Where to find Accurate Online Tarot Readings in 2022, Best Psychic Websites Reviewed

Tarot card readings go all the way back to the 15th century, but today you can have a tarot card reading online. When carried out by experts, these readings are just as accurate as in-person readings, and they can give you clarity on events from the past, the present – and the future.

Due to the nature of tarot reading, it’s possible for anyone to pose as a professional. This is why we’ve taken the time to authenticate the best online tarot card readings available today.

Each one we’ve selected for this review guide is safe and reliable to use and is home to expert professionals who have been carefully vetted by the services themselves.

And to make you feel even more at ease, each of these tarot reading platforms lets you try them for free first.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites – First Look



Psychic Source

  • 3 FREE minutes
  • Affordable readings for newcomers
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide variety of readings

1. Kasamba – Best Tarot Readings Online

What we loved…

  • 3 FREE minutes for new customers
  • Over 178 tarot advisors
  • Insightful tarot blog
  • Psychics available 24/7
  • Best match guarantee
  • Satisfaction guarantee for first reading

What was disappointing…

  • Experienced tarot readers are pricey
  • No live video chat

Kasamba has been around for over 20 years now and features many advisors from all walks of life. On the site, you can choose across a wide range of psychic readings like Astrology, Runes, Palm readings, and of course, tarot.

You can expect highly accurate tarot psychic readings from expert tarot card readers on Kasamba at affordable price ranges, too. There are tarot readers who can offer love, relationship, career, and other readings – simply take your pick.

Best of all?

With every new psychic you try—you get a free tarot reading of 3 minutes!

The only thing Kasamba lacks is live video chat readings. However, there is still an abundance of other platforms to choose from, such as email, chat, or phone.

Top Tarot Card Readers:

  • Andrew is considered an expert in the pastor reading area and is one of the most top-rated psychics on Kasamba. He is also exceptionally experienced in the love and relationship field.
  • Supernormal Soul offers mystic tarot reading services based on money, love, and relationships. He is highly experienced in the field and has a ton of positive user reviews.
  • Love Soulmate will guide you towards your true purpose and help you to strengthen your faith if you wish. Specializing in tarot readings, Love Soulmate will answer all of your questions and help you find the answers.

2. AskNow – Best for Online Tarot Reading by Phone (1-888-815-1999)

What we loved…

What was disappointing…

  • Lack of filtering options
  • Expensive expert psychics

AskNow features a huge number of experienced psychic advisors and tarot readers on their site and app. Not only that, but many psychics are available 24/7 to take your call or message, and AskNow offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

What’s also great is that AskNow lets you try out psychics for up to 5 FREE minutes at no cost to you!

Additionally, you can choose to purchase affordable price packages—like the $30 plan for 30 minutes.

While expert psychics are generally pricier, their highly sought-after advice makes it worth it. Moreover, you can still choose from many more affordable price ranges within the site.

Top Psychics Gifted in Tarot Reading:

  • Oracle Siren Rose can offer insight into your past, present, and future. She is not only an expert in tarot readings, but she can also provide spirit remote healing, aromatherapy, chakra cleansing, and much more.
  • Psychic Intuitive Amy has been on AskNow since 2009, and with over 65,324 readings under her belt, she is an expert in all areas of life—specializing mainly in love, money, and career readings.
  • Psychic Virgo99 is a Master psychic specializing in tarot cards, dream analysis, and much more. She uses her intuitive gifts to really connect with her callers—and offers insightful advice in all types of areas.

3. Psychic Source – Genuine Tarot Reading Online for Life Advice

What we loved…

  • 3 FREE minutes
  • Affordable readings for newcomers
  • Huge range of online psychics
  • Plenty of psychic topics to choose from
  • Free daily horoscopes

What was disappointing…

  • Not enough filtering options
  • Pricey expert readings

Psychic Source has been offering readings for over 30 years now and is constantly updating its platform. Users can choose from a video, chat, or psychic phone reading, and many advisors cater to all options!

Best of all, all newcomers can take advantage of very low-priced readings—starting from 0.66c per minute.

While Psychic Source lacks property filtering tools; however, using the ”Find a Psychic ”tool should help narrow down the search a little.

Top Psychics Gifted in Tarot Readings:

  • Psychic Sammie is an intuitive empath with clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities as well. With over 32 years of experience, her tarot reading style is straightforward and to the point.
  • Psychic Grace uses plenty of tools in order to connect with her intuitive powers. Some of these include Angel cards, tarot, reiki, and various healing methods. She is particularly experienced in offering guidance for lost loved ones and destiny readings.
  • Psychic Fabiola is a highly experienced love psychic who mainly works with tarot cards. She has over 45 years of experience and uses the help of spirit guides to help during her readings.

4. Keen – Best Chat-Based Psychic Service (+ Free Tarot Predictions)

What we loved…

What was disappointing…

  • No video readings
  • Experienced psychics are expensive

Keen is quickly becoming one of the trendiest psychic platforms—and for a good reason!

Its user-friendly mobile app makes it convenient to chat with a psychic advisor while on the go, and there is always someone online to talk with. On top of that, Keen also features an informative blog and access to free daily horoscopes.

If you’re looking for a free tarot session, know that Keen offers up to 3 FREE minutes of any reading for all newbies.

The only downside is that Keen doesn’t currently offer live video chats. However, we believe its ultra-convenient platform makes up for that.

Top Psychics Gifted in Tarot Reading:

  • RoyalAura specializes in love and relationship readings and divorce, women’s issues, and commitment-phobia. Her main skills include clairvoyance and remote viewing, plus she uses a very direct approach during her online tarot card reading session.
  • Angelina Love uses her healing abilities to advise you about your destiny, love life, or career. Additionally, she can also connect you with lost loved ones and offer plenty of advice to guide you on the right path.
  • Hyogor works with the Japanese Ukiyoe Tarot to offer insight into many areas such as your career, family, relationships, and much more. He provides his readings in either English or Japanese, as well.

5. Oranum – Best for Free Online Tarot Card Readings via Live Video

What we loved…

  • Free live chat for guests
  • Can watch advisor’s stories
  • 10-FREE minutes for all newcomers

What was disappointing…

  • No phone readings
  • No user reviews

Oranum is best known for its highly interactive live video readings and live chat, where everyone can participate. It’s a great way to really get a feel of the advisor before booking a private session!

If you have a specific reading in mind, you can also browse through various readings like family, career, sound baths, and much more. Additionally, all users get up to 10,000 worth of free credits, translating to a 10-minute free reading.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any Oranmum user reviews on the advisor profiles. However, you can judge a psychics advisor by how many followers they have and how other users interact with them through the live chat.

Top Psychics Gifted in Tarot Reading:

  • KingTarot777 has over 30 years of experience in tarot readings. He mainly specializes in love, relationships, and helping others work through problems.
  • Sensei is a natural-born clairvoyant and clairsentient who uses tarot to help you find clarity and answers.
  • LoveDrNikki has over 50 years of experience in offering detailed readings, including tarot. She has helped thousands of people to find answers to questions surrounding family, love, money, and career in the most accurate way possible.

6. Mysticsense – Five-Minute Free Tarot Reading

What we loved…

  • 5-minutes free for all newbies
  • Refund option available
  • Informative articles available

What was disappointing…

  • No mobile app
  • Not many psychics

Mystic Sense isn’t as well known as other psychic tarot card reading sites, but it’s quickly carving out a good name for itself. The main selling point is the 5 free minutes of any reading for all newcomers—and its positive user rating.

On top of that, users can browse through an abundance of informative articles, horoscopes, and more. Plus, there are many filtering options available on Mystic Sense—allowing you to find the psychic that fits your individual needs.

While there aren’t a huge number of psychics available yet, we believe that this site is one to keep an eye on!

Top Psychics Gifted in Tarot Reading:

  • Psychic Sally’s main specialty included breaks and divorce. She also covers career and family issues using tarot, astrology, crystals, and much more.
  • Jenny Stars is an experienced tarot card expert in areas mainly dealing with affairs, cheating advice, finding new love, life path answers, and more.
  • Lady Gwendolyn is an intuitive empath who has helped people gain more insight into relationships and love. She uses energy healing, tarot cards, and holistic healing methods to help guide others in their path and find the answers they are looking for.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Reader Specializing in Tarot Reading

Our guess is you’ve either spent hours searching for psychic readings near me or perhaps you’ve just started looking either way there are a few key factors you should consider when looking for the right tarot reader for you.

Professional and Reputable Psychics

There have been a number of cases of dodgy psychics giving fake online tarot card readings to customers online. To avoid cases of fake tarot reading, the most trustworthy and reputable tarot card psychic reading sites make sure to do psychic screening and verification.

This is done to gauge and establish that the psychics are truly talented, have good communication skills, and have respect for professionalism. With this in mind, we attentively went through multiple tarot card psychic reading sites to prove that their psychics went through a screening process before their psychic services were put up on the site.

Psychic Reviews

Psychic reviews are the main pointer of whether a psychic site is trustworthy or not. Greatly large positive reviews show a reputable site, while too many negative reviews should be a cause of concern.

Considering this, we pored through tons of public tarot card reading forums, e.g. on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, Twitter to mention a few. We then picked out and narrowed it down to only tarot card reading sites that had the largest average number of positive reviews on the review platforms.

While giving an edge to tarot card reading websites that had taken note of a few negative reviews and improved their site to make it better for customers.

New Customer Welcome Package

Since customers take time to get used to a tarot card reading website and to find their preferred psychic, great psychic reading websites offer some form of a welcome package for their new customers.

This is mostly in the form of free minutes like you’d find on Kasamba.

So we carefully looked through these tarot card reading platforms to see if they offered a reasonable welcome package for their new customers, while only singling out those that offered reliable free minutes, a discount, or both.

As it shows their commitment to giving their customers a good starting base to get the idea of the websites.

Psychic Variety

Having a good range of psychics ensures clients can largely access readings at any time without being inconvenienced.

We browsed through these tarot card psychic reading websites to establish that they indeed had a variety of psychic readers to cater to most if not all customers. While picking those that had the widest variety of psychic advisors.

All this, while giving an edge to those that had diverse psychics in regard to their backgrounds, cultures, their countries, their approaches among others. So that customers could get different perspectives on life and stand a better chance at getting accurate predictions and in-depth insight to their questions.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Reputable psychic reading sites often offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee, which also gives clients peace of mind of the site’s commitment to helping them out. We checked through all the sites we had narrowed down to and made sure to pick only those that gave clients the chance to get some form of compensation, either as monetary return, free minutes, or a free psychic reading to mention a few.

Everything You Need to Know about Online Tarot Reading – FAQ

What Is a Tarot Card Reading and How Does It Work?

A tarot card reading is carried out using a tarot card deck which consists of 78 illustrated cards—each with its own significant meaning.

The tarot cards are separated into two types, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, which makes up 22 cards, deals with the more significant events in our lives, whereas the 56 Minor Arcana cards symbolize more trivial, everyday occurrences.

Tarot-based readings work in several ways using different spreads. It can be carried out by yourself once you familiarize yourself with the cards or through a professional using a platform like Kasamba.

The tarot reader may use different spreads to offer you insight. Some of these include:

  • One card spread: If you’re in a rush or simply want a direct answer, the one card spread is a great option to try.
  • Three cards spread: For more insight into your question, the 3 card tarot spread is a highly popular alternative. It’s also a classic option, especially for beginners. You can use it in various ways, such as a “past present and future” spread or “situation, obstacle, and advice” guide.
  • Yes or no spread: Another effective beginner spread is the “yes or no” option. It’s also a great way to practice card interpretation and learn to understand the meaning of the different symbols.

Are There 100% Free Online Tarot Reading Services?

Fortunately, you can get a free tarot card reading online. And while they usually won’t be as accurate as a professional reading—it can still be a fun way to get some quick answers or practice your own interpretation skills.

Some of these sites include, FreeDivination, and Astrology Answers. Not only do those platforms offer free AI tarot card spreads, but you can also gain valuable insight into astrology, spirituality, and much more through informative articles.

If you want to try out a free tarot card reading but with a professional tarot card reader, we recommend opting for an online tarot reading site like Keen or Kasamba, which offers free minutes to test them out with.

How Can a Tarot Prediction Benefit Me?

Tarot card sites and readings can be a great way to receive valuable advice or insight into any issues you may be having. Some benefits of online tarot card readings include:

  • Closure: If you recently went through a breakup or lost someone, a tarot card reading can offer you the closure you need. Tarot card readers are often very experienced at giving advice and passing on messages to help you on your path.
  • New opportunities: If there is a new opportunity on the horizon for you, chances are a tarot reading can uncover it. The same goes for career readings, as tarot experts will see if there is something important in the cards for you.
  • Love: Whether you’re already in a relationship or looking for love – a love tarot reading can offer valuable advice into your love life. It may also inform you if the person you’re with is truly the one for you or if an upcoming date will lead to something good.

How to Watch Out for Fake Psychic Tarot Readers

There’s nothing as frustrating and misleading as getting a fake reading from a fake psychic. Here are general tips you can follow to watch out for fake psychic tarot readers:

Check Their Rating and Reviews

On the psychics section on psychic reading sites, you can check reviews of individual psychics by clicking on their profile and reading their reviews and ratings.

Consider seeking insight from tarot card psychics that have more positive reviews because they are usually trustworthy. And try to avoid those that have quite a number of poor reviews from previous clients.

Pay Attention to Detail

Most times, during a reading, a good tarot card reader will give you some information to see if they resonate with you.

A fake tarot reader tends to give more general information that is seemingly accurate but is actually meant to deceive you. The rule of thumb is to be wary of tarot card psychics that tell you what you want to hear instead of giving you insight that may actually be of help.

Go With Your Gut

If you do not feel confident during a reading, chances are there’s something your tarot card reader is doing wrong.

Fake tarot card readers tend to make their predictions around unfortunate things like curses, accidents, heartbreaks, and whatnot. Be wary of tarot card readers that claim the ability to remove a present curse, impending heartbreak, or any other bad thing for an extra charge.

Avoid Tarot Card Readers That Boast 100% Accuracy

Ideally, the best tarot card readers understand that there are different circumstances for different people and try to give you insight that may answer your questions or help you make better decisions.

Tarot card readers that claim 100% accuracy in their readings are not genuine and have a goal to deceive clients with an attractive reading accuracy.

Ask Questions

Genuine tarot card readers are more receptive to client questions since it gives them a chance to give you a more clear look into your queries. On the other hand, fake tarot card readers tend to dislike questions because they are basically just giving you general irrelevant or fake information. And are unable to actually give you clear answers to the questions you are seeking to solve.

How Long Should Online Tarot Readings Last?

A tarot reading can last for as long as the customer sees fit. However, it’s advised that a tarot card reading should last for about 15 minutes for a client to get a more detailed reading.

Still, depending on the complexity of the subject issue, the number of tarot cards drawn from the tarot deck, and how much the customer is willing to pay for a session. A tarot reading session can go for up to 2 or even more hours.

However, a customer is free to end their tarot reading session at any time if they feel it is not helpful to them.

What Is the Difference Between an Online and Offline Tarot Card Reading?

Generally, an online tarot card reading refers to a virtual reading where you can access tarot card psychics on the internet for reading from wherever you are. While offline tarot card reading refers to in-person readings where you have to see a psychic tarot card reader for a reading.

At the moment, more people prefer online tarot card reading as compared to offline card reading because of its convenience and many other advantages.

Some benefits of online psychic readings include:

  • Online tarot card reading is cheaper than offline tarot card reading.
  • You have more privacy while doing an online tarot reading as opposed to the alternative physical reading.
  • You get access to a variety of psychics during online tarot reading with just a few clicks.
  • Tarot card readings online give you access to psychics anytime; day or night.
  • You get free minutes and discounts with tarot card readings online, which you rarely get with offline tarot card readers.
  • A satisfaction guarantee or some form of a refund if you aren’t impressed with the tarot card reading session.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tarot Reader

Even if you’re on the best tarot reading platform out there, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing the best online tarot card reader.

  1. Read reviews from other users on the psychic’s profile: This is a huge one. User reviews will help you determine what type of reader the person is and if they are gentle or straightforward when giving advice.
  2. Take advantage of free minutes: Most online tarot reading sites offer free minutes to try them out with—make sure you take advantage of that!
  3. Avoid software readings: Unless you want to exercise your own intuition, it’s best to avoid software-based readings and opt for a professional one instead. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, considering platforms like Oranum offer up to 10 free minutes.

The same goes for cheaper psychics too! If your budget allows it, it’s best to opt for a tarot reading with a professional you really click with—for the best advice and guidance.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites: The Takeaway

The best online tarot readers can be difficult to find, yet hopefully, we helped you discover some truly professional and accurate psychic advisors with this guide.

With so many tarot deck card reading sites out there, it isn’t easy to pinpoint the authentic ones—however, platforms like Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source, and more come with plenty of positive user ratings to back them up, making them great alternatives.

Plus, most of these platforms offer a free tarot reading to try them out!

We hope you found the reading you’re looking for, good luck!

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