Democrats plan to investigate corruption in the administration and the president’s personal finances.

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Hidden camera discoverd in women’s bathroom on Navy ship

A marine found the recording device on the Virginia-based USS Arlington, currently docked in Greece.

Trump sours on Mueller report after initial upbeat view

It was a dramatic departure from the upbeat reaction the White House had just 24 hours earlier.

Paris: Yellow vest anger mixes with Notre Dame mourning

It’s the 23rd straight weekend of action against wealth inequality and President Macron’sleadership.

Trump’s legal team breathes a sigh, takes a victory lap

It managed to protect their client from a potentially perilous interview with Mueller’s investigators.

Pope during Easter vigil: reject the ‘glitter of wealth’

Sunday, Francis celebrates Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square and gives a speech from the basilica balcony.

Bus kidnapping in Vancouver, Washington ends, no injuries

A male suspect was booked on a kidnapping charge.

President was protected by aides’ refusal to carry out orders

Trump pushed them to the brink of committing outright crimes.

House subpoena for Mueller report escalates investigation

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena Friday for the Mueller report.

Biden expected to launch presidential campaign next week

Trump’s allies have privately warned that Biden might be the biggest threat to the president’s re-election.

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