Police: Thief didn’t get far in motorized grocery store cart

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Trump’s company fights efforts to shed the president’s name

“Our homes are worth more without the Trump name.”

Doctor says Trump did ‘exceedingly well’ on a cognitive test

The president’s physical exam showed him to be “very healthy.”

Navy filing homicide charges against 2 ship commanders

The collisions of two US warships with civilian ships killed a total of 17 sailors.

Parents arrested after children found shackled and malnourished

Police counted 13 siblings living at the house, including a teen who escaped to get help.

Immigration deal distant as leaders try to avert shutdown

Another temporary measure could buy time for more talks on DACA.

House panel wants Bannon to explain Comey firing

It appeared possible that the former White House chief strategist could be interviewed all day.

Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees minus 88.6 degrees F

Residents of Yakutia are no strangers to the cold — the weather was not even dominating local news.

Trump wants court to overturn DACA but leave intact for now

The justices could send the case back to a lower court for further proceedings.

Indictment in Las Vegas mass shooting possible, police say

They won’t reveal who those charges might be aimed at or what they might entail.

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