Best Cannabis Seeds: Reputable Seed Banks In The US 2022

Are you looking to start cannabis farming? If that is the case, then having the right cannabis seeds is where you should start. The best place to find such seeds would be from a seed bank. Any good seed bank would have the right conditions vital for maintaining the viability of its cannabis seeds. That is what we want to see in the guide. It will help you identify the top cannabis seedbanks that offer quality weed seeds for high yields. Let us see what are the options.

Editor’s Choice


  • It has multiple payment methods
  • Offers over 80 weed strains
  • Comes with a discreet packaging option

Best Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Seeds Online in 2022 (Ships to the US)

  1. ILGM – Editor’s Choice
  2. Herbies Seeds – Best for Worldwide Shipping
  3. CropKingSeeds – Best for High Yielding Seeds
  4. MSNL – Best for Autoflowering Strains
  5. Weedseedsexpress – Best for Fast Shipping
  6. Seedsman
  7. Ministry of Cannabis




  • Can offer discreet shipping
  • Impressive germination guarantee
  • Has high quality seeds


  • Only ships to the US

Based In: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Popular Strains: Bruce Banner, GG4, Girl Scout Cookies, Grandaddy Purple, G13

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ILGM founder Robert Bergman has been in the industry as a weed grower for at least 25 years. This has made it possible for him to have some of the best cannabis seeds with a high germination guarantee. Anyone would find it easy to trust that the weed seeds they are buying are high quality and would deliver the best yields. Moreover, amNY newspaper, The Mercury News, and many others have listed ILGM as the top reliable marijuana seeds.

The seed bank is known for having 100% safe seeds bred and stored within the right conditions. The result is that you now have top-grade quality vital for the best yields. The team at ILGM is also full of experts that go through the seeds and handpick them for the best outcome.

ILGM seed bank has enough strains for you to consider. There are up to 80 different strains to buy, including those meant for beginners. So, even if you have not grown cannabis before, you should find seeds you can handle. There are various seed types too that you should look at, including auto-flowering, feminized, and fast flowering seeds.

2. Herbies Seeds



  • New seed types are introduced more often
  • Most of the orders get free seeds
  • Discreet shipping is possible


  • Having too many seeds at times becomes confusing

Based In: United Kingdom

Popular Strains: Runtz Muffin, Gradmommy Purple, Gorilla Glue #4, Apple Betty, Dessert Mix, Za-Za OG

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Herbies Seeds is among the seed banks that can ship worldwide. So long as your location allows the growing of weed seeds, go ahead and buy from the seed bank. The good thing is that buying cannabis seeds from the seed bank comes with stealth shipping. This also increases the chances of your seeds being delivered.

Other than the usual auto-flowering and feminized seeds, you can get photoperiod seeds, fast flowering seeds, etc. Expect to get over 2,000 seeds available on the seed bank’s website at any given time. With this such an impressive number, it is possible to get seeds that will be easy to grow.

Herbies Seeds also allows for different payment methods. These methods include card payments, bank transfers, Bitcoin, and at times cash on delivery. So, it becomes easier for people to pay based on convenience. Those who might have refund questions can contact the support team for quick help.

3. Crop King Seeds



  • Tends to have new seeds more often
  • Nice website layout for ease of use
  • Can accept payment via many methods


  • Offers conditional shipping

Based In: Vancouver, Canada

Popular Strains: Dwarf Low Flyer, White Widow, Trainwreck Auto, Sour Girl, Revolver, NYC Diesel

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If you are still seeking quality cannabis seeds, expect to find them here. It still stands out among the best seed banks because of its discreet delivery method. No more losing your package at customs since no one would know what is in it. You are also given assurance on the germination of the seeds. An 80% germination guarantee is what you need for healthy cannabis seeds.

The support team is easily accessible in different ways. You can use email or live chat to get the help you need. Expect the agent in charge will get you the answers to the queries. The detailed description of the different types of seeds makes it easier to choose the seeds. The options as types of seeds include regular seeds, CBD seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflower seeds.




  • It has multiple types of seeds
  • The customer support is fast in responding
  • Tends to offer free seeds more often


  • A few complaints on the speed of shipping

Based In: London, UK

Popular Strains: Girl Scout Cookies, Alien OG, Forbidden Fruit, Durban Poison, Silver Haze.

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You would be comfortable buying from MSNL simply because of the experience. The company has been around for over 20 years producing high-quality cannabis seeds always. With this experience, buyers also expect the best germination guarantees generally. Since not many people complain about its overall performance in terms of seeds it sells, it is more reason to consider buying from it.

When you buy marijuana seeds for sale, you may also want free seeds. That is what the seed bank offers you. It does not matter whether it is female cannabis plants you want, as you will always get the free seeds with each order. The presence of medical seeds means you can even grow seeds to suit your medical condition.

5. Weedseedsexpress



  • It offers fast shipping
  • It has over 100 strains available
  • Guarantee delivery


  • Some feel it could use more variety

Based In: Haarlem, Netherlands

Popular Strains: Fruity Pebbles, Black Jack, Purple Punch, Lowryder

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Are you still looking to buy cannabis seeds online, then Weedseedsexpress can be a nice solution. It is loved mostly for having fast shipping. If you ever want to have your seeds delivered in a couple of days, consider it today. It is also a secure and private site that ensures the packages are discreetly delivered to the buyers.

As for strains, you will come across a catalog of over 100 strains. This means that even those who want easy but still high-yielding strains can get them. The seed bank still guarantees seed delivery. If you do not receive the seeds within the stipulated timeframe, you can easily ask for another package for free. With a great customer care team, this can be delivered in good time.

6. Seedsman



  • Features quality weed seeds
  • Each order gets free seeds
  • Partners with top breeders


  • Some strains tend to be out of stock

Based In: United Kingdom

Popular Strains: Mama Thai, C99 X Blueberry, Jack Herer, Lemonchello

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Seedsman is one of those companies that has partnered with various world-known breeders. The aim is to bring you high-quality seeds you can also enjoy the yields in the end. Those who want to buy cannabis seeds online will have an easy time doing so on this seed bank because of the easy website layout.

Like other cannabis seed banks, Seedsman also has a variety of options to consider generally. You will find the usual feminized and auto-flowering seeds together with indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, regular seeds, and more. Even beginners should have an easy time finding out the best seeds they can try out.

7. Ministry of Cannabis



  • Offers superior quality seeds
  • Great support team
  • Comes with worldwide shipping


  • Limited offers

Based In: Barcelona, Spain

Popular Strains: Big Bud XXL, Auto Blue Amnesia, Ultra White Amnesia, Blueberry Domina

Click here to get the best deal on Ministry of Cannabis

This seed bank has an interesting name which makes a person feel it can be offering high-quality seeds. The good news is that you will get the best cannabis seeds here. It does not matter whether it is auto-flowering seeds, feminized, regular, or any other types of seeds. They are all carefully selected by experts to ensure you always end up with the best yields.

Buyers also like it for having fast shipping too. The order would be processed within a day. This means you can get it as soon as possible. It also ships its products worldwide, making it easier for those in countries that allow the growing of cannabis to have an easy time getting the best quality seeds. Having the delivery guarantee policy ensures you always get your seeds.

Ranking Criteria

You should expect to come across many seed banks in the market. This would make it even harder for you to choose cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank. This is how we researched and ranked the seed banks to ensure you are buying quality seeds only.

Seed Quality

Anyone who is buying cannabis seeds online would hope to get high-quality seeds. At least you are now assured of the best genetics and also the best yield. We looked at the seed banks’ breeders to understand the genetics and quality.

Also, the seedbanks make a lot of information about their seeds to be available. The idea is to ensure you always have all the details before deciding if the seed bank is worth buying from or not. Transparency is always important.

Shipping Method

The shipping method is quite important. We would appreciate a seed bank that can ship the products fast. No one wants to wait for the seeds for months when you are ready to plant. So, we have included some of the top seed banks that actually deliver on fast shipping.

It is also discreet or stealth shipping. This is vital for ensuring your cannabis seeds package can be processed without major issues at customs. Also, you should not have to worry about other people snooping around your package.

Satisfaction Guarantees

You may come across the ILGM coupons more often, but are you sure to get the best guarantee on the seeds? That is what most people want when buying cannabis seeds. When there is a satisfaction guarantee, the better.

Most of the seed banks would offer a guarantee on the germination of the seeds. Such a guarantee would make someone spend money on the seeds knowing that they would actually grow.

You can still get a guarantee on the delivery of the cannabis seeds. Most seed banks want you to know that you can actually get the cannabis seeds delivered. In case the package is lost, you are still assured of getting the package.

US Laws When Buying Marijuana Seeds

Buying quality marijuana seeds from online seed banks also involves understanding the US laws on marijuana seeds. Focus more on the state laws around the buying and growing of marijuana seeds. This is because each state would have a different take on such projects.

Other than understanding your local laws on marijuana, it is best to consult a local business attorney too for assistance. At times you may not fully understand what the laws say thus you need the help of an attorney.

Sometimes it is best to shop locally but go for online seed banks if necessary. The local seed banks can help avoid your package being confiscated by customs. However, if that is not a common issue in your state, ordering online can expose you to a variety of marijuana seeds compared to what is available locally.

How Do Seed Banks Ship Marijuana Seeds?

After going through the ILGM reviews, you may be ready to get the products sent to you. Well, the first thing would be checking out if the seed bank actually ships to your location. Not all seedbanks selling popular or rare cannabis seeds would ship to the US.

Each seed bank would have a description of where it ships and how long you can expect it to take before you receive the package.

The other thing to keep in mind is the type of shipping available. There is the option of standard shipping and then you have stealth shipping too. This is vital for ensuring that the users can receive their shipments in good condition always. For such a scenario, you always have to consider stealth shipping.

Stealth shipping is when the package would be disguised as a different product generally. You can expect the seeds to be packaged like DVDs, flashlights, pens, and others. No one would think to expect cannabis seeds to be in a DVD case.

Do All Marijuana Seed Banks Have Multiple Payment Methods?

Most marijuana seed banks will have multiple payment methods. This is to ensure that you always have an option when it comes to paying for the package. Some of the payment methods you can expect include;

  • Cash on delivery
  • credit/debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • E-wallet

You can also expect to see some seed banks offering the option of cryptocurrency. This is where you can pay via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other types of cryptocurrency coins. This can be a nice way of ensuring that you can have privacy while buying cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seed Selection Options

Cannabis Seeds by Sex

You can come across options including cannabis seeds for male or female strains when seeking to buy cannabis seeds. Depending on what you want to achieve in the end, you can opt for either male or female.

The male seeds would be best for those who want more seeds to keep the lineage of the strain active. Those who want the best buds and yields are better off going for the female seeds.

Cannabis Seeds by Genetics

Cannabis seeds can also be chosen based on genetics. Each of the seed banks would have all the information that you need to find out more about the cannabis seeds’ genetics before buying. Most seed banks will easily share the information on how the breeding is done and the final quality of the seeds achieved.

The Takeaway: Which Cannabis Seed Bank Is Best?

Looking at the different seedbanks mentioned above, you can easily find the best auto-flowering cannabis seeds or any other. You also do not need to worry about your cannabis seeds not germinating as you can easily find the best germination guarantee from each of the seed banks.

Most seed banks also offer free cannabis seeds vital for ensuring that you get to replace any of the seeds that do not germinate. Just like that, you should find the best cannabis seed bank that can suit you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which seed bank has the best genetics?

ILGM often stands out for having the best seeds with the right genetics. This is because of the experience put into coming up with the top cannabis seeds.

2. Can you get in trouble for ordering seeds?

It is possible that at times you may come across the customs team taking your cannabis seeds package since the seeds are not allowed.

3. Which seed banks offer worldwide shipping?

You can consider Herbies Seeds and Weedseedsexpress to get your cannabis seeds easily from different parts of the world.

4. Is it safe to buy seed banks online?

Yes. So long as it is a trustworthy seed bank, you should expect that the seed bank would ship the seeds to your location.

5. What do cannabis seeds look like?

The cannabis seeds are likely to be from 0.5mm to 2mm in size and have a whitish to brown color. Depending on the strain, some might have black sports too.

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