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Psychic Source Review: Legitimate Psychics Or Fake?

Psychic Source is one of the oldest websites which offer services by online psychics, making it a well-loved and respected veteran in the field of psychic readings. For those users who have just entered the world of online psychics, here is a detailed review of this amazing website and the wide array of services it offers.

Psychic Source First Look

Enjoy a quick review of the pros and cons of Psychic Source with its first look, which can help users decide if they want to give this website a try or not.

What Users Like

  1. Attractive introductory offers for new users without compromise on quality.
  2. Wide range of services, including a variety of tools, techniques and styles.
  3. Availability of video calling as a mode of communication with the psychic readers, live chat and phone call are also available for client’s connivance.
  4. Extremely accurate psychic readers.

What Users Do Not Like

  1. Unavailability of all psychic readers on video call mode.
  2. The difference in styling and referencing of the guides resulting in discrepancies in the results.

Promotions Available

The site offers the first 3 minutes of the reading for free, followed by a whopping 80% discount for the new users. This offer is only ongoing currently and may expire soon. New users typically have to pay $1 per minute after the completion of the free minutes.

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Quick Summary

People turn to psychic readings online when all other solutions and options fail. Psychic Source readings provide assurance to the users and allow them to achieve peace of mind which cannot be found by any other technique.

It allows users to understand their own self better so that they can perform better in every aspect of their lives. Psychic Source is an excellent choice, not just for new users who need guidance but also for those who regularly enjoy psychic readings as a way of finding answers for burning questions in life.

Like any other service, Psychic Source also has its fair share of pros and cons, and users can test the site before deciding to commit to its services.

How to Use Psychic Source


Psychic Source is quite easy to navigate, even for the new users who are unfamiliar with the concept of psychic readings. The first step would be to read up about such psychic readings online, how online psychics function, and what kind of problems they can help users with.

Psychic Source also has several videos where their psychics explain the concept of the service in detail and guide the new users. Availability of the services on this site is quite easy. Users need to first register or sign up with the site by linking their existing Google and Apple accounts or directly signing up with the site.

Following this, they are now free to peruse the site and find services that appeal to them. Users can customize each aspect of the psychic reading, from the reader to the subject, from the tool to the technique, and even the timing and date!

Once the users select their choices for these options, they can click on set appointments, which will direct them to a page where they can choose the date and time, mode of communication and the payment method.

The mode of communication with the reader will greatly affect the session, as all readers are not available on all modes, and video calling may postpone the session to a later date because of the greater demand.

After fixing the customized session, users can confirm the appointment by accepting the notifications sent to their emails or other registered contact information. New users can avail of the discounts and introductory offers available and enjoy the reading.

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Why Should Users Choose Psychic Source for Their Psychic Readings Online?

Several websites on the internet provide services similar to that offered by Psychic Source. So what sets this site apart from the others, making it a favorite among users?

Here are some reasons why users must consider Psychic Source for their online psychic readings.

Affordable and reasonable rates.

The site has several lucrative introductory offers for new users. In addition to enjoying three free minutes of the first session, users can also avail of a whopping 80% discount and a charge of only $1 per minute for the subsequent duration of the session.

Just because the readings are much cheaper than the subsequent services does not mean that the online psychics compromise on the quality of the services. In fact, the readings are conducted much more carefully and efficiently so that the new users come back as regular customers for more services.

No matter how much the user pays for the reading, each session is conducted with a full guarantee of the reliability and accuracy of the results.

A wide array of services.

The site offers a wide range of services related to psychic reading. From angel readings to tarot card readings, from cartomancy readings to numerology, from astrology to palmistry, there are very few types of psychic readings that Psychic Source does not offer.

Additionally, it also provides users with options in the techniques, tools and modes of communication for the reading. If users are not satisfied or comfortable with one type of reading, they can easily experiment and switch to another one.

Users can contact the online psychics via email, phone call, live chat and even video call. They can make their choice depending upon their level of comfort and convenience. With its multitude of services, Psychic Source is a good choice for old and new users alike to find their area of comfort.

Availability of video calling.

Video calling as a mode for online psychic readings is indeed a supreme and luxurious service. Very few psychic reading sites offer this mode to their readers. Psychic Source is one of them. Video calling is indeed one of the best alternatives to offline readings and does not take away from the experience of the reading, particularly for the new users.

Although there have been instances where all the readers were not available on video calling, in most cases, their availability is quite good. Another advantage of Psychic Source readings is that the videos are available even after the completion of the session so that the users can go back and view them in order to understand their results better.

Excellent experience.

Psychic Source has been around since 1989, adding more than 30 years to its level of experience. This site is a veteran in the field of psychic readings online and has established itself as a formidable force for the same.

This experience allows the readers to understand their users better and present the answers in a way that is bound to be reassuring to the users. Readers have mastered the art of calming users down, and they know exactly the kind of answers the user is looking for.

Their experience also allows them to comfortably experiment with different types of readings without worrying about the chances of errors and lack of precision in the results.

Most importantly, their experience has given the readers a sense of comfort in their art, and they are excellent at transferring this to the users.

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Types of Readings Available at Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers an abundance of psychic readings to its users, making it a suitable site to experiment and learn for the new users. Here are some of the readings available at the site.

Angel card readings

Angel cards are a special set of cards that rely on spiritual leaders and their symbols, such as angels. The answers are obtained by connecting with these spiritual guides, and the service is perfectly suited for answers about love life, relationships, family relations, friendships and so on. This type of reading best answers the emotional aspect of problems.

Astrology readings

Astrology is an age-old psychic reading wherein the readers rely on celestial bodies such as the planets, stars and asteroids to find answers to the user’s question. Astrology is an excellent choice to address problems in finances, career and education. The practice can also adequately answer questions about the future and major life decisions.

Tarot card readings

One of the most popular forms of psychic reading online among users is the tarot card reading. Not only is this form of reading exciting, but it is also quite accurate in its findings. The reader generally understands the user’s problems and then interprets the solution based on the tarot card, which calls out to them the most. Tarot readings are quite heavily based on the intuition and gut feeling of readers.

Dream analysis

Dreams are not often as fluffy and happy as they appear to be. Sometimes, people can be troubled by strange dreams which they cannot understand, no matter how hard they try. Psychic readers can help interpret and analyze the dreams and deduce exactly what is troubling the user.

Dream analysis does not normally use any tools, but some readers prefer crystals and runes to aid them in the interpretation. They can also guide the users about how to amend their situation so that they can rid themselves of such strange dreams.


People often mistakenly interchange numerology and astrology. However, the two psychic readings are vastly different. Numerology utilizes the date of birth, name and other numerical information of the user to find answers, whereas astrology checks the positioning of the stars. Although both are similar, they are most definitely not the same entity.

Numerology is an excellent source to predict the future of the users, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and find their areas of potential.

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Best Psychics at Psychic Source

Psychic Source employs a large number of online psychics. So how does one go about finding the most suitable one for their services? There are some simple ways to do so. Firstly, users should check the ratings and reviews left under each reader’s profile.

There are many helpful users who leave behind comments about the reader, their style of reading and whether it was a good experience or not. They also guide the new users about how to choose their reader. This is perhaps the most reliable method for selecting the advisor at Psychic Source.

Another foolproof method would be to check the profiles of the readers thoroughly. Each profile contains detailed information about the experience of the user, their area of expertise, the ratings they have received and the style they typically follow.

Users can find exactly what they are looking for by perusing and comparing several profiles. The Psychic Source customer service team also prepares a section called ‘Staff Picks’ where they put their own opinions and reviews, the services they were happy with, and the Psychic Source reviews they receive from social media and emails.

This is another trustworthy method of finding the right reader. And lastly, there comes the trial and error method. Most users do not bother conducting thorough research before opting for psychic readings online. They simply choose one reader, and if the reading does not go well, they fix another appointment till they find the right reader for themselves.

How to Find a Psychic On Psychic Source?

Finding a psychic on Psychic Source is simple. First, the users can click on the option for psychics and pick their choices in the following aspects – the subject, the style of reading, mode of communication, tools and techniques they prefer, date and time of the appointment.

After making these selections, they can choose their payment method and whether it will be before or after the session. Once these facts are checked, the appointment is fixed, and users can sit back and enjoy their psychic reading online!

How Can Users Get a Free Trial for Psychic Source Readings?

Free trials are available on all online psychic reading sites, including Psychic Source. But what confuses most users is how they can avail of these free trials. There is no complicated process for this. Users have to register and sign up with the site and then fix their appointment for their first reading.

Every new user enjoys the first 3 minutes of the reading for free for their first session at the site. The remaining session can be enjoyed at a much cheaper rate than what is charged for other readings. Users can even enjoy discounts up to 80% on their session.

With the right coupons and vouchers, users can enjoy a free trial from the comfort of their homes, only on Psychic Source! Users also need not be worried about the quality of the readings. The readers do not deliberately reduce the quality and accuracy of readings just because they are free trials.

On the contrary, readers pay special attention and effort to such readings. Their aim is to bring back the new users as regular clients for their services. They rely heavily on these free trials to convince users to come back to the site for more sessions.

Therefore, the services in free trials are top-notch, accurate and definitely on par with the paid psychic readings online.

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Reviews for Psychics On Psychic Source

Psychic Source reviews are very reliable ways for users to understand the workings of psychic readings online. It helps them get a clear idea of what to expect in a reading, how it will work, and how they can make the most of the results they receive from the readings.

These reviews are present under the profile of every reader at Psychic Source. They are also available on a separate page on the site under the category of feedback. Users can also leave behind reviews by filling the feedback form, or they can directly mail the Psychic Source customer service team for the same.

Such reviews left behind by helpful users go a long way in improving the overall experience for the new clients and customers.

What Other Sites Can Users Use Besides Psychic Sources?

While a horde of sites are available for online psychic readings, some are quite highly rated and at par with the services at Psychic Source. These sites can be used as alternatives and are as follows –



As one of the top-rated sites, Kasamba has carved a niche for itself in the field of psychic readings online. The site offers the first 3 minutes of the session for free, followed by a discount of up to 50% for the new users on their first session.

The site is a hit among the users owing to its attractive offers, prompt customer service responses and excellent quality of readings. However, one factor which is a drawback for the site is the lack of video calling services, which greatly reduce the personalization of the readings.

Moreover, even among the available modes of communication, all the readers are not present for all the modes. The site is also quite expensive with the subsequent readings, and the charges per minute can range from $1.99 to $4.99.

The site is well known for its love psychic readings and finance-related answers. Click Here To Visit Kasamba Psychic Experts

California Psychics


California Psychics comes with over 25 years of experience in the field of psychic readings. The site is one of the few which offers 5 minutes of the first session for free, followed by an 80% discount for the remaining session. It also charges quite low rates of $1 per minute.

However, like other sites, the readings get costly as the user becomes a regular. But if the older patrons subscribe for the reward system the site offers, they can benefit greatly from the discounts, promotions and vouchers the program offers.

One factor which is a major letdown for the site is the inconsistency in the styling of guides. Different seers follow different references and methods while finding their answers, even if the same technique and subject is applied.

This brings about discrepancies in the answers, and they may differ greatly. Users often get discouraged by such activities, which puts them off the readings available at California Psychics.

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Keen Psychics


Keen Psychics comes with over 20 years of experience in psychic readings. The site offers the first 10 minutes of the first session for $1.99, followed by charges ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 per minute. Compared to the other sites, the introductory offer is quite expensive.

However, the site does not become excessively costly after the first session, which is unlike the other online psychics. The readers are available in three communication modes, namely, email, live chat and phone calls. Those who opt for the live chat option can receive a transcript of the reading for free after the session.

One disadvantage of the site is the lack of video call services, which interfere with the accuracy and personalization of the session. Users are also robbed of the overall experience of the reading, which is best enjoyed via video calling.

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What Can Users Expect from Psychic Readings at Psychic Source?

Psychic readings online with Psychic Source are simple affairs. Once the user customizes the session and sets the appointment, they will receive a confirmation for the same to their contact point. They will also receive a reminder a day before their fixed session to ensure that they are available and ready for it.

During the session, the reader first tries to understand the user and form a connection. To do so, they ask basic questions and then some personal questions about the user. Once this is done, the user can present their question to the reader, who will use the appropriate tools and methods to find the answer.

Depending upon the complexity of the question, readers spend at least 5 to 7 minutes explaining the answer to the user and addressing any subsequent doubts. Once the session is completed, the user can pay off the charges and receive a written copy of the answers to their emails for future reference.

What Sets Psychic Sources Apart from Other Sites?

Psychic Source comes with a rich history of 30 years of service in the industry of psychic readings. This gives it an edge over other online psychics available across the internet. It also helps readers understand their users better and use this knowledge to improve the quality of the sessions.

Another outstanding feature of Psychic Source is the impeccable customer service team that is available round the clock to answer queries and doubts of the users and solve any issues that are reported. Their responses are prompt and efficient, setting them apart from other sites.

Lastly, the service of video calling as a mode of communication for psychic readings is quite a rarity for other sites. Its availability takes Psychic Source a notch higher when compared to its competitors. It also improves the quality of readings, which directly leads to more positive reviews and ratings for the site from satisfied users.

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Does Psychic Source Provide Customer Support?

Psychic Source does indeed offer customer service, and it is quite well-known for it as well! The Psychic Source, customer service team is available round the clock, on all days of the week, and even on holidays. They are prompt, tangible and efficient in their responses and address issues quite quickly.

If the user is not satisfied with the readings, they can issue a complaint with the customer support team, which then issues refunds immediately. If the user feels that the reader has misbehaved with them or deliberately prolonged the session in hopes of increasing the charges, they can also report it to the team.

Typically, the team replies back with a solution or a follow-up within 24 to 48 hours of the complaint. If a cashback or refund has to be issued, it is cleared within seven working days after the complaint. The team works diligently to solve problems and provide solutions without any unnecessary delays.

Is There an App Available for Psychic Source?

Psychic Source does have a mobile application that is available for download on both Android and iOS. The app has an easy user interface and much smoother functionality. It allows users to experience psychic readings from any part of the world, and at any time of the day, on the go!

The app allows much easier customization of the services. It is also more personalized as the preferences of the user get stored into its data, and these can later be used to tailor the services according to the requirements of the user.

The app uses up less data, provides a higher quality of images and video calling and also offers additional discounts to the users who opt for this mode of reading. Another attractive feature of the app is that those users who have subscribed for a package with Psychic Source can enjoy some more benefits than the non-paying users.

The app allows notifications and alerts to be sent and received more easily and much faster than websites. It also allows users to enjoy data-free services without the internet! This makes it a very sought after feature, as offline browsing is not very commonly observed in such apps.

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What Payment Methods Are Accepted by Psychic Source?

Psychic Source allows its users to make the most of psychic readings online without worrying about unnecessary and minor details. One such headache that users always face is the payment methods the site offers for its services.

Typically, the site allows online payments through debit cards, credit cards, account transfers, quick transfers, Google Pay, PayPal and other such modern services. The pay can either be before or after the session.

There are two ways to approach this. Either the user can make the payment after the session, wherein the total amount is calculated and cleared by the user, after applying the appropriate offers, discounts or coupons.

The other way would be to opt for the rewards program. Here, the user is required to put in some minimal amount in their accounts which acts as a deposit. Each time the user avails of service, the computed amount gets deducted from this deposit.

Those users who are often forgetful about pending bills would do well with this system, as it lets them enjoy the sessions without any stress. Moreover, if they are regular users of psychic readings, the rewards system also gives them back some points which can be redeemed at a later date.

Those users who are just trying out the services and are still in the process of trial and error should definitely choose the first option, as it lets them enjoy the reading without worrying about the guilt of spending too much.

Can Users Receive a Refund from Psychic Source?

Psychic Source offers its users 100% cashback if they are unhappy or dissatisfied with the reading and other services. As soon as the user lodges a complaint, the customer support team investigates the matter and issues the appropriate refund if found guilty.

As Psychic Source aims for complete customer gratification, they try their best to ensure that each user walks away content with the services.

A Summary

New users are often overwhelmed when they first step into the world of psychic readings online. They are unsure about which path to take and what kind of readings to choose. With such a large number of sites available, users can often be led astray.

To make such readings infinitely more effortless, here is a compiled and detailed review of Psychic Source, one of the top sites for online psychic readings in 2021. Users can peruse the review, make informed decisions, enjoy the readings and learn a lot more about their lives with Psychic Source!

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