Air safety warnings around key African hub during strike

Controllers indicate aircraft are entering the Nairobi and Khartoum airspaces “in an uncoordinated manner.”

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Iranians say their ‘bones breaking’ under US sanctions

The lack of cash from the economic pressure facing Iran’s 80 million people can be seen everywhere.

Florida woman charged after giving husband’s guns to police

She gave her estranged husband’s guns to police after he was charged with domestic violence-aggravated battery.

Europeans cool on Iran coalition talk, seek de-escalation

The German foreign minister warned that “maximum pressure” without diplomacy increases risks of a war.

1 pilot dies, 1 survives after German fighter jets collide

Eyewitness videos showed the burning planes falling from the sky and smoke rising from the ground.

Trump imposes more sanctions on Iran

The move aims to pressure Iranian leadership into talks amid high tensions.

Inslee: End government partnership with fossil fuels

Inslee acknowledges the sway fossil fuels hold in Washington.

In addition to mail, postman delivered pot on his route

Faces up to 20 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Police release more than 1,000 files from Smollett probe

Footage shows the “Empire” actor with a thin, white rope wrapped around his neck.

Cambodia charges 4 Chinese after building collapse killed 28

Construction owner was charged with unintentional homicide

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