Palm Reading Guide: What Is Hand Reading And How It Works?

Modern people face numerous life challenges. So lots of them would like to see their destiny and get insights regarding their life and mindset. Men and women of all ages turn to hand reading (also called palmistry). This field has its roots in the ancient period, but today it’s a trendy method to uncover or predict the person’s fate, discover personality, and give meaningful advice.

Do you constantly have difficulties or doubts? Don’t know how to make the right choice? Fortunately, palm reading lines are here to help. If you look at your hand, you’ll notice deep and less prominent lines. Each of them hides important information, but only experienced people can read your palms. Find out the most effective services and get a basic palmistry guide!

What is palmistry reading and for how long has it existed?

Hand lines reading is well-known as chiromancy and belongs to the most popular current practices with a mystical context. Its founder remains unknown, with roots in ancient India. Gradually, this method spread throughout Eurasia to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt, and Greece. Many years ago, some people believed that their hands and palm reading lines could tell a lot about a person, including their personality, inclinations, dreams, past lives, and fate. They also used tarot card readings to predict some upcoming events and be more confident about future.

This magic practice was forbidden, but it was revived during the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. During the 20th century, renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung rekindled an interest in hand reading. Today, it’s one of the most favorite methods of destiny prediction which fortune tellers use in their daily practice.

How does a hand palm reading work?

In fact, this method doesn’t hide any mysterious rituals or magic spirits. It’s a skilled reading of the physical characteristics of the hands. People use all their knowledge to read and interpret lines. Ancient ancestors believed that a person’s life depended on creating powerful correspondences between planetary movements and stars. In contrast, palm readers of that time were sure that the palm was a microcosm of the universe. However, for inexperienced people it’s difficult to read all the information using just internet articles. To get a high-quality prediction, it’s better to use reliable and top-rated palm reading online services focused on this practice.

Best services to get a professional palm reading

When you’re a newbie to palm reading and know almost nothing about it, numerous palm reading websites are at your disposal. They offer only experienced specialists who work individually in private chats or via video calls. The majority of them ask you to share photos of your hands to analyze their lines and features. All the information is confidential and won’t be shared with other websites. Don’t you know which site to choose? Join one of these platforms for getting your palm read!


  • First 3 minutes are FREE
  • Palm reading advisors available 24/7
  • Over 20 years of experience

This popular palmistry platform connects the most responsive and experienced counselors who guide and provide you with all the detailed data you need. They provide fast and safe virtual palm reading to help make the right decision and avoid mistakes. For these experts, honesty is the most crucial principle, which attracts numerous visitors worldwide.

Members can chat with any of them for 3 minutes for no cost and test the service before making real investments. Your country also doesn’t matter, as the best psychics you meet online come from all around the world. They’re ready to consult you 24/7 and solve your issues. On the main page, users notice short portfolios of all the advisors with the costs of their services. It varies between $3 and $20 per one physic palm reading.


  • Costless first 3 minutes
  • Detailed advisors’ accounts
  • Instant chats and calls

Keen is one of the most popular websites with convenient and modern palm reading services, which supplies its users with effective ways to interact with experts. You may get high-quality support via phone or private chat. Just click the buttons “Call Now” or “Arrange Call” and “Chat Now” or “Chat Later.” Users may choose the most suitable advisor, looking at their catalog with full descriptions.

The cost is provided on each expert profile, so you can filter the whole database to settle down for the sum of money you’re ready to pay. Some advisors charge $3 per minute, while others ask for over $20 for the same timeframe. However, browsing this site is totally free. Also, it provides the best palm reading guides with unique interpreting methods and techniques.


  • FREE first 5 minutes
  • Informative videos regarding your first palm reading
  • “Psychic spotlight” option with top advisors

It’s one of the most famous psychic sites since 2005 with free browsing and effective solutions. Every newcomer gets 5 minutes for free to check all the available functions and the service quality. Palm reading is one of the most popular services here. Thus, the website offers experts’ advice and help on palmistry online daily. It offers a simple interface, clear layout, and flexible payment system. The prices for communicating with skilled palm readers are the following:

  • 20 minutes for $20
  • 30 minutes for $30
  • 40 minutes for $40


  • FREE credits for first 10 minutes
  • Psychics can perform special requests
  • Insightful lessons and guides

This popular palm reading website has a team of consultants working using video platforms; They are perfect not only in palmistry reading online, but also in chakra healing, dream analysis, and other practices.

This site gathers users and experts across the globe, offering a safe and convenient environment, minimalistic design, and wide opportunities. Oranum lets everyone find an advisor who speaks their language and overcome the language barrier. With up to 10 free trial minutes, users may test the service out before paying for options.


What do I need for psychic hand reading?

If you’re interested in hand fortune telling, you should choose an appropriate hand. The right hand is the dominant hand for the majority of people. According to the beliefs, it may help uncover the present and future events that can change over time and experience. The left hand shows the past life and the brightest character traits. It’s used to see the person’s inclinations and talents. This rule works in case you’re right-handed. Better decide what things you want to know before starting palm analysis!

To get a high-quality palm reading fortune telling, choose a reputable website created for people like you. It offers skilled experts in palming who are ready to give you advice and support. You needn’t go to strange or suspicious places far from your home. The only things you need for hand lines reading is a computer and a stable internet connection.

What can I find out from a palmistry lines reading?

When you choose the dominant right hand, you may discover numerous sides of your personality. It shows information about your character, relationships, dreams, and emotional difficulties. It’s possible to detect the way you present yourself to the world and how you see the surrounding obstacles.

Deep lines show strong and developed traits, while less prominent ones reflect life aspects you should improve or change. Also, reading palm lines allows you to find out your past and future, get fresh insights, and make the best decision. It’s possible to change your attitude to life and its quality, but you should dive into this practice deeply to make it worthwhile.

Different types of hands in depth palm reading

In palm reading, your hands have a special shape, relating to the 4 elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Several elemental influences can be found on one palm and interpreted to get a detailed and descriptive result. Learn more about each of them.

  1. Earth hands. People with these hand types belong to very rational and practical personalities whom others can rely on. They’re used to being less concentrated on their inner world and emotions, preferring to manage important things and tasks.
  2. Fire hands. With such kind of hands, people tend to be charismatic, whose special energy attracts like-minded personalities and positive changes. They have lots of deep lines on their palms. These people are incredibly creative, extraordinary, and fun-loving.
  3. Air hands. People with air hands are good analytics and critics, who are used to considering all the pros and cons before making the decision. They can be a bit sarcastic, but they value honesty and devotion most of all.
  4. Water hands. This type of hands is associated with sensuality and loyalty. They have numerous “baby fine lines” with long fingers. People with this feature are inclined to be sensitive and emotional. They can get invested in somebody else’s problems, yet stay compassionate and adaptable.

Hand meaning lines in palms reader

If you’re interested in palm reading future predictions, the main thing you should know is that major lines show the most important aspects of a person’s life. Learn more about them to become an experienced palm reader and get accurate results.

Major Lines: Heart Line, Head Line, & Life Line

The palm reading basics include the main lines impacting our lives and destiny. It reveals the main aspects you shouldn’t ignore. So, use your knowledge properly.

  • Heart line. Every person had the heart line on their hand describing their emotional state, romantic side, and potential personal development. A deep line shows an emotional depth and long-lasting romantic connection (family life), while a thin and constantly torn heart line symbolizes unstable relationships and friendship.
  • Head line. This line depicts logic and rational abilities, showing what type of approach a person has. With a straight line, the person tends to think logically, while curves hint at creativity. Palm readings online show that in the case of a faint line the intellect isn’t used to its full potential.
  • Life line. Perhaps, this line is the most popular in palm reading. It shows energy, interest, and enthusiasm. It doesn’t determine how long the person will live, yet uncovers their joy for life. Also, it indicates the main life changes, moving to other countries or cities, crucial physical or emotional events. Long, strong, uninterrupted lines speak about strong and healthy genes and vice versa.

Minor Lines: Sun, Mercury, Travel, & More

After you’ve explored the types of your major lines, start observing the natural relief of the palm and minor lines for a better understanding of palm reading. The fleshy areas are called mountains, which correspond to the seven classical planets in astrology: Apollo (Sun), Moon (Moon), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In palm reading, they refer to different life spheres.

  • The Sun Line. This line is also called the Line of Apollo. It’s a symbol of success that a person can reach at a young age. The line has its start at the ring finger, from the Sun Mount, and continues down the palm. Not everyone can notice this line on his hands, but its absence doesn’t mean that you’ll be unlucky.
  • Mount Mercury. You may find the hillock of Mercury under the little finger with accurate palm reading online. It shows your communication abilities and prospective intelligence level. Mercury shows your ability to adapt and socialize, to stay resourceful and well-mannered in any situation.
  • Travel lines. These are horizontal lines on the edge of the palm on the side of the pinkie, which can be located near or pass through the lifeline. They show possible opportunities to change the location for living or just travel a lot. Living abroad may refer to studying, working in another country, or settling down and emigrating because of marriage. However, every online palm reader admits that these lines don’t always predict a permanent living in another country, especially if you notice several similar lines.

FAQ: Palm reading 101

Which hand do you use for palm readings?

To see important events, past, and future, you may use both hands, which can tell you different stories. The left hand detects the possible opportunities and goals you may reach. The right-hand shows what you’ve already got and other information. Everything depends on the details you’re interested in. Generally, a physic palm reader uses both hands for palm reading.

Is palm reading real?

Palm reading isn’t a science, it’s a theoretical practice that was popular in ancient India. Today, on websites, you may find numerous skilled palm readers with a real and deep understanding of all the nuances of chiromancy.

Are palm readings accurate?

Yes, they’re accurate in case you face a genuine expert. Even if the results are correct, your destiny isn’t defined. With this knowledge, you may change your views and attitude to life. Additionally, palm lines can change over time.

Does palm reading work?

Palm reading works in terms of getting new information and insights. It’s a way to develop your personality, change your approach, and understand yourself better. Joining a reputable palm reading website, you get high-quality and fast service with the most objective interpreting.

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