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Prime Shred Review: Does PrimeShred Hardcore Fat Burner Work

Losing extra body weight is closely linked to losing the extra fat present in the body. The more fat a person has stored in the body, the more effort they will need to apply to losing it and gaining a lean body.

For many, this may seem like a highly challenging process, especially considering all the work and effort to go into it. However, remaining unhealthy is also not an option. Trimming the body fat allows you to enjoy a host of other benefits.

Prime Shred is a new weight loss product. The first benefit you stand to enjoy using the product is a better overall physical look and a feeling of greatness for working to achieve a fete that many people tend to find unreachable. Other benefits include enhanced physical and cognitive functioning, including a better life.

Individuals need to burn more calories, suppress their appetites, and use their energy wisely to benefit from the consistent loss of body weight. It’s a process that requires the body to start using fat to fuel activities rather than relying on glucose.

Fat burners, such as Prime Shred, make it easier for the body to achieve this goal, thanks to their natural ingredients composition. The ingredients are designed to push the body to burn more calories when you eat healthier foods and exercise regularly.

Additionally, they also help boost your mood levels and provide you with a feeling of satiety, guaranteeing that you won’t need to snack all day.

Prime Shred Fat Burner: What Is It?

If you are learning about this supplement, you should note that Prime Shed Fat Burner refers to a hardcore supplement designed to hasten the process of burning fat in your body. Its creators claim that it does so by activating thermogenesis.

When activated, the process can transform the stored fat reserves into energy. Furthermore, the creators claim that the product can:

  • Amplify fat burning
  • Increase gym performance and mental clarity
  • Activate the fat-burning hormones in the body

Prime Shred isn’t meant for use by a specific gender and can be used by both men and women. The exception applies to women looking to get pregnant, pregnant, or are already breastfeeding.

The supplement is designed and created by a UK-based company called Muscle Club Ltd., with its production taking place in the United States.


The Basics of How Prime Shred Works

Although both men and women can use the Prime Shred product, it’s mainly intended for men who want to reduce their overall body fat percentage and attain a leaner body. One thing to note is that much creativity and research have gone into making this fat burner supplement.

The creators didn’t just include several weight loss ingredients and hoped they worked. On the contrary, it’s a product that has been specially formulated to reduce fat in the body and reveal lean hard muscle.

All of the Prime Shred ingredients have been carefully studied and proven to achieve exactly what you want, which is to get a lean physique.

Using the Prime Shred Supplement

As is the case with all other supplements, the team behind Prime Shred recommends following the dosage instructions printed on its packaging to guarantee better results. Users need to take three pills per day.

The first pill should be taken early in the morning, at least twenty minutes before taking breakfast. Prime Shed is an everyday pill and can be taken on the days you are training and on your off days.

Try to avoid taking it at least three hours before heading to bed, as it contains caffeine, which may make it harder for you to fall asleep. Every bottle comes with a thirty-day supply of Prime Shred pills.

What Ingredients Go into Making Prime Shred?

As mentioned above, Prime Shred is a simple and specially formulated supplement that men can use to lose weight and attain a leaner physique. The main reason this product is highly efficient is because of its unique formula and natural ingredients.

All the ingredients are scientifically tried and tested and seen to help lose weight, with each ingredient playing a different role in the body. The ingredients include the following:

Green Tea Extract

Prime Shred contains 500mg of Green Tea Extract. The ingredient works by boosting antioxidants in your body while also providing it with caffeine.

It comes with many other benefits, which include:


Prime Shred contains 15mg of DMAE. You should note that a majority of the studies that have been done on this compound have all been on children. The compound has been found to assist with skin conditions and in enhancing mood levels.

Pregnant women shouldn’t take any product that contains this compound. The same holds for individuals who have schizophrenia and epilepsy. Its benefits include:

  • It plays an important role in enhancing physical activity, e.g., muscle-mind link.
  • It helps in maintaining brain functions
  • DMAE improves cognition, alertness, and focus
  • It boosts the production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter.


Prime Shred contains 300mg of L-Tyrosine, an ingredient that assists in increasing adrenaline and which can help athletes to perform better. Moreover, the ingredients assist in the production of enzymes, the regulation of thyroid hormones, and melanin production.

Other benefits include:

  • It helps the brain to work optimally
  • It makes it easier for the user to deal with tough training sessions and other stressful activities.
  • It assists in enhancing concentration, alertness, and focus on tasks
  • It boosts mental cognition and helping with neurotransmitter deficiencies

Green Coffee

Green Coffee is included with 500mg used; while it isn’t as popular as regular dark coffee, it still packs a powerful punch for weight loss. Green Coffee refers to unroasted coffee beans, which means that it doesn’t have any chemicals. Studies have shown that it can assist in reducing body fat.

Additional research is needed to determine whether it has the same effect on humans. Benefits associated with it include:

  • It helps individuals to remain active, focused, and fully energized
  • Its main reason for inclusion in this supplement is to assist with energy provision and burn fat in the body.
  • It enables the body to release neurotransmitters that allow it to remain alert and active.
  • Green Coffee accelerates thermogenesis, thereby enhancing the fat-burning process, leading to more energy getting released.
  • The ingredients boost metabolism in the body


L-Theanine 250mg helps in maintaining mood levels and burning fat. It’s also known to assist in:

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex, which comprises Vitamins 15mg – B3, 1.3mg – B6, and 24mcg – B12, can boost metabolism. They do so by ensuring carbohydrates are burned more efficiently in study subjects.

The vitamins also:

Rhodiola Rosea Root

The 250mgs used in this ingredient’s formula are classified as adaptogens that can improve mood levels, fight fatigue, and reduce stress in the body.

Its other functions include the activation of various enzymes in the body. When taken regularly, the ingredient can:

  • Ensures that the muscles get the energy they need to perform all the body functions
  • Releases an enzyme that helps the body to break down all the stored fat
  • Improve performance during the training sessions
  • Enhance energy levels
  • Accelerate the process of burning fat in the body


5mg of Bioperine helps the body absorb faster and easier, allowing users to get the most benefit from each active ingredient included in the formula by 30%.


What Clients Say About Using the Prime Shred Supplement?

It’s not uncommon for people facing weight issues to experience some reservations before choosing a supplement. Many want to know that the product will work as advertised before they can commit to using it.

It also ensures that one will be protected against adverse side effects, which are not unheard of in supplements designed to aid with weight loss and fat-burning. The following is a look at what some of the people who have used this supplement have to say about it, according to the official website:

Michael from Ontario, a client of this product, said that he feels really glad that he came to know about this product. It has helped him in getting rid of 2 pounds in just 15 days. He says that he tried so many products, fat burner pills, but nothing worked as wonder as of this product

In fact, he shared his Primeshred Before And After Pictures too and reviewed this fat burner supplement as the most effective body muscle gainer and a fat burner in less time.

Daisy from California has been using this product for almost 3 to 4 months and has got rid of 15 pounds. She says that she can’t believe that this supplement can give her that lean and elegant body like those in hoardings and magazines. She also recommends this product to other people who are looking for faster results in less time.


Does It Have Any Unwanted Side Effects?

Some of the ingredients used in making this supplement may come with some side effects. They include:

  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Sleeplessness
  • Skin rashes
  • Diarrhea

Purchase and Contact Prime Shred

Prime Shred is available for purchase from the official website, with the options listed for a single bottle to buying in bulk to save customers money:

  • One Bottle $49.95 Small Shipping Fee of $7.95
  • Two Bottles Get One Free $99.95 Free shipping
  • Four Bottles Get Two Free $199.95 Free Shipping

Consumers can contact the company to ask questions about Prime Shred or order more product by filling out a support ticket at:

  • Support Ticket:
  • Customer Service Email:


Final Thoughts

Based on the reviews posted on its official website, Prime Shred appears to work as advertised. While the above list of potential side effects may appear scary, you should note that these aren’t common in such products. The company also offers customers a three-month and a 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases with no questions asked.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions and ensure that you don’t take the product before bedtime. Prime Shred is also manufactured in the USA in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility and includes no soy, gluten, Non-GMO, no preservatives, dairy, and no artificial sweeteners.

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