. The websites like Keen, Kasamba, California Psychics and Psychic Source can be the best options as they allow Clients to enjoy online sessions from the security & comfort of their homes. Plus, Clients also get Promotional offers, discounts, and limitless choices of advisors to choose from on these sites. Therefore, by using our list, pick the tarot card reading near me site you think is best. Get your queries answered and life problems solved by experts.

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