Tarot Card Reading Near Me: Best Tarot Readers, Psychics and Mediums

We live in a fast world that demands us to stay active 24/7. Our life is full of ups and downs, and we require quick solutions. With many responsibilities on our shoulders, we cannot spare days and weeks ruminating over issues. In such a case, we need divine assistance. We need spiritual guidance to find the right path, to find the solution to our problems.

One can notice the rising popularity of psychics. There used to be a time when psychic help stalls would be visited by a few believers. Now, not only are the stalls full, but people have also started reaching psychics in a few taps. Simply search – psychic reading near me – and get hundreds of websites and addresses to get a reading.

Though many believe in the psychic ways, a significant amount of doubt still surrounds the practice. Many people have reported having had a positive, fulfilling experience with psychics. One can find a lot of evidence that points to the authenticity and the validity of the psychic tools and talks. One can also find people who consult psychics regularly for all their problems.

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Tarot Card Reading Near Me

Tarot cards are a tool that psychics use to find solutions to the problems of the clients. Psychics require training in tarot card reading to interpret the cards perfectly.

The reader spreads the cards in front of the client, and the client picks a few cards. Every card has a symbolic illustration, which the reader then interprets. The tool is based on the faith that spiritual energies play to make the client pick a card. It means that destiny offers solutions and provides a glimpse into the future.

The guidance seeker will see several recommendations after searching tarot reading near me. While many psychics and tarot card readers are born gifted and genuine, many pretend to be one. Therefore, before paying any reader, it is essential to do a quick background check. Thanks to the internet, it has become easier to find the right psychic.

Many organizations have undertaken the tedious task of investigating and reviewing psychic service websites. Out of a hundred, they handpick four or five websites that offer the best service. These sites are mainly rated on the quality of services, customer reviews, and pricing patterns.

Getting a psychic reading online is a practice of the modern world. Though some people crave human intimacy, online reading is equally effective. With a plethora of trained psychics to choose from, people can pick whoever and whenever. Web platforms provide solutions to several problems in a few clicks. Instead of knocking on many doors and waiting for weeks for one satisfactory dialogue, one can easily filter the psychic options and immediately start the reading through websites.

Most Reputable Sites For Tarot Readings In 2021:

Kasamba – Best For Love Tarot Readings by Experienced Psychics, Get the first 3 minutes for free and an additional 50% discount.

California Psychics – Accurate Tarot Readers To Uncover Your Past, Present and Future, Get readings at $1 per minute and avail seasonal discounts up to 80%.

Keen Psychics – Cheapest Tarot Card Readings Online By Experts, Get reading at $1.99 for 10 minutes special offer.

Psychic Source – Great Options for People Just Getting Into Tarot Readings, Get an introductory reading for free for 3 minutes and an extra 75% discount.



Kasamba is one of the most subscribed psychic service websites, with over 3 million customers. It has been around since 1999 and has stood undisputed as people’s favorite platform to connect with psychics and tarot card readers. What people love most about the site is the simple interface and the team of psychics. If one searches for tarot reading near me or psychics near me, Kasamba will be at the top of the search list.

The key features of Kasamba are the intense selection process of the readers and the customer service. The site aims at providing the best and the most secured readings to its clients. Therefore, all the applicants are put through a series of tests to check the authenticity of their skills. The site also conducts a thorough background check to ensure utmost security. Clients can hence trust the site and talk about their issues freely.

Kasamba gives every new customer an attractive offer of a 50% discount on the first reading. They also give customers the first 3 minutes for free with every new psychic or tarot card reader. Customers can hence use the first 3 minutes to interact with the reader and decide whether to continue the reading or not. Post the three free minutes, the customer will have to pay as mentioned.

To get a tarot card reading on Kasamba, the customer must make an account. Their registration form is a simple form that won’t take more than 5 mins to fill. In the end, customers are required to load their accounts with a few dollars. It is ideal to have at least 50-70 dollars in the account wallet before starting a reading.

The site displays lists of spiritual helpers on every page. Users can also find tarot card readers under the specific tab and start reading. Kasamba gives the users the option to check the tarot card reader’s profile. Here, users can view the reader’s expertise, style, and client reviews. The list also displays the reading fees and the reader’s availability.

The tarot card readers on Kasamba are popular for questions regarding love and relationships. The tarot card readers are trained to be quick and have clear communication. The readers make sure that the reading offers complete and honest information and gives the client satisfaction. Other types of questions addressed on the site are – finance, career, life path, and many others.

Tarot card readers on Kasamba offer readings through chat, phone call, or e-mail. Users will have to check the reader’s availability and tap the “Let’s Chat” button to start the reading. If the desired reader is unavailable, users can also tap on the “Notify Me” button to stay updated. Kasamba is one of the very few sites that allows readings through email.

The rates of tarot card readings range from $10 to $42 per minute. Kasamba justifies the high prices with the quality of the tarot reading offered. The clients of the site vouch for the quality and the accuracy of the tarot card reading. The site also undertakes the crucial task of assessing the readers before showcasing them on the site.

On Kasamba, the readings are recorded. Therefore, users also have the option of requesting a transcript or downloading the chats for future reference. The customer service is active and friendly. The helpers at Kasamba are available 24/7 to help the users with any query.

In its most recent launch – the Kasamba app – the organization has made getting tarot card readings very simple. The app makes online tarot readings transparent and interactive.

It is better to seek the help of Kasamba by searching “tarot reading near me” rather than waiting in queues and scheduling personal appointments. On this platform, satisfaction and security are fully guaranteed, which has helped it stay people’s first choice for decades.

Why choose Kasamba?

  • Tested and verified tarot card readers.
  • Narrow down the tarot card reader search using filters.
  • Interact with the psychic for free for the first 3 minutes, and then choose.
  • Have honest conversations without stressing about security.
  • Best platform for love tarot readings.
  • Get 24/7 assistance from customer care.

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California Psychics


California Psychics is one of the most evolved sites in the tarot card and psychic reading universe. The way the site keeps upgrading itself periodically is commendable. California Psychics has been helping people for 25 years now. In the two and a half decades, they have gone from a psychic service platform to a fun hub for all astrology and psychic enthusiasts.

The website is a vibrant portal that is loaded with services. The main peculiarity of the platform is that it caters to the needs of all – Americans, as well as International guidance seekers. The site accepts payments through debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. They also have international customer care numbers.

California Psychics is a good portal for the modern world, as psychics and the tarot card readers there belong to many different countries and ethnicities. The diversity is advantageous because they also attend international clients. Clients, therefore, have the freedom of choosing a tarot card reader belonging to their cultural background. It will create a feeling of belongingness and intimacy.

Because the readers at California Psychics belong to different parts of the world, clients can avail tarot card reading services at any time of the day.

The interface and the navigation options are not very simple. As mentioned before, the platform is loaded with services. Therefore, there are many tabs, which have sub-tabs. This is better in a way that the tabs act like filters. They have classified their psychics according to the tools, the expert topics, staff picks, and much more.

It is also a good thing that California Psychics gives importance to the delivery style of the reader. They have classified the readers as – inspirational, compassionate, and straightforward. Users can choose their readers based on their preferences.

Entering the topics in the sub-tabs, users will also get information about the services. California Psychics aims at propagating the positives of spirituality and divine healing techniques. It is also a good thing that they are transparent about the ways of tarot card readings and psychic conversations.

Making an account is mandatory for everyone who wants to enjoy the paid services on California Psychics. To register, the users are required to fill in their demographic and contact details. The last step is the payment. Once the users add some dollars to the California Psychics account, they are ready to get a tarot card reading.

The pricing system is interesting at California Psychics. They have categorized their psychics as popular, preferred, and premier. Popular being the ones charging the least, and premier ones charging the highest. Their introductory offer, hence, also varies for psychics of different categories. If a first-time user opts for popular readers, he/she would have to pay $1 per minute. For preferred readers, it is $2, while for premier readers, it is $4. Overall, the price range of tarot readings near me at California Psychics is $2 to $42.

California Psychics also launches seasonal offers and fun activities that come with enormous benefits.

One can log on to the site to find a solution for every problem there is. The tarot readers here are trained to provide solutions to problems such as love and relationships, finance, lost loved ones, lost objects, lost pets, life path, and many others. The platform is the best place to connect with psychic mediums and tarot card readers.

Like other sites, California Psychics displays comprehensive profiles of the readers and psychics. Users can click on the profiles to check the skills, tools, style, and reviews. One innovative thing about California Psychics is that it along with the availability status also displays the waiting period. Users get to see how many people are in the queue to get a reading and the estimated waiting period.

California Psychics is a safe space for everyone. The readers provide readings on calls or chat. All the readers are well-trained in areas of ethics and online communication. Therefore, clients need not worry about confidentiality. As reported by clients, the readers are very friendly, truthful, and supportive. They not only interpret the cards perfectly, but they also offer emotional support to the clients.

People enjoy coming to California Psychics for the other free services as well. The site offers free daily horoscopes, love compatibility games, and much more for free. People can also read their blog that sheds light on the highly misunderstood tarot cards and other tools like pendulums and crystals. California Psychics is on its way to build a strong community of believers. From the psychic dictionary to the basics of numerology, one will find everything on the site.

Overall, California Psychics is the best place for psychic mediums near me services and tarot card readings.

Why choose California Psychics?

  • Get tarot card readings on call and chat.
  • Caters to the needs of international clients.
  • Choose a psychic from hundreds belonging to different cultures.
  • Encrypted safe space.
  • Avail attractive seasonal offers.
  • 24/7 reading service and know the estimated waiting time.

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Keen Psychics


Established in 1999, Keen Psychics has over 3 million loyal customers today. Keen Psychics is a platform that is very minimal and very easy to use. The philosophy of the website lies in allowing people to realize their potential. Keen Psychics believes that people need a healing space to connect to their energies and listen to their calling.

Though the site helps narrow down the search with filters, it does not spoon-feed all the psychic information at once. The users are required to check out each profile, reading about the psychics in detail, and then make an informed choice. In this way, Keen Psychics make the users connect with the energies of the psychics personally, and thus make the best choice.

Keen Psychics also offers the first 3 minutes for free. It is done to let people interact and connect with the psychics. The site is famous for the discounts and regular schemes it offers. One reason behind its popularity is that it is very affordable. New customers get to enjoy readings at $1.99 for 10 minutes. Regular rates for tarot card readings range from $1.99 to 10$ per minute.

As the tradition goes, it is compulsory to have a Keen Psychics account to get a tarot card reading. The registration form is also very minimal. The user has to create a Keen Psychics wallet and prepay to enjoy a disturbance-free tarot reading. Having a balance of $20 – $30 would be ideal.

Keen Psychics is particularly famous for non-conventional services such as aura cleansing and spiritual healing. They have a highly celebrated team of mediums and astrologers. However, a few out of their 1700 psychics are tarot readers. These tarot card readers have brilliant reviews.

Tarot card readers on Keen Psychics attend the clients on chat or call. Some offer readings on only chat, while some offer tarot readings only on call. Users can choose the reader according to their preferences.

The mediums near me on Keen Psychics are available for use 24/7. This is possible as the psychics belong to different time zones. However, for tarot card reading, one has to check.

Keen Psychics has not reported any intense evaluation of their psychic applicants before allowing them on the website. However, client experiences are positive. Clients have reported getting an accurate tarot reading and having a highly satisfying experience. Most of the tarot card readers here have 4.5 to 5-star ratings.

Keen Psychics guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. They also guarantee an absolute earn-back in case of any complaint. The grievance resolution is quick, and many have reported a hassle-free earn-back. Keen Psychics is indeed particular about its promises.

The platform also has an app, which comes with a clean interface. Through the app, users can connect with their readers on the go.

Keen Psychics also has a section dedicated to orienting new users with psychic practices. They have a collection of articles that talk about tips and tricks to get a fruitful tarot reading. This is good for those who feel nervous before talking to a tarot reader or a psychic. Keen Psychics is the best for psychic near me.

Why choose Keen Psychics?

  • Get readings and affordable rates.
  • Guarantees 100% satisfaction and an earn-back in case of disappointment.
  • Connect with psychics at any time of the day.
  • Learn valuable insights about the world of spirituality and divine healing.

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Psychic Source


Psychic Source is a veteran platform that is considered to be one of the best websites to find psychics and tarot card readers. The platform was launched 30 years ago, and to date, they have never disappointed anyone. With verified readers and humanitarian principles, Psychic Source has been helping people find the right path in life.

The main characteristic of the organization is that they work with philanthropic objectives. Psychic Source believes that divine healing and psychic methods will help restore peace and foster growth. Therefore, one will find compassionate readers on the website. People often choose Psychic Source to get emotional support.

The humanitarian qualities of the website can be seen in their pricing system. For many years, the website offered services at $0.66 per minute. With changing times, they raised it a little bit to $1 per minute. The most expensive readings on this site are for $3 per minute. The site also gives the first 3 minutes for free.

Make an account with Psychic Source in a few simple steps, make the payment at the gateway, and the user is ready to get tarot readings at pocket-friendly rates.

The site aims at building a healthy community to spread positivity and help people be able. Therefore, the organization donates a significant amount of the revenue to the needy. Psychic Source keeps kindness and support as the chief priority and thus trains the readers accordingly.

At Psychic Source, the readers offer accurate tarot readings through chat, calls, or video calls. Offering tarot readings through video calls is a good facility, as it adds a human touch to the process. The systematically displayed profiles show the availability status, abilities, and fees of the psychics.

Psychic Source is known for experts in matters of love and relationships, finance and guidance for big life decisions. They also have a strong team of tarot card readers who have been with the platform for years. Both the younger and the older tarot readers have provided authentic and accurate readings to all their clients.

In their recently updated version, the site has introduced more filtering and sorting options. They have also improved the interface to make it clearer and easier to use. In their revised policy, the site has also started giving a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. Users can also set their language preference to Spanish to get readings and instructions in the language.

Psychic Source may not sound like a modern website, but when it comes to security, they are wholly equipped with advanced technology. Every conversation is recorded, encrypted, and kept secure in the website’s database. Users can ask for call transcripts or records or video recordings when needed. In case of loss of chat data, the platform will help the clients recover it.

Psychic Source takes good care of sensitive information. The readers are also well aware of their responsibilities and their ethical limits. Therefore, users need not worry.

Psychic Source account holders also get to be a part of the social support group. Users are required to install the Psychic Source app for the same.

Why choose Psychic Source?

  • Get the best readings at the lowest rates.
  • Contribute to a noble cause.
  • Get tarot card readings through video calls.
  • Fully secured conversations.
  • Get transcripts and session recordings on-demand.
  • Be a part of a healthy social support group.

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Why are online readings better than personal tarot reading near me in 2021?

Till the end of 2019, one could easily hop into a street parlor and get a quick tarot reading done. People would also organize galas and meets with their psychic guidance community. However, the pandemic of 2020 changed everything for us. The city streets went from being busy 24/7 to being deserted. Accessing services and carrying on with regularity while being at home has become the new normal.

Due to this unexpected change, it is always better to get online tarot readings. One gets to stay at home, in a comfortable place, and get a reading at one’s convenience. Online platforms are client-centric. They keep modifying their services to make them more accessible, easier, and engaging for the clients.

The advantage of online readings is assured security. Well-structured organizations manage online psychic services. They, therefore, are bound by well-written ethics and guidelines. They must maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information of the client responsibly. In case of any breach, the organization will have to suffer heavy losses.

Hence, on online platforms, one need not stress about the misuse of information. Choose from the sites listed above to stay fully secured. In a person-to-person reading, there is no guarantee of privacy. There have been many cases of information leaks. Online sites encode the sessions in a different language which everyone except computers is unable to read.

One can also trust the authenticity of the tarot readers online. Every psychic service provider must test the applicants before showcasing them. Sites are conscious about the potential client interest breaches and take efforts to safeguard them. The intensity of the tests may vary, but every legitimate online platform showcases verified psychics only.

We live in a world where many con-men loot people with their hocus pocus. The sites cannot afford to allow any pretentious psychic to give readings. Users can always do their research before choosing a tarot reader.

Online services also make it possible for people to maintain a record of their sessions. Many sites provide undisturbed recording and transcripts of tarot reading sessions on request. This is not possible in the case of personal readings. Even if the private session gets recorded, there is still a possibility of information misuse.

Finally, the current reality demands us to get used to social distance and use modern technology to stay connected with the real world. It is our individual responsibility to stay at home and stay safe. Psychic services and tarot readings are always available at any time of the day. Just search tarot cards near me and get a long list of options to choose from.

Remember to investigate the site, have a quick read about it and pick the option that suits you best. Word-of-mouth is one way to get introduced to things, but psychic readings come with an emotional value. Therefore listen to your inner voice before investing in a tarot reading.

Bottom line

Divine tools such as tarot cards are increasing in popularity. All the sites mentioned above have at least a million subscribers and have completed over 5 million accurate readings. People are learning the truth behind the tarot interpretations. Hence, they are opting for tarot card reading near me.

The internet has opened the door to infinite possibilities, which is evident from how these sites are designed. The work Every organization has its different philosophy, which is reflected by the work it does.

While Kasamba is a more systematic and business-like platform, Psychic Source is a humanitarian one. While California Psychics is a merry space for every tarot enthusiast, Keen Psychics is a clean healing space.

All the platforms have something new and something different to offer. Therefore, one can say that they connect with the interests of many people.

All the sites have made registration and payment simple. All of them also have 24/7 customer service, which is essential in online services. They also release festive offers that give attractive prizes for the customers.

Online tarot card reading platforms realize the limitations of the medium. In tarot reading or any other form of spiritual healing, a client goes through a series of emotions. In such a situation, human affection and tenderness helps alleviate negative emotions. In online readings, the closeness is absent.

Web-based platforms, thus, train their psychics to be effectively compassionate and supportive through online communication. They also use the web to create a small positive support community. By introducing services like readings on a video call, they are attempting to get the most out of the existing barriers.

Client reviews and experiences paint a beautiful picture about online tarot reading near me. They received what they were promised, and exactly how they expected the process to be. The tarot readers were quick with their responses, honest and kind. People got answers to their questions, which turned out to be true in reality.

By establishing a sound base of authentic psychics and making tarot readings accessible, the sites have contributed a great deal in making spiritual practices a trusted household name.

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