Trump denies plans to fly migrants from border to Florida

Appeared to blame the media for “false reporting.”

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Senate votes to block Saudi arms sales; Trump vows veto

The Secretary of State cited threats from Iran when declaring an emergency to approve the weapons sales.

Trump suggests Iran’s shootdown of drone was accidental

The U.S. president said he had a feeling “a general or somebody” mistakenly ordered the attack.

Young people may be growing horns from excessive phone use

The enlarged external occipital protuberances are dubbled “phone bones,” “spikes,” and “weird bumps.”

Judge approved despite arguments from California lawmakers

It’s like when Trump’s 9th Circuit pick was seated after both Washington state Democratic senators objected.

Witness at Navy SEAL trial: I killed victim out of mercy

He said he plugged the youth’s breathing tube because he believed the prisoner would be tortured by Iraqi forces.

NRA sues ex-president Oliver North, saying he harmed the NRA

The lawsuit sought a judge’s declaration that the NRA isn’t required to pay North’s legal bills.

Lawyers: 250 children held in bad conditions at Texas border

They say children and teens have been locked up for without adequate food, water and sanitation.

Giant telescope will be built on sacred Native Hawaiian peak

The telescope will allow scientists to peer into the most distant reaches of our early universe.

‘Why not now?’ Lawmakers debate reparations for slavery

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Black victims of a century of post-Civil War plunder are “very much alive today.”

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