#1 Online Psychic Reading: Best 2 FREE Psychic Reading Sites for 100% Accurate Results

Spiritual realm has always been a thing fascinating humans for centuries. We all feel amazed with the fact that psychic reading can predict the future and provide the guidance on current situations of ours.

But, as I always say, not all psychics are legit.

There are over thousands of online psychics and many of them are cold artists. If you don’t have much experience in this realm, you will probably end up losing your money for an inaccurate reading.

Visit the most-qualified psychic reading website

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Before spending your money on a reading online, it’s a must to do the research. I have to say that you’ve come to the right place…here are our recommendations for top-rated psychic networks worth your visit.

2 Free Spiritual Reading Online Sites MOST Visited

1. Kasamba – 3 FREE Minutes with Every New Psychic


With very good reviews and ratings, we can see that Kasamba is one of trustworthy psychic sites. Indeed, this site has a special offer for first-time visitors; that’s you all can enjoy the 3 minutes free with each new advisor.

This is the best place for love consultations and tarot readings.

Why Kasamba?

  • Gifted, authentic psychics with 5-star ratings and many years of experience in delive ring spiritual readings. They’ve brought insight and clarity to over 4 millions of clients since 1999.
  • This psychic network has satisfaction guarantee; hence, you can ask for a refund if feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with your first reading.

Within 20 years, Kasamba has risen and become one of top-notch free psychic chat sites online. They always ensure to give their clients the best experience when using any of their services. Kasamba psychics carry out spiritual sessions with honesty and practicality. Their smooth and accurate readings shed light on your current circumstances to help you realize your wrongdoings and progress in life.

The website is user-friendly so visitors can navigate with ease. Go through a variety of psychic profiles and select the one that suits your needs the most. For certainty, you should read feedback left by their previous clients to confirm if your chosen reader is really qualified.

Make an appointment once you determine about the reader.

Kasamba offers psychic reading via online chat and phone. Take advantage of the free trial to test how well-experienced, skillful and intuitive they are. Compared to other places, this site has more rare services such as pet readings, picture readings, Kabbalah, etc.


  • The first 3 minutes are completely free. In case you don’t find any satisfaction with the service or psychic advisor, then you can end the session within 3 minutes and no need to pay for anything.
  • Many types of psychic readings on Kasamba conducted by psychic gifts and trusted tools as well as methods.
  • All the professional information of psychics there are public, allowing clients to learn everything about them carefully before making the decision.
  • Your psychic reading will be confidential and private. If you don’t want to share any detail about the session, then simply choose the ‘anonymous’ option for the reading.

Access Kasamba today to get direct answers for your most pressing issues

2. California Psychics – Ultimate Choice for Free Psychic Reading by Phone


Change your life with a reading at California Psychics. When it comes to free spiritual reading by phone, this site is the most trusted source. Founded in 1995, their ultimate goal has always been to provide all clients both instant satisfactions to long-term benefits.

This is no doubt the right place for a new beginning.

Why California Psychics?

  • This is a home of online psychics dedicated and devoted in bringing happiness to your life. No matter what situation you are in, CA Psychics will be a positive force and help you solve things. They guarantee to deliver a safe, quality, and non-judgmental service in which you can reach your true potential.
  • The introductory rate for your first reading is only $1 per minute.
  • Karma Rewards program gives points for every connection you make, and later it can be used to trade for a reading.

At this point, California Psychics is one of the most reputable and trusted sites offering psychic readings online. According to many, their tarot and love readings are ‘must-try’ services. Other consultations are great and reliable in general. As mentioned, there’s a system of reward points that clients can accumulate and use it later for discounts or free sessions.

Did you know that all advisors were tested and screened rigorously before working on this psychic network?

Plus, you can check their authenticity by reading positive experiences and reviews from actual clients.

CA Psychics also has satisfaction guarantee, which means you won’t have to pay a penny if the reading doesn’t give you any insight or clarity. They’re available online 24/7/365 for you, so just one call away for refund.

Psychic readings at California Psychics are available over the phone and through online chat rooms. This network, at this moment, has not delivered live video call. For quick contact, you can call the hotline: +1-866-552-3943


  • Use the code ADD5 and you’ll get 5 free minutes at the beginning of your session. After that and you want to continue the reading, then the psychic will start charging $1 per minute.
  • If you can’t make a decision, the site will connect you with a profound and experienced advisor specialized in various fields randomly.
  • The website displays real-time date and availability of psychic readers so that you don’t have to waste time for waiting. In case your favorite reader is busy or offline, simply press the ‘Callback’ button and they will contact you when they’re back.
  • Psychic reading by phone pricing tiers reflect the popularity of each advisor at CA Psychics. But, you can be assured that readers charging low rates don’t mean untrustworthy.

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FAQs Related to Psychic Reading Online

1. What are different types of psychic readings?

Online psychics are not the same; indeed, they have different abilities and specialties often listed in their profiles. Based on that, you can select the psychic that meets your situation. They will either use their ability solely or avail different tools to give you the most genuine answers.

Here I’m going to inform some common types of readings that some authentic online psychics often use to point out your potential issues and lead you toward a brighter path.

Free dream interpretation

Did you know that the key to unlock your inner self is dreams?

The mind is believed to be in a free state when you sleep. By analyzing and exploring the true meaning behind every dream of yours, the psychic can tell what you deeply long for and what the future holds for you ahead.

With free dream interpretation, your psychic analyst helps you understand certain images and symbols appearing in your daily dreams. Then, they come up with interpreting the m essage that your subconscious mind wants to tell you.

Have your re-occurring dream interpreted now…

Free medium reading

If you wish to rebuild the connection between you and your deceased loved ones, then having a free medium reading is all you need.

Contact a psychic medium for a chance getting answer from your loved ones from the afterlife and again feeling closer to them. They’re gifted with the ability of communicating with spiritual entities. By getting a psychic medium reading, you will unite with people whom you’ve crossed over and receive their silent messages through the specialist’s voice.

You can consider between mental mediumship and channeling before scheduling this reading.

Free psychic love reading

To find out your soulmate in life, have a look at the soulmate reading.

Talking to love psychics and you can gain information about your true soulmate. For instance, you’ll be informed about the person destined to you as well as the connection between the two of you. Next, the reader reveals if both have found each other at present or still no encounter happens.

Your psychic additionally gives predictions about the situation in which you will meet your true soulmate. If possible, they even tell the time, surroundings, and characteristics in nature of that person.

Free tarot card reading

One of the most popular types of psychic readings is surely tarot card. It has always been favored for centuries by many. What can a tarot reader help you? It’s believed that they bring genuine guidance to your circumstance by interpreting the cards.

All the images and symbols on tarot cards are based from folk culture and mythological stories. By analyzing the meanings behind each card, tarot readers can find out what the future and fortune is waiting for you.

It requires years of practice for one to master the skills of reading tarot deck.

Free fortune telling

Want a glimpse into your destiny?

Then you may need to talk with fortune tellers online. By using the power of fortune telling, they enable to shed light and insight into your future. Then provide accurate answers and clarity for the things that matter to you.

If you’re feeling like you are at the crossroads and don’t know which way to head towards, why don’t you have a live chat online or by phone with a fortune teller and discover what your destiny is holding for you?

A good fortune teller won’t tell you what you want to hear. Instead, they empower you with honest insights and direct guidance so that you can determine yourself about whether you should follow the old track or change to a new direction.

In some cases, you need to take risks to attain what you long for.

2. What are different tools used in psychic readings?

Divination tools are an essential part of psychic readings online. They’re often used to enhance the spiritual connection and power of the advisor during one session. Now, let’s check out some most common tools helping provide clearer insights below:

Tarot cards

For those in need of psychic guidance and spiritual help, a reading with tarot cards is the foremost choice. This normal deck with a total of 78 cards has been used for centuries. In the modern day, the tarot deck has a lot of variations for users’ preferences.

Oracle cards

Aside from tarot cards, oracle cards are also commonly used to strengthen the quality of a reading. This deck has about 100 cards and can give clarity to many different serious topics.


Have you ever had a reading in which your psychic used crystals?

Different types of crystals indicate different purposes. When you see an online psychic entering the session with crystals, it means they want to boost their spiritual abilities. In addition, some crystals have the power of healing and calming; that explains why this divine tool is popular.

Its effects can ease the intense feelings and worries of clients and make them relaxed throughout a session. Meanwhile, we have some crystals that help remove the negative energy that you may have. Negativity can disturb the psychic’s cosmic energy and affect the final reading.

Birth charts

Astrologers use your birth chart to answer plenty of your questions regarding your life and future. Just the zodiac signs are not enough to reveal your destiny. Therefore, the psychic reader will create a natal chart based on your date and time of birth (some also include your place of birth).

With that chart, they can give you solution and advice to important decisions you have to make in life, such as marriage, career, etc.

A reading using the birth chart can also reveal your characteristics and behavior.


This divination tool is made of stones or other materials that don’t change its shape as time passes. On the surface, you see some inscribed symbols believed to carry the meanings from the ancient time and in different cultures.

Those runic alphabets bring the solution to the problems or misfortunes that you are dealing with.

3. Are online psychic readings really accurate?

Between online psychic readings and readings in person, which one is better?

If comparing both, you can see clearly that free psychic reading online offers plenty of benefits much better than the offline session. Continue reading and you’ll realize that the spiritual service offered by top-rated networks is much more better.

To avoid scam artists and achieve all positive benefits, look at the following parts:

Psychic availability

The first advantage of getting free psychic chat or free psychic reading by phone is the availability of online readers. Available 24/7, you can contact them at any time of a day whenever you want. This is completely opposite to the traditional reading where you need to follow the psychic’s schedule and take care of other matters like transportation.

In the meantime, simply access to any psychic site mentioned above, you can connect to whoever you want whenever you have time.


The purpose of online psychic reading is to bring clients the utmost comfort and ease that can’t be found in traditional readings. No need to go anywhere else, you now can easily have a free spiritual reading from your house.

Just go online, access any reputable psychic site, complete the registration, and you can start using the service immediately. If you don’t like this psychic, then change to another one without the need of waiting. With online psychic reading, you don’t have to waste any of your precious time.

When talking to an advisor, you can end the session midway if feeling that it isn’t really insightful or genuine. That way helps save time of both parties rather than continuing a reading with no positive results.

In case they have satisfaction guarantee, please contact the customer support team and ask for your refund.


For those who have experienced offline psychic readings, you’ll know what I want to say. Yes, you need to wait for the reader to reach the conclusion and it could take a long time. Meanwhile, with online readings, you can leave the session and then come back when the results are ready.

This is normal you guys…the spiritual advisors sometimes can’t deliver instant results and inferences as soon as the session ends. It takes them quite some time to re-check their notes, assess the clients’ behavior, as well as connect to their intuition and energy again to reach the final results.

However, with the plethora of psychic readings online these days, you must research carefully. All claim they are the best option, but who knows? It’s understandable to be skeptical at the beginning. When seeing a psychic reader, make sure to check all possible aspects of theirs, such as experience, specializations, reading styles, and availability.

For more certainty, also read the reviews given by past clients.

By considering these aspects, you can find the right psychic online for your reading with ease and convenience.

Special offers and discount

Honestly, aren’t special offers and attractive discounts the very first reason drawing most of you to online psychic reading services?

Nowadays, with a numerous number of psychic networks, it’s quite competitive. Hence, you’ll find many of them come up with great introductory offers and rates to attract new clients. For instance, you get 3 first minutes for free at Kasamba and chat with any psychic for free before the actual session. On the other hand, California Psychics only charges $1/min. to newcomers in the first-time reading.

The special offers and discounts not only help the psychic sites earn more clients but also help clients experience lots of services without spending a penny.

Privacy protection

One of the most common reasons explaining why people are afraid of having online psychic reading is privacy. They doubt that their personal information may be breached or hacked when getting a reading session. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the whole process of this service is extremely private.

Psychics need your information so that they can deliver a better, more accurate and delightful reading to you. All the psychic sites above are very strict with privacy protection. They guarantee that their reading services are encrypted and secured against any act or behavior hacking and revealing their clients’ information.

Besides, they also upgrade the website with security features to make sure all the details about users’ finances and payment are safe.

4. How authentic are online psychic readings?

I believe that lots of individuals might have questioned something like ‘How can a psychic advisor foretell one’s problem via online chat or phone’. Well, I did have that doubt before but it soon disappeared once I’ve had my first online reading. Right now, I must say that online psychic reading is an authentic platform at present.

Your perspectives about psychic readers should be updated because they’re no longer like those in the ancient time. All of them are so equipped nowadays, and that makes them enable to predict about a person despite the distance.

Phone psychics can tune in to their client’s energy just by hearing their voice, for example. In addition to this, getting online psychic readings is a blessing for individuals who don’t feel comfortable with in-person services.

5. How to get a phone psychic reading?

It’s not a big deal if you want to get a psychic reading via phone from a professional psychic reader. All you have to do is to access any of the platforms I have recommended from the beginning.

Both Kasamba and California Psychics offer phone readings.

Before using the service, please log into their website or download the mobile app to register an account. You must sign up to use their discount offers (if any) and free minutes. Once you finish the registration process, it’s time to choose a particular psychic online suitable for your needs.

Make sure they provide phone reading service when reading their profiles.

In case you don’t want to waste much time in the selection stage, then take advantage of filtration options available in both websites. Sort out psychics offering readings over the phone and you can pick out one faster.

6. What questions to ask during a free psychic reading?

Actually there isn’t any set-in-stone question you should or shouldn’t ask. It’s up to your situation at the moment. The best thing is to ask what is bugging on your mind or what you’re feeling lately. Just tell the psychic pressing things you desire to know and they will come with genuine guidance and advice.But, in case you want some help with phrasing questions, check out some ideas in the following:

  • What will I be like in the future?
  • What is career path having in store for me?
  • Is my current partner the right one?
  • Who was I in my past lives?

Most importantly, your questions must have strong connection with your feelings. That way can help the psychic tune in to your energy and deliver you the most accurate response.

7. How to find the best psychic online?

Looking for a free psychic service online is not an easy task; sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. The truth is that there are plenty of psychic networks on the Internet, so telling if it’s authentic or not is a challenge. Fortunately, with two suggested options above, you can quickly contact with a legit psychic online for your consultation.

For the best to your spiritual journey and self-exploration, have a visit to either Kasamba or California Psychics based on your needs and demands. Whether you try an online reading for fun or get in-depth answers, it’s necessary to do research beforehand.

We believe you will find whatever it is you need at these two networks.

5 Things to Know Before Consulting a Psychic

Interesting in getting an accurate psychic reading?

You can gain the most from a spiritual reading session if the reader you talking to is from reputable, top-rated sites, like Kasamba, California Psychics, and Oranum. If you get the service from an unknown network, then surely you’ll lose money. Nowadays, with the popularity of psychic readings, there are also more scammers lurking out there.

If you want to avoid this to happen, check these following tips:

1. There are plenty of scammers

This is an ugly fact, and it keeps happening at many psychic sites. Since they know psychic services are in great demand, lots of con people act as psychics to scam you. If you don’t research carefully or have a well preparation, you’ll surely lose money.

Low-priced psychic reading isn’t always a sign of fake services. But, it’s the most common sign to spot a cold artist. You should be skeptical if there’s a psychic inflating the price of their services and informing many upsells to you. In my experience, those doing that are usually fraudulent ones.

Sometimes you do need a free psychic chat reading to check whether the authenticity of a psychic expert is really authentic or not.

2. Not all psychic advisors are the same

Many often misunderstand this, thinking all psychics are the same because they are called ‘psychics’. Well, that’s just a general term for people gifted with extraordinary abilities. In fact, there are many types of psychics, and they’re specialized in different fields.

For instance, mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits from the other side of the world; meanwhile, some have other skills like clairvoyance, dream interpretation, precognition, and so on.

If you want to gain great insights from a psychic reading, it’s essential to know what you are in need of exactly. Once making your mind, then you can sort out and go with the advisor with the specialty that suits your demand.

3. Prepare the right questions

This is a common mistake that most people often make when having a psychic reading online. You think it’s good to ask direct, specific questions to your psychic. The truth is close-ended questions are never a great option when it comes to finding the guidance and solution for your situation.

If you look for quick answers, then you can ask those close-ended questions…but then nothing more to gain from them.

Instead of asking ‘Will I get a job promotion next month’, why don’t you go with something like ‘What should I do to earn a job promotion’. Open-ended questions allow the psychic to give you more information that helps you move forward.

Plus, it’s better to prepare a list of right inquiries before entering the session. You may feel nervous and overwhelming sometimes when talking to the psychic, so without preparation you may forget what you want to ask actually or ask it wrongly.

4. Listen to what the psychic says attentively

The psychic is supposed to be the one doing most of the talking during one psychic reading session. Why? If your specialist keeps asking you to tell them everything related to your situation, involved people and yourself, then they are definitely the scammer.

Since they have no real ability and know nothing about you, the only way to get the information is to keep you talking. Then they will use all the things they got from you to deliver a (kinda) reliable reading.

On the other hand, the legit psychic reader gets irritated if you keep talking. During the session, they need to focus on their senses and the energy revolving around. If you suddenly say something, it will cause interruption to their connection. In case they have questions, they will then ask you.

Before sharing anything, please ask your reader politely whether it’s okay for you to add something.

5. Give yourself some time to process

When it comes to psychic reading, it’s a must to allow yourself time to process everything gradually.

You may find some answers have no sense at the moment of your reading. However, don’t brush it off or feel skeptical about the whole reading. In the psychic industry, there’s a term called ‘psychic amnesia’ which means the client can’t simultaneously see or hear the same thing as the advisor.

But later, it could be days, weeks or months after the reading, you brain will start processing the information you got from your psychic expert. Things you didn’t think they would be important suddenly become clearer and more insightful.

Everything needs time, so does spiritual guidance.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that online psychic reading will be an enlightening and empowering experience if done properly. Don’t just jump into any network without researching. We highly suggest you visiting trustworthy sites mentioned above for reliable psychic reading services.

Psychic readings online come with three most popular platforms: online chat, phone, and video call. By getting the online service, you’re provided with an excellent interface in which you will find the best comfort and most profound guidance for life.

The ultimate goal of psychic reading is to bring happiness and peace to you spiritually, mentally, and physically.

A legit specialist’s reading style and precise predictions during the session can clear all of your doubts and guide you toward the future with conviction and positivity. Be positive and open up to their assistance for great insight and success.

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