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Tarot Reading Online: Best Tarot Card Readers Are Only A Click Away!

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Guidance is essential at almost every stage of life. Doubt always exists as to what should be done now for a good future. Most of the time, the track of the right path is lost, and nothing seems fine. This is when the guidance from tarot online reading can help, as it involves reading cards to give insightful guidance.

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You may prefer an offline reader but it may be tough to find an expert in your area. Even if you find one, you need to factor in your traveling time. With an online service, you have no finding or traveling issues. Further, you can try many other psychic services, communicate through call, chat, or video at your scheduled time, and enjoy anytime and anywhere customer support.

There are many paid and free online tarot reading sites. However, most of us hesitate to try it due to the fear of being scammed. However, millions of people have got a positive direction from these online readers. What you only need to do is to choose an authentic service, which this post will help you with!

Top 3 Tarot Reading Sites

  • Mysticsense – affordable services and great tarot experts
  • Kasamba – best for love tarot readings
  • AskNow – great spiritual guides

Mysticsense: Great Tarot Experts

(Click On Image To Visit MysticSense)

Mysticsense is a young tarot reading service provider but it is a highly admired one with thousands of praiseworthy reviews online. It provides a diverse range of services, including astrology, love readings, spiritual readings apart from tarot.

Unlike a few psychic services online, Mysticsense’s services are accessible 24 hours on any day, including a holiday. It is considered among the best online services for its anytime willingness to offer answers and guide you towards the right direction, especially when it is the matter of big life decisions. Here are its salient features:

Modern, User-convenient Website

Unlike a few other psychic reading sites, the website of Mysticsense seems to be a modern one. The homepage has quick links to online psychics, specialty psychics, articles, and sign up.

The platform is set to reveal a psychic’s availability as per your local time. While this is a basic requirement, it truly sets the service provider apart from its several competitors. With it, you can plan for your readings conveniently.

Great Filtering for Finding a Psychic Reader

The most admired user-friendly feature of this site is its filtering capabilities available on the left side while browsing all psychics. You can find your best reader by filtering the list of all psychics as per the availability status (offline, online, busy), top rating, areas of specialty, tools in use, and reading style.

You can select more than one filter to get specific results. For example, you can apply angel cards and tarot, online, and thoughtful filter values to know which Mysticsense psychics fulfill all four criteria. This is commendable.

Unlike other psychic reading sites, this one does not provide a specific category for tarot card reading. To find out which advisors use tarot cards, you only need to select this option from the filter panel’s Tool menu.

Simple Registration

It is essential to register and create your account for using the different Mysticsense services. Its registration form asks for some more information than what the forms of other services ask. Apart from the e-mail and login credentials, the form also asks for time zone, country, and phone number.

Once registered, you are directed to the home page. To use any service, you are required to deposit some amount using PayPal or a debit card.

First Five Minutes Free

For the first session with an advisor, you can communicate or ask your query for free for the first five minutes. For this, you need to register and make a minimum deposit. Although you are charged fully, your account will get credited instantly for the first five minutes. To convey the same, an e-mail will be sent to you. However, just note that there is a limit to the credit that you can get.

Reliable, Screened Readers

Tarot is usually interpreted as an illustrative map of consciousness. The readers on Mysticsense can interpret this map easily using dedicated cards. They use different types of tarot cards that the skilled readers interpret.

For tarot card reading, there are more than 300 advisors. Each advisor has a blurb showing their photo, ratings, field of expertise, charge per minute, and medium of communication. The blurb also shows whether the advisor is available or not via the circle icon. If available, the icon turns green.

To join Mysticsense, psychics are required to take a test to prove their skills. This keeps the risk of fake readers at bay. Further, customers can rate psychics according to their performance. If dissatisfied, they can give negative feedback. Still, such feedback is rare although it aids in ensuring legit readings.

Three Media of Communication

As usual, most psychic advisors are approachable via phone or chat. However, at Mysticsense, you can even contact them via video calls. Many Mysticsense advisors are willing to talk or conduct sessions via a call wherein both the parties can see each other. This way of communication adds a level of personalization.

24/7 Customer Support

Unlike many other psychic sites, Mysticsense is known for its great customer support that works 24/7. Apart from getting accurate readings, you can share your experiences with other members of the community.

Money or Time Back

Mysticsense ensures a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For the first-time users, the service provider issues a cash refund within two days of the reading if it was dissatisfactory. For other customers, the time spent in the dissatisfactory reading is credited back so that they can use the same time to talk with another advisor.


  • Connection via video too
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful filters to sort readers
  • 5 free minutes
  • Competitive rates
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ideal for beginners

Kasamba: For Love Tarot Readings

(Click On Image To Visit Kasamba)

Kasamba is a respectable online tarot site providing a variety of reading facilities, including tarot reading. It has been into this service of linking users with psychic experts for life-changing guidance for over two decades. Regardless of your current situation, its honest guidance is likely to give you the most effective solutions. It could be your best tarot reading online service too.

Free Initial 3-Minute Reading and Money-Back Guarantee

If you are new to Kasamba, you will get the initial three minutes for free in your first online reading, no matter which expert advisor you choose. Kasamba knows that many customers are unwilling to pay for online readings, as they have no experience about such sessions will be.

These initial free minutes help them to come out of this unwillingness by providing them an idea of how a tarot reading session will be. If they feel that the session is worth continuing, they can proceed further with the session.

On the other hand, if they do not feel gratified, they can immediately end the session within these three minutes. The amount is refunded to your account immediately if you are dissatisfied with the reading session.

Two Special Tarot Reading Services

Kasamba offers two special tarot reading services, namely, angel card reading and cartomancy. The former involves connecting to the guardian angel, deceased loved ones, and spirit guides to fetch insightful messages.

On the other hand, cartomancy provided by a card expert aims to help you with tough decisions, relationship issues, and love problems. You can even get clarifications regarding the future, money, and health.

Strict Onboarding

It is this feature that makes Kasamba truly reliable. It has set strict rules for hiring a psychic. Before selection, it considers a variety of important factors such as background check, fields of experience, and special skills.

Even those without any experience go through a distinct set of procedures to get shortlisted. Psychics at Kasamba are also required to use a variety of tools to give replies to questions related to relations, love, and career.

User-friendly Website

Kasamba recognizes the fact that people could be cynical about psychics and the accuracy of their services on offer, especially if they have not gone through such an experience. Thus, Kasamba provides a user-friendly website where any visitor like you can navigate through different service options as well as explore the whole network of spiritual advisors prior to determining how to proceed.

On the homepage itself, you will come across plenty of psychic services such as relationship counseling, tarot readings, fortune-telling, and astrology readings. You can even go through the profile of each psychic to gain a profound understanding of their expertise.

You can select your tarot reader as per the popularity rating and comments that the previous customers have given. It is also easy to see which experts or advisors are available currently for a phone reading or an online chat session. This is admirable, as you can have an instant connection with a psychic.

Simple Registration

Upon selecting an expert with whom you wish to speak, you need to register. All you have to do is click the chat option, after which a step-by-step process is imitated to guide you through the registration. This results in creating your account and selecting a payment option.

You can choose from a couple of payment options. You can either add a fixed amount to your account by using your credit or debit card or pay at once after the session is over. There is also the PayPal option to do so. With this, the biggest hurdle of location is eradicated, as you now need not worry about how and when to consult a psychic.

Customized, Constant Connection

On a few tarot reading platforms, users cannot spot the confirmed presence of advisors due to which they wonder whether something is happening or not. Nevertheless, at Kasamba, the advisors make you feel connected by remaining present and communicating throughout.

You are also not left hanging, as the advisors can set their availability such as away, busy, or available. Thus, it is easier to set a session as per the availability of both parties.

If you need offline assistance, you can simply look for tarot reading near me, start a chat, and see if you can meet in person. However, you need to discuss the meeting and payment terms in advance.

The Kasamba App

Kasamba provides a convenient mobile app for those who do not want to use its services via a Web browser. The free app is available for iOS and Android users. It has all the utilities that are available on the website as well. You can now have an on-the-go reading regardless of what you are doing and where you are.

Informative and Educative

This feature of Kasamba makes it a caring online reading service provider. Apart from the services, it offers a blog that has a lot of spiritual articles that are authored by their onboarded psychics. You can easily find articles on topics such as horoscopes, spirituality, and relationships.

Pay as per Your Willingness

Kasamba has an option to mention the sum of money you want to pay for a specific psychic reading. This is an interesting feature, as you may quote a price lower than what that advisor is charging. However, it is up to that advisor to accept your quote. Nevertheless, you are not losing anything by trying this feature.


  • First three minutes free
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Most accurate readings
  • Quick reachability to English- and Spanish-speaking psychic advisors specializing in different readings
  • More appealing to the beginners
  • Thorough summary
  • Money-back guarantee

AskNow: For Phone Readings

(Click On Image To Visit AskNow)

AskNow is another psychic website that is popular in the spiritual world for the past 15 years. It is specially designed for those who prefer phone psychic readings. The platform is admired for its quality readings whose accuracy hardly has been doubted. Let’s now explore its features:

Intuitive Website

While the whole website is responsive, the homepage seems to be highly interactive. This is because it is the hub that tends to fulfill your psychic needs. For instance, a toll-free number simply grabs your attention as an opening offer to several possibilities.

The next attractive section is of the top-rated masters along with their ratings and photos. You can quickly view their profiles, check their availability, and make a call instantly if you feel all is right. It would not be wrong to say that glancing at the physical features of a psychic narrates a story about them.

Special ‘Ask A Free Question’ in Five Minutes

Well, this is the most interesting feature of this service provider. Perhaps, it seems to be its patented online utility, which hardly any other tarot card reading service provides. Accessible on the homepage, this feature conveys that the system functions by asking you to type a question for a psychic.

The concerned psychic then responds to you. This happens for free. Well, this is a great way to get rid of your suspicions and check the authenticity of this service provider. To ask a question, it is essential to provide your first name, birth date, e-mail, and question category such as tarot and money.

Once the details are sent, a 30-minute countdown starts within which you should dial the toll-free number by entering the activation code. This is essential to get an answer. When five minutes are over, you will receive an e-mail stating that your query is not yet answered.

Once you call, the system seems to record the call. If this triggers a privacy concern, AskNow may not be for you.

It is essential to give your credit or debit card details for grating five free minutes for your question. Each expert profile or photo has this offer of 5 free minutes, which should be enough to ask a free question.

Only Tested Masters

AskNow only works with credentialed and talented advisors. A few of them exude profound mystical energies, marked by their facial traits including the eyes. It is essential for all psychics to retain a customer rating of 4 or 5 stars to remain on AskNow. This gives a sigh of relief, as it proves that all psychics are genuine and skillful.

AskNow tests their psychics’ abilities every four to six months to ensure that their spiritual abilities are sharp. They use different tools and divination methods to give you the right guidance.

All AskNow advisors are thoroughly screened, tested, and examined by experienced psychic managers. So, not all get a chance to become a part of the exclusive network.

Some of the tarot readers and psychic mediums have nearly 20 years of experience, which is commendable. All advisors in the network are categorized into several groups, such as past life, finance, spiritual guides, career, astrology, tarot, and love and relationships.

Further, you will come across three types of advisors namely, top-rated, elite, and master. The Masters are the most robust experts that charge you more than other advisors in the network.

Two Connection Mediums

AskNow provides live chat and phone readings by advisors having many years of experience. Although a phone call is the most common medium, a few advisors provide readings via live chat, ensuring a platform beneficial to all users.

Easy Access

It is easy to create your account and log in to talk with any advisor that seems suitable for your questions. You simply need to go through the online directory to spot top-rated advisors whose status can be available, busy, away, or unavailable. The available status and the Call button indicate that the advisor is ready to talk with you now.

You can even shortlist the best psychic reader as per advisors by availability and/or phone or chat connection. It is also possible to search for Spanish-speaking advisors.

To find the best one for you, just click Full Profile. Doing so will reveal their rates, ratings, availability, experience, language, zodiac sign, credentials, categories of expertise, and reviews and ratings of other customers.

You can quickly schedule an appointment from the calendar panel or dial the toll-free number with the given six-digit extension to talk to that expert. Before taking any of these actions, you may consult that expert via the live chat feature. However, to use this facility, you need to log in and provide billing information.

In case you wish to consult a specific advisor but the status is unavailable, it is wise to use the callback button via which you can talk some other day. Just keep in mind that not all readers will prefer phone readings, as they prefer a chat session.

Exclusive Offers and Support

Most advisors are offering five-minute free tarot card reading. Apart from that for new customers, AskNow is providing tempting deals. You pay one dollar per minute and yet enjoy those additional five minutes free with one of their elite advisors.

If you are not satisfied with the service of a specific advisor, you can end it and get in touch with customer service to proceed for finding a better match.

Mobile App

You can use AskNow services by installing its app on an iOS mobile device.


  • First three minutes free
  • Only elite readers with credentials
  • Different reading options
  • Accurate reading
  • Initial low prices

What to Look for while Choosing an Online Tarot Reader

Many psychic sites offer free tarot card reading services. However, not all are reliable, as there can be a wrong intent of making money. To avoid choosing one such provider and end up selecting a genuine one, consider the following factors:


As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to choose an established online tarot reading service. This means it should be providing its services for a few years instead of just one or two months. After all, only a genuine service will last long.

At the same time, that genuine website should provide readers having substantial experience in the field of tarot reading. It would be great to get a chance to go through their necessary certifications gained while making accurate readings.

Thus, look for an experienced service provider and a certified and established reader. Both are essential to gain confidence in terms of credibility and trustworthy answers.

Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

Just because a website and its readers are experienced, it does not mean that you blindly add them to your preferred list. It is just one of the indicators of reliability. At times, even young service providers prove to be at par with experienced ones. However, how do you find that out? Well, this is where you will find customer reviews and testimonials useful.

One of the best ways to confirm the authenticity of both the website and any of its readers is to go through their past customers’ experiences. If the site you are exploring has no customer reviews at all for their advisors, it should be taken as a red flag.

You should also be vigilant of fake or too positive customer reviews, which is something that the best tarot reading online service provider will never give. It is common for scammers to make fake accounts through which only positive reviews are published to make their business look genuine. As tarot reading is strongly associated with emotions, it is impossible to have only great reviews without having experience in years.

Free Trials

Giving some initial reading minutes free is another indicator of a genuine service. So, look for a free online tarot reading service. The good news is that many tarot service providers give a free reading trial for the first three to five minutes. In case there is no such provision, it is wise to ask the reader for a free reading trial. Such an offer is essential to build a connection with the advisor or reader apart from being acquainted with the reading style.

Communication Media

Most tarot readers on various psychic websites prefer to conduct a session on call and chat. However, some readers also do not mind conducting a video call. Nevertheless, not all psychic websites will have such readers. So, if you wish to talk via a video call, select the website and reader accordingly.


A genuine tarot card reading site will provide access to their advisors’ profiles wherein you can go through their expertise, specialties, ratings, reviews, photo, and availability status. You should spend some time going through these profiles prior to connecting with any advisor.

Payment Plans

Most online tarot card reading sites provide payment plans based on time. In other words, they charge you per minute. Thus, it is important to choose a site that never wastes time. For example, the shortlisted reader should not type slowly, speak with many pauses, or repeat the same message.

Well, these are all tactics to add to time and charge you more than usual. If you experience any of them, you must have the option to end the session. In case of inappropriate advisor behavior, you must have the option to complain.


A genuine reading service online will always be known for its accurate readings. You can find this out by going through the customer reviews. However, beware of those sites or readers that claim 100% accuracy. Although it can be true, you should initially handle with skepticism.


Can free tarot reading help in predicting the future?

Yes! Indeed, predicting the future using tarot cards is fun. The reader conveys about the future opportunities and events along with hurdles and their solutions. These predictions may not be favorable for you but do not be disappointed; just follow the guidance. As you may not get very specific answers, there is a scope to make your own choices and proceed.

It is wrong to say that tarot cards can foresee the future perfectly. Rather, a tarot online or offline reading is based on the decisions made in the present. It gives insight into the concealed knowledge that an individual already has but is unaware of. You can expect guidance on a bothersome matter but not an accurate future prediction.

Which types of questions can you ask a tarot reader?

Although you can ask objective questions whose answers would be Yes or No, a tarot reader is better at exploring different aspects of life, such as relations, career, family, love life, and spiritual goals. You can ask questions such as “What this relationship will give me?”, “How do I choose my career?”, and “How to find trustworthy friends?”.

How accurate are tarot readings?

The accuracy is likely to differ based on a few factors such as the experience of the reader and the use of actual or software-generated readings. The latter readings are likely to be less accurate. As a rule of thumb, the more the reader’s experience, the greater is the probability of it being accurate.

Why some readers interpret the same tarot card in different ways?

This relies mainly on how and from whom they have learned tarot card reading. Each culture has its elucidations for these cards. Further, different decks are there, which may alter the meaning of the cards. Indeed, you can even interpret each card and come up with your meaning. As tarot reading is based mainly on intuition, you can believe what your intuition says.

Is there a difference between tarot and angel card reading?

Most tarot websites also provide angel card reading, which is likely to distract those looking for life, career, or love tarot reading. Well, both tarot and angel cards are different tools, although many sites put the latter under the former category.

Angel cards rely upon the customer’s guardian angels to convey what is happening in their life instead of forecasting the future. This is how angel cards differ from tarot cards.

Is it necessary to think something specific during a tarot reading session?

During this session, the advisor or reader tries to connect with you deeply. Thus, you need to sit with a mind that is free of distractions and focus on the questions whose accurate answers are expected from the reader.


You are not going to lose anything by smartly selecting a good tarot reading site. You may even end up choosing the best free tarot reading online. The three websites reviewed in this post are among the best free options to choose from, as you can enjoy free initial minutes from the comfort of your home. We recommend trying Kasamba if you are trying a psychic service for the first time, as it is affordable and user-friendly. It also allows looking for a tarot reading near me, which is an additional bonus.

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