US sanctions on Iran take force; major oil importers spared

The waivers, intended to avoid disruption of world oil markets, expire in six months.

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Perfectly preserved head of Ice Age wolf found in Siberia

The animal belonged to an ancient subspecies of wolf that lived at the same time as mammoths.

Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress and jeans queen, dies at 95

She was a descendant of financier Cornelius Vanderbilt and the mother of CNN newsman Anderson Cooper.

‘Not impervious’: With huge Hong Kong protests, China blinks

President Xi Jinping has cemented his hold on power, but activists are newly emboldened.

Trump set to launch re-election bid

Facing negative polls and internal tensions.

Tensions rise as Iran speeds up enrichment, U.S. sends troops

Raises pressure on Europeans trying to save the accord a year after the U.S. withdrawal.

UN: World population expected to rise to 9.7 billion in 2050

Projections indicate that 9 countries will be responsible for more than half the projected growth.

High court lets Virginia voting go ahead under redrawn map

The justices let stand a lower court decision putting the new map in place. It is likely to help Democrats.

High court avoids new case over same-sex wedding cake

The justices ordered Oregon judges to reconsider bakers’ refusal to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong released from prison

Comes as protesters and police were gathered near the city’s government headquarters after a protest.

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