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The Shambala Secret Reviews – Legit David Chandler Program?

The Shambala Secret is a manifestation and abundance program that teaches consumers to restructure subconscious thoughts through meditation. The program is entirely digital, and it comes with several bonus audio tracks as a way to calm the mind in the morning, at night, and throughout the day.

What is the Shambala Secret?

Everyone has a sense of feeling out of control sometimes. Some people become envious of the good fortune that others find, wondering to themselves why they are unable to achieve the same goals. It can be an overwhelming feeling to lack what someone feels they are owed, but everyone has a chance to make a difference in their own life. Rather than working tireless hours for minimal reward, consumers are invited to see the difference that The Shambala Secret can make.

The powerful program is not meant to create a false sense of hope among individuals that constantly follow manifestation guides with no success. The program itself was developed by someone who was a skeptic of what meditation and changing subconscious thoughts could do to their life. However, after nine days of practicing these methods, they started to have great success in abundance in their own life.

The program begins with 22 minutes of audio the consumers just have to listen to. They don’t have to actively change their diet or invest thousands of dollars in some scheme. Instead, they allow the brain to recreate certain pathways, using a concept called the Conductor to work for them. It allows users to overcome the sense that they may just be experiencing bad luck, transforming their thoughts into hopefulness and abundance. Their consciousness has a major role to play in the path of their life but learning how to understand and direct the Conductor can have an incredible impact. Considering the way that the subconscious can influence many decisions without users even knowing it, some sense of control over it can make a big difference.

Considering how popular manifestation guides are nowadays, the creator expects that she will soon have her own advertisement taken down by individuals with much greater budgets. However, embarking on a short journey with The Shambala Secret now will give users the opportunity to see how their own life can change while they still have a chance to access it.

Even though users will have an entire year to decide if this is the right program for them, the creator is only asking for nine days to see how daily meditation and renewed subconscious thoughts can make a difference.

How Does the Shambala Secret Bring Abundance?

The entire basis of the Shambala Secret program is the audio. Everything takes users through an intense meditation practice that involves listening to chimes, bells, and chants that are rather effective in changing the brain. Scientific evidence shows that there are certain sound waves (i.e., gamma sound waves) that have the ability to influence the subconscious.

The creators of this program used those types of sound waves to direct the subconscious to pay attention to different stimuli. With the right combination of tones, it becomes easy to restructure the mind. It takes the body and brain to a certain mental state that helps users increase abundance in a way that exceeds the effects of typical manifestation.

The gamma sound waves are also used in conjunction with a 3-dimensional soundscape developed by the creator. These sounds develop new neural pathways that offer the opportunity to direct abundance effectively. The layers also include subconscious messaging, which has been proven to be thousands of times more powerful than directly addressing the conscious mind.

The Shambala Secret Bonuses

The Healing Wind

The Healing Wind, which is valued at $37, provides users with a way to alleviate the overwhelming and fatigue feeling that some consumers can get periodically. The audio activates gamma brain waves to create a healthy connection between the mind, body, and soul. The creators even claim that this audio can help support the immune system. The entire track is just 11 minutes long, allowing users to take a moment for themselves at any time of day.

The Sleeping Ocean

The Sleeping Ocean, which has a value of $57, ensures that consumers can get the amount of sleep that they need properly. Over the course of 22 minutes, users listen to the sounds of the ocean and Tibetan singing bowls to create harmony within the brain, allowing it to relax before going to sleep. The result is better rest and a more refreshed and energized disposition the next day.

The Golden Sunrise

The final bonus is the Golden Sunrise, which has a value of $37. It is the shortest of all the audio tracks in just five minutes, exclusively promoting improvements in positivity. It has audio that will help the mind to wake up, allowing users to rise with the day gently but effectively.


How to Purchase Access to the Shambala Secret Program

Users can make their purchase from the official website, they’ll also be getting access to all of the advertised programs, including:

  • The Shambala Secret (worth $97)
  • BONUS: The Healing Wind (worth $37)
  • BONUS: The Sleeping Ocean (worth $57)
  • BONUS: The Golden Sunrise (worth $37)

Even though all of this content is worth over $200, users can make a purchase right now for just $39. Everything is digital, which means that users will have lifetime access immediately after the purchase is made.

If the user finds that they aren’t able to achieve the abundance and peace that the program is meant to bring, they can request a refund at any time during the first year after the purchase is made.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Shambala Secret

Q: Why will the Shambala Secret work when other manifestation programs may not have?

A: The main reason that this program stands out against others is the way that it deals with the body’s natural conductor, helping it to change neural pathways in a way that other programs don’t. Manifestation is just one element of a life change. By using the audio available, consumers can restructure the way their brain works to teach them the best way is to let go of negativity and allow a path for abundance.

Q: Will users be at risk of losing the security of their personal information when they purchase online?

A: Not at all. The website uses 256-bit encryption technology that is on par with the protection that the military uses for their data. Users will not have to worry that their information will be compromised or stolen.

Q: What is the guarantee with the Shambala Secret program?

A: There are no hidden terms or conditions at all. Users simply have a full 12 months to determine if this program is the right one to bring abundance to their life. If not, they can email the creators to get a refund.

Q: How long does it take to start bringing abundance into someone’s life?

A: When it comes to changing the way the brain handles different situations, it can take a different amount of time for every person. There are some people who start seeing abundance right away, while others can take a little longer. Everything builds upon what the user puts into this program. Establishing a daily routine that involves this audio will likely improve the reaction at a much more expedient pace. However, that is not a guarantee of how soon users will see results.

Q: Can the Shambala Secret actually impact every area of the user’s life?

A: Absolutely. The program focuses on adjusting changes within the subconscious, reprogramming the mind in a way that can completely transform the way that the individual has been living so far. With financial freedom, emotional freedom, and more, users can start to feel more in control of the direction their life is going.

The customer service team can address any other questions or concerns by sending an email to

The Shambala Secret Summary

The Shambala Secrets helps consumers gain more control over the direction of their life by focusing on subconscious thoughts. The regimen doesn’t require much of a commitment, and the one-time fee is a major reduction from the actual value of the program. Users will only get out of the program what they put in, but the meditations take less than 30 minutes per session to complete. Rather than acting as another manifestation program, users will find that they’ll learn more about their subconscious and taking control of their life’s abundance.

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