Chef Konrad Winder is committed to creating cuisine that is both nutritious and delicious for residents at Quail Park of Lynnwood.

Chef Konrad Winder is committed to creating cuisine that is both nutritious and delicious for residents at Quail Park of Lynnwood.

These seniors savor a menu built for the brain … and their tastebuds!

A healthy diet includes ingredients to support brain health

We know that eating well can have a positive impact on our heart health and maintaining a healthy weight, but what about foods to support our brain health?

It’s a question Chef Konrad Winder considers as part of his work to create the delicious and nutritious menus at Quail Park of Lynnwood.

Fortunately, some of the best foods to support brain health also include essential ingredients for some his favorite recipes, often inspired by the celebrated – and healthy – Mediterranean diet!

Berries, beans and more for a brain boost

According to the Mayo Clinic, for example, diets rich in veggies and berries like blueberries and strawberries, can help slow brain aging.

Vitamin E-rich nuts, olive oil and fish, along with meals showcasing beans, lentils and soybeans – protein-packed meat alternatives and good sources of B vitamins – can also bring brain benefits.

Of course, Chef Konrad is also keen to incorporate a diverse range of brain boosters throughout the menu, so Quail Park’s dishes will often boast ingredients like turmeric, dark chocolate, oranges and eggs … not to mention a hot, tasty cup of coffee or green tea!

“We know how important a well-rounded, flexible menu is for our residents, and that includes healthy, ingredients that support their wellness, while also creating an enjoyable dining experience,” says Denis Bryant, president and CEO of Living Care Lifestyles’ recently expanded Quail Park of Lynnwood.

Serving the selection you want

Fortunately, with Chef Konrad’s extensive experience, residents find no shortage of delicious possibilities to nurture both body and soul!

In addition to running the 4 Seasons Hualalai restaurant on the big island of Hawaii and Quilchena Ranch in British Columbia, Chef Konrad owned and operated his own restaurant, Aroma d’Italia, on Maui for seven years. That island experience continues to inform hisMediterranean-inspired recipes today – fusion he dubs MauiTerranean.

Quail Park residents appreciate the value placed on the varied menu, and the overall dining experience, which now includes two dining rooms, two bistros and a pub – not to mention their own pizza oven!

Chef Konrad is always open to meeting one-on-one to review residents’ dietary needs and regularly meets with the food committee to review the menu – what they’re liking and what might be changed up. “It’s really important to make the menu what the residents want it to be,” Denis says.

To learn more, visit Quail Park of Lynnwood online, or call 425-329-3621 to arrange your virtual or in-person tour.

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