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Psychic Reading Online: Real Psychics Can Find Answers To Life’s Burning Questions

Human life has grown in complexity with the flow of time. Each new generation has a completely different set of problems and situations to deal with. One has to ensure that they are in the right state of mind and completely coherent regarding their decisions to make sure that they do not make any mistake. The factors that are involved while making a decision have increased in number.

The fact not only complicates the process of decision making but also makes one feel helpless when they cannot take each factor into account. The decisions that have the potential to transform one’s life can make them feel stumped, unable to reach any clarity.

The current situation of the pandemic has further complicated the process. Now, you even need to think about whether it is safe to head out for a walk or buy groceries. Such a situation can boggle anyone and make their mind feel restless. With the drastic change in the living of people and limited source of happiness, it has become increasingly essential that people get an outlet that can provide them with sanity and serenity to face the convoluted situation that we are in amidst today.

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A psychic reading can be the source where people can turn to for guidance and help in such tough and testing times. Psychic readings are wrongly perceived as the art of guessing the future based on random information and variables. Rather, it is a delicate and ancient art that provides answers to those questions that burn in our minds. It is a way to understand the present and deduce the best path based on the elements that rule the present. However, with the ongoing pandemic, finding a psychic near me has proven to be almost impossible.

Online psychic reading is not only available at the tip of your fingers whenever you need an answer, it also ensures that you get the best possible services at the most affordable rates. Some websites even provide free psychic reading services at the beginning to make sure that the users trust the services before they pay for them. The websites offer a varied array of readers with different specializations who are available 24/7 to answer your questions and solve your doubts.

Most Trusted Online Psychic Reading Websites with the Best Ratings

Kasamba : Highly Reliable & Accurate Psychic Advisors (First 3 minutes are Free)

Keen Psychics : Affordable and Professional Psychics (10 minutes at $1.99)

California Psychics : An open and safe space for people searching for a personal psychic experience. ($1/Minute plus 5 minutes free using “ADD5” Code)

Kasamba: Most Trusted Free Psychic Reading Site



  • One of the oldest online psychic reading websites that provide impeccable love and relationship reading.
  • Includes a choice selection of spiritual readers and psychic mediums.
  • Provides an introductory offer of 50% on all services for the new users.
  • An additional offer is also applicable that provides the first three minutes of the session for free.

Pros : With a selection of more than 150 readers and guides that provide their services at suitable rates, Kasamba is one of the most affordable psychic reading websites.

Cons : Though it provides email reading, live video psychic reading is not yet available.

All the readers that are present on the database of Kasamba are always ready to accept a session with you. The psychic readers are selected after multiple stages of selection. The selection process is carefully devised and carried out to make sure that the qualifications and experience of each reader are verified. The selection process also ensures that the clients can get only the most authentic and accurate reading experience when they turn to the platform of Kasamba to find the solutions to their problems.

Whether you need guidance in your relationship, career, family, or are searching for closure, the readers at Kasamba can help you attain whatever you need with their experienced-backed reading. You will find special niches such as dream interpretation, numerology, palm reading, etc., on the website as well.

The website is divided into various subpages to classify the readers as per their specializations, rate, and reviews. You can use the filter options to shortlist the readers that you feel will be able to answer your questions the best. Kasamba has been in the industry for more than two decades and the level of their services show why they have had such a long career.

The profiles of the reader provided include all the basic information regarding the reader such as their availability, the format in which they provide reading, their ratings, the rate they charge per minute, their experience, specialty, and the reviews that are left by the past customers. This short biography can provide you with enough information about the reader so that you can choose the perfect reader for your questions and needs.

You can book the session from the profile of the reader. If the reader is offline or in another session, then you will be informed as soon as they are available. Otherwise, you can begin with the session immediately. While you wait, you can browse the profile of the user, create a list of questions that you want to ask, and better evaluate the exact problem that you need a solution to.

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Keen Psychics: Most Affordable Trusted Authentic Psychics


Highlights :

  • Profiles provided for each reader to display their information and experience.
  • Reviews, rating, and feedback provided by previous customers provided on the website for reference.
  • Offers impeccable customer service for a satisfactory experience.
  • Cashback guarantee.

Pros : With readings available for $1.99 for the first 10 minutes of the session, Keen Psychics is the most affordable online psychic reading website.

Cons : The search bar provided on the website does not turn up relevant search results.

Keen Psychics value their clients the most by providing them free psychic reading and various other benefits. They make sure that no one is left in the dark with their anxiety and thoughts by providing psychic reading sessions at minimal rates. They have a straightforward website that is easy to navigate so that one can find the right medium for them in minutes.

They have more than 1,700 spiritual readers active on their platform. All these readers can be contacted at any time of the day to get immediate help. You can connect with these readers through online chat, phone call, and video call. The Keen Psychics app provides a seamless chat psychic option that connects you to the reader in seconds so that you can have a quick insight and session with the reader of your choice.

For more in-depth and intimate reading, you can choose to have a live video psychic session. If you want to protect your identity and not show your face to the reader, then phone psychic is another dependable option that you can choose to have an amazing spiritual reading experience.

You will find readers that provide a reading session at various rates. The range of rates charged per minute is sure to fit into the budget of any person. You can link your banking details so that you are charged as soon as the session begins. All the information that you provide to the database of Keen Psychics is secured and encrypted to make sure that it is not at the risk of leak or hack.

If you find that you are not satisfied with the reading session, then you can head to the customer service section that is always online on the website. You can register your complaint and the issue that you faced with a reader in this section. Based on the issue faced, the required action will be taken. If you find that the reader did not provide you with any authentic guidance, then you can even ask for a 100% cashback.

Keen Psychics provide the option for reading sessions available at $1.99 for 10 minutes. The people who need a quick session can use this option to have their query immediately addressed. They can choose to continue with the session post the first 10 minutes if they find that they need to explore the problem in more detail. The charging rate after the first 10 minutes depends upon the reader.

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California Psychics: Varied Rates to Fit Your Budget



  • Reviews, filter options, and well-segregated websites to ease the process of finding the right psychic.
  • The psychic readers are sorted based on their years of experience and their field of proficiency.
  • Varied range of session rates available to fit one’s budget.

Pros : Varied rates of readings that start from a low price of $1 for a minute. With the current ADD5 option, the users can get the first five minutes of the session for free.

Cons : There is no clause in the customer care service that ensures that customers can get cashback in the case of an unfulfilling experience.

California Psychics have proved the quality and authenticity of their services by actively working in the field for over 25 years. They have gathered a team of more than 150 readers that are always online to ensure that the doubts of the readers are addressed immediately.

The website provides free psychic reading services to new and potential customers to make sure that they get familiar with the process and how reading works. The free services also ensure that the readers trust the website and the readers. All the readers that are added to the platform have to go through a qualification process that ensures that they have genuine experience in psychic reading.

The readers can be connected for an online chat psychic session or a phone psychic session. If you need a private reading that does not require you to share any of your information, then you can use the in-built chat option provided on the website. The chat plug-in also provides the option to maintain anonymity. Thus, the reader will not be able to know anything about you.

The chat and phone sessions are encrypted on both sides so that the information that was shared during the session cannot be accessed by a third party. The encryption also makes sure that there is no misuse of the information shared or provided during the session.

The Quick View section provided for each reader on the website of California Psychics provides the information for the reader so that you can evaluate their reading style and working ethic. The summary provided in the section will also provide you with information regarding the specialty of the reader. All the readers are evaluated regularly to ensure that their performance and delivery of services does not deteriorate.

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What Are the Options Available in Online Psychic Readings?

Online psychic readings are usually provided in the following format:

Chat Psychics: Online chat is one of the most common and frequently used formats of online psychic reading. The chat option is hosted by the website itself or provided in the app version. It is a quick way through which one can instantly get in touch with a reader.

Phone Psychics: Some clients may not find it comfortable to talk to a reader over chat. It might seem impersonal, making them unable to make a connection with the reader. Phone psychics can provide more in-depth reading while also maintaining your anonymity.

Video Psychics: If you need to face the reader to make a connection with the reader, then live video psychics can be the perfect option. It lets you make a deeper connection with the reader while giving you an experience of a live reading session.

Email : Email psychics is another option that some sites offer. The option can be chosen for those who are swamped and cannot find any time for a reading session.

How Can An Online Psychic Reading Help Me In Life?

If you are someone who has never experienced the magic of a psychic reading, then you must be apprehensive of the process. Doubting a process is natural, even beneficial as it keeps you from making mistakes. However, you should evaluate the other side of the coin as well. You should understand the various ways in which you can benefit from psychic readings. These are detailed below.

  • A comfortable and safe environment

    If you have never been in a session with a spiritual reader, then an online psychic reading session can provide you with a gateway to a safer environment. You do not have to leave your comfort zone to get a psychic reading when you choose a psychic reading online website. Thus, you will feel more at ease and in your element even if the experience is new and unfamiliar to you. With a relaxed mind, you can have a better reading session as you will not be worried about aspects such as meeting your other deadlines, covering a particular distance to reach the reader, etc.

  • Option to chat with the reader

    Are you not sure whether you are comfortable having a live video session with the reader? An online psychic reading with the help of technology provides options for introverted people as well. If you are sure whether a face-to-face conversation is the right option for you, then you can choose to chat with the reader. Test them out. Ensure that you can develop a connection with the reader over chat. When you are comfortable with the reader and their reading style, then you can proceed with a proper and detailed reading session with them.

  • Choose the time as per your schedule

    We all lead busy lives amidst which finding a considerable chunk of time for a reading session can prove to be increasingly difficult. Not only you will need to consider the distance and working hours when searching for a psychic near me, but you will also have to choose from the limited options of readers that are present in the vicinity of your home.

    Online psychic reading websites function all throughout the day round the clock. You can access a reader anytime when you find time for reading or you are in a stump. The instant services available at these websites can be accessed from anywhere. The option is perfect for those who have an extremely busy schedule. Options like chat and email reading can provide them with an option to have psychic guidance in the middle of their workday as well.

  • Wider options

    With the online psychic reading websites and platforms, you can reach better flexibility and options when it comes to choosing a psychic reader. You will find dozens of specializations at these websites that are provided to ensure that the needs and requirements of all the readers are catered to. You can choose from such a varied array of options to make sure that you get the most accurate and authentic reading.

    You can also make sure that the psychic reading fits your schedule by choosing a suitable format. If you are someone who needs to have an interactive session to create a connection with the reader, video sessions can be a great option.

  • Find the right guide

    This might be one of the greatest benefits of online reading websites. They offer you free psychic reading for a definite interval of time and even various introductory offers so that you can ensure that you choose the right reader for you. You will not have to pay during the testing minutes of the session. If you do not link with the reader, then you can terminate the session after the trial period is over.

    You can also refer to the reviews and feedback left by the previous customers and clients. The information will help you understand the working and specialization of the reader much better. The information provided on the profile of the readers can also help you ensure that you choose the right guide.

How To Get The Most Of An Online Psychic Reading Experience?

With the varied options for psychic readers and psychic reading online websites available, patrons, especially those who are new to the world of psychic reading can find it extremely difficult to choose the perfect psychic reading platform for them. Various factors play their respective roles when it comes to choosing a psychic reader that matches your outlook and understands your point of view.

Thus, the first thing that you should look for while searching for an online psychic reader should be a connection. The connection between the reader and the patron is the one thing that determines the success of the reading session. Various websites offer free psychic reading for a definite interval of time.

If you are not connected with the reader, then you might feel uncomfortable sharing certain information with them or the conversation can come to a standstill. Here are some of the tips that you can keep in mind to make sure that you choose the perfect psychic reader for them.

  • Prepare your questions beforehand

    Online psychic reading websites charge you by the rate of the minute. Thus, each minute of the session should be utilized to its fullest. You can ensure that you can begin with the session right off the bat by preparing a list of questions before the session.

    Also, make sure to note that not each psychic reader will be able to provide an accurate reading in each subject. Along with that, not every reader can be proficient in all specifications. Thus, before you begin the session, ensure that you check and confirm the specifications and style of reading provided by the reader matches your needs and requirements.

    You can frame your questions based on the style of reading provided by the reader. The questions should be open-ended and promote discussion. Rather than asking them yes or no questions to confirm a fact, you should ask them questions that will make them go into detail inside the depth of your subconscious. Also, the questions should directly concern you and the problem that you are facing. As each minute is being charged, it will not be economical to beat around the bush.

    Make sure that you are the subject you’re your questions. This way, the answers that you get will be actionable and provide you with immediate results.

  • Refer to the reviews provided by the former clients.

    The online psychic reading websites gather feedback from their users. The feedback is usually open for evaluation on the website itself. Some websites also have a review section on the profiles of the readers. You can refer to this feedback and reviews provided by past clients and users to make sure that you are making an informed decision.

    The reviews can help you analyse the style of reading provided by a particular psychic reader and whether it will fulfil your current needs. They can also provide you with information on whether a reader is reliable and provides a viable and accurate reading.

    One should note that it is natural that a reader will have some negative reviews. Negative reviews prove the authenticity of the feedback. Overly positive reviews can sometimes be fabricated. However, if you find that a particular reader has more negative reviews than positive reviews, then it will not be a wise choice to book a session with them.

Which Type Of Psychic Reader Works The Best For You?

Different people will have different needs and questions. Based on the type of guidance you need you can choose the type of psychic reader that is best equipped to provide you with the answers you need. You can choose different types of psychic readers for when you need help managing your relationships, family, career, pets, etc.

Many people believe that psychic reading is nothing more than a person covered in beads and crystals sitting in front of a cryptic crystal ball. The truth is that various types of readers use different tools to provide you with better and more accurate insight.

Detailed below are the most common and sought-after types of psychic readings that you can find on the best online psychic reading websites.

  • Tarot card reading

    Tarot reading is based on a specially-created and designed deck of cards. Each card is covered in picturesque paintings and drawings that represent certain events and stories that have been passed down in various folk cultures and religions for centuries.

    The users pick one or more cards from the deck. The tarot card reader interprets the story portrayed in the card as per the situation and life choices of the user. The reading will help to identify various possible outcomes of a decision and which outcome will prove to be the most fruitful.

    The readings that one can gain from tarot card reading can help them understand how they can proceed with a decision and create a future that matches their dreams and aspirations.

  • Palmistry

    Palmistry or palm reading is the art of reading and interpreting the lines that are present on the palm. Some palmists also take other factors such as shape, length, colour, etc., of the fingers and the breadth of the palm. The art is believed to have originated from India and East Asia.

    With the help of palm reading, the psychic reader can interpret the presence of the user. Along with that, the personality characteristics and nature of the user can also be drawn from the information that is present in the palm of the user. Most palmists choose to reach the right hand as it is believed to be more closely related to our internal organs and shows our true nature.

    Palm reading can provide information about their life, love, career, and health.

  • Crystal Balls

    Using crystal balls requires immense practice and years of concentration. Crystal balls are used by clairvoyants through which they can get insight into the future. The ball portrays visions and signs that can be interpreted based on the information provided by the user to draw a future event. This art of portraying and creating images on any surface is called scrying.

  • Numerology

    Numerology is the study of numbers that we come across repeatedly or are closely related to us. The numbers can reveal vital information about a user. It is believed that numbers are the language of the universe. The development in mathematics and physics have also proven the same. With the help of numbers, one can interpret the message being sent to them by the universe.

    Numbers that are closely connected to a person such as their date of birth, time of birth, anniversaries, etc., can be used to find the path number of the person. The path number can reveal the true nature and future of a person. The art of numerology was originally exercised in Ancient Egypt.

  • Astrology

    Astrology is the study of mapping the stars and planets in the sky. The star maps used by astrologers are created as per the time and date of birth of a person. The position of planets is believed to affect the life of the person, and thus, can dramatically impact the decisions that they take.

    Astrology is used for various reasons such as finding the perfect date and time for an auspicious event, calculating compatibility with a partner, predicting growth and expansion of business and career, etc.

Final Words

There are a multitude of options present which you can pick to understand the confusing elements of your life. One thing that you must keep in mind is that your future is always changing. With every decision that we take, every path that we choose to pick, our future changes. Thus, by understanding the present, one can transform their future such that one can lead a better, more prosperous life.

Confusion in life is common. However, one should not let it persist for long as it can create anxiety and even depression. Confusion causes overthinking which can hinder the other aspects of your life. Online psychic readings are the best way you can sort your thoughts and solve your confusion. Online psychic reading websites provide a platform for users to reach out to experienced and learned experts that can open a window to the answers that you have been searching for.

As you browse through these psychic websites and services, you will find an immense potential of readers and spiritual helpers that can provide guidance and clarity in your life. The readers can help you develop a healthier and more lovable relationship, gain success and growth in your career, and find peace within your life.

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