Best Bug Zappers – Review and Compare Top Mosquito Traps

The presence of a bug is the last thing you could expect in your space. Bugs are annoying, scary, and disease carriers. However, having a bug zapper can solve the problem by eliminating mosquitoes, moths, and other critters from your balcony, backyard, patio, or just around the home. Bug zappers are also helpful when you go camping or just walking around.

When summer approaches, many bug zappers become more available on the market, which makes it difficult for many consumers to pick the best product. This review contains the best bug zappers available online. Our editorial team spent time analyzing products, their pros and cons, and finally tested them to create this list. After analyzing several products based on these factors, here are the best bug zappers you can buy in 2021:

Best Bug Zappers 2021

Black + Decker Bug Zapper


Black + Decker’s Bug Zapper is the most outstanding brand name on this list. It is available on many other lists too—for a good reason. This bug zapper protects the yard and entire home from several types of insects and pests. Users can simply place it on the ground or a flat surface such as a table.

Alternatively, users can hang it from a tree or place it just anywhere appropriate to attract and zap mosquitoes. This bug zapper uses ultraviolet light to imitate the appearance of a food source. This action attracts bugs towards the light, thinking it’s an easy meal. In the process, they get zapped by the electric coils.

The Black + Decker Bug Zapper is non-toxic and works effectively to eliminate mosquitoes from an indoor or outdoor space. Made by a reputable company, this bug zapper is durable and offers value for money. Most importantly, it’s affordable.



BUZZBGONE is one of the most popular mosquitos zappers available online. Virtually launched in 2020, this zapper has garnered several excellent reviews based on its effective design and affordability. The machine produces a LED light that attracts mosquitoes. As the mosquitos fly towards it thinking it is a food source, they get zapped by the electricity, leaving them dead on the ground.

Some things to note about the BUZZBGONE bug zapper is that it is battery-powered, has a rotating fan, and features a collection chamber that makes it easy to clean. Besides, it is one of the most affordable mosquito zappers on this list, going only for $40 according to its official website.

Flowtron BK 40D


Flowtron BK 40D has garnered tens of thousands of positive online reviews as a powerful electronic insect killer. It is one of the best-selling bug zappers on Amazon and other retail outlets. It scores an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 with more than 13000 customer reviews.

Compared to other options on this list, Flowtron BK 40D is relatively bigger to match its insect sapping capabilities. It is 17 inches tall and weighs about 5 pounds. It also works well with multiple attachments such as an additional bulb, a timer, or a mosquito attractant cartridge among others. Despite its size and high power, the BK 40D remains affordable at $68.

Hemiua Bug Zapper


The Hemiua Bug Zapper is more or less like the Flowtron BK 40D except for its price. It costs a little less than the BK-40D. This bug zapper enjoys 19000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6-star rating out of five. The Hemiua Bug Zapper is about 12 inches tall and comes with a built-in 4,200V electric grid enclosed in an ABS housing to prevent any accidental contact with people or animals.

Importantly, this bug zapper has a wider coverage range compared to other products on this list. It can cover up to 1,500 square feet, which makes it ideal for patios, larger backyards, homes, or campgrounds. To use the machine, simply place the zapper in a central area, switch it on, and enjoy effective bug zapping for as long as required.

The unit comes with a hook that makes it easy to hang from a tree. Currently priced at $46, the Hemiua Bug Zapper is one of the best-value items on this list. While it doesn’t have the brand recognition of other high-end bug zappers, its price and quality put it among the best buys.

Dynatrap DT1050


The Dynatrap DT1050 is the second highest-powered option after the Flowtron BK-40D. This bug zapper is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can cover up to half an acre of space. Its steel alloy structure makes it one of the most durable bug-zapping machines. It attracts and traps all flying insects around the home.

Additionally, the Dynatrap DT1050 Bug Zapper is easy to operate and clean. To clean the system, users only need to twist the trap on or off for simple operation, no-touch cleaning. The machine comes with a near-silent, yet effective fan that traps insects inside and makes it easy to clean as needed.

The main challenge with this bug zapper is that it only plugs into a standard outlet. Unlike other units, it has no portable battery power. Currently priced at $94, it’s one of the higher-priced units on this list, thanks to its high power.

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper


The Anysun model is the first solar-powered bug zapper on this list. This rechargeable bug zapper can work in the backyard for as long as required. Provided there is solar power, it can run for as long as needed, attracting and killing insects within a given radius.

According to the manufacturer, the lantern attracts mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other flying insects. One of the remarkable features of this bug zapper is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around wherever and whenever required. Besides, the Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper weighs just 2 pounds while it can cover up to 538 square feet of space. It also carries a waterproof rating of IPX65.

Fuze Bug


The Fuze Bug is a bug-zapping system and a lamp in one unit. It can hang from a tree in the backyard or stand on the patio while zapping insects around the home or property. Currently priced at $40 per unit, the Fuze Bug unit offers the same value as other top-ranked bug zappers on this list.

Additionally, this system uses a unique design to zap insects. In terms of coverage, it can do up to 375 square feet and up to 20 hours of protection on a single charge. Whether you intend to protect your backyard or use the unit on a camping trip, the Fuze Bug can work anywhere on the go. Like other bug-zapping units on this list, this unit comes with a purple LED light.

Users simply need to flip the switch to activate the device. Once the light turns on, it begins to attract insects to the electric coils where they get zapped. It also comes with a double-layered electric grid that makes it easy to clean the unit. It also prevents the zapper from contact with children or animals.

Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer


While it’s not among the most aesthetically built units, the Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer is one of the most effective units. It uses bright lights to attract bugs towards the unit, thereby getting zapped by the electric coils. Priced under $41, this unit is surprisingly affordable.

Besides, the manufacturer offers two replacement bulbs with all purchases of this unit. This makes it easy to run the system as a long-term insect zapping solution. Importantly, the Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer attracts flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects in a chemical-free way.



The Moskinator is one of the best bug zappers to buy in 2021. This unit is uniquely built in the sense that unlike other top-rated bug zappers on this list, the Moskinator uses more than just light to attract mosquitoes. It also sucks in mosquitoes using a fan. As the insects fly towards the zapper, they get close enough to the fan’s radius where they are sucked into the trap.

Once they are inside the trap, the mosquitoes can’t escape and end up flying around the system’s trap until they dry out and die. The Moskinator Insect Zapper is a chemical-free insect-killing system that works successfully to eliminate mosquitoes and other whirring insects from backyards, patios, and homes.

Despite its small size, the Moskinator Insect Killer’s trap can contain dozens of mosquitoes in a single use. Currently priced at $73, the Moskinator is among the best online bug zappers in 2021.



As the name applies, the Mosquitron Bug Zapper is the second item on this list that specifically targets mosquitoes over other flying insects. The unit works similarly to the Moskinator, applying a combination of fan power and a light system to attract and kill mosquitoes.

Additionally, the Mosquitron is the first device on this list that comes with intelligent controls. Unlike other devices that embrace a set-it-and-forget-it design, the Mosquitron comes with a USB-powered, intelligent device that draws mosquitoes towards the system while being easy to clean. It’s equally worth noting that Mosquitron is among the smallest devices on this list.

This unit takes up only a little space on the desktop, patio, or anywhere else it’s set up to work. Its small size makes it easy to carry around without adding much weight to the luggage. Currently priced at $89, it’s not the cheapest unit, but it offers value for money. The manufacturer also offers steep discounts for multiple orders.



MosQiller is one of the top-rated online bug zappers to consider buying in 2021. This model uses a bright light to draw flying insects towards the unit, where they get trapped, killed, and dried. It eliminates mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies, among other flying bugs. Like other bug zappers on this list, MosQiller works silently with library-level noise while trapping and killing dozens of insects.

Importantly, this unit is the most outstanding on this list in terms of aesthetics. It’s easy to carry around, clean, and its small size makes it suitable for home, garden, and camping use. The unit is also safe to use around pets and family members, as the light only affects flying insects.

Currently priced at $79, MosQiller is not the cheapest device on this list, but the price can drop to as low as $45 for multiple orders.

1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern


This 180-lumen LED camping lantern can light up your backyard while eliminating mosquitoes at the same time. The 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern is one of the smallest units on this list, which makes it the ideal option for smaller spaces and backyards.

Besides, this unit is surprisingly durable and offers a shockproof 2,000mAh battery and up to 20 hours of life in lantern mode. The 1TAC Zapper comes with an electric coil that zaps all mosquitoes and other insects that get into contact with it.

Notably, the 1TAC zapper is one of the most affordable units on this list. Currently priced at just under $30, allows consumers to buy multiple units to use in multiple spots around the home. Importantly, this unit delivers a real ultraviolet light and not a fake blue or purple LED light often seen in cheaper bug zappers on the market.

MoskiX Band


Compared to other bug zappers on this list, the MoskiX Band is the most unique. Consumers can get this product online from eCommerce company Hyperstech. This unit is a smartwatch that users can wear to repel mosquitoes wherever they go. This device can repel mosquitoes while the user walks or runs around. It is suitable for moving around a campsite, sitting in a backyard, or doing any activity where no annoying mosquitoes are needed.

Currently priced at $89 per band, the MoskiX Band is one of the most expensive items on this list. Besides, technically it’s not a bug zapper but a repellent system that uses the power of smart technology and wireless frequencies to repel mosquitoes. It can also work to complement the effects of other devices listed here.

The Mode of Ranking for the Listed Bug Zappers

As stated earlier in this review, many companies are out there to make bug zappers, all of which claim to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects. However, only a handful lives up to that promise. Some advertised bug zappers are too small to cover a standard room, contrary to what consumers find on their sales pages or see in their adverts.

Besides, some touted bug zappers break within weeks of regular use. In this list, the editorial team tested each of the units here to confirm their capabilities. After evaluating each bug zapper both indoors and outdoors, the team ranked the best bug zappers according to the following factors:

Bug attraction and rating

Some bug zappers use fake, cheap blue or purple LEDs to attract insects. However, these lights don’t deliver the best results. Some companies also use ultraviolet lights that are invisible on the spectrum.

For this list, the editorial team tested each bug zapper in summer in the Southeastern United States to confirm its ability to attract, zap, and kill bugs effectively. Consumers buy bug zappers to eliminate bugs, which makes this the main consideration for this ranking.

Coverage area

Many bug zappers do not live up to their expected coverage area. Some are too small or weak to cover an area bigger than a dorm room. Other bug zappers can cover larger spaces such as backyards or areas up to 2000 square feet. The best models cover larger areas. High-powered devices attract more insects even in smaller spaces.

Ease of cleaning

It’s difficult and time-consuming to scrape dead bugs from an electric coil. Some companies provide a brush with every purchase to make cleaning the coils easier. Other bug zappers have no electric coil and only trap and dry mosquitoes in a wind tunnel to kill them. This ranking contains products that are easy to clean, without being biased towards electric coils or wind tunnel systems.

Battery or power supply

Battery power is an important consideration when buying a bug zapper. Some bug zappers can only last a few hours after a single charge. Such units cannot serve camping or outdoor use effectively. On the other hand, some bug zappers can last up to 10 or 20 hours, which makes them the better option.

Additionally, some bug zappers use solar power or an electrical outlet. In compiling this list, battery power was one of the factors to consider. The longer the power takes after a single charge, the better the unit.

Safety features

Most electronic bug-zapping units have safety features that drastically lower the chance of zapping a human or animal that comes near the unit. For example, some bug zappers have a built-in dual-layer grid that prevents the coil from zapping a person or an animal that touches it.

In such devices, bugs only get zapped when they fly to the second layer of coils. Other bug zappers also come with a tip-over shut-off system and other features that prevent injury during use.


Most consumers buy bug zappers for outdoor use, where they are exposed to various elements. Whether it’s in a patio, backyard, or camping, durability is important. Some companies make their products from durable materials such as stainless steel, while other use cheap plastic and shoddy bulbs that fizzle out within a few weeks of regular use. This list considered bug zappers from companies that invested in durable materials.


When it comes to discretion, some bug zappers are too bright to use comfortably in a dark area. Most of such units use cheap purple or blue LEDs instead of genuine ultraviolet light. Such units deliver blinding light at night or ruin the ambiance of a dark patio.

The best bug zappers are made in a way that allows them to blend well with their areas of operation. They are often more discreet, with bars and grids that protect the eyes from the light. While it wasn’t the most important factor for ranking, discretion indeed plays a role in this ranking.

Price and value

When it comes to price and value, consumers would want to spend varying amounts base on their financial strength. Whether they would want to spend $10 or $150, they have several options to consider. This ranking considered bug zappers for all budgets including cheap units and high-end devices. Regardless of the price, the ranking emphasized good value to make sure consumers get the best value for every dollar they spend on bug zappers.

Who Should Use a Bug Zapper?

A bug zapper is an essential item for anyone who wants to repel annoying insects. Whether used on the patio or in the backyard, this system is a great addition to any home. It also works well during camping or picnic activities that take place overnight. Similarly, bug zappers are useful indoors where they are used to eliminate drain flies, fruit flies, and any other pesky bugs.

In summary, beneficiaries of bug zappers include:

  • Campers and hikers
  • People concerned about their safety and that of their family, including the spread of disease
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy a bug-free time in the backyard
  • People who want to avoid other bug-killing solutions that deliver toxins and harmful chemicals
  • People with bug problems in their homes
  • People who live near bug-breeding places such as swamps, lakes, creeks, or other bug-infested areas

Modern bug zappers utilize modern technology that delivers smart features such as fans, UV lights, and other add-ons. The best bug zappers on this list have all these features while remaining affordable to all users.


How Bug Zappers Work

Bug zappers utilize a combination of two systems:

  • An electric coil or fan-based system that attracts, traps, dries, and kills the bugs
  • A blue, purple, or UV light that attracts bugs to an electric coil

When a bug zapper is turned on, insects see the light and move towards it thinking it’s a food source. When the insects see the light in the UV spectrum, they associate it with living creatures, including animals or humans. By flying towards the light thinking it’s an easy meal, they get trapped and zapped by the electronic coils or the fan-based system.

To enhance the effectiveness of bug zappers, some users add some form of bait. For example, Octenol is a mosquito attractant liquid that imitates the scent of human sweat. When applied around a bug zapper, it increases the unit’s ability to attract more mosquitoes. Other attractants include tuna, cat food, or other pungent edibles that may attract flies.

Some bug zappers use wind or fans to kill insects. These units work by suction, which draws the bugs inside the fan when they fly too close. Once inside the fan, the wind is too powerful for them to escape and they end up trapped in the container until they dry up and die.

Scientific Evidence for Bug Zappers

Most bug zapper manufacturers don’t clinically verify their products’ work. However, many companies rely on years of scientific evidence to support the operations of their products.

For instance, in 2017, a study revealed that pulsated light-emitting diodes (LEDs) could attract and kill mosquitoes. In that study, using pulsated instead of standard LEDs reduced power consumption by up to 40 percent and increased the number of attracted mosquitoes by 250 percent.

In a similar study in 2019, researchers used ultraviolet insect light traps to control mosquitoes in the coastal areas of a mosquito-infested region of Thailand. Consequently, the researchers found that the UV traps were more effective compared to other mosquito control methods. Based on this research, they concluded that UV light traps are a more effective, non-invasive mosquito control method.

These studies and others are scientific shreds of evidence that are linked to the invention and operation of modern bug zappers.

Online Bug zappers Pros and Cons


  • Portability: Users can easily move around with the devices
  • Batterypowered: Users don’t have to depend on conventional electricity
  • Affordability: Most of them are within the spending range of an average consumer
  • Nontoxic to pets and humans
  • Durability: Made of a stronger material like stainless steel
  • Lightweight: Makes it easy to carry around


  • Online purchase can limit some consumers
  • Some models are expensive

Online Bug Zappers Final Word

A bug zapper is one of the best additions to any homestead. A good unit can transform your backyard, patio, and overall home environment. These machines use a combination of lights, electric coils, and fans to attract and kill annoying bugs that disrupt your peace indoors or outdoors.

However, not every bug zapper in the market is good. The bottom line is to find a model that is built to last, considering the factors outlined in this list. This list can help consumers make an informed decision when shopping for the best bug zappers online.

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