O.J. Simpson allegedly kicked out of Vegas hotel bar

Reports say he was causing a drunken ruckus, but was pleasant to the security guards.

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Monarch butterfly migration part relay race, full of danger

Monitoring the migrations, a huge effort, involves three countries and uncounted citizen scientists.

Administration seeks to expand immigrant family detention

The centers should appear “child-friendly rather than penal in nature,” ICE said.

Chaos on the border inflames GOP’s split with Latinos

“When you call them rapists and say they’re all criminals, it’s bad.”

Google trains machines to predict when a patient will die

Their next step is to move this predictive AI system into clinics.

Boeing robot submarine back roaming off California coast

Echo Voyager can reach a maximum depth of 11,000 feet, with a top speed of about 9 mph.

Tesla-loving Norway wants to be a pioneer in electric planes

Creating aircraft that will withstand the weather conditions of Norway may pose a challenge.

Cease-fire with Taliban could be watershed moment in war

The rebel’s agenda of creating an Islamic state remains an intractable bar.

Stormy Daniels to meet with prosecutors in Cohen probe

The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan is working to assemble a case against Trump’s personal lawyer.

Pentagon says 2 bases to house immigrants

The bases were not named and details are being worked out, including how much capacity is needed.

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