Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin Review – True Patriot Golden Trump Eagle Coins?

The Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin is a commemorative coin that features the likeness of former president Donald Trump. The coin is a collectible piece, allowing users to get up to 100 coins in a single purchase.

What is the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin?

The world of politics can be a vicious place of competition, conspiracy, and corruption. Only a true Patriot understands the sacrifice of putting the country first, which is why political parties have waged war against each other for as long as most people remember. Finding a suitable candidate is left to the responsibility of the parties, and no one has received quite the notoriety of Donald Trump.

Though President Joe Biden won the last election, Donald Trump isn’t taking this decision sitting down, and neither are his supporters. Anyone in favor of Trump will do what they can to bring him back into the office, turning the country red. After all, about 74 million Americans made their voice and support heard in the last election, and they can make their voice heard again with the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin.

The Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin features the likeness of Donald Trump on the face of the coin, showing a stoic side profile of the man that the masses elected in 2016. Instead of featuring his previous slogan of “Make America Great Again,” the gold-plated coin has a much different tone – “The Revenge Tour.” To note the year, each coin shows the year 2024 as well. On the back, nothing could be more American than the eagle with its wings outstretched with Commander in Chief atop it and Donald J. Trump’s name below it.

Purchasing the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin

Currently, the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin is only available through the official website for Patriot Gold Coin. Their work has made it possible to buy the product for a low price, making it the ideal collectible for voters. However, the total cost will depend on how many coins the user wants to purchase at once.

The packages available include:

  • $999 for 100 golden coins (or $9.99 each)
  • $749.50 for 50 golden coins (or $14.99 each)
  • $499.75 for 25 golden coins (or $19.99 each)
  • $229.90 for 10 golden coins (or $22.99 each)
  • $124.95 for 5 golden coins (or $24.99 each)
  • $29.99 for one golden coin (& shipping)

No matter how many coins the user purchases, they get free shipping for the purchase as long as they order more than one. If you have any questions or want to inquire about the return policy, you can contact customer service via email at patriot@independentside.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin

Q – Do the proceeds from the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin go towards the campaign for president?

A – No. This coin is independently sold. None of the profits contribute to Trump’s presidential campaign, so consumers who want to contribute to the campaign will need to contribute directly.

Q – Can consumers order the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin from any other source?

A – No. Part of the reason the coin is so unique is that no one else sells it. The creators of the Patriot Coins don’t allow third-party retailers to sell their commemorative gifts.

Q – What shipping is used for the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin?

A – All of the products are shipped via USPS. Consumers will receive an email as soon as the package goes out so they can track their order.

Q – How long does it take to ship the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin?

A – Most orders are delivered within 5-7 business days.

Q – What is the return policy?

A – If the customer doesn’t get what they hoped for with their purchase of the Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin, they can request a refund within 60 days of the original purchase.


The Trump 2024 Gold Plated Coin provides supporters of Donald Trump with a way to show their admiration and support. While it might not help Trump to improve the odds of regaining the presidency, it is a great way to spread the word about his work. Users can pass out the collectible coins as gifts or keep them with any other collectibles for their preferred presidential candidate. Visit the official website to order your Trump 2024 Gold coin today.


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