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10 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety and depression does not always wish to go back. The worst part is that sometimes you use addictive prescription medications for your mental health. That addiction always leads to more downsides.

Most doctors are warming up to the idea of using the best CBD oil for anxiety. At least, you would enjoy the CBD benefits without necessarily worrying about addiction. Also, CBD oil is now regulated based on the growth of hemp and extraction methods. This ensures quality is better and trustworthy.

In case you feel it is time to try out CBD oil, consider reading up to the end. This guide looks at various brands that offer the right CBD oil for anxiety and depression.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the more than 85 most common chemical compounds found inside the resin glands (hairy gums) of female hemp plants. This compound is one of the cannabinoids, which is the substrate that binds special receptors in cells that make up a larger system called the endocannabinoid system. However, CBD is not at all psychedelic like THC.

This type of oil comes with multiple health benefits if you use it correctly. They can include treating anxiety disorder, reducing inflammation, and more.

A recent article on HealthCanal shows that CBD has effects on the serotonin signaling system, which is closely related to mood regulation and subjective emotions of gratification and reward. CBD can work in conjunction with anandamide – an endogenous cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) in the body to produce new brain tissue and help prevent the formation of traumatic memories.

Keep in mind that you can get both full-spectrum hemp and broad-spectrum hemp extract, depending on the brand. Each one would have different benefits, so a bit of research is necessary.

If you can use CBD oil as directed, it is possible to avoid the side effects.

Editor’s Choice

CBD Pure

  • Affordable price
  • Offers discounts and coupon codes
  • Organic Hemp Grown

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety 2021: 10 Best CBD Brands

  1. CBD Pure – Best CBD Tinctures
  2. Joy Organics – Best Overall
  3. CBDfx – Best Value
  4. SpruceCBD
  5. CBDistillery
  6. cbdMD
  7. Royal CBD
  8. Savage CBD
  9. CBD Essence
  10. Pure Relief CBD

1. CBD Pure



  • Follows proper manufacturing processes
  • Can ship to different countries
  • Has both physical and online stores


  • The website layout is confusing

Click here to get the best deal on CBD Pure

Pure CBD is based in Washington and has so far managed to get the trust of many customers. This is because the company makes high-quality CBD oil that appeals to many people. Other than CBD oil, the company also makes other popular CBD products. So, you should find everything you want with the brand.

As part of making sure the full-spectrum CBD oil is great, Pure CBD only uses US-grown hemp. This type of help is grown in line with the import regulations and also does not have harmful pesticides.

Other than having its products tested by other labs, the company generally has its own strict internal quality control process. As such, the pure CBD isolate or any other product will live up to the industry standards.

All the products are made from organic hemp and correctly labeled. You can get more information on mg of CBD per bottle to decide which is good for you.

2. Joy Organics



  • Lab reports are posted on the website
  • Has a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Donates part of its revenue to charity


  • Lacks worldwide shipping

Click here to get the best deal on Joy Organics

It is hard to go wrong with Joy Organics when you want broad-spectrum CBD oil or generally CBD oils for anxiety. The company ensures the concentration mg of CBD per bottle is clearly labeled so that you buy the right one for you.

Joy Organics makes its CBD products from US-grown hemp. As such, you are sure the hemp is in line with the Farm Bill requirements. The company sometimes uses MCT oil to add more flavor to the oil so that it tastes better.

Of course, transparency is also important even when the company claims to use organic hemp. Well, there are several lab reports indicating the ingredients of the CBD oils. Thus, you can use the oils for generalized anxiety disorder without worrying too much.

The company also tries to keep the THC amounts at 0.3% or lower. Such should appeal to those who want to try out CBD oil.

3. CBDfx




  • Having too many products can confuse the buyer

Click here to get the best deal on CBDfx

If you need to use CBD oil, you would want it to come from a top brand. That is what you get with CBDfx. The brand is known for making full-spectrum CBD oil available to experienced users and newbies with ease. As such, you can always buy your CBD for anxiety easily.

The company offers comprehensive information on the oils to help you understand more before buying. You can even get THC-free oils on the website. Always make sure that you use the website sorting tool to get the right CBD oil.

You will like that the oils are lab-tested. The results are from a third-party lab, meaning you will get accurate information. Also, the customer reviews help a lot in understanding more about the brand before buying the products.

In case you have anxiety and other related mental health issues, CBDfx will gladly recommend the best oil to use. As such, you can start to feel better a lot sooner.

4. Spruce CBD



  • Offers full-spectrum CBD oils
  • The oils are all-natural
  • Simple product line-up


  • Can only ship to US customers

Click here to get the best deal on Spruce CBD

If you did not know, it is possible to use CBD oil, which may help with anxiety symptoms. For many people, it sounds like something they would want. If that is the case, consider getting the oil from Spruce CBD.

Spruce sells CBD oils for anxiety that have been proven to be great for the job. This is through third-party lab testing. More people do not need to worry about getting high since some of the oils are THC-free. That is more reason to consider the brand.

Since the brand uses 100% natural ingredients, it should make the hemp extract even better. This will promote more safety than what other CBD brands might be offering. You would generally end up with the right oil for anxiety or other mental health issues.

You can still enjoy a few flavors from the same brand. In case you do not want flavors, that is still possible

5. CBDistillery



  • Offers full spectrum and CBD isolate products
  • It is ISO certified
  • The products are gluten-free and vegan friendly


  • The unflavored oils do not have an appealing taste

Click here to get the best deal on CBDistillery

CBDistillery has many certifications, including Hemp Authority, GMP, ISO, and GRAS certifications. This makes the company quite liked among those who are seeking the best CBD products.

You can get a wide range of options, including broad-spectrum CBD oil, CBD isolate, and CBD oils for anxiety. Such versatility should have many people going for the brand as they know various options are available.

Each of the products has been tested for quality and potency. So, each mg of CBD per bottle listed gives you an accurate representation of the concentration. You would also know more about the product quality before buying.

In case you have a social anxiety disorder, the company would suggest using some of the US-grown hemp oils. Since hemp is grown in the US, you are sure of quality all the time.

The support team is also vital in helping you find the right product. Simply contact them for more information.

6. cbdMD


  • Uses full-spectrum CBD extracts
  • It offers an easy to use the dropper
  • It has impressive concentrations


  • Slow support team

Click here to get the best deal on cbdMD

In case you ever need full-spectrum CBD, then consider buying cbdMD CBD products. The company uses the CO2 extraction process, which will remove any traces of THC. As such, you can now use CBD oil that may help with anxiety and depression without the euphoric feelings.

You can also get CBD to isolate as part of the products. You can easily see that you would end up with the right CBD product, depending on your needs.

There is the use of MCT oil as the carrier oil. You can now expect this CBD oil for anxiety to have more flavors that you would enjoy. Some of the flavors include natural, berry, mint, and orange. Such variety is great for anyone who wants CBD oil for sleep and anxiety more often.

The oil comes with a rubber dropper. This is vital for the dispensing of the oil. Also, it allows for a precise dose of the oil. The result is that you can enjoy using CBD oil even more often and use the right quantity.

7. Royal CBD


  • Uses non-GMO certified organic hemp
  • Free shipping is available on its products
  • The company website is easy to navigate


  • Limited flavor options

Click here to get the best deal on Royal CBD

Royal CBD is another top company in the CBD oil business. The company focuses on using non-GMO certified hemp to ensure you can experience the full benefits. It also uses full-spectrum CBD for more benefits.

The company makes high-quality CBD for anxiety and offers a guide on using CBD products. As such, you would know more about the mg of CBD per bottle and how best to use the oil for your anxiety.

Using CBD made with full-spectrum CBD oil hemp extracts has many advantages. One is that you do not worry so much about the side effects of CBD, and you can also expect to enjoy various terpenes for flavor.

As always, stick to your dose to enjoy the benefits even more. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is a lot more to love about the company.

8. Savage CBD


  • No GMO detected in its CBD products
  • Offers the best value for money
  • It has a variety of flavors available


  • The website could use more information on products

Click here to get the best deal on Savage CBD

Savage CBD oil is among the best CBD oils to use for anxiety and depression. This is because they are all-natural, full-spectrum, and still made of the purest ingredients. It is easy to see that you can enjoy the taste and quality of such products.

Other than using CBD oil, the brand has other products too. You can opt for vape juice, gummies, and more still for anxiety. Since all products have less than 0.3 THC, you should find them to be great for your health.

In case you have any questions on the use of CBD, talk to your doctor first. It always helps to involve a health professional to end up with the right product choice. You can also research more on the hemp plant to see why it is loved for its benefits.

The company is generally affordable with free shipping on all orders in the U.S. You should now find it among the best options to get your CBD oil.

9. CBD Essence


  • The products made using non-GMO hemp
  • There is a diverse product range
  • Uses CO2 extraction method


  • Lacks free shipping

Click here to get the best deal on CBD Essence

Sometimes it is always good to have a company founded by someone who has suffered from a condition that CBD helped alleviate. That is what you get with this brand. The founder suffered from ADHD symptoms that were later relieved due to using CBD. The same applies to anxiety and depression.

The CBD oils the company makes may help with anxiety disorders. This is based on the number of customer reviews who claimed the CBD oil helped with such conditions. It can also help with other conditions other than those affecting mental health, such as panic disorder.

Taking CBD is advisable after consulting with a doctor. Once you talk to a doctor, you can buy the oil considering the right concentration. This is because the company offers several potency options when looking to buy CBD oil.

How about flavors? Luckily, the CBD extract can be mixed with other oils to have better flavors. Such include vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, mint, grape, and more.

10. Pure Relief CBD


  • A wide range of products
  • Affordable prices for CBD oil
  • The products are gluten-free


  • Shipping options are limited

Click here to get the best deal on Pure Relief CBD

Pure Relief CBD might not be as old as other brands on the list, but it already has more customers than other brands. This is because it was founded on the basis of making the best CBD oils that would keep the customers coming back for more.

You can use the CBD oil from the brand for social anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. In case you need to start treating anxiety, now you know where to start. You do not always need to rely on prescription medications when there are many benefits of CBD, including dealing with anxiety.

The brand gets its CBD from the Colorado farms. As we all know, that is one state that has the most hemp farms in the US. These farms are also known for following the right procedures to grow hemp. You can always expect the best quality CBD oil.

Lab testing and company transparency help drive the confidence in those looking for CBD for anxiety. They can always buy the oil when they have all the information about the product’s ingredients.

Effectiveness of Cannabidiol Oil for Anxiety & Sleep Disorders

It is not uncommon that when you have anxiety or depression, you may end up experiencing sleep disorders. So, sometimes when you address the core issues revolving around sleep disorders, then you would sleep better.

Other than anxiety and depression, here are other things that can lead to sleep disorders;

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and other related mental health disorders
  • Some medications can keep you awake
  • Caffeine when consumed late in the evening
  • Some physical conditions including the chronic pain
  • Too much noise in the area where you live can also lead to insomnia.

Luckily, several studies have shown how CBD can be effective in dealing with both anxiety and sleep disorders.

There is one case in particular that involved a 10-year old girl who had been sexually abused and did not have parental supervision. After being put on a dose of CBD, the doctors noticed that the girl had fewer episodes of PTSD and sleep disorders. It seemed like CBD provided more relief than pharmaceutical medications.

Another study involved 72 adults who had anxiety issues or were facing poor sleep due to anxiety. During the first month, it was noticed that 79.2% had decreased anxiety and improved sleep. So, the study showed that anxiety and sleep disorder symptoms could really be improved with certain doses of CBD.

You would need to use more CBD oil for sleep insomnia than when treating anxiety. Sometimes you may have to use up to 300mg of CBD for sleep disorders.

How We Select These CBD Products?

Since you can get different options in the market, it is best if you know how we select them. Below are a few things we keep in mind.

  • First is the brand reputation. A company might have broad-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp, but we do not consider it if the reputation is not the best.
  • The customer reviews on the brand’s products for depression and anxiety help a lot. If more people find the products safe to use, then we can consider it.
  • The lab results are always vital. Nowadays, different companies post their lab results for everyone to see. As such, you would have all the information before making up your mind.
  • What about THC content? For most CBD oils used for anxiety, the THC content should be 0.3% or lower. It is even better when the oil is THC-free.
  • The price is also important. We try to choose brands with affordable products. Affordability will make it easier for those with anxiety disorders to buy the right products.
  • Where is the hemp grown or sourced? Many companies right now will willingly give you information about where they get their help to boost confidence in their products.


As mentioned above, you can get CBD oil from different companies such as Fab CBD, NuLeaf Naturals, and more. All the brands we have mentioned above are the best in the market. They will always provide you with the best CBD oils you need to handle anxiety disorders and depression.

Additional research and checking whether the products are third-party tested helps a lot. You would know if the company has the right CBD oils you have been looking for.

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