State: Sheriff’s deputy kills boy on Wisconsin reservation

Dispatchers received a call about a male subject walking down the street armed with a knife.

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Russia tests new nuclear weapons after summit with Trump

The weapons include the Peresvet high-powered laser system and the Poseidon underwater nuclear drone.

US officials in the dark about Trump’s talk with Putin

They met for over 2 hours with no other officials or note-takers present, just interpreters.

Premature baby penguin recovers after parents broke her egg

A zookeeper said that the birds typically reject chicks when they accidentally step on their eggs.

Amid harsh criticism, Trump tries a tougher tone on Russia

His rhetoric marked a turnabout from his first, upbeat description of his sit-down with Vladimir Putin.

Russian officials to meet suspected spy jailed in US

The Russian government claims the arrest was driven by U.S. domestic politics.

Major damage, some injuries as tornadoes sweep through Iowa

Weather forecasters said the twisters formed suddenly and took them by surprise.

State governors delve into foreign diplomacy on trade war

Several say shifting trade policies are rattling markets for agricultural commodities.

Trump ‘disagrees’ with Putin offer to interview Americans

Congressional Republicans have criticized the White House for even considering the idea.

US deporting crime victims while they wait for special visa

Immigrants are discouraged from reporting crimes out of fear of being swept up, advocates say.

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