Best Background Check Sites & Platforms Of 2021: Top Background Check Tools To Search Public Records For Free No Charge

Finding the ideal applicant or tenant not only gives you peace of mind but can also save you money in the long run. You cannot just trust a random stranger and admit them to your company or rent your house to them. To reduce the danger of employing the wrong person or having the wrong tenant move in, you must undertake background checks on them.

But, with so many background check services available on the internet, how can you know which one is legitimate and which is a scam? To save you time and money, we’ve developed a list of the best background check services that will not only provide you with speedy results but will also be inexpensive. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Best Background Check Services

  1. TruthFinder: Best Background Check Services For Criminal History
  2. Instant Checkmate: Best Background Check Services For Accuracy
  3. Intelius: Best Background Check Services for Instant Results
  4. US Search: Best Background Check Services On A Budget

In a market inundated with background check companies, there are only about ten firms that we would consider hiring. Below, we’ll go through the features, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing of each service.

#1 TruthFinder: Best Background Check Services For Criminal History



  • Complete control over your search settings
  • Unlimited background checks
  • Provides you with up-to-date contact information
  • Provides more information in comparison to other companies
  • Social media data is included in the search report
  • Shows you how to put the information you’ve gathered to good use


  • Extra $2.00 charged for a PDF copy of your report
  • No trial option available for this tool

Brand Overview

In the year 2021, TruthFinder is a website that promises to be one of the most reliable and thorough background check services in the United States. Since its inception in 2014, the background check company has been covered on a variety of websites, including Bustle and CNET.

Its background check service can help you identify old mates, learn more about the e-commerce business, and more. Also, aside from background checks, TruthFinder can safeguard you from identity theft by scanning your profile on the dark web thanks to its identity verification feature.

TruthFinder also boasts over 60,000 5-star reviews from customers, making it one of the highest-rated engines in its category. TruthFinder provides the most accurate reports when compared to other platforms.

TruthFinder is a legitimate business that is transparent about the services it provides and the data sources it uses. TruthFinder states that it is not a consumer credit agency.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of TruthFinder for the Best discount

How much does it cost?

  • Monthly fee: $27.78
  • Two-month subscription: $23.04 each month
  • Reverse Phone Lookup Plan: $4.99 per month


Ease of Use

The TruthFinder registration process is straightforward, and finding someone is concise too. The website and smartphone app for TruthFinder are both extremely user-friendly. The navigation for a background check is simple, and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to figure out how to get around.


It is against the law to utilize data from regular background checks to screen tenants or make hiring choices, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This includes situations where these services reveal a criminal past or something else concerning. TruthFinder is upfront and explicit about how subscribers can utilize the data on the site.

Customer Services

If you run into any problems while using TruthFinder, you can seek assistance from the website’s help section. Regrettably, the information provided here isn’t as comprehensive as we’d like. As a result, you would probably be better off contacting the service via a toll-free number or email if you need help. Because TruthFinder’s customer service representatives are available every day and work long hours, you can expect a prompt response to your inquiry.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of TruthFinder

#2 Instant Checkmate: Best Background Check Services For Accuracy



  • Reports on detailed background checks
  • Excellent criminal record lookup
  • Customer service that is reliable and attentive
  • Comprehensive FAQ section is available


  • Subscription fees are quite high
  • Extra features come at a cost

Brand Overview

Instant Checkmate is a background check service that provides information from public records such as email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, social media profiles, criminal histories, and more for employment background checks or similar. Any of this information may be acquired by searching various databases, but Instant Checkmate saves you time and effort by doing all of the labor for you in a single, straightforward search.

The data for the background checks comes solely from publicly accessible sources such as public record repositories, social networking websites, and information released by private companies. When it comes to finding long-lost acquaintances, learning more about new neighbors, or assessing online dating, Instant Checkmate outperforms Google and other search engines.

There isn’t much opportunity for variation in most of these background check applications because they all do pretty much the same thing. The five-day trial period and intuitive user interface sets Instant Checkmate apart from the competition.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate for the Best discount

How much does it cost?

Instant Checkmate exclusively offers unlimited report subscriptions. You can sign up for one month for $34.78, or three months for $27.82 each month. There is no opportunity to purchase a single report for a single person.



We must say that Instant Checkmate’s website interface is excellent. It’s simple to operate, looks neat, and is quite dependable. We knew exactly where to click at every stage of the search.

The coolest part was being able to look someone up using only an email address or phone number. This is crucial for first dates, people who are curious about someone they just met, or if you just get a strange feeling about someone.

Criminal Records Search

Instant Checkmate’s second claim as a background check provider to fame is its criminal records search, which generates comprehensive background check reports detailing any person you search. This is the best feature that Instant Checkmate has to offer.

You key in a person’s name, and Instant Checkmate searches its database of criminal record data for any arrests and convictions ascribed to that person, just like the people search.

Customer Services

The site’s interface and available information have received generally positive evaluations, which is expected for a service that relies on public data.

Customers have had a fantastic experience overall. It has aided them in avoiding those who may take advantage of their business and have had previous run-ins with the law due to theft and other offenses.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate

#3 Intelius: Best Background Check Services for Instant Results



  • Background checks at a reasonable price
  • Work and educational histories are included in the reports
  • Design of the website is appealing


  • Accuracy of the information has received mixed reviews

Brand Overview

Intelius is a personal data search engine performing background checks. Customers can access a wide range of information thanks to the company’s utilization of public data. This includes criminal records and other background information.

While all of the information obtained through Intelius is public record and may be obtained from other sources, tracking it down individually could take months or even years, and you won’t be able to access it using Google or any other search engine. With Intelius, you can avoid the hassle and acquire all the information you need from a single source.

Intelius, like other background check agencies, should only be used for personal research. You can’t use it to check for anything that requires adherence to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, so you can’t use it to look into possible tenants or workers.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Intelius for the Best discount

How much does it cost?

  • One month of unlimited reports: $22.86
  • Two months of unlimited reports: $38.86
  • Premier Plus Membership: $29.95


Thorough Reports

Intelius covers all the bases when conducting a background check on someone. Their background checks cover everything from education history, such as university degrees and high school diplomas, to identity verification, county criminal court search, thorough criminal background reports, and court files. You may relax knowing that the service will provide you with thorough and accurate background check reports.

Simple to Use Interface

Their website, as well as their search engine service in general, is simple to navigate and utilize. The section to enter someone’s first and last name, city, and state, is conveniently located on the site. You may also switch between a people search and a reverse phone or address lookup with ease.

Customer Service

Many loyal Intelius customers just love the company’s customer service and desire to assist them. They will work with you to promptly resolve any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact a customer service representative by phone or email.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Intelius

#4 US Search: Best Background Check Services On A Budget



  • Company with a long history in background checks
  • Basic searches come at a low cost
  • Performs a complete social network search
  • Extensive searches of property records
  • Effortless cancellation


  • Premium reports come with additional costs
  • All add-ons are not available to subscribers

Brand Overview

Because of the variety of reports available in its product line, US Search is a popular background check company. Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes finding people and disclosing detailed information about people and things far faster than if a person sought to generate the same data on their own.

It has proven to be a viable method of locating long-lost childhood buddies or verifying your new neighbor’s history. While the company does not have dark web monitoring capabilities, its straightforward tools can be beneficial for identifying numbers, locating elusive social media accounts, mapping the employment history, conducting a criminal background check on a suspected sex offender, and comparing homes for sale.

From the beginning, this appears to be a corporation of professional background screeners that makes every effort to ensure that the information it provides is both correct and up to date.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of US Search for the Best discount

How much does it cost?

One-Off Purchases
  • People search report: $2.45
  • 1-state criminal check: $14.95
  • Background check: $39.95
Unlimited Basic Searches
  • $19.95/month
  • $49.95/quarter



This is where US Search proves its worth. You can acquire a comprehensive list of probable matches for less than $3, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most likely subject without having to pay for several look-ups.

The OmniSearch monthly membership allows you unrestricted access to the same basic information for an infinite number of searches with the option to opt-out at any time, making it ideal for putting together contact lists for a class reunion or other similar occasions.

Report Information

The existing data in the reports is extremely extensive. We found that the information provided was more useful than expected. Although it does not always provide all the data, you can anticipate its reports to be jam-packed with helpful information. Whether you’re looking for people or addresses, you’ll almost certainly find enough information to satisfy your need and curiosity.

Customer Service

The large FAQ page on US Search’s website serves as the company’s primary means of customer service. It’s a good approach to get answers to common problems, but it’s not necessarily the most user-friendly. On weekdays during business hours, the live staff can be reached by phone, however, they prefer to utilize this channel to cancel memberships.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of US Search

#5: PeopleFinders


  • Assists you in obtaining information from 43 billion public papers
  • Site is simple to navigate
  • Presents info that is straightforward to comprehend
  • Quick and convenient to cancel


  • A lot of unnecessary information on distant relatives
  • Social media accounts not included in the reports

Brand Overview

PeopleFinders is a simple web tool for leveraging public records to learn more about someone. This people finder searches public databases to help you locate someone using only their name, phone number, email address, or address. You have the option of purchasing a single report or purchasing unlimited access to conduct as many background checks as you wish.

PeopleFinders is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating, which is a difficult thing to achieve. They have a strong web presence and can be reached easily by phone. PeopleFinders is not a scam in terms of its physical presence and reputation.

They also have access to a massive public database in the United States because they’ve been in the industry for four decades. Even better, they’ve built a massive information-sharing network that keeps expanding with each new search.

How much does it cost?

  • Basic Reverse Phone Lookup: $1 – $1.95
  • Background Check: $39.95
  • PeopleFinders Membership: First month is $9.95, with $24.95 for subsequent months
  • PeopleFinders Premium Membership: First month is $9.95, with $29.95 for subsequent months


Address Search

You may also use PeopleFinders to lookup an address and obtain more information about it, including people who reside there. PeopleFinders can get all the residential information linked with individuals if you enter an address in the search field, including the year the home was constructed, the size of the home, the number of rooms, and the most recent estimated worth of the property.

Criminal Background Check Searches

Enter a person’s name and city of residence in the search area if you wish to perform a background check or examine their criminal history. This will return a list of persons in the city who have the same or similar names. This search also includes other information such as aliases, age, and relatives to assist you in finding the appropriate person.

You can pay for a comprehensive report that includes all police records, court records, arrests, judgments and liens, search warrants, property records, marriage and divorce records, and the person’s contact information if you discover the individual you’re looking for.

Customer Service

Customers can contact PeopleFinders customer support via toll-free phone, chat, or email. On weekdays, the support team is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on weekends, from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Even though the hours are shorter on Saturday and Sunday, consumers who have used PeopleFinders say they appreciate having help available on the weekends.

#6 PeopleLooker


  • Reports that are simple to read and accurate
  • Pleasant customer service
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android


  • No free trial available
  • Some information is accessible for an additional fee

Brand Overview

PeopleLooker is not only powerful and quick, but dependable. While the accuracy of your results is dependent on the records accessible online, PeopleLooker keeps track of all your background checks to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information.

Contact information, relatives, known residences, photographs, age, social media profiles, civil and criminal histories, and much more are all included in the reports.

PeopleLooker is quick and accurate in its results. The platform’s accuracy, however, is dependent on the amount of data available on public records. If you don’t get any results from your search, there’s probably nothing to show. PeopleLooker will provide you with the updated report once the individual updates their information.

How much does it cost?

  • Three-Months Membership + Unlimited Searches: $14.62 per month
  • One-Month Membership: $18.28 per month


Customize Search

PeopleLooker takes pleasure in being transparent about the facts you’ll receive in your report. Before you join up with PeopleLooker, you can see what you may expect to find out. Some information is included in every report, while additional information will be charged separately.

Easy Access

Everyone seems to agree that PeopleLooker is a well-designed website that is simple to navigate and utilize. The navigation has been designed with a new visitor in mind so that it is easier for them to go through the many parts and navigations.

PeopleLooker is also available on other platforms, such as iOS and Android. You can utilize the platform/service on the go since it is compatible with cell phones.

Customer Service

PeopleLooker values customer satisfaction so much that it provides live customer service seven days a week. Customers are extremely important to PeopleLooker and are the number one priority. Customer service interacts with consumers who are having problems on social media frequently, particularly on PeopleLooker’s Facebook page.

#7 BeenVerified


  • Instructions are easy to understand
  • Simple to use for background checks
  • Largely accurate results


  • Expensive in comparison to other brands
  • Cannot be legally used to conduct personnel background checks

Brand Overview

BeenVerified is a consumer background check and people search service that allows subscribers to look up anyone in the United States.

The reports provided might include a wide range of data, from basic information like phone numbers and addresses to more difficult-to-find information like weapons licenses, traffic, and criminal records.

BeenVerified does not distinguish between results from a people search and results from a background check. It has grown to become one of the best background check services on the internet by growing its feature set and extending the informative database available to it.

While the potential to access private information may make some people nervous, BeenVerified makes it very clear what consumers can and cannot do with public records.

How much does it cost?

  • One-month plan: $22.86 per month



If you take the more direct route, which involves clicking on the upper right button that invites site visitors to sign up straight away, signing up for BeenVerified is relatively simple.

The home page of BeenVerified features a search bar where you may try searching for a name. However, this is a waste of time, because you must wait several minutes for the results to load just to be asked to pay for the report before you can see it.

Mobile Apps

BeenVerified has created mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Apple Watch that allow subscribers to use BeenVerified tools and searches while on the go, in addition to the services provided on the website.

The BV mobile applications contain all of the capabilities found on the website, as well as the ability to save earlier reports and access them at any time.

Customer Service

Customers can contact customer support representatives in New York City and Miami seven days a week for help with searches or record access.

Customer service is available via phone and email from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. ET. Basic support pages are also available on the company’s website, which address frequently asked questions as well as account and billing issues.

#8 GoodHire


  • Instant confirmation of identification
  • Checks for criminal records
  • Paid plans can be customized
  • Reports are amazing


  • No free version available

Brand Overview

GoodHire is also one of the best background check services established in the United States that helps businesses speed up their hiring procedures by performing quick background checks and verifying a potential new employee’s education, criminal records, employment history, and more.

Add-on services include checks against worldwide terrorist watchlists, automobile records databases, county court records, healthcare sanctions, and foreign employment and educational record checks for US-based candidates, in addition to the company’s core package.

The organization provides customizable pricing packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. However it’s crucial to note that while the basic package is inexpensive, it only contains a few functions, and add-ons can quickly mount up, making it prohibitively expensive for organizations on a tight budget.

How much does it cost?

  • Basic Plan: $29.99 per search
  • Standard Plan: $54.99 per search
  • Premium Plan: $79.99 per search
  • One-Time Setup Fee: $49.99


Database Searches

It provides a full set of database search options. You can look into past charges and court cases at the county level rather than merely getting a high-level overview of a prospective candidate’s criminal history.

You can also use GoodHire to check a subject’s claimed degrees and previous employment. Of course, more basic checks such as credit history and vehicle history are also available.


One of the best aspects of this site is how clear the background check procedure is. To ensure that the candidate being screened is informed of the procedure and that all legal criteria are followed, the service recommends that they submit the background check request after your firm has paid for it. Even if candidates do not request it, GoodHire provides a copy of their report to them automatically.

Customer Service

GoodHire has a fantastic customer service team that can be reached via live chat, email, or phone.

Customers can also self-serve via Goodhire’s knowledge base, which contains articles. They’re also active on social media and online review platforms, responding graciously to both positive and negative feedback, and are generally approachable, fast to answer, and offer valuable advice.

#9 RentPrep


  • Short turnaround time
  • TransUnion-backed credit checks
  • Excellent client service
  • Option of determining the level of applicant involvement


  • Several functions which are only available as add-ons
  • Limitations to reference checks

Brand Overview

RentPrep is a community-driven tenant screening business that provides background checks, credit checks, and other screening services to property owners. It is the best background check service for tenants. It is most likely suitable for landlords who handle one to 25 units on their own.

RentPrep is a tenant screening service with a crucial human aspect that makes the screening results more reliable. It offers criminal background checks, address history, and tenant social security number verification, as well as nationwide eviction data, lien, bankruptcy, and judgment data.

Screeners double-check the information to ensure correctness and current findings. During normal business hours, landlords can usually have the results of their tenant screenings within an hour.

How much does it cost?

  • SmartMove Full Credit Report: $38
  • Judgments and Liens Report: $4.95
  • Income Verification Report: $10


Credit Checks

RentPrep conducts credit checks on applicants, verifies SSNs, and offers a comprehensive address history. Depending on the package, a full credit report (TransUnion) with a personalized ResidentScore is provided, or a simplified Credit Decision Report with a simple pass/fail based on selection criteria is provided.

Resources and Forms

RentPrep offers a wealth of tools for landlords and property managers in addition to their screening services. Search through a wide library of landlord and real estate paperwork that you can download and print at any moment. Answers to common questions can be found in an extensive FAQ section and blog. There’s also a podcast just for landlords.

Customer Service

With so many options to obtain tenant screens, RentPrep’s success is dependent on its ability to provide excellent customer service. Report turnaround time is normally one to two hours, with the exception of reference verification, and the RentPrep staff is ready to answer queries in person during business hours. RentPrep is simple to use for both tenants and landlords, and customer support is available via email or phone.

#10 PeopleSmart


  • Can find and research anyone in seconds
  • Privacy of users is respected on the site
  • Flexible payment options


  • Not possible to validate personnel details or resumes
  • No free trials available

Brand Overview

People Smart is a business background screening service. This service will provide you with information about people that you may utilize to grow your business.

It helps businesses locate information about people so that they may add it to their sales lists. Enhancing client data acquired through People Smart goes a long way toward improving the customer connection. It also focuses on supplying you with information such as your LinkedIn profile, phone number, email addresses, and customer insights, among other things.

The services provided by the website are a simple and basic method of doing a background check. To acquire a thorough report on a person’s background history, all you need is the person’s first and last name. PeopleSmart is regarded as one of the top full-service background check firms, despite the website’s simplistic design.

How much does it cost?

  • Basic Membership: $2.95 per month
  • Pro Membership: $29.95 per month


Easy Account Management

People smart makes it simple to join and maintain your profile since it gives comprehensive support for building your network with all credential public records and official information. Without any delays, developers provide complete guidance and troubleshooting online.


Confidential records such as income, credit ratings, debts, and other sensitive information about any company or individual are not shared. By searching by name, the application does not provide any cell phone information.

Customer Services

PeopleSmart has a customer care center that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This has the potential to be a game-changer. You can reach them via an online contact form where they always respond quickly, or by phone.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Background Check Site?

If you or your company needs to conduct background checks on someone, background check services make the process straightforward. They serve a certain purpose and have legal standing in society. We recommend that you choose any of the ten services listed in this article since they all operate at low costs and deliver accurate screening reports.

TruthFinder is the greatest background check service in our opinion since it provides high-quality, reliable, and accurate data with cheap monthly subscription packages and in-depth investigations of county criminal records dating back 15 years. That said, make sure you use any of the listed services correctly and adhere to the rules at all times.

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