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Best Hair Growth Vitamins | Top 24 Picks

The cases of hair loss or the follicles getting thin is not that uncommon. Many people out there are facing these problems at the moment. And there are plenty of uncontrollable factors behind these.

However, you might not be facing the issues we have mentioned above. You might just want to get healthy hair or thicker hair. Well, no matter what the case is, the answer would be to get one of the best hair growth vitamins.

Nonetheless, the thing is, getting good dietary supplements is easier said than done. There are plenty of brands out there that will promise many things for their hair growth product. But in reality, those hair growth supplements will offer little to no improvements. Some might even degrade the condition of the hair, and we were once a victim of these.

24 Best Hair Growth Vitamins

After getting our hair’s health ruined by off-brand average-quality dietary supplements, we decided to give hair growth supplements another shot. And that is where we got into researching. From our intensive research and countless interviews, we can conclude that these are the best hair vitamins that work:

Hair La Vie Hair Care Revitalizing Hair Vitamins


You might already be a bit familiar with serums, shampoos, and conditioners that improve hair, skin, and nails health. Well, Hair La Vie is precisely a lineup of those products. And they market their dietary supplements by claiming that it would be possible to enjoy stunning results by properly using or applying their products.

But is that true? Well, there are plenty of hair formulas in the market that are for men. They primarily focus on reversing the process of balding and damages on hair health. Those blends are not suitable for women, which the Hair La Vie’s hair vitamin stands out for.

Firstly, it uses all-natural ingredients. And their unique blend of ingredients will fortify, repair, strengthen strands and promote thicker hair growth. Secondly, there is no need to fill your tummy up with the capsules. One capsule after breakfast and one after dinner are more than enough to support your hair health.

Like any other good hair growth supplement, these capsules are going to work from the inside out. And the results are surely going to be stunning. It aims to support healthy hair growth, and the ingredients tell the same story. The formula contains vitamins C and E, organic kelp, horsetail extract, essential fatty acids, and bamboo stem and leaf, among other ones.

Key Highlights

  • Specialized formula bound to work for both men and women
  • Can strengthen thinning hair
  • Recommended dosages are just two capsules a day
  • Works from the inside out
  • Can boost hair growth

Essential Elements Hair Hero


A brand’s motto tells a lot about its products. When a brand promotes its dietary supplements by saying “not magic, just pure science,” it definitely will catch anyone’s attention. And we are glad that we looked into this hair growth supplement.

Like the product from Hair La Vie, Hair Hero contains some highly effective elements. Each of the capsules will be rich in active ingredients, such as biotin, antioxidant vitamins, saw palmetto extract, folic acid, vital proteins, leaf extracts, horsetail extract, and many more. It also contains some uncommon but highly effective components.

The unique blend will work like a charm in terms of accelerating the hair growth cycle. It will purportedly enrich the hair follicle with minerals, nutrients, and all the vitamins required to strive through harsh outdoor conditions. Also, the ingredients will properly support scalp health.

No need to break your bank for getting one of these dietary supplements! The bottles do not cost that much, providing you a month of supply at least. And considering the reviews it has, we will even go a step ahead and state that this might be the best investment you will make in a long time.

Key Highlights

  • Rich in all the vitamins required to support healthy hair growth
  • Accelerates hair growth properly
  • Nourishes the hair follicle
  • Can properly reverse existing damages
  • Affordably priced



The primary reason for hair breakage is the weak hair follicle. And if not appropriately addressed and taken care of, the chances of going fully bald remain exceptionally high. That is what BuyGoods markets Folital with. But how good is their hair growth supplement?

According to our research, it is a top-notch and highly effective hair fall and hair enhancing solution. It contains more ingredients than most of the top-rated supplements that are out there. The formula contains 29 different plant extracts, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, folic acid, and amino acids.

However, when it comes to a hair supplement for thinning, just the higher number of ingredients does not make a supplement effective; all of them must be in the right amount. And the good news is that the brand kept that in mind when formulating this hair growth supplement.

The blend works exceptionally well in terms of increasing the volume of the hair. Also, it promotes growth, can nourish hair follicles, and strengthens strands. That is not all! The formula also can eradicate hair loss! Yes, you read that right!

Additionally, the multivitamins that the formula relies on will purify and entirely detoxify the hair to offer a healthy scalp. There will be no signs of inflammation, and there will be no free radicals on the hair cells if you take the supplement properly.

Key Highlights

  • Contains Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and Vitamin D
  • Improves hair health
  • Strengthens strands and reduces the chance of hair breakage
  • Promotes healthy scalp
  • Eliminates free radicals

Hair Revital X


The manufacturer Zenith Labs is widely popular for the dietary supplements that they offer. And the reason behind all this fame is because of how good their products usually are. Well, the same trend is observable for this hair growth supplement too.

Unlike most other dietary supplements for hair, the brand has optimized this formula to work on both men and women. It relies on a unique blend that will support balanced DHT and eliminate the chances of hair breakage. And the formula is highly effective in this regard as doctors formulate it.

In addition to just eradicating the chances of hair loss, Hair Revital X will also support healthy hair growth. And when that is in full effect, there will be regrowth hairs. The formula will also strengthen thinning hair.

The package you will receive will contain two bottles. One is a spray, which you will need to spray on your head after showering. And the other is the hair growth supplement. You would need to take two tabs daily to notice any of the benefits we have mentioned above.

Key Highlights

  • Can strengthen thinning hair
  • Supports balanced DHT
  • The formula is doctor-formulated
  • Bundles with two products
  • Fortifies the hair follicles

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula


We believe that the brand Hair La Vie does not require an introduction anymore. They are not only offering the product we have reviewed above, but there is a whole lineup of highly effective hair vitamins. And this hair growth supplement from the lineup is not an exception in that regard.

First of all, all the significant ingredients of this bottle are natural. Each capsule contains reishi mushroom extract, Vitamin C, amla berry, folic acid, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, and hydrolyzed collagen. There are plenty of other active ingredients too. All of the elements will work together and accelerate the hair growth cycle.

The formula does not work just to revitalize the hair but also to promote healthy hair growth. It will take care of the issue of hair thinning that might already be visible. Also, the blend will support natural shine, which is not that common among most of the other options.

Additionally, it will work like magic in terms of rejuvenating the hair. It will make them look like they were never exposed to harsh environments, eventually making them look younger. Also, the blend will fortify the follicles and ensure that they remain protected from damages.

Key Highlights

  • Offers shinier hair
  • Revitalizes the hair properly
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Supports younger-looking hair
  • Protects and fortifies the hair follicles



One of the top-rated women’s care brands that are out there is Hers. It is a sister company of Hims, which is another online-based dietary supplements supplier. And even though the brand is online-based, they have more potential to offer quality supplements. This hair supplement is a perfect example of that!

The brand offers a package full of hair vitamins on its site. That package will contain serums that have minoxidil formula. Also, there is a Salong Strength System bundle, Weekender Kit, and a Complete Hair Kit. The bundle can strengthen strands, reduce hair breakage, eliminate thinning hair issues, support scalp health, and more.

Additionally, you will find Rapid Repair Masks, Conditioners, and Detox Scalp Scrubs. Those are going to do a proper job of properly rejuvenating the condition of the hair. Also, those products contain the right blend to support healthy hair growth. The shine that you will get after using them regularly will surely amaze you.

Other than that, there are hair supplements. The Biotin Gummies will take care of replenishing the hair vitamins that your scalp might lack at the moment. Also, Hers is one of the few brands that offer eyelash strengthening serum. With that, you can get the same results as their hair supplement provides but for your eyelashes.

Key Highlights

  • Strengthens hair from the core
  • Effectively eliminates hair damages
  • Rejuvenates the scalp health
  • Can support healthy hair growth
  • Offers natural shine



Let us now look at the other sister brand, which is Hims. Like Hers, this brand focuses on hair supplements and other dietary supplements that are specialized for men. But what does this supplement supplier has to offer? Well, to know that, you would need to go through the entire review!

Similar to Hers, you will find loads of hair loss treatments on the site. The most purchased one is minoxidil, which is an FDA-approved and clinically backed up solution. It will make you forget that hair loss is a thing. Minoxidil also has the power to regrow hairs.

On that note, you will find their minoxidil in different forms. It comes in a solution, as a foam, and as a blend in other hair-related products. And the best part is no matter which form of the formula you decide to opt for; you can expect to get highly effective and noticeable results within weeks.

Additionally, there are plenty of other hair-focused packs. For example, you will find the Hair Power Pack, which contains several products to support healthy and robust hair growth. Also, some bundles will mainly target the volume of the hair and the overall looks.

Key Highlights

  • FDA-approved ingredients
  • The minoxidil comes in different forms
  • Eliminates hair loss
  • Can increase hair density
  • Enrich in vital proteins, collagen, peptides, and B Vitamins

Har Vokse


Even though many of us want to gain the lush and volume that healthy hair exhibits, we do not have the budget for an expensive hair supplement. Well, that is where Har Vokse for thinning steps in.

The thing that makes this supplement stand out the most is the dual-action formula it relies on. It is guaranteed to work on two levels. But which levels are we referring to here? The first one would be to protect and strengthen the existing hair. And the second one is to encourage new hair growth.

Now, you might be wondering how the formula achieves that capability? Well, it uses powerful natural ingredients for delivering that. The two major components are amino acids, vital proteins, collagen, peptides, and hair vitamins. These two will promote results that will be visible within a couple of days of use.

Other than that, the formula works efficiently to fight thinning hair issues. The hair supplement can improve scalp health and offer it a fuller look. It will feed the follicles with the required amount of essential nutrients to deliver those. And the best part is that the formula is bound to work on all hair types as it is entirely natural.

In addition to offering stronger hair, the blend is pretty effective in terms of clearing free radicals. It will provide you with younger-looking hair, which you might have lost due to oxidative stress.

Key Highlights

  • Boasts a dual-action formula
  • Provides strong hair
  • Promotes hair growth effectively
  • Thickens up hair
  • It offers a fuller look



While there are plenty of dietary supplements out there, not all of them will use high-quality ingredients in their formula. However, that is simply not the case for this hair supplement.

As we have mentioned, the supplement will be full of herbal extracts, minerals, and hair vitamins high in grade. For that reason, the potency of this blend is higher than what most of the other average brands are capable of offering. And this blend will fully nourish the hairs and strengthen strands properly.

Most of the dietary supplements for hair are generally going to focus on the growth and health of the hair. Foligray expands into pigmentation too. The blend has an enzyme called catalase that reduces the levels of hydrogen peroxide.

The blend is also rich in copper and zinc. Due to that reason, it will be able to support healthy and strong hair fully. Also, it will promote the activity of tyrosinase, an enzyme that takes care of pigment production. It will also correctly prevent oxidative stress.

Lastly, it even contains a higher level of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C. That will reverse the damages that took place for heavy stress.

Key Highlights

  • Can properly strengthen strands
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Focuses on reducing the levels of hydrogen peroxide
  • Supports strong hair growth



Another doctor-formulated supplement full of hair vitamins that is on this list is the NutraFol. However, the formula that this product relies on is not just another average formula. Instead, it blends the power of innovative nutraceutical technology.

To start with, the manufacturer Nutraceutical Wellness offers the formula for both men and women. However, there are a few differences between the two. One has the proper dosage that women require to achieve that lush and higher scalp health, while the other focuses on delivering younger looks.

Other than that, both the formula works for the entire body’s health, not just to support healthy hair growth. And when the whole body is getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins, it will result in the hairs looking healthy. The product lineup that NutraFol offers includes Postpartum, Women, Men, and Balance.

Commonalities for all of the products on this list are that they all contain high-grade ingredients, including folic acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. Plus. There were numerous clinical trials done on the ingredients not that common between brands.

Nonetheless, The trials showed that about 84 percent of the users provide positive results. They enjoyed thicker, softer, and stronger hair. And, 100 percent of the women participants showed noticeable improvement.

Key Highlights

  • Available for both men and women
  • Improves scalp health
  • It contains high-grade hair vitamins
  • Promotes thicker hair
  • Fortifies the core of the hairs

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment


Yes, we know that we are covering yet another product from the Hair La Vie lineup. But we can not help it; most of their hair products are highly effective and can surely improve the overall condition of the hair. And the same thing is evident for this hair supplement for thinning.

So, what makes this supplement for thinning hair worthy of the recommendation? Well, it utilizes the famous multi-level formula that will work to improve the overall condition of the hair. It will ensure that the hair follicles achieve all of the nutrients required to grow strong and dense.

Additionally, it will nourish the scalp and make them absorb all of the other vitamins properly. Eventually, the follicles will be strong from the very core, and hair’s health will improve. And the formula even can reverse the damages that are already visible.

The serum also works exceptionally quickly. You will be able to notice massive improvements in the overall health of the hair in a few weeks. Also, the blend will hydrate and volumize the strands as it contains essential fatty acids.

Key Highlights

  • Utilizes multi-level formula
  • It makes sure that the hair follicles get all the required nutrients
  • Ensures stronger hair
  • Improves the overall condition of the hair
  • Offers fast results

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze


The Kintsugi’s lineup entered the market relatively recently. And ever since it got into the market, all it has been gaining is fame and praise. But why? Well, this review of Amplifying Glaze will tell you exactly why.

First of all, the thing that makes it stand out the most is the ability of the serum to coat the hairs with the right vitamins. It will support good growth and offer you healthy hair. Thanks to it containing the right amount of minerals, amino acids, b vitamins, and essential fatty acids, you will notice that the present damages are reversed after proper use.

Additionally, the best part of the serum is that it is almost weightless. It will not make your head feel heavy, and the hair feels like it is unmanageable. Also, due to being an all-in-all treatment, you will see a positive change in terms of volume. The strands are bound to look denser, voluminous, and much fuller.

When it comes to ingredients, the brand opts for premium ones. The blend contains natural marine extracts, therapeutic protein compounds, folic acid, premium polymers, and many other high-quality components. This blend of amplifying ingredients will offer the hair and the scale the proper support it needs to promote healthy growth.

Key Highlights

  • Coats hairs with the right vitamins
  • Supports healthy growth
  • Increases the overall volume
  • The serum is pretty much weightless
  • Promotes denser hair

Kintsugi KeraNew


The second supplement that is from Kintsugi in this list is the KeraNew. Unlike the one that we just reviewed, this one will support your hair from the inside out. But that is not all it can offer; there are plenty more.

To start with, each of the tables will contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals required to promote hair growth. And it will do that by fulfilling the demands of your body. If the body does not have any needed vitamins and minerals deficits, hair growth will eventually be full scale.

Aside from just supporting the hair growth from the inside out, it can also combat the signs of aging hair. It will lower the pigment loss ratio and ensure that the hairs do not turn gray that quickly. Also, due to the formula’s ability to harness the power of deep-sea fish proteins, amino acids, and folic acid, the follicles will be strong from the very core.

Additionally, the formula also focuses on the scalp. It will nourish the scalp by providing the vitamins and minerals the scalp requires. And eventually, the hair will see an improvement in terms of support and will be more voluminous. It can also purportedly replenish iron deficiency.

Key Highlights

  • Supports hair from the inside out
  • Combats the signs of aging
  • Fortifies the follicles from the core
  • Nourishes the scalp properly
  • Boasts higher potency by utilizing deep-sea fish proteins and amino acids

NutraFol Women


This supplement goes by Nutrafol Hers, which contains a specialized formula for different hair types of women. However, the blend is slightly different from the one from Nutrafol we looked at a while ago.

The formula that Nutrafol has implemented in this product targets the roots. It will eliminate problems such as lack of hormones, thinning hair, and lower follicle strength. The blend will ensure that the roots get enough nutrition and minerals to fight all of those. It can also improve hair health substantially.

Alongside that, the blend works exceptionally well in terms of promoting hair growth. It will increase the volume and make the whole head seem voluminous. Also, the supplement can work wonders in terms of increasing the overall thickness of the hairs. It can even improve the immune system and balance blood flow.

Among all other ingredients, the most notable ones are marine collagen, horsetail extract, ashwagandha extract, and Tricho Complex Vitamin. For these ingredients, hair health clinics’ tests showed that about 86 percent of the women noticed improved hair, while 84 percent saw stronger, thicker, and softer hair.

Lastly, it has the correct elements, such as vitamin D, folic acid, tricho complex vitamin, and others, to reverse the damages that exposure to harsh environments and overstressing might have caused.

Key Highlights

  • Targets the roots of the hair by harnessing
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Supports immune system
  • Capable of increasing blood flow
  • Reverses existing damages



Few are recommendation-worthy when it comes to hair growth supplements that work effectively for both men and women. However, if you were looking for one, keep this one on your consideration list.

It utilizes a clinically-tested formula, which makes it highly effective. This blend can help both the men and women reclaim all the hairs they have lost in just 90 days. Now that is a bold claim, isn’t it? However, the formula is backed by ten published clinical trials, proving that the brand delivers what they are promising.

Talking of which, Viviscal is probably the most-studied supplement that is on this list. There are plenty of reviews that say the same thing as well. All the users that used this have experienced at least a 32% increase in hair volume. And among them, 92% of the users have seen an increase in hair thickness in just three months.

That is not all; different studies prove that the formula can decrease at least 39% hair shedding. Also, the formula is reasonably effective in nourishing the follicles in multiple stages and fighting hair thinning problems. It will strengthen them from the very core, which will help to protect the roots from different types of damages.

Additionally, this supplement will also ensure that the damages that might already be visible on your hair right now are reversed. So, you can expect to get an all-rounder result.

Key Highlights

  • It relies on a clinically tested formula
  • Increases volume substantially
  • Capable of increasing hair thickness
  • Reverses existing damages
  • Nourishes follicles properly



While browsing through different hair growth vitamins, you might want to get your hands on something that will awaken the dormant follicles of your hair. In that case, Profollica will be the perfect pick!

One of the things that is a bit different compared to some of the other supplements is that you will not have to rely on the official store to purchase a bottle. Instead, you can hop into a significant local retailer, such as Walmart, and will be able to find them on the shelves.

Other than being highly accessible, the blend that it relies on is highly effective against blocking the rate of hair loss. It will slow down the pace and eventually completely stop the hair fall rate at some point. Also, there is research behind the ingredients.

In multiple studies, the formula proves that it can help to lower hair fall in about 90% of men. And about 87.5% of the people had a steady growth of hair in a test that was conducted. The blend relies on dual-action power to deliver all of these results. And you will see effective results relatively quickly too.

Key Highlights

  • Available in major retailers
  • Lowers the rate of hair loss
  • It relies on dual-action formula
  • Provides faster results
  • Formula backed up by different researches

Nutrafol Men


Just like Nutrafol Her, this goes by the name of Nutrafol Men. This hair growth vitamin primarily focuses on providing men the right amount of vitamins and minerals to support hair growth.

The unique thing about this supplement is that it can target the root. And the primary cause of hair thinning is the root. So, if the root gets the right amount of protection, vitamins, and minerals it needs, it will not initiate the thinning process. Also, as the formula is doctor-formulated, it is bound to have higher efficiency.

Other than that, it can target the scalp and increase the thickness of the hair. After regular consumption, you will notice that the hair has increased volume, and your head looks a bit more voluminous. Also, it takes care of the follicles and fortifies them. As a result, they will remain less vulnerable to damages and breaking.

This medical-grade formula even can repair the damages that are caused by hormones and stress. Your hair will get its life back and look a lot younger. And the best part is that it delivers all of that without compromising one bit on the sexual performance.

Key Highlights

  • Targets the roots
  • Eliminates hair thinning problems
  • Utilizes doctor-formulated formula
  • Increases thickness
  • Fortifies hair from the core



Potent natural ingredients are going to work best when it comes to supporting hair growth. And this vitamin uses a formula that is full of those ingredients. But what does it bring to the table? Well, to know that, you need to continue reading.

Due to the formula being all-natural, it achieves a higher efficiency of promoting healthy hair growth. This blend was formulated by a guy named William Anderson, and he claimed to have enjoyed exceptionally great results after using this formula. We, along with the other users, believe the same thing too.

Restolin contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, pine bark, Essiac tea complex, Beta-glucan, lycopene, quercetin, and many other potent ingredients. Combined will surely provide the hair the nutrient, minerals, and vitamins it requires to strive. And it will not flood your body with unnecessary vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, the formula is full of antioxidants that will neutralize the free radicals on your scalp. As a result, any present damages will get reversed. It will also focus on the hair cells, which will push them to make the hair grow naturally. Upon proper use, you will notice an increase in volume too.

Key Highlights

  • The formula is all-natural
  • It contains loads of vitamins and nutrients
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Reverses the present damages
  • Promotes natural hair growth

Divine Locks


Different studies have proved that if the hair growth vitamins focused on the hair follicle named dermal papillae, the growth will accelerate and seem more natural. Well, Divine Locks factored that in when they were manufacturing their supplement for the market.

As we mentioned, the vitamin focuses on the area that most of the supplements tend to ignore. Targeting the dermal papillae can enhance the hair’s natural growth and make the head look fuller and voluminous. And you will notice the same thing after taking this vitamin regularly.

Aside from that, the dermal papillae are responsible for all hair loss due to age. By properly regulating the follicle and protecting it, the formula can purportedly convert the overall appearance of the hair. And that is not all! It can also reduce most of the issues that make the hairs look damaged.

Additionally, it will take care of the thinning problem. The blend will provide the scalp with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to thicken the hair. It is full of ingredients such as biotin, astaxanthin, selenium, MSM, and hyaluronic acid that can deliver all of the mentioned benefits.

Key Highlights

  • Enhances hair growth
  • It offers a fuller and voluminous look
  • Regulates the follicles properly
  • Strengthens the follicles
  • Provides scalp with ample nutrients



There are not that many supplements out there that rely on a supercharged cocktail of ingredients to support hair growth. However, if you were looking for one, check what Revifol is offering.

The formula that the capsules contain is all-natural, and each of the ingredients is highly potent. For that reason, it holds the ability to properly support hair growth and make the hair look young again. Also, the blend targets hair growth; it also focuses on reducing the bald spots on the head. It will lower the chances of balding occurring in the future too.

It does that by providing the right amount of nutrition to the core of the follicles and scalp. After regular use, you will notice a steady change in the bald spots. There will be regrowth of new hair. Additionally, the formula holds the ability to increase the overall volume of the hair. It will make sure that the hair achieves a higher amount of thickness, which will make the head look fuller and lush. And all of these results are backed by testimonials that you can find on their official website.

Key Highlights

  • The formula is all-natural
  • Lowers the chances of balding
  • Eliminates bald spots
  • Increases hair thickness
  • Supports healthy hair growth



While most hair growth vitamins on this list come in capsules, this one will come in the form of tablets. But it does not lack one bit of the potential to promote hair growth.

Procerin can start regrowing the male hair in just a couple of weeks. And what they are stating is entirely accurate. We have gone through loads of customer reviews that said the same thing. You will surely notice observable changes in the condition of the hair in weeks.

Other than just regrowing the hair, it can also reverse the process of hair loss. It will target the critical parts of the head and make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrition and vitamins. As a result, the hair will achieve a healthy state, and the growth of the hair will be natural.

The formula also revitalizes the follicles, which will prevent DHT production. And if that is stopped, the chances of you getting bald will be reasonably low. It can also maintain proper scalp health. And all of the benefits are backed by tests that the brand has carried out.

Key Highlights

  • Offers speedy results
  • Reverses hair loss problems
  • Provides hair with the right nutrients
  • Prevents DHT production
  • Maintains proper scalp health



Want to get yourself strong, radiant, and beautiful hair? In that case, you should have a look at what Vita Balance Inc. is offering here.

The Folexin packs loads of vitamins, natural herbal extracts, and minerals that will work together to provide you healthy-looking hair. All ingredients will enhance the biological growth process and make the new hairs look natural and lush. It can also accelerate the regrowing process significantly.

On that note, you will not even have to wait that long to notice the changes. By taking two capsules daily for a couple of weeks, you will see noticeable improvements in your hair. It will make the hairs achieve a solid and thick state, eventually making them look healthy.

This formula also contains the same minerals, vitamins, and nutrients found on the other high-end supplements. Those can support the hair in three stages. However, it does not have a high-end price. The bottles are reasonably priced, which means you will not even have to break your wallet to get a month’s supply.

Key Highlights

  • It contains loads of herbal extracts
  • Provides relatively fast results
  • It makes the hair core solid
  • Thickens up the hairs
  • Promotes a natural look



Another stellar hair growth vitamin from Vita Balance Inc. that can strengthen the hair and promote natural growth is Valotin. It utilizes all-natural ingredients that are blended in the right amount to deliver all of the benefits.

The brand believes that a good hair day starts with great hair. And to offer that, they have integrated potent botanical ingredients into the formula. It includes natural ingredients such as cucumber extract, aloe vera, and many more. Those will do a proper job of strengthening the hair from the very core.

Additionally, it has biotin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Zinc, Paba, saw palmetto, horsetail extract, L-tyrosine, plant sterols, and many other ingredients. They are responsible for enhancing the growth of the hair. After intaking the capsules regularly, you will notice a good amount of hair regrown in just a few weeks.

As the formula does not contain parabens or sulfates, it will not cause any damage. Instead, it will be gentle to the follicles and reverse the damages that are present. Also, the formula nourishes the hair from the inside out. And it will nourish the roots, which will eventually make them less prone to breakages.

Key Highlights

  • Uses highly potent botanical ingredients
  • Strengthens hair from the very core
  • Enhances the growth of hair
  • Gentle to hair follicles
  • Reverses existing damages

How Did We Rank the 24 Best Hair Growth Vitamins

As you know by now, the market is full of these vitamins. They all will claim to improve the hair’s health, increase growth, and strengthen it to the core. But not all of these claims are true. Many of these will cause damage instead. That is why we kept these factors when we were ranking the vitamins on our list:

The Ingredients

For a hair growth vitamin to work, it must contain the essential ingredients. Here, we are referring to the ones that have gone through different studies and tests. And the ones that we have reviewed above contain nothing but those ingredients. That is what makes them so helpful and highly reliable.

Many of the brands will surely use clinically proven ingredients but fill up the formula with fillers. They might even mix up the effective ingredients with the ones that are backed up with junk science. Like us, you should stay clear of them.


One thing that is not that common between the brands that are offering different supplements is transparency. However, this is pretty important. When a brand is transparent about the ingredients, their tests show that they provide the real deal.

And there are plenty of hair growth vitamin suppliers out there that will not be transparent at all. Those are the brands that you would want to avoid. You have the right to know what you are ingesting or what you are applying to your hair. And you should not settle for anything for a brand that does not tell you all that.


The price point of these vitamins is all over the place. Some will be highly affordable, while the others are relatively expensive. But what makes a supplement expensive? Advertising, official tests conducted, and published articles. And not all of the brands go a step further in doing all of that.

That is why you will notice that the ones that are a bit expensive will have full-fledged advertising and have already conducted multiple official tests. But that does not mean that the ones that did not carry all of these out are not worth getting. Where it all counts are the ingredients.

If the ingredients are high in quality and the blend contains proven ingredients, there will be no need for fancy tests and advertising. So, instead of looking at the price, we focused more on the value it offers.

Balding Reversal

Most of the supplements will only focus on growing the existing hairs and not reverse the receding hairline. We scrutinized them and took them out of our consideration. We believe that a good hair growth vitamin should promote growth and bring back the lost hair.

That is why you will find that most of the vitamins on our list support healthy growth and can bring back the hairs you have lost. And they achieve that capability by utilizing clinically proven ingredients.

Who Should Take a Hair Growth Supplement?

Since most hair growth vitamins are going to rely on all-natural formula, anyone can take them. But these are targeted towards a specific group of people, and they are:

  • The ones that are looking to get more volume and gain a younger look on their hair
  • Men that are suffering from hair loss, receding hairline, baldness, and other similar issues
  • Women who are facing thinning of hair have bald spots and fragile hairs that are prone to breakage.
  • People that have already spotted the early signs of baldness and a slow loss of hairs
  • Anyone that wants to make their hair look healthy and wants something that will promote natural growth
  • Men and women of any age that is looking forward to having thicker, healthier-looking, and younger-looking hair
  • People that want to combat the dullness of the hair and restore the luster that the hair once had
  • Women that have a lot of visible damage on the hair and scalp area
  • Men of any age that wants to enjoy the feeling of having younger-looking hair again

According to different studies, 25% of women and 50% of men will experience hair loss at some point in their life. And these vitamins are so capable that they are the easiest way to combat this problem.

Side Effects of Hair Growth Supplements

Like any other supplements available in the market, these hair growth vitamins also have some side effects. And all of them will be noticeable if you do not use the vitamins in the standard dosage. That is why the brands are so strict about the usage and put a bold warning on the bottle.

Nonetheless, most of the vitamins we have covered follow the guidelines of FDA regulations. That makes them completely safe. But if you do not follow the usage process correctly, you might notice an unsteady growth of hairs. The newly grown hair might also look unnatural.

The brands that do not follow the FDA guidelines will produce some side effects even if you follow the usage process correctly. You will face irritation on the scalp and might have allergic reactions.

Some excellent and effective vitamins might also exhibit the same characteristics if the ingredients collide with your current medications.

Hair Growth Supplement Benefits

After reading the reviews, you might already have an idea of the key benefits these vitamins offer. All of them will aim to fight hair loss and increase the growth of the hair. But the real question is, how do they deliver that? What does science have to say regarding this?

Well, your body requires specific vitamins, proteins, minerals, and nutrients to grow hair. When the body does not get the necessary amount of these, the hair will face different issues. And all of these supplements focus on giving your body the things it needs.

Nonetheless, to know what the benefits these supplements are capable of offering, you need to understand what each of the ingredients means to the body. And a brief description of them is given below:


One of the most popular ingredients of these hair growth vitamins is biotin. There are plenty of studies that proved that taking biotin daily can help get relief from hair loss. Also, some research shows that it is also associated with hair growth and nail growth.

This double-blind study that took place in 2012 included placebos and biotin supplements. The researchers made the subjects take both of them and monitored them for 90 to 180 days. After 90 days, people that took the supplement showed healthy hair growth. And the quality of the hair was stellar too.

However, the ones that took placebos showed no positive change at all. After 180 days, the subjects that took the actual biotic supplement experienced additional improvements such as skin smoothness, higher moisture retention, and healthy shine. And the best part is that there were no adverse side effects at all.

Likewise, this study that got published in 2017 proved the link between biotin and hair loss. The researchers found that biotin can genuinely help increase hair growth and make them achieve a lush look.


Another widely popular hair growth vitamin ingredient is zinc. And different researches show that it offers many benefits and helps a lot in terms of hair loss. A specific study proved that zinc is the cofactor of a metalloenzyme. That is why zinc is related to every metabolism that is occurring in the body.

The studies also found out that the ingredient is the key to impact hair growth. It plays a crucial role in cycling the hair follicles, which is the part where the hair’s natural growth cycle starts. Studies showed that we could predict hair loss by testing out zinc plasma levels.

This study published in 2020 found 73.3% of positive predictive value in between hair quality and zinc levels. That proves that taking zinc daily in the recommended percentage can support hair growth in many different ways.


Most of the hair growth vitamins are going to contain copper. Even though it has fewer researches, one study showed that copper could fill up people with a deficit of certain minerals. And when the body gets the required minerals, it will make the hair grow naturally.

Minerals And Vitamins

Apart from the ingredients we have mentioned above, hair growth vitamins will also rely on different plant extracts and natural ingredients for minerals and vitamins. And additional studies prove that those can also make a significant impact in terms of increasing hair growth and making the hair achieve a healthy stage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Growth Vitamins

Q: How much hair does a person lose every day?

A: The average person will lose 100 to 150 hairs each day. It is a natural process, and the body is bound to lose that amount of hair regularly. However, the count includes all the hair, including the body hairs. Also, just because you are losing hair, it does not mean that you are balding.

Q: Is balding a genetic thing that comes from the mother’s side?

A: Many people believe that balding comes from the mother’s side. Let us get one thing straight that it is a myth. Different researches took place regarding it, and researchers found that baldness-provoking genes can come from either side of the family, not only from the mother’s side.

That means if any of your family members is going bald, there is a high chance that you might face the same issue later down the road.

Q: How many hair follicles does a person have?

A: There is no exact number. It will vary from one person to another. Nonetheless, researchers have found that an average scalp will have more than 1000 thousand hair follicles.

Q: Is there any link between hair loss and medical conditions?

A: Yes, there is a link between hair loss and medical conditions or diseases. For example, when you have a specific thyroid disease, you can face hair loss. The same thing is applicable when the body has a deficit of iron and other essential minerals. Also, the immune system might be weak if it lacks vitamins and minerals.

But the good thing is that the effective supplements will fulfill the deficits you have and solve the unexplained hair loss you might have.

Q: Who should I talk to when I am facing unexpected hair loss?

A: Many people are tempted to consult a doctor when they are facing unexpected hair loss. But the thing is, the doctors will not be able to address the problem efficiently. Instead, what you need to do is consult a dermatologist. They will know what the problem is as they specialize in skin, nails, and hair.

Q: How long does the hair on the head normally live?

A: A healthy scalp will be able to retain hairs for about three years. However, there are plenty of factors. The hair should be healthy, and it should not be exposed to harsh environments for that long. This phase is also referred to anagen phase. And the typical anagen phase of the hairs is about three years.

Q: How many different phases does a hair go through?

A: When it comes to growth, there are three phases. One is called anagen, which refers to the active growing phase. The second is the relatively short catagen phase. In that phase, the hairs begin to break down. Lastly, there is the telogen phase, which is the resting phase.

During the shedding process of hairs, your hairs are either on the catagen or telogen phase. And when it is growing, it remains on the actively growing stage, otherwise known as the anagen phase.

Q: Are hair supplements gluten-free?

A: Most of the hair, skin, nails, and eyebrow products are gluten-free. However, some shampoo and hair products are not gluten-free. Even some coconut oil products have gluten in them. Nonetheless, most of the brands will utilize a gluten-free formula. So, you will not have to worry about gluten-related side effects.

Q: Is it possible to regain the lost hair without going through surgery?

A: Yes, it is entirely possible to regain all the lost hair without surgery. And for that, you would need to take the hair growth vitamins that contain minoxidil and finasteride.

Q: Can stress and life events have an impact on hair growth?

A: According to different hair health clinics, they certainly can. Studies prove that a sudden unfortunate event can cause 30% of the strands to get into the telogen phase. And that can lead to baldness and other hair-related issues.

24 Best Hair Growth Vitamins Final Words

Now that you know about the best hair growth vitamins, hair plugs and surgery are no longer needed. You can regain all the lost hairs, stop hair loss, and make your strands look healthy and lush again by taking them at the correct dosage.

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