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A guide to fortune tellers, top fortune teller websites for accurate online fortune telling service, With growing uncertainty in everyone’s daily life an increasing number of people are curious about their future. Many suffer a great deal of anxiety contemplating the various possibilities of future outcomes. In several cases, this leads to the daily activities of the individual being affected severely. In such situations, these individuals then look to online fortune tellers for some definite answers having nowhere else to go to satisfy their curiosity. Fortune tellers provide a prediction and insight about the future of a person. People look for some definite answers to satisfy their curiosity and anxiety about the uncertain tomorrow. Often the fortune teller readings give a boost of confidence to the concerned person. But not all online fortune tellers are genuine and some dupe you for money cashing in on the growing anxiety of people. This begs the question how can one judge which sites are genuine?

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I am Kevin Darcy and I have tried out several sites of online fortune telling to identify the ones that are authentic and stand out. There are several fortune tellers online out there that are not worth your time and money but at the same time, some fortune telling sites exist that provide very accurate readings that are worth it. It takes a great deal of time and you need to try out several sites to be able to correctly judge whether a fortune telling website is genuine or not. I am going to list my top recommendations for online fortune telling and also provide you with some insights and to equip you with the capability to judge which online fortune tellers to invest in and rely on.

Top recommendations :

With some experience in this process of looking for genuine and authentic fortune tellers, I have identified sites with the most accurate readings and genuine results and have also identified certain parameters that one must check before investing their time and money in fortune tellers online. To help you overcome this dilemma here are some of my top recommendations.



Kasamba provides a deep glimpse into your future if you are looking for future tellers and fortune tellers. They offer fairly easy access to their services and you can connect with their expert psychics and fortune tellers through online chat or email. The company features a wide variety of fortune tellers and psychics from around the world. You can also go through their profile pages to learn more about their methods and decide on the option that is most suitable for you.

They feature a great team of people offering a wide variety of psychic specialties from which you can choose and includes fortune telling, rune castings, tarot fortune telling, aura readings, dream analysis, crystal readings, astrology, and more.

If you’re looking for a fortune teller to provide you with some insights on your career and financial prospects, Kasamba is a suitable site to visit. Many of their fortune tellers and future tellers know and understand the issues revolving around work and finances and could make detailed suggestions and readings in this regard. When you are curious to know about your career direction or your financial future, their advice and expertise can be really beneficial for you.

Kasamba also provides a wide variety of price ranges to fit any budget. The psychic profiles show the ratings and reviews and the psychic’s fee per minute. They offer free fortune telling readings for the first 3 minutes of every session. They also offer a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the advice and readings provided. New users get a discount of 70% which makes Kasamba a great site for novices who have never ventured into fortune telling before. These added advantages make Kasamba one of the most reliable and user friendly websites for online fortune telling.

To summarize all the benefits they offer:

They offer a wide variety of experts and you get the options of choosing from a tarot card reader, gypsy fortune teller, or a clairvoyant psychic.

Services offered include tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, and career forecasts.

You get 3 free minutes with every new fortune teller you try.

First time users get a discount of 70%.

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Psychic Source


To get some idea of what your future fortune and prospects are, Psychic Source is a suitable place. They have an advantage of the ease of access as you can access the expertise of their wide variety of fortune tellers and future tellers via phone, video, or live chat. You will find guidance through a wide variety of methods including astrology, fortune telling cards, numerology, interpretation of dreams, tarot fortune telling , lost object readings, cartomancy, energy work, past life readings, and spiritual readings.

This site is especially helpful regarding love fortune telling. It’s the best site to use for those looking out for love readings, so if you are curious to know if a special person may be on the brink of coming into your life or if a current relationship may reach a level of more seriousness, their fortune tellers can help you get definite answers to this.

Their site safeguards your private content and uses advanced software to protect online privacy and security. Invasion of privacy is something that is becoming quite common in this day and age and this is what makes this site reliable. Their future tellers and fortune tellers offer quite affordable services, especially for first time users. They have a low first time offer with an additional three minutes free with your first reading. They also offer complete satisfaction guarantee to top all of this. This makes them a unique site offering online fortune telling services with a great focus on customer satisfaction.

To summarize they offer the following benefits:

Online readings are available through call, chat, or video conference.

The best service for questions related to your love life, romance, and knowing your love fortune.

  • Variety of services available.

Over three hundred of the best psychics and fortune tellers in the world to choose from.

Every new client gets three free Minutes and a low introductory offer.

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Keen Psychics:


In these times of uncertainty, a growing number of people are facing financial struggles. If you are looking for fortune telling and future telling and are on a budget, Keen can be the perfect place for you. You can reach out via phone or chat. They also have the facility of accessing their services on their mobile app so you can do it on the go.

They have more than 1,700 fortune tellers and future tellers ready to offer their expertise and advice to you. All their fortune tellers and future tellers are reviewed and rated by all their past users. Their fortune tellers and future tellers are well adept at a wide variety of methods and specialties which include cartomancy, spiritual readings, aura cleansing, dream interpretation, numerology, fortune telling cards, angel cards, tarot fortune telling, and astrology. They also offer the option of searching for the fortune teller that best suits you using the site’s filtering tool to sort by the area you are interested in, access option, and cost involved. Using this filter tool helps immensely in finding the fortune teller that perfectly fits your needs and wants.

The fortune teller readings prepared for you are always kept absolutely private and confidential. This ensures the protection of privacy that is extremely essential in today’s times. They are a trustworthy source for readings that are affordable and accurate. They are especially suggested for men and women looking for a great deal of introspection. They are ideal for you if you are a novice and have never used online fortune telling as they offer services that are relatively cheap and it doesn’t put much pressure on your pocket. They also give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer 10 minutes for approximately $1.99 and sometimes also give special offers with the first three minutes for free. These advantages make this site stand out in comparison to other sites for fortune telling.

To summarize they offer the following benefits:

You can choose from a wide variety of fortune telling methods which can be accessed via phone or chat.

They give accurate readings and insights into relationships, career, financial, and life issues.

Services offered are ensured to be private and confidential with your privacy safeguarded.

They give a satisfaction guarantee.

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Are online fortune teller readings as accurate as the readings provided by a fortune teller near me?

There are many who doubt the accuracy of fortune tellers and future tellers but at the same time, some swear by their readings and expertise. In movies and media, we have typically seen a gypsy fortune teller with talents out of this world and a trickster who poses as a fortune teller pretending to be able to read signs, or someone who makes use of people’s desperation for love for the sole purpose of earning money.

In real life, you get a range of true fortune tellers and also those who make a fool out of you. The same goes for the huge number of online fortune tellers. The accuracy of predictions depends more on the genuineness of the fortune teller than whether the reading is done face to face or online. A genuine fortune teller would not see your circumstances as a factor in their readings so to them the quantity of money in your wallet would not matter a single bit. The added advantage of online fortune telling is that you have access to a large number of user reviews and ratings which may not be the case for the fortune teller near you. Thus, there is an added assurance of quality service and accurate readings that are reliable as well.

It is extremely important that you find a trusted psychic reader online and genuine fortune teller who makes you feel comfortable. Not everyone has access to fortune tellers near their place of living. Hence, online fortune tellers have the added advantage of being easily accessible. You can easily find a genuine fortune teller by seeing the client reviews and visiting the sites I have recommended. There is a high chance that you may be more relaxed and prefer the anonymity of an online fortune telling experience. And to add to it the online fortune telling experience is considerably safer for obvious reasons.

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A few important things to know before you go for online fortune telling

The most important thing would be to look at the fortune teller’s user ratings and reviews. This would give you a fair idea of what to expect from a particular fortune teller. The previous user ratings provide an accurate tool for judging whether an online fortune teller is genuine or not. The best online fortune telling websites provide profiles of all their fortune tellers and so it is easily accessible. You can easily see whether previous clients have had a good experience with the fortune teller you have chosen. You should also select a fortune teller who specializes in the area you are curious about. This would enable you to select a suitable and reputable fortune teller. A reading about your love fortune would not be of much use to you if you are curious about your career prospects. So it is important to look out for these minute details which can improve your overall experience and satisfaction.

If you are curious about your future, a free fortune telling reading is most probably your most convenient and affordable alternative. The experience is low risk with complete anonymity and privacy protection and you also have the option to not follow the advice which would be hard to do in an in person fortune telling session. But given that they are free, most of them may not be very reliable or accurate and it would be a much better alternative to invest some bit of money in this for more accurate results that may be useful. It would be best to go forward with one of my recommendations as they are tried and tested.

How beneficial is fortune telling in finding love?

If you have had some bad luck with relationships it may have made you quite skeptical about finding true love in your life. But humans are curious creatures and you may be pondering the question of whether online love fortune telling can help you in this regard.

Some fortune tellers may have a deep insight and provide you with the name of your true love and also when you would be meeting that person. Some fortune tellers may also be able to tell you the physical characteristics and personality traits of your true love. They may even offer some guidance you could use to modify your behavior and improve your chances of finding love. In this way, they get you to your true love faster by speeding up the process and focusing on the areas that you may be lagging behind in. Fortune telling can have an impact on your romantic future in a various number of ways as it gives you an actual situational analysis and provides you with alternatives to work on to improve your prospects for romance and love in the future.

When you are more focused on your love life and curious about it, it is essential to check online reviews to ensure that you have your online fortune telling done by a fortune teller with expertise in romance. Reading the reviews and ratings are a must to make sure that the fortune teller you are investing is indeed worth it. The sites I have recommended provide the best services in this regard, especially Psychic Source.

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How are fortune tellers able to make predictions about the future?

Fortune tellers use the same methodologies worldwide to use their talents and make predictions about the future. The methods used would be the same across all genuine fortune tellers, irrespective of the reading being offline or online. You just need the right individual to read your future which is considered to be pre decided and written at birth. A genuine fortune teller would be able to do this with ease.

Your fortune teller may be specializing in tasseography or reading tea leaves and may even work with cartomancy, using tarot cards or another type of fortune telling using cards to provide you with an explanation of your life. Depending on the fortune teller they may cast runes or read palms. Although it sounds like a stereotype of the gypsy fortune teller, your fortune teller may also use a crystal ball to get a deep insight into your future.

Fortune tellers are known to have various gifts and methods which they use to give you a detailed reading of your future. Here are some of these gifts which fortune tellers possess:

Clairvoyance : With this gift, they get the ability to see what others are unable to. It is the ability to gain insight and information about an object, person, event, or location that is distant in time or space. Such people are called clairvoyants. They can perceive or predict future events and may even see past events. They can perceive events happening outside the range of normal perception.

Clairaudience : This gift gives them the power to hear sounds from spirits in another dimension or realm. It is the ability to hear something that is not present to the ear but an objective reality. This could also pertain to being able to hear or listen to spirits of the dead that surround the living people.

Extrasensory perception : Also known commonly as the sixth sense. This gift gives them the ability to access information that cannot be received through vision, hearing, sensation, taste, or smell. With this, the person receives information through the mind. This gives them access to the intangible things around us that cannot be perceived by the physical senses. They may receive visions of the past or future from unknown sources.

These are phenomena that are hard to explain but real fortune teller possess these powers. There are several fortune tellers out there who make their living out of presence. They pretend to possess such powers and dupe innocent and vulnerable people. A genuine fortune teller actually has access to such insights and always gives accurate and reliable readings.

An important thing to remember is that every fortune teller is unique and each one may use a different set of methods to get deep insights about your future. The method used by a particular fortune teller is the one they are especially good at and have a great deal of expertise in practicing that method. As listed above there is a wide variety of methods that can be used to get an in depth analysis of your future in the form of your fortune telling reading.

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How expensive is online fortune telling?

As mentioned earlier in my recommendations, fortune telling sessions and readings can be availed for a wide range of prices. There also exist some sites that provide their customers with online psychic readings for free. Given that these are free fortune telling readings and sessions there is a high chance that the readings would be vague and very general. These readings would not provide you with much useful information and would not be of much use to you. It is highly unlikely that Facebook quizzes and other unreliable sources would provide you with much useful or reliable information about your future fortunes.

Online fortune telling is often priced lesser than face to face meetings and is much more affordable than face to face readings. So it requires comparatively lesser investment and is in some sense less risky than face to face meetings. In addition to being more affordable, you can access online fortune telling services anytime and irrespective of where you are, via phone or chat and so these online fortune telling services are much more easily accessible. Online fortune telling is especially beneficial for those people that are relatively new to fortune telling and do not possess much knowledge in this field.

If you are curious about your career, love life, friends, or life in general, you may want to consult a fortune teller online. With the wide variety of services, they offer including an online tarot reading, a palm reading, or any other methods, online fortune tellers can offer deep, helpful, and unique insights about your dreams, love, and future financial prospects. They come with advantages of ease of access, credibility ratings from past users, and the guarantee of safety and privacy. With the recommendations that I have provided, you can safely venture into online fortune telling and access the readings for your future prospects. Having been equipped with the several pointers that I have provided, now you can surely avail the best of services available online.

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