The Cold Plunge Reviews – Is It Legit or Not Right For You?

The popularity of The Cold Plunge among users is increasing day by day due to the efficiency of this special plunge. The model was launched in 2020, and the popularity of the product has been consistently on the rise to date.

Being one of the leading water immersion tubs available on the market, The Cold Plunge does the job impactfully, and that’s why this has become one of the best-selling models available on the market at the moment.

However, you may feel a bit skeptical if you’re about to purchase a cold plunge for the first time in your life. You will be able to check so many options as you land in the market of plunges, and you might be looking for the reasons why you should purchase the products of The Cold Plunge.

In this article, this Cold Plunge review will educate you about different products and accessories sold by The Cold Plunge so that you can determine the best product for yourself. Alongside, you will come to know more about plunges, and that will help you finalize the decision easily. So, let’s start exploring the product ranges launched by The Cold Plunge.

What Is The Cold Plunge?

The Cold Plunge is a leading health and wellness company that is recognized for manufacturing premium-quality plunges, tubs, and accessories related to these. The primary intent of the company is to help users get the best possible benefits from its products.

The company uses high-quality and harmless materials to manufacture plunges, showers, bathtubs, and other similar items, and that’s the reason behind the popularity of the products of this company.

Another key reason behind The Cold Plunge’s popularity is that the company aims to manufacture diverse products so that users can get the best products for themselves easily. The manufacturers of The Cold Plunge quoted that they want to make the practice of cold plunging as common as having coffee, and the company has done justice with its primary intent so far.

All the plunges and tubs manufactured by the company are backed by scientific studies and dedicated scientific evidence back the products. The manufacturers claim that users can manage to get evident benefits as they undergo cold plunging sessions using the plunges marketed by them.

Almost every plunge or plunge accessory manufactured by the brand comes with unique features, and you need to know about those features before you purchase them. Before you know about the products offered by the Cold Plunge, it’s important to know about the benefits of Cold Plunging. So, let’s discover the evident benefits.

What Are Evident Benefits of Cold Plunging?

As you immerse yourself in the cold water, you can extract a plethora of health benefits from that, and that’s why cold plunge is extremely popular among users. As you visit the official website of Cold Plunge, you will find a lot of reviews stating the phenomenal benefits of cold plunging. The following segment will help you have an insight into the wide range of benefits that you can get from cold plunging.

Cold immersion tubs are meant to offer some exciting health benefits, and the following points will describe them in a simplified manner.


Improved Overall Health

A cold plunge helps you keep your overall health optimal. Thousands of cold plunge users have admitted that they managed to enhance their overall health with the help of cold plunging. First of all, users reported that they managed to enhance the natural immune functions of their bodies with the help of cold plunges.

Alleviated pains and aches, increased blood flow to all the regions of the body, and faster metabolism are other potential benefits of cold plunges. A cold plunge is definitely a better option than an ice bath as it manages to deliver all these benefits to enhance the condition of your overall health. Though ice baths are also effective to some extent, they’re not as good as cold plunges in terms of boosting the overall health conditions of users.

Mental Health Improvement

Several scientific studies have proven that cold water immersion can impact the functions of your brain positively, and it can enhance your mood as well. At the same time, cold plunging in a cold plunge tub can help you supercharge your energy levels, and your overall stamina will remain high as well.

Thousands of individuals with poor mental health situations managed to improve their mental states with the help of regular cold plunges. As you keep on cold plunging for a certain time span without failure, you will surely be able to enhance your mental health condition.

Also, there are certain cold plunging tricks that can intensify the cognitive health enhancement benefits. Plenty of guided plunge videos are available on YouTube, and you can learn the special tricks from those videos easily. You may not know that cold water immersion therapy is often used to help users get rid of excess stress and tension, and therapists often recommend this therapy.

Higher Energy Levels

Did you know that a cold plunge offers outstanding energy-boosting benefits? Well, it’s scientifically proven that cold plunging in a cold-water emerging tub can help you increase your energy levels naturally.

According to scientists, there’s a neurotransmitter named Norepinephrine that gets produced inside the human body to boost energy levels. Scientists have proven that the production of this neurotransmitter gets boosted as you take a cold plunge in a cold-water immersion tub regularly. Besides that, cold plunging regularly increases the natural blood flow of your body, and that’s another reason behind the elevated energy levels of your body after cold plunging.

Simply, you can enhance the functions of your nervous system as you cold plunge regularly. Cold immersion therapy offers the same benefits to you.

Higher Levels of Stamina and Resilience

According to the latest studies, a cold plunge or a cold water therapy can increase the natural resilience and stamina of your body. According to experts, cold plunging is somewhat similar to performing intense workouts.

While working out, you need to push your limits and challenge the natural resilience of your body. You do the same while taking a cold water therapy. Sustaining in cold water is not as easy as it seems, and having an ice bath can seem extremely challenging and difficult if you’re taking it for the first time.

That’s why it’s said that a cold plunge or a cold therapy can increase the natural resilience of your body superbly, and that’s why athletes use cold water training to train their bodies and increase the natural resilience of their bodies.

Better Relaxation Results

Cold plunging in a cold tub can make you feel extremely relaxed and tension-free. According to scientists and doctors, a cold plunge directly impacts the functions of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and that eventually helps you feel relaxed and cozy. Users who cold plunge regularly reported feeling more relaxed and stress-free.

Cold water immersion impacts every nerve inside your body, and the amount of stress burdened on your head gets reduced with that. That’s why most doctors and therapists recommend patients undergo cold water immersion sessions to keep themselves free from excess stress and tension.

Better and Restful Sleep

As you take a cold plunge, you’re likely to have a better sleep, and the majority of individuals prefer cold therapy sessions due to these specific reasons. As you already know, cold plunges reduce the tension from the nerves of users, and that’s why they get better sleep cycles. As you cold plunge regularly, you will have a restful sleep consistently.

Sometimes doctors and therapists suggest their patients take cold water therapies and ice bath sessions to improve their sleep cycles.

Workout Recovery

Cold water therapy can help you recover faster after intense workout sessions. Regular cold plunging can help you get relief from inflammatory pain, and it can also reduce inflammations to some extent.

Alongside, you are less likely to suffer from unwanted muscle soreness as you undergo cold plunges regularly. Most importantly, cold plunges help you enhance the intensity of workouts, and your overall workout performance becomes better at the same time.

Plenty of guided plunge videos are available on YouTube and Google to help users learn how they can pace up their workout recovery spans with the help of cold plunges.

So, these are the most evident health benefits of cold plunging regularly. A cold plunge offers all these benefits to improve your overall lifestyle and health condition simultaneously. Most importantly, better energy and mind clarity are the inevitable benefits of cold plunges, and the majority of users undergo cold plunges to get these benefits.

Introduction To The Most Popular Products From The Cold Plunge

There is no doubt that The Cold Plunge is a pioneer in the world of cold plunges and tubs. When it comes to launching advanced cold plunge features, every cold-water immersion tub launched by The Cold Plunge is literally incomparable. As a buyer, you must be keen on exploring the lineup of cold plunge models marketed by The Cold Plunge. So, let’s check out the best models that have been launched by the company.



No matter whether you want a cold plunge only or you want to use the hot and cold plunge options, the Plunge from the company is the best solution for you indeed. The Plunge comes with dedicated sanitation, cooling, and filtration systems to offer you a cold therapy or a hot-cold plunge whenever you need it.

The Plunge is one of the safest options to expose yourself to cold temperatures as the plunge tub manages to filter the water easily besides cooling that. A built-in hose filter is attached to the Plunge to make sure that you can fill the plunge with cold and clean water anytime. If you use the Plunge correctly, it can help you make the process of cold therapy much easier.

According to our research and editorial team, muscle recovery becomes more effortless and convenient with the standard Cold Plunge. The Plunge is manufactured in a special way to support faster physical recovery. The Plunge is spacious enough so that your entire body fits into it properly and the sanitation system of the Plunge also works decently to help you get clean and filtered water consistently.

  • Cold Plunge: $4,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge: $5,490

Plunge Pro XL

The Cold Plunge Pro XL is an advanced version of the standard plunge that comes with additional cooling power. When it comes to strengthening the immune system of a tall individual, a taller and larger cold plunge becomes extremely necessary. If you are a tall person and you need a spacious plunge model, the Plunge Pro XL is the best possible choice for you.

You can turn the Plunge Pro XL into an integral part of your daily wellness schedule, and plunging in the Pluge Pro XL is far better than other ice baths. The mechanism of the Cold Plunge Pro XL is extremely efficient in offering you a pleasant cold bath without requiring you to use a chest freezer. The cold stress implied by the Plunge Pro XL makes cold baths more effortless for users. There is no doubt that this model is one of the best cold plunge products available on the market.

The most important fact about the Cold Plunge Pro XL is that it comes with another variant which is known as the Hot and Cold Plunge Pro XL. This variant can work as a hot tub, too, and this model is favorable for hot-cold plunge sessions. You can choose to keep the water cold or hot as per your requirements with Cold Plunge Pro XL.

Hot-Cold Plunge Pro XL has the potential to offer more health benefits than other models as this one comes with a better mechanism. The filter present in the Cold Plunge Pro XL model works impactfully to offer the best hot-cold plunge experiences to the users.

  • Cold Plunge Pro XL: $6,990
  • Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL: $7,490

Additional Plunge Supplies

The company sells plunge accessories and plunge supplies so that users get the opportunity to get cold water therapy sessions uninterruptedly. The plunge accessories and supplies sold by the company are renowned for delivering the best possible results, and that’s why they’re preferred by users. Let’s check out the plunge supplies and accessories sold by The Cold Plunge.

Residentials Maintenance Package

When you purchase a cold plunge, you will have to purchase maintenance kits to maintain the functions of the plunge. As you purchase this maintenance package, you get the necessary kits to maintain your plunge for the next six months.

Sanitizers, PH balancers, filters, testing strips, and oxidizers are all other necessary kits are included in this package, and that’s what makes this package a better choice for all users. The Residentials Maintenance Package is available at $190 only, and that makes it an affordable option for users of all types. With the kits included in the package, you can maintain the functions of your plunge for up to six months or so.

A Pack of 6 Filters

The Cold Plunge recommends users change filters monthly to get the best results. Also, the manufacturers say that changing filters timely helps you have safe plunging experiences. This pack of 6 filters comes at an affordable price range. You have to spend more on each filter as you go to buy that separately. Especially, you need to change filters monthly if you’ve got the Cold Plunge Pro XL. You get the pack of 6 filters for $36 only, and it is a better purchase option for sure.

Carbon Hose Filter

The Carbon Hose Filter enables you to get better filtration results, and that’s why the item is extremely popular among users. No matter what kind of plunge you have, attaching a carbon hose filter to it will help you get better results. A carbon hose filter comes at $28, and it is capable of delivering phenomenal filtration results easily.

Sirona Test Strips

With this package, you get 25 test strips that can be used to check the hardness, PH, and sanitation of the water used in the plunge. These test strips help manage the quality of water filled in the plunge, and you get a better plunging experience naturally. For 25 Sirona Test Strips, you have to pay $25 only.

Sirona Sanitizer

At times, users need to clean their plunge tubs to get better plunging experiences, and using harmful chemicals to sanitize plunge tubs is not at all a good decision. That’s why the manufacturers suggest users use the Sirona Sanitizer to clean their tubs.

If you love to plunge into cold temperatures, the Sirona sanitizer is the best choice for you. You can get the Sirona sanitizer by paying $36 only, and there’s no doubt that it’s an affordable item to go for.

Baqua SPA Surface Cleaner

Plunge tubs are usually expensive, and you can’t afford to have the surface of your plunge damaged easily. In that case, using the Baqua SPA surface cleaner is the best possible solution for you, and the product is preferred by hundreds of satisfied users. By paying $36 only, you can buy the Baqua SPA surface cleaner to keep the surface of your plunge neat and clean.

Sirona Oxidizer

The majority of cold plunger owners prefer using the Sirona Oxidizer to keep their plunges’ water clean and harmless. As you keep on plunging in your tub regularly, the water quality might deteriorate over time, and you need to fix that issue to have safe plunging experiences.

The Sirona Oxidizer enables you to do so. As you use this product along with the Sirona sanitizer, you can keep your plunge’s water clean and harmless easily. The Sirona Oxidizer also comes at $36.

Cell Phone Holder

You can also purchase a cell phone holder and attach that to the side of your plunge so that you don’t miss out on important calls or messages during your plunging sessions. Also, you can watch movies or listen to songs while plunging, and attaching a cell phone holder to the side of your plunger will enable you to do so easily. Such a holder is available for $39 only.

Sirona PH Down

It’s very important to keep the PH of your plunge’s water balanced, and the Sirona PH Down helps you do that easily. When the PH of your plunge’s water is not balanced, the water might become too hard, and you surely don’t want that. So, it’s a wise decision to use the Sirona PH Down to keep the PH of your plunge’s water balanced. The Sirona PH Down is available at the price of $36.

Sirona Alkalinity UP

Just like the previous product, Sirona Alkalinity Up aims to increase the alkalinity of your plunge’s water. Besides balancing the PH of the water, you need to keep the alkalinity of the water balanced too. This product helps you do so effortlessly, and this product is also available at the price of $36.

Measuring Teaspoon

For paying only $5, you can get a measuring tablespoon that will help you measure the amounts of chemicals appropriately. As you purchase the products mentioned already, you are supposed to add them to your plunge’s water in proper amounts. The measuring teaspoon will help you do that easily.

These are the products and essential recovery tool options marketed by The Cold Plunge, and all these items are high in demand. As you visit the main site of The Cold Plunge, you will be able to purchase all these products at discounted rates. As you have already seen, the Cold Plunge lineup of products is diverse. You’re absolutely free to purchase your preferred items from the Cold Plunge lineup.

What Are The Special Features Of The Cool Plunge?

Insulated Spa Cover

The Cool Plunge comes with an insulated spa cover that helps eliminate the debris, and the spa cover also makes it possible to keep the temperature of the plunge consistent. The insulated cover helps protect the bathtub more conveniently. You don’t need to use a chest freezer at all as you purchase The Cool Plunge.

Guided Plunge Videos

No matter whether you are planning to have an ice bath or a hot-cold plunge, the guided videos available with the models will teach you some effective plunging techniques to get better plunging experiences.

Hose Filter

The presence of this kind of filter in the plunge helps you keep your plunge’s water clean and pure. The filter can be attached to a commercial plunge too.

Skimmer Net

Every cold plunge model comes with a skimmer net to help users. You can use the skimmer net to take the floating debris out of your plunge easily. Cleaning the water of your plunge with the net before having a cold bath is important to get the best health benefits. It’s pretty easy to use a skimmer net to eliminate the debris out of your plunge and throw them away into the trash can.

Hot Tub Option

As you purchase the Hot-Cold Plunge Pro XL, you get the hot tub option as well. A hot tub can nourish the functions of your nervous system impactfully, and it manages to deliver the benefits of a hot bath too. If you want to take a hot bath in freezing weather, going for the hot tub option available with the Cold Plunge Pro XL is a better idea.

Underwater Lighting

The models from The Cold Plunge come with underwater lighting options, and that’s why they look more luxurious and lucrative. The presence of underwater lighting in the products from The Cold Plunge makes them better choices than other products.

Water Treatment

You’ve already read about the water treatment kits sold by the brand, and all those kits ensure that users get the best plunging experiences from the products of this brand.

The Cold Plunge Refund Policy

All the items marketed by the company are backed by a 30-day money-back policy. That means you can return the product you purchased within 30 days after the date of purchase. In that case, the company won’t hold any authority to ask you why you’re returning the product. And you will get a complete refund. To claim a refund, you would have to visit the official site of the brand.

  • Phone: 1-916-866-9856
  • Email: info@thecoldplunge.com


Besides the money-back guarantee or refund policy, the products from the brand also come with dedicated warranty tenures. Every product of the brand is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of a year. If the product you purchase gets damaged within one year from the date of purchase, the manufacturers are liable to replace or repair the product.

As a buyer, you also have the option to extend the warranty period according to your preferences. The brand offers extended warranty periods of three years and five years, and you need to pay to extend the warranty period of your plunge.

  • 3-Year Protection Plan: $294.99 for up to 3 years of coverage.
  • 5-Year Protection Plan: $589.99 for up to 5 years of coverage.

Final Words

Almost everyone likes cold showers for relaxation and reduced stress levels. However, taking plunge sessions is a better option than cold showers to some extent, and The Cold Plunge has proved this fact. All the products launched by The Cold Plunge are phenomenal, and they’re capable of delivering expected health advantages to users easily.

As you check out the Cold Plunge reviews found on the official website of the brand, you will be able to decide whether you want to purchase the products or not. However, none of the products launched by the brand are approved by Health Canada Approved Research. Still, the products are exceptional in terms of utility and benefits. As you submit e-wallet permits on the official website, you can expect to get more discounts from the brand.

So, check out the plunges and tubs on the official website of The Cold Plunge and get your favorite product at an affordable price segment. However, the information pieces shared in this article are not even remotely substitutes for medical suggestions. Users must get in touch with professional physicians before using cold plunge therapies or similar therapies.

To enjoy the benefits of The Cold Plunge, click here to order your supply now! >>>


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