Best Credit Repair Companies: Top Credit Repair Services 2021

Do you know how important your credit score is? Some people think that a credit score only matters when trying to buy a home. This is not the case. Car insurance, payments on loans, and even apartment leasing are all processes that are closely influenced by your credit score.

Let’s look at some realistic numbers. With a credit score of 300 or lower, most apartments will reject your application automatically. With a credit score between 300 and 600, they might require you to pay $500 or more in additional security deposit cash just to secure the apartment. Don’t even think about buying a home and securing a solid mortgage with a credit score below 500.

Another myth associated with the credit score is that it can never be repaired. It is true that using a credit card inappropriately or failing to pay your mortgage can do long-term damage to your credit score.

And fixing a bad credit score isn’t easy; it often takes months before you’re able to boast a somewhat acceptable credit score of any kind. However, fixing your credit score is definitely possible. One popular natural strategy to improve your credit score involves “piggy-backing” on the good credit of a trusted friend or a family member.

When you “piggyback,” you’re actually just being authorized as a user of a reputable credit user’s account. You never need to actually spend their money. The goal is just to allow their on-time payments to count toward your credit score.

This trick has been used for decades by people hoping to improve their credit scores considerably. And the strategy works, too! If you stay on account of a good credit user for six months or more, you’ll start to be evaluated as if you’ve made all of those large on-time payments yourself!

But not everyone has a rich friend who they can piggyback off of. For the majority of us, just trying to make our own payments on time is hard enough work. Forget about trying to find a family member who trusts you enough to add you as an authorized user on their credit account! For these folks, credit repair services might be a fantastic opportunity. Reputable credit repair companies work to help you improve your credit score within a matter of weeks. Most of these services function by challenging inaccurate credit data.

Credit seems complicated, but credit scores are actually relatively simple to understand. Whenever you do anything that involves credit, this data is reported to several agencies across the country that keep track of the information. When you apply for a credit card, mortgage, or lease, this data is reported to the person you’re ‘borrowing’ money from.

We have found a few best credit repair services comb through this reported data, finding areas to challenge it. This can drastically improve your credit score; human error can often result in people being given lower credit scores than they have actually earned. Today, we’ve compiled a stunning list of some of the top credit repair companies in the industry.

How We Ranked the Best Credit Repair Companies

When our editors sat down to review the top credit repair companies of 2021, we kept several things in mind. While most credit repair companies are legitimate and regularly audited by regulatory authorities for compliance and accuracy, there are a number of credit repair scams in the credit repair industry. To address this problem, we created a list of qualifiers to try to help us as we decide on the best credit repair services available in 2021.

Our editors employed the following main metrics to determine the strength of a given credit repair service on our list:

Repair methods

Most credit repair companies use a number of different potential methods to help improve the credit scores of their clients. One popular method involves challenging inaccurate or outright incorrect information on your credit reports.

This is a simple process, and you can actually just do it on your own. The best companies on our list went above and beyond this simple process by removing the data from your report. This is easier said than done; it involves not only challenging the incorrect information but successfully petitioning to get it removed from the major credit bureaus.


We always like to say that value and price are two separate things. The price of a credit repair service might be low, but it could be a fantastic value if it provides exceptional bang for your buck. Some people have thousands of dollars in cash to throw at their credit problem, but most of us work on a budget. We took both value and basic cost into account while compiling our rankings for the top credit repair services in the country.

Credit Improvement

At the end of the day, this is what you’re here for. We looked toward many credit repair companies having reviews, claims, and credit repair effectiveness to determine whether or not they are actually able to improve your credit score over time.

Transparency and Reputation

Companies in this sector always claim that they can improve your credit score in just a matter of weeks. For most credit repair agencies, this is simply not feasible. While minor improvements can be noticed within a few weeks, serious improvement (200+ points) to a low credit score might take far longer. We recommend that consumers stick with credit repair agencies that are both honest and transparent about the benefits they can provide users.

Actual Credit Repair

This is an important point for anyone looking to understand how credit score improvement works. Some credit repair companies claim to improve credit scores but actually only offer credit monitoring. At the end of the day, this doesn’t do much at all for those of us who already know we have bad credit. For our list, we looked only for companies that actually take verifiable steps to improve the credit scores of consumers.

Company Experience

Experience isn’t everything, but it certainly helps out. We like to work primarily with credit repair agencies having 10+ years of experience in the industry. Newer credit repair agencies sometimes make it onto our lists, but only when they come highly recommended by third-party watchdogs and consumer reviewers.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not every company we find in the credit repair industry offers a satisfaction guarantee, but most certainly does. We always prefer to do business with companies that are confident enough in their abilities to offer a money-back guarantee.


It’s 2021. We get it. You aren’t interested in spending hours learning a complicated credit repair software and website layout just to get updates on your credit remodel service’s progress. We looked for companies with an easy-to-use and simple interface that nearly any consumer can pick up and understand easily.

Why Repair your Credit Score?

For most folks, this is an easy question to answer. You might have your eye on an apartment that requires a higher credit score than you currently possess. Maybe you want a fancy new credit card with a higher spending limit. Or maybe you’re finally planning on getting a mortgage and settling into a forever home.

But there are also incredible benefits to having a higher credit score that most people don’t even know about! Do you know that having a higher credit score improves your chances of having a happy marriage? Did you know that it can lower your cell phone rates, improve confidence, and lower the premiums you pay on homeowners insurance?

Learn more about some of the top reasons to improve your credit score below.

Higher Confidence

A better credit score analysis can directly influence your confidence. In the United States, at least, a high credit score is considered indicative of a healthy financial life. Walk with more confidence in your step by improving your credit score. People with low credit scores constantly walk past things that they simply cannot afford; improving your credit score takes this nasty feeling out of the equation.

Lower Security Deposits

Most people with high credit scores don’t actually have to pay a security deposit at all on their utilities. In some parts of the country, this can save you anywhere from $250 to $500 each time you switch providers. When it comes to apartments, people with low credit scores can pay up to one thousand dollars on additional security deposits. Improve your credit score, and you won’t have to worry about finding this extra cash at all.

Easier Rental Approval

You probably already know about this important benefit. Credit scores will instantly ruin your chances of renting a new apartment. In fact, low credit scores or bad credit history is the quickest and easiest way to get rejected from a new apartment. A perfect credit score? Forget about it; you’ll be moving in in a week!

Negotiating Power

This benefit of a higher credit score can impact nearly any part of your life. If you’re renting a new apartment, buying a home, or even just purchasing a new car, a high credit score improves your negotiating power when it comes time to haggle on a price. No one wants to be in the position of someone looking for a loan with a low credit score.

Better Marriage Odds

This is a strange benefit, but a true one nonetheless. Market Watch finds that over 50% of Americans said they’d never marry someone who had a large amount of debt. In fact, some men and women actually say that they might be willing to run a credit report on someone before getting more serious with them. You read that right: a bad credit score can actually keep you from finding the love of your life.

Lower Cell Rates

Some people don’t realize that cell phone rates are directly related to the credit score of clients. If you have a higher credit score, you’ll get better rates to pay on your cell phone plans. Want the new iPhone without having to pay a hefty bit of interest on your monthly payments? Time to get cracking on improving that credit score.

Our Rankings of the 8 Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

We worked tirelessly to put together this list of the best credit repair services available to the average consumer in 2021. We searched far and wide to come up with this list, and we used a knockout list of some of the most important considerations in the market in order to decide which companies did (and didn’t) make the cut.

Here are our picks for the best credit repair companies in 2021.

1.) Credit Saint

Key Information
BBB RankingA
Main Features
  • Help to understand the credit score
  • Provide private dashboards to analyze a credit report
  • Provide suggestions to improve credit score
  • Easy to start and cancel
  • Plan Starting at $79.99 per month + $99.00 initial work fee
    Guarantee90-day Money Back Guarantee

    Credit Saint makes some pretty bold claims about their place in the credit repair industry. For example, the official website of Credit Saint actually claims that they are the top company in the sector when it comes to challenging incorrect credit score analysis. This might not be entirely true, but the evidence we found suggests that the credit saint certainly does come with a pretty solid reputation in the credit repair sector. The company is accredited by Better Business Bureau with A+ ratings.

    We were especially impressed with Credit Saint credit repair agency due to its ability to provide a free consultation. This means that you can sit down with one of their specialists at no cost and see how the company might help you with your particular credit repair problems.

    The credit saint also uses a variety of educational materials to help consumers improve their understanding of how the wild world of credit scores works. These free credit repair services go above and beyond the traditional offerings of the average credit repair company, which is one reason Credit Saint impressed our editors so much upon initial valuation.

    2.) Lexington Law

    Key Information
    BBB RankingC
    Main Features
  • Free credit report discussion and solution
  • Free FICO and TransUnion credit report summary
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Transparent credit repair process
  • Plan Starting at $89.95 monthly fee
    GuaranteeNot Available

    If you’re looking for an established company with extensive experience in the industry, Lexington Law might be the best credit repair company for you. Like we said in our introduction, the organization has over 20 years of experience in improving the credit reports of people all over the country. Lexington Law knows that repairing credit is not an instant process. Time, legal action, and effort are all components of a solid credit remodel strategy. Fir offers services like identity protection, cease and desist letters, credit score tracking, and more, depending on the selected package.

    Interestingly enough, we know that Lexington Law has an actual law firm backing its credit repair offerings. This is relatively unique in the credit repair industry, and it gives them major points in our book. The Lexington Law firm primarily works to challenge inaccuracies in your credit report. That’s right; you have actual lawyers fighting to remove inaccurate information in order to improve your bad credit score.

    Lexington law credit repair company isn’t for you if you’re looking for a quick fix to your credit problem. They seem to realize that genuine improvement of your credit score is a difficult, oftentimes lengthy process. Because of this, they’ve won what might be the most positive reputation in the industry. They claim to have worked with customers to remove over 70 million pieces of inaccurate information. While their credit repair packages are a bit pricey, we always recommend Lexington Law for their resources, accuracy, and results.

    3.) Sky Blue Credit

    Key Information
    BBB RankingA+
    Main Features
  • Challenge credit report errors
  • Optimize your credit score
  • Debt validation and faster disputes
  • No charges for 6 days
  • Plan Starting at $79 monthly fee
    Guarantee90 days money-back guarantee

    Sky Blue Credit is easily one of the oldest operators in the credit repair industry. They have been working with consumers to improve credit scores since 1989, making them over thirty-one years old. Sky Blue Credit offers unparalleled and reasonable credit repair packages. They also offer a six-day trial, which is pretty solid for a Sky Blue credit repair company. Their credit repair process includes a combination of dispute resolution, professional analysis, and custom dispute resolution processes that are tailored to your specific credit issues. However, they don’t provide free credit reports.

    Sky Blue Credit has long been one of the best credit repair companies, according to third-party watchdogs and reviewing consumers alike. There’s a reason they made it to the top of our list today. Sky Blue Credit repair provides its consumers with a number of personal finance tools and additional perks to help you live a life of better credit and higher financial stability.

    4.) TransUnion

    Key Information
    BBB RankingA+
    Main Features
  • Unlimited access to credit reports and score
  • Plan your credit with CreditCompass™
  • $1 million Identity theft protection
  • Monthly advice to ensure best credit repair
  • Plan Starting at $24 monthly fee
    GuaranteeNot Available

    Aside from Equifax and Experian, TransUnion is considered one of the country’s main credit bureaus. In addition to being one of the reporting entities in the industry, TransUnion is unique because it offers a list of actual credit repair services. They specialize in credit tracking and protection, and they also help people to improve credit scores by checking up credit history.

    CreditCompass is just one of the credit repair organizations offered to consumers subscribing to TransUnion’s credit repair service at an affordable credit remodel package. This service, along with Credit Lock Plus, provides a combination of monitoring and credit repair that’s tough to match for its price. One major cause of low credit scores is fraud; someone who steals money from your account and makes big purchases is doing more than taking your cash. Fraud can also hurt your credit score, and TransUnion works to address and prevent fraud in the first place.

    Subscribing to this service also guarantees you one million dollars in identity theft insurance. TransUnion is one of the most legitimate credit repair companies in the industry, which is one reason it makes an appearance on our ranked list.


    Key Information
    BBB RankingD
    Main Features
  • Review negative items bring your score down
  • Make sure the right credit report
  • Solution from Experts
  • Chances to increase 40 points in 6 month
  • Plan Available Basic, Moderate, and Aggressive credit repair packages
    GuaranteeNot Available

    Let’s face the facts: this is the easiest credit repair company to remember on this whole list. Aside from a very simple name, has quickly become the favorite of millions of people looking to improve their credit scores. The company is relatively new, having only cropped up in 2012. In just nine short years, they claim to have helped over 1.8 million inaccuracies get removed for credit-using consumers. Sounds pretty good, right?

    Their process is also pretty simple. This best credit repair company uses its resources to scan your credit account for inaccuracies or errors with the help of their credit repair software, and then they challenge lenders to verify whether or not these entries on your credit report are actually accurate. Many times, the entities responsible can’t actually provide the documentation necessary to dock your account. The errors are then removed, providing you with a significant credit boost.

    In just 2019, this credit repair company sent requests for over 19 million items to be removed from major credit tracking companies. They seem to be one of the most significant companies in the industry, and offers multiple payment plans to allow you to choose and tailor your approach to improving your credit.

    6.) The Credit Watcher

    Key Information
    BBB RankingF
    Main Features
  • Get scores from all 3 credit bureaus
  • 24/7 credit monitoring
  • Alerts while your credit changes
  • Offers roadside assistance
  • Plan Starting at $39.90 per month
    GuaranteeNot available

    The main purpose of this good credit repair company is to provide a credit monitoring service. We always like to see companies that do both monitoring and actual credit repair by raising issues with credit bureaus. But there’s also a place for organizations that provide up-to-date credit monitoring and protection at affordable credit repair packages. The conscious consumer should know that good credit isn’t just about securing a good score; it’s about preventing erroneous errors from wreaking havoc on your existing score.

    The Credit Wacher grabs its position in the best credit repair companies list because it provides consistent updates on your credit repair, and they even give you access to a number of credit monitoring and credit account securing services. They’re also cheaper than many of the other credit monitoring options on our list. The Credit Watcher is best for people who already have a pretty solid credit score but who want to improve it where they can by quickly spotting errors before they become bigger problems.

    7.) Credit Monkey

    Key Information
    BBB RankingB
    Main Features
  • Credit monitoring on Live score client portal
  • Zero sign-up fee
  • Assistance from a professional account manager
  • Easy to start and cancel
  • Plan Starting at $99 per month
    Guarantee90-day money-back guarantee

    Like many credit repair companies on the list, Credit Monkey provides a great deal of versatility in their service, which is one big reason why they made it onto our updated list of the best credit repair services in the country in 2021. Credit Monkey claims that over 85% of credit reports are laden with serious mistakes and errors. Spotting these errors and addressing them is one of the main purposes of credit repair companies, and Credit Monkey is no exception.

    Credit Monkey credit repair company offers five negative item removals by raising disputes with credit bureaus. This is unique; most companies don’t make promises to repair credit scores with actual numbers like this. We’re a big fan of this transparency.

    Credit Monkey’s highest-end option is one of the most comprehensive and generous credit plans in the industry, earning it a sure spot on our list of the top credit repair services available.

    8.) Credit Karma

    Key Information
    BBB Ranking A-
    Main Features
  • Quick to start and set up
  • Receive alerts on changes in credits
  • Free credit reports and score
  • Free consultation and credit monitoring
  • Plan It is free of cost
    Guarantee Not Available

    If you’ve researched for best credit repair companies for even a minute, you’ll already know what Credit Karma is. The company has a tremendous online and advertising presence, but that isn’t the only reason they earned a spot on our ranked list of the top credit repair companies in 2021. Credit Karma is actually a free service, making it one of the only completely free services on our list. They offer a long list of different credit repair services, some of which are also completely free.

    The site provides you with updated information on your credit report and free consultation. This can serve as a spectacular “jumping off” point for people who want to improve their credit scores. By spotting the inaccurate or sketchy information being included on your credit report, you can quickly figure out where you need to start poking holes and making challenges to top credit bureaus. They also offer credit cards, new credit accounts, and loan opportunities to eligible people based on their credit score information.

    We recommend trying Credit Karma as a completely free service first. People with low credit scores should avoid trying new credit cards, as such behavior can further put you in the hole with a lower score or greater credit card debt. But as a credit report monitoring service, the free Credit Karma is a fantastic option for consumers on a budget.

    The above listed 8 best credit repair companies promise you to improve your score. These all are legitimate credit repair companies running their credit repair process for years. We hope you will select one wisely. However, we mentioned a few more credit repair companies below that may help you deal with your poor financial and credit status.

    Credit Sesame

    Key Information
    BBB RankingA+
    Main Features
  • No charges on credit monitoring alerts
  • Help to find errors to improving your credit score
  • Offers saving advice for finance protection
  • Free consultation and credit report card
  • Plan free
    GuaranteeNot Available

    There is a reason we put Credit Sesame and Credit Karma right next to one another on our list. Like Credit Karma, this right credit repair company offers completely free credit monitoring and management. You can use the convenient Credit Sesame to review, challenge, monitor, and repair credit score. The company definitely turns a profit; they get a small cut out of offers, such as credit cards and bank accounts, that they provide to you on their app. But as long as you don’t accept any of these offers, you don’t have to pay a dime!

    We always love to see free credit monitoring services with advanced credit repair software. After all, why should you have to pay to see information about your own credit history? Credit Sesame gains major points for its ease of use; the Credit repair agency offers extensive credit monitoring on an easy-to-use app interface. Put more simply: you can know everything you need to learn about your credit history using one simple iPhone application with the free Credit Sesame.


    Key Information
    BBB RankingA+
    Main Features
  • Identity restoration facility 24/7
  • Analyze your FICO score in a unique way
  • Three major credit bureaus coverage in advance plans
  • 1 million identity theft insurance
  • Plan Starting at $19.95 monthly fee
    Guarantee Not available

    FICO is the right credit repair company that works to improve your credit score. Unlike other credit repair companies that charge a good amount, it consolidates and delivers information from the three major credit bureaus at a low credit repair cost. This puts them in an excellent position to help improve your credit score; they’re working from the inside of the industry you’re trying to audit!

    One of the best credit repair companies, MyFICO is on this list for a few reasons, it has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, but the main reason is, the company allows you to improve what very well might be the most important credit number in your life. Every lender you have uses the FICO score to determine your rates, eligibility, and security deposits. In other words, MyFICO provides you with information directly from the source. In a sense, you will get to see exactly what lenders see before you submit a single application.

    Like other credit repair options on our list, MyFICO’s subscription service provides you with $1 million in Identity theft protection, as well as an identity restoring service and continuing monitoring of your credit score. The advanced plan gives you an update on your credit report once every three months.

    The Credit People

    Key Information
    BBB RankingC+
    Main Features
  • Great couple discounts
  • 53-187 estimated rise in credit score
  • Provide access to all 3 reports
  • Check credit reports 24/7
  • Plan Starting at $79.00 monthly fee + $19.00 initial work fee
    GuaranteeSatisfaction guarantee of 60 days

    This is one of the top credit repair companies. This credit repair service has put significant work into providing consumers with the numbers they need to make an informed decision about improving their credit scores. The Credit People claims that folks can improve their credit reports by around 53 points or more when using The Credit People. Online reviews seem to back this claim; Consumer Affairs gives them a pretty high aggregate score, suggesting that The Credit People can provide consumers with significant credit improvements in a reasonable amount of time.

    The Credit People shows you all information relevant to your credit score, including reports from all three of the major credit reporting credit bureaus. They guarantee that consumers will see observable results in sixty days or less, making it one of the quickest companies in the industry to provide verifiable results concerning your credit score.

    We highly recommend giving The Credit People a shot. Especially when you combine this company’s services with one of the free services above, such as Credit Karma, improving your credit score over time becomes a piece of cake.


    Key Information
    BBB RankingA+
    Main Features
  • Free consultation, no upfront fee
  • Pay just 20% of settled debt
  • Help to lower debt
  • Find errors and Negative items
  • Plan Free of cost
    GuaranteeNot available

    Curadebt credit repair helps people overcome credit, medical, and tax debt with A+ rating on Better Business Bureau website. The company has been around for a while, providing its services since 2000. They also provide a new service that helps you determine how much money you will save with them. You can use this service without any cost, making it much easier for the savvy consumer on a budget to determine whether or not CuraDebt will be right for them. The company behind CuraDebt famously claims that its staff has a combined 100 years of tax debt, resolution, and defense experience. Talk about an experienced team of professionals to have on your side!

    CuraDebt is one of the more unique companies on our list because they are not actually affiliated with the credit bureau industry itself. CuraDebt, as the name suggests, specifically works to address the various kinds of debt that hurt people and their credit reports. Almost anyone who knows anything about credit scores will tell you that the quickest way to improve your credit is to get rid of debt.

    Using industry expertise and developed legal infrastructure, CuraDebt works directly with you to help address your debt. They have helped people save millions of dollars while improving their credit reports in the process.

    Leap Credit

    Key Information
    BBB RankingB
    Main Features
  • Transparent loan and credit policies
  • Easy to start and stop credit repair service
  • Quick free consultation and suggestions
  • Keep your personal information confidential
  • Plan Zero charges
    GuaranteeNot available

    Leap Credit is another one of the unique and good credit repair companies on our list. Like CuraDebt, they don’t actually work directly to improve your credit score. In fact, some consumers might do the exact opposite. Leap Credit actually offers people credit. They will approve almost anyone for a loan. All you need to be approved is a checking account, U.S. citizenship, and an existing checking account.

    We know that some people with low credit need access to loan money that traditional lenders just cannot provide them, which is why we included Leap Credit on our list today. However, keep in mind that Leap Credit might require higher interest rates than traditional lenders, as they are working primarily with people who have low credit scores. We advise caution; it’s best to improve your credit score before borrowing more money from any lender.


    Key Information
    BBB RankingA
    Main Features
  • Timely alerts on change in credits
  • Credit reports from all 3 major credit bureau
  • 7 days free trial
  • Identity theft protection for up to $1 million
  • Plan Starting at $29.95 per month
    GuaranteeNot available

    Although the name suggests that their service is as free as Credit Saint, Credit Karma, FreeScore360 actually usually does charge a subscription fee to consumers to raise disputes with credit bureaus. Their reasonable credit repair packages get you their best services. They also offer a seven-day free trial, which once again suggests that the company has at least some degree of faith in the strength of their credit report and credit monitoring product. They will continue to charge you after your free trial if you fail to cancel in time, so be sure to keep this in mind.

    Their credit repair system provides you with daily updates and alerts on your credit reports. This is unique; most companies provide 1-3 month notices when your credit score changes. Having access to daily reports and updates can seriously help someone who is trying to alter their credit score for the better, which is why we put FreeScore360 on today’s rankings of the top credit repair companies in the industry.

    FreeScore360 is a newer but best credit score service with A rating of Better Business Bureau, and they certainly don’t have the reputation offered by companies in a similar niche on our list. We certainly don’t think that FreeScore360 is a credit repair scam. For millions of people struggling to have a solid grasp of the state of their credit, the simple user interface and reasonable pricing of FreeScore360 can be an invaluable tool. But as always, we advise consumers to tend toward some of the most established companies on our list. However, those who have the extra funds to spare should consider giving FreeScore360 a shot today.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Repair

    Credit repair is a complicated process. No credit repair company can Guarantee 100% percent satisfaction; it is illegal as per the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Before putting your money in credit repair service, check the BBB ratings of a credit repair agency. You can also search for complaints in the database of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Surveys repeatedly show that the average American doesn’t really understand how credit works. For that matter, credit, in general, can be difficult to understand. Despite this surprising fact, credit scores are an essential part of our society, and a low score will impact just about every aspect of your life. Read on to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about credit and credit repair companies.

    Q: What is my credit score?

    A: Your credit score can be any number between 300 and 850. The higher the number, the better your score is. Put simply; a credit score is a composite meant to represent how good you are at paying debts that you owe. Whenever you take out a loan, rent an apartment, or even buy a car, your payment timeliness and accuracy will impact your credit score.

    Q: What impacts my credit score?

    A: Anything that involves credit will impact your credit score. Generally, only bigger examples of credit mess-ups make it onto your report, but sometimes even small purchases on credit or debt can impact your score. For example, some people might be losing credit score points because they failed to return a library book they borrowed years ago! The most common contributors to a low credit score are mortgages, car payments, and credit card payments.

    Q: Which are the leading credit reporting agencies?

    Major credit reporting agencies or credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, from where you can get your credit score.

    Q: Can credit scores be improved?

    A: Yes! Some people get overwhelmed by credit and conclude that nothing can help them. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, a number of personal finance tools can help you improve your credit score. Like a heartbreak, the best remedy for a low credit score is simply time. Paying your bills on time for many months in a row will naturally raise a credit report. But sometimes, credit bureaus and lenders make mistakes, which can hurt your credit score. Working with a good credit repair company can address these mistakes to improve your credit score.

    Q: Is a credit score the same as a credit report?

    A: No. A credit score just refers to the three digits used to represent your creditworthiness and history. A credit report is much more in-depth and detailed. You can get your credit score for free, but you might have to spend some cash to evaluate your full credit report. Credit repair companies almost always allow you to review credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. Understanding the specific bits of data that underpin your credit score is the first step you should take to improve your score.

    Best credit repair companies in 2021 Final Thoughts

    We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the top credit repair services in 2021. The credit industry is complicated, and your credit score is extremely important. As we explained, your credit score isn’t just a random number that controls which apartments you can rent. Improving your credit score can help you get better cell phone rates, lower the premiums and security deposits you pay on utilities, and even help you improve your chances of finding love!

    As always, you’re ultimately the only one responsible for your financial choices. Do your own research before working with any credit monitoring or credit repair service. Good luck!

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