MyTrafficMan’s free, technology-driven ensures that if a driver who is registered with the program get arrested, they’ll get a free call from a lawyer who’ll also notify their emergency contacts.

MyTrafficMan’s free, technology-driven ensures that if a driver who is registered with the program get arrested, they’ll get a free call from a lawyer who’ll also notify their emergency contacts.

Technology drives access to better legal care makes it easy to access the legal services you need

Whether’s it’s a mobile app to quickly and efficiently fight a speeding ticket or web app that alerts drivers to risky behaviors, lawyer Ziad Youssef and his MyTrafficMan team know that technology can improve access to legal care for Washington State residents.

“Technology helps us deliver greater access to justice for our clients and provide more legal care to each person for less,” Youssef explains.

Bringing together legal and technology industry professionals, the MyTrafficMan Corporation works to develop technology and training programs that lets clients access a broad network of legal resources for their DUI and criminal defense, auto-injury claims and other legal matters.

Pickit-4ur-Ticket: If you’ve received a speeding ticket or driving infraction, help is as close as your smart phone with the Pickit-4ur-Ticket app. Simply visit to connect with a top-caliber speeding ticket attorney.

“Our network of lawyers responds so you don’t have to,” Youssef explains. “We’ll help you protect your driving record, fight to keep your license unrestricted and prevent higher insurance rates – it’s all possible through your mobile device.”

“We believe strongly that the knowledge to prevent infractions or legal concerns serves drivers best, so we have also collaborated with safety organizations and other stakeholders in the driver safety industry,” Youssef adds. Using this knowledge, along with years of experience with drivers arrested for DUI, Youssef and MyTrafficMan’s software division create a free awareness and prevention tool for drivers: Most recently, MyTrafficMan launched the free, technology-driven – sign up, to ensure that if you get arrested, you’ll get a free call from a lawyer who’ll also notify your emergency contacts.

“Most people get locked up and don’t have a way to communicate for several hours. We get notified instantly, so someone will immediately get working on helping you get released,” Youssef explains.

Here’s how it works:

  • In signing up for free, you provide your name, date of birth and contact info, and designate up to two emergency contacts you want to be notified if you end up in a local jail.
  • Choose the jail you want them to monitor;
  • If your name ever appears on the roster, a criminal defense lawyer is immediately notified to contact you and help you get released.
  • If necessary, a bail-bond company will also be contacted.

To learn more, call MyTrafficMan at 360-734-0908, visit or follow them on Facebook.

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