Best Fortune Teller Sites for Free Online Fortune Telling

Best Fortune Teller Sites for Free Online Fortune Telling

With so much uncertainty that comes with life and particularly the future, it is not uncommon for individuals to seek help through fortune-telling. This has been an evident practice since a long time ago, and it is still ongoing.

Technology has been impactful in almost all aspects of our lives and has also been extended to this divine art. Today, you will easily find online platforms that offer such services. Since fortune tellers can provide you with excellent insights, we find it crucial that you understand what this impressive art is all about. Therefore, read on to find out the details and best sites.

Top Sites For Online Fortune Telling

We cannot disregard that finding an online fortune teller is a challenge. How do you know who is genuine when there are so many available options? How do you know that you will be satisfied and receive value for money at the end of your session? There is a lot to wonder about, and that is why we have curated a list of the best sites that will offer you good readings. They have excellent reviews, and the experts are talented.

Kasamba – best site overall, 3 free minutes + 50% off your first session

Keen – best for beginners, 3 free minutes

Mysticsense – best for tarot, 5 free minutes

Kasamba – The Best Site Overall

Kasamba is one of those names that will always come up when top online sites for fortune telling are mentioned. They have been operating for more than 20 years. Kasamba has many available fortune tellers that are abled differently. If you are new or just curious about fortune telling, Kasamba is there for you and is rated positively by users.

Forms of fortune telling offered

They offer general readings using different tools like horoscopes and tarot cards. Dream interpretations, situation analysis, astrology, pendulum readings, and other kinds of fortune telling are also offered, depending on your needs.

How Kasamba operates

The site offers free fortune telling for the first three minutes, but charges apply if you choose to keep going. However, all the prices are very reasonable. For your very first reading, you are also offered a 50% discount. If you choose to use Kasamba, privacy is guaranteed as your information is not availed to other parties.

All the readers have specific pages dedicated to them, and they all are completed with their testimonials. Customers can rate and compare experts using the site’s rating system. You can find an advisor by clicking the ”online” button. If a reader is not available, their status is usually on ”Away.” To have a session later, you only click on the ”Notify Me” button to make your request and be notified when they are available.

Communication options

With Kasamba, you are sure to get a high-quality reading through several contact options. For an online session, you can communicate with the fortune tellers via live chat. Phone sessions are also available. Alternatively, those who prefer an offline session can send questions and receive responses via email. They have an app available, allowing you to have a session on the go at any time.

Keen – The Best Site For Beginners

If you need a site with relevant specialties in astrology, Keen is where to go first. This platform has been around since 1999, and therefore you can trust their advisors to be experienced.

Forms of fortune telling offered

Keen has more than 1700 fortune tellers divided into 24 categories. With this large number, you can be sure to find someone you want. Whether you need services for love, pet, finance, family, relationships, destiny, or career, you will find an ideal reader in no time. The readers specialize in Mayan, Chinese, and Vedic astrology and other astrology readings. The divination tools available are many, and this expands Keen’s customer attraction and capabilities. They include the use of runes, numerology, and tarot cards.

How Keen operates

The site offers rich information about each expert. The first three minutes for new clients are free, but you will be required to make a payment to continue reading. These first three minutes are valid with the first reader only.

To gather more information about an advisor, you only need to click on their name and be directed to their profile. That is where you will find their skills, methods of operation, and languages used. All the fortune telling experts on Keen actively undergo tests to establish their accuracy and skills. This is done respectively to one’s field.

The site also uses screening processes to rate the readers’ abilities based on the feedback given by users. This information makes it easier for users to connect with highly experienced individuals and grants users a sense of comfort. They feel they will receive practical problem(s) resolutions.

Communication options

Keen provides a variety of options. You can have a session via phone or through chat. They can also deliver services directly to your inbox. The face-to-face readings available are excellent for non-shy users.

Mysticsense – Free Readings For The First Five Minutes

Mysticsense is the site for those looking for ways to succeed in life. The experts on this platform will offer you services related to different areas of life and help you find solutions.

Forms of fortune telling

The available team of experts allows you to pick from the available categories. There is information on zodiac attractions and Angel Oracle readings. They also provide tarot card readings, angel cards, crystals, and other object readings.

How Mysticsense operates

Mystisense believes in helping you move forward, and their first five minutes are free. To ensure that standards and customer satisfaction are maintained, Mysticsense tests its team by conducting thorough interviews. A potential fortune teller’s ethical stances are determined, and to show that they carry out a session, they demonstrate by performing a reading. Every advisor has an ”About Me” section to offer you more details about themselves. This gives you a glimpse of who you might be working with.

To help you keep away from scams, there is a detailed section on the site. For example, on their ”what is fortune telling” page, there are a variety of tips on how to prevent scams about wealth and fear. This builds client trust. Mysticsense has a page dedicated to refund policies. You can request a refund in case you were not satisfied with your session within 48 hours. The team will analyze your situation, see the eligibility for a refund, and act accordingly.

Communication options

You can have a session via the phone, webchat, video call, or SMS, and this is all suited to what you prefer. The platform has a discussion board where you can make an inquiry and receive answers. You can stay up to date using social media accounts, but they have no app.

Things To Beware Of As You Go For An Online Fortune Telling Session

You will need to look into several details before an online fortune reading to have the best experience and be satisfied.

Prices and affordability

Everyone paying for service requires value for their money. The same applies when it comes to online fortune telling services. Most sites will offer free fortune telling for the first few minutes. However, continuing with a session is chargeable. Due to that, you always need to compare the prices shown for particular sessions. The best online platforms will allow for a refund whereby you are not satisfied with your reading. Therefore, always beware of these financial aspects before settling.


Most online fortune-telling sites will offer their services at any time. However, other factors make your experience more convenient. For example, the availability of a phone application improves convenience. Additionally, several contact options to suit your convenience are best. Choose a platform that can offer a phone session, a live chat, email, or SMS session for you to select what you are comfortable with. It is always a wise decision to choose a site that can offer a number of options.

Available profiles and information

The best online platforms provide profiles about their fortune-tellers. This information should be easily accessible for users. They also need to offer details about what types of readings they provide or their specialties. With this, you can easily decide to choose an expert specializing in your area of interest. Ultimately, you can select a reputable and suitable fortune teller. Such openness assures you that a site and its team of experts are reliable.

Privacy policy

As you sign up for a session, your details will be required, and therefore, you will need assurance that this information is not availed to other parties. Your experience will be made better with a site that can offer complete anonymity and privacy protection.

The site’s reviews and ratings

Analyzing reviews and ratings gives you a fair idea of what to expect from a fortune teller. Previous users of a particular site have an experience of what the sessions or readings are like. They have also witnessed how a fortune teller online conducts a reading- if they are focused on helping you with your situation, if they are genuine or not, and so on. Reviews and ratings will help you make a judgment.

It is crucial to understand that reviews can also be biased. That is why you will need to keenly analyze a wide range of them alongside other methods to determine the best option.

The help offered by Fortune tellers

Fortune tellers will offer you help regarding anything that you need clarity on about your future. This can mean relationships, love, career, family, and a lot more. They can help you create harmonious and understanding unions. They can also help you understand the pieces that may be missing for you to fully equip yourself to fill in the gaps or walk away from what doesn’t serve you right.

Quite often, people will change their minds and want to start something new. During such scenarios, a fortune teller near me can help gain clarity and the insights you need to make a change and move on courageously. If you struggle with health issues, they can help you understand the adjustments you need to improve your health and overall wellbeing.

Fortune tellers will assist you in seeing what is ahead of you, depending on what is currently happening in your life. They may share and explain the visions they get to offer information and insight. They offer information to help you wholly work on yourself. Genuine ones are like counselors that listen to your issues and assist you in finding solutions. They offer you the knowledge and advice that you need for empowerment.

They do not tell you what you must do. However, they simply present you with options and guidance to work on gaining the best possible outcome. They will let you know what your future holds but always remember that the end is all up to you.

Fortune Telling And Its Predictive Methods

As the name suggests, the art entails making predictions about future possibilities and occurrences. Mostly, the predictions made might take a week, a month, a year, and so on. Fortune tellers can predict events, but they cannot ascertain why and when they will happen. They will provide you with a glimpse of your future to help you prepare accordingly and find solutions. They use a variety of predictive methods such as;

Tarot card reading – this act involves reading from the 78 tarot cards to make predictions.

Astrology – this entails making predictions based on the interpretations drawn from the movements of heavenly bodies.

Numerology – predictions are made based on the association that exists between numbers and events.

Parrot astrology – this is a technique that entails using parakeets trained to pick up a card from 27 tarot cards. The card is then handed to the fortune teller for an interpretation.

Tasseography – this is an interpretative kind of fortune telling that involves studying tea leaves or coffee grounds.

Obi divination – this practice involves the experts throwing objects like stones, nuts, or shells in their natural form to make predictions. The diviner analyzes how they fall to make interpretations. Bones can also be thrown alongside the named objects.

Palmistry – this act entails reading the lines on one’s dominant hand to evaluate their life and character.

Ouija boards – these are also referred to as ”spirit or talking boards.” They are flat boards with alphabets, numbers (0-9), and yes and no words. A small wooden piece that is heart-shaped is used to attain answers.

Pendulum reading – this type of reading will depend entirely on your intuition. A swaying can awaken it, and as you quiet your mind and relax, the answers are granted.

Graphology – studying one’s handwriting.

Phrenology – studying the skull’s contours.

Physiognomy – studying one’s face and its characteristics.

Amniomancy – this practice involves the use of a baby’s caul to make predictions.

How To Prepare For A Fortune-Telling Session

When preparing for a fortune reading, you need to know the right and genuine expert and what to ask. Your emotional state is also very critical for the overall process. Don’t get into a session with a lot of anxiety. This will give erratic energies that will repel. A clear reading may not be achieved. Therefore, it is vital to center and ground yourself in advance through meditation, mind clearance, and deep breaths.

Beware that the session may reveal things you may not want to hear about but remain open to receiving feedback. This will help you know what parts need work. The session should be about connection. If the both of you cannot genuinely connect, the energy will not flow easily. With that, information will not be passed in a helpful and receptive manner. As you receive and exchange information, mind your tone and word usage.

You will also need to settle on a psychic you feel comfortable around and one that you trust. Steer clear from asking yes or no questions but rather ask open-ended ones. These questions will not restrict the fortune teller near me on how to provide the best answers. Remember to take full responsibility when making inquiries about your life. Do not be in the session like a passive observer but put yourself in a space that permits the universe to reveal what you need to know. This is the only way you can achieve empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do fortune-tellers use their gifts to make predictions?

Fortune tellers possess various gifts to offer you future predictions such as;

Clairvoyance – using this gift, a clairvoyant can see what others cannot see. They can gain insights or information about a person, object, location, or event, all distant in space or time. They can also see past events and perceive occurrences that are happening outside normal perception.

Clairaudience – with this gift, they have the power to hear sounds coming from spirits of another dimension or realm. This is the ability to listen to details not presented to the typical ear objectively.

Extrasensory perception – this gift is what is commonly known as the sixth sense. With it, fortune tellers can access information that would not be received through taste, smell, sight, touch, or hearing. They use the mind, and with that, they can receive visions to offer accurate readings.

How much is an online fortune telling session?

As mentioned earlier, most sites will offer free minutes and free trial readings for beginners. However, the moment you choose to continue with a session, you are charged. These sites have different experts with different degrees of experience. As a result, there is a wide range of prices to choose from. However, the ranges are mostly affordable.

What benefits are offered by online fortune telling platforms over offline sessions?

Choosing an online session will grant you convenience as it saves you the time to travel. It is also an easy to access option since it is available with a simple search on your device. They offer assurance through ratings and reviews from past users.

Online sessions also guarantee safety and privacy, which might not be guaranteed with face-to-face sitting. Online platforms also offer a variety of options, and through them, you also have more control regarding who you can connect with and who to give your money to.

Can I trust an online fortune teller?

A lot of people do not know whether they can trust these fortune-tellers or not. However, those from reputable sites are trustworthy. You, however, need to be careful before making a choice and know all their details. Additionally, beware that even when they tell you what they see or perceive, you are still the one with control over your destiny.

Just as there are many fortune tellers available, so are scammers. Therefore, test multiple ones and look out for reviews. Don’t allow yourself to be coerced with unrealistic deals. Watch out for promises about wealth and fear threats. Realistic and trustworthy fortune readers should always work to empower and inspire you.

Can a fortune teller help you find love?

Fortune telling can significantly impact your future in romance in many ways. A fortune teller can peer into your future to offer predictions about your love life based on the depth of insight. They can name the one you will fall in love with, the first date, and even its location.

Some other online fortune tellers will tell you the details of your steadfast love, like their physical characteristics. They may further provide you with tips about how you can change your practices or behavior and delve into the dating world.

Final Thoughts

Fortune telling is one way to get empowered as you step into what the future holds. This being a critical part of life, it is essential to know what to look out for and what to avoid to set yourself up for a successful session. This is especially important when deciding on a fortune teller online.

With the sites available on our list, you can be sure to be fully equipped with the help you need.

Always remember that the most crucial factor to be aware of is establishing a connection with the reader. It would be best if you always came out of a session having been helped effectively and ready to navigate the wonder and beauty of life.

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