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Best Hangover Pills – Review Top Hangover Remedy Supplements

Everybody likes a good night out. But nobody likes a hangover.

Fortunately, hangovers can be a thing of the past. By taking the right supplements before, during, and after drinking, you can prevent hangovers.

Hangover pills use vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and other ingredients to defend your body against the effects of partying.

Some hangover supplements replenish B vitamins to prevent headaches and dehydration. Others use herbal extracts to support your liver. Some are designed specifically to prevent alcohol hangovers. Others are designed to prevent all types of hangovers – no matter how hard you’re partying.

With so many hangover pills available, it’s tough to know which one is right for you. We’re experts at preventing hangovers. After hours of deliberation – and personal testing – our editorial board ranked the following hangover pills as the best hangover supplements available today.

Our Rankings

We pored over lab reports. We contacted manufacturers. We even tested hangover pills in the real world. After hours of deliberation, here are the best hangover pills available in 2021:

  • AfterDrink
  • Flyby
  • MoreLabs Morning Recovery
  • Drinkwel
  • PureWine
  • DrinkAde
  • Cheers
  • Over EZ
  • Blowfish
  • The Plug
  • Zaca
  • NoDaysWasted DHM Detox Recovery Blend
  • Toast
  • LiquidIV Energy Multiplier
  • Purple Tree
  • Sobur Hangover Support
  • Fewer Regrets



AfterDrink uses 23 vitamins, antioxidants, and herbal extracts to help you wake up to a better morning. It’s an essential weekend companion packaged into a convenient and transparent capsule. According to the manufacturer, AfterDrink will restore and replenish your body by supporting normal metabolism, mental performance, and liver function.

AfterDrink uses all-natural ingredients with zero fillers. While other hangover pills focus on unusual herbal and plant extracts, AfterDrink specifically uses plant extracts with maximum antioxidant properties. That means you get antioxidants that support normal inflammation throughout your body, making it easier for your body to recover after a night of drinking.

Key ingredients in AfterDrink include DHM, ginger, and milk thistle. And, at $35 per bottle, it’s one of the best-value hangover pill supplements on our list.

Price: $35



Flyby offers a range of supplements targeting recovery, fuel, and general health and wellness. However, Flyby is best-known in the hangover pill community for its Recovery capsules. Priced at $35 per bottle, Recovery is a hangover pill that uses natural ingredients to help you seize the day after a night out. Each bottle comes with 90 capsules, giving you ample power to feel great.

Flyby Recovery uses ingredients to replenish vital nutrients, support healthy liver function, and reduce post-drinking drag. The science-backed formula includes B vitamins (including vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, and B12), amino acids, DHM, milk thistle, and prickly pear, among other natural ingredients.

One of the things we like about Flyby, however, is that they’re one of the only hangover pill companies that ran a clinical trial on their supplement. Flyby recruited 50 healthy subjects in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled setting to prove their supplement worked.

Price: $35

MoreLabs Morning Recovery


MoreLabs offers a range of health and wellness supplements, although the company’s Morning Recovery formula is particularly popular, Morning Recovery contains a proprietary blend of electrolytes to help you hydrate and feel good the next morning. You take one dose before your first drink, and the formula works with wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails to block hangovers.

Morning Recovery uses a blend of herbs, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals to help you feel better. And, like other hangover pill companies on this list, MoreLabs guarantees that you’ll feel better – or you’ll get your money back. With an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 and hundreds of positive customer reviews, MoreLabs Morning Recovery is one of the best-known and best-rated hangover pills available today.

Price: $36



Drinkwel is a hangover pill that uses vitamins and minerals to replenish nutrients, support liver health, and process toxins. In addition to the flagship Drinkwel supplement, Drinkwel also offers a range of formulas to target specific health and wellness goals.

The flagship Drinkwel formula contains NAC, taurine, alpha lipoic acid, milk thistle, green tea extract, L-theanine, DHM, and significant doses of multiple vitamins and minerals. It’s like a multivitamin combined with a liver and detox formula. With some of the strongest dosages and most proven ingredients on this list, Drinkwel remains one of the best hangover pills you can buy today.

Price: $40



PureWine is the only hangover product on this list that physically removes hangover-causing compounds from wine. Instead of taking a product before drinking or after drinking, you use PureWine while drinking. PureWine’s products use a patented Phoenix filtration system to remove sulfites and histamines from wine. If you regularly get wine headaches, then they could be caused by the histamines and sulfites in wine. PureWine’s products can help.

PureWine’s products also have a bonus advantage: they remove oxidized components from wine. If your wine was stored improperly, or if you’re trying to resuscitate an old bottle of wine, then PureWine can remove the oxidized components and leave you with great-tasting wine. Although it’s a niche product, PureWine’s wine purifier can prevent hangovers by removing the components in wine that cause hangovers in the first place. If you’re a wine drinker who wants to avoid a hangover, then PureWine could be the best option. The company offers two flagship filters, including The Wand (to filter each glass) and The Wave (to filter each bottle).

Price: $12 to $25



DrinkAde is a hangover beverage that helps support the body’s ability to neutralize toxins and rehydrate. The supplement is designed for more than just drinking: you can also take DrinkAde to support an active lifestyle or help your body recover after a workout. Whether drinking heavily, living a stressful life, or spending long hours at work, DrinkAde aims to be the right formula for you.

DrinkAde is one of the most recognizable hangover pill brands available today. You can spot it on store shelves nationwide. DrinkAde comes in two varieties, including Prevention (a caffeine-free, limeade-flavored preventative measure), and Boost (a hangover pill that uses caffeine and B vitamins to replenish your body the morning after).

DrinkAde is priced at around $4 to $5 per serving, depending on whether you buy the 6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack, making it one of the more expensive options on this list. However, it continues to be one of the best-known names in the hangover pill space.

Price: $28 to $97



Cheers offers three hangover pills that work in different ways. The company offers Restore (an after-alcohol aid), Hydrate (an oral rehydration solution), and Protect (a daily liver supplement). Priced at $20 to $35 per bottle, Cheers is designed for use before you go to sleep. By taking various Cheers supplements before sleep, you can support your body’s defense against hangovers, help rehydrate your body, and help protect your liver, among other benefits.

Cheers makes its supplements in the United States. And, like other supplements on this list, Cheers uses proven ingredients like 1,200mg of DHM. As of 2021, Cheers has sold over 14 million supplements and the company has received a patent on its vitamin B2 blend – something we don’t see with any other company listed here.

For all of these reasons and more, Cheers continues to be one of the best hangover pill companies on our list. The company also offers monthly autoship options to reduce the price even further.

Price: $20 to $35

Over EZ


Over EZ is a vitamin that claims to prevent hangovers before they happen. Priced at $20 (stops 8 hangovers) to $144 (stops 72 hangovers), Over EZ uses natural ingredients to prevent you from experiencing the after-effects of alcohol.

To use Over EZ, just take one Over EZ capsule 15 minutes before your first drink – or with your first drink. Over EZ doesn’t just claim to prevent hangovers; according to the official website, the supplement can help boost your immune system while you drink, speed up the breakdown of hangover-inducing toxins, and help you wake up feeling alive and energized even after drinking a significant amount. Over EZ is also one of the few supplements on this list available through Walmart, Amazon, and other major retailers.

Price: $20 to $244



Blowfish is a hangover remedy that claims to make you feel human again. The formula is backed by science, FDA-recognized, and guaranteed to make you feel better in about 15 minutes. It’s also available at a range of affordable prices, including $15 (for a Starter Pack) to $100 (for a Double Party Box), among other options.

One of the unique things about Blowfish is that you take the formula while you’re hungover. Most hangover supplements listed here work by preventing a hangover from ever occurring: you take them before you drink. With Blowfish, you get a morning hangover remedy that can quickly turn around your day. Backed by Blowfish’s hangover-free guarantee, Blowfish uses an effervescent tablet to make you feel human again – even if you forgot to take your hangover pill the night before.

Price: $15 to $60

The Plug


The Plug is a hangover pill that aims to increase your productivity levels while replenishing your body with nutrients to help it stay hydrated. The plant-based formula includes 13 herbs, plants, fruits, and flowers combined with bedrock water to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

The Plug is available at convenience stores across the United States, and the company continues to expand its rollout nationwide. Best-known as the official partner of the UFC, The Plug contains ingredients like purslane, schisandra, dandelion, licorice root, honeysuckle flower, oriental raisin tree (DHM) and other familiar and unique ingredients. With 25 calories per serving and no caffeine or added sugar, The Plug is rising in popularity as a top-rated hangover pill.

Price: $35



Zaca is a hydration and liver aid supplement that comes in the form of a chewable. Just pop two of the chewable tablets in your mouth to fight dehydration and hangovers. Like other hangover pills on this list, Zaca is also marketed as a general recovery aid: you can use it as a pre and post-workout formula, to fight overheating, for travel and altitude, or when feeling ‘meh’, among other uses.

As a hangover pill, Zaca contains ingredients like Japanese raisin, L-glutamine, L-glutathione, and prickly pear. The formula contains proven ingredients for supporting your liver and hydration – while also giving you the ingredients you need to fight the after-effects of drinking. With antioxidants, amino acids, and herbs and plants, Zaca works similar to other hangover pills on this list to give you the hydration and liver support you need to enjoy a good night out.

Price: $21



NoDaysWasted has been promoting itself across the internet in recent months. With trendy packaging and proven ingredients like DHM, NoDaysWasted works in a similar way to other hangover pills on this list, fighting toxins that your body creates while drinking. Your body produces toxins like acetaldehyde while drinking, and science shows that DHM can fight this toxin.

NoDaysWasted is a plant-based blend with DHM, L-cysteine, milk thistle, organic prickly pear, B vitamins, sodium, and potassium. You take one packet (two capsules) during your night out with water – or before bed. For heavy nights, you might need more than one packet. At $34 for a 10 pack, it’s also one of the more reasonably priced options on our list.

Price: $34



Toast offers a lineup of berry-flavored gummies. The gummies are based on the latest hangover science, using ingredients like milk thistle and matcha to combat the after-effects of drinking. Toast comes in a pocket-sized pouch with two servings per packet, making it easy to take the gummies on the go. Just take one serving (five gummies) before drinking, then take up to one additional serving (five more gummies) if needed for heavy nights.

Toast is priced at $30 for 12 servings, making it another reasonably-priced hangover pill. For those who don’t want to spend $6 to $10 to prevent each hangover, Toast’s price of around $2.50 per serving could be more palatable. Toast’s pre-drinking gummies were founded on the belief that you should always toast to your health before your drink – and that’s where the name ‘Toast’ comes from.

Price: $30

LiquidIV Energy Multiplier


LiquidIV’s Energy Multiplier is an energy drink mix that multiplies your energy using proven ingredients. You mix one packet of powder with water, then drink it to power your body after a hangover.

Although not specifically marketed as a hangover pill or supplement, LiquidIV’s Energy Multiplier is popular for post-drinking hydration and energy. If you want to give your body a natural boost of energy the morning after drinking, then LiquidIV’s Energy Multiplier could be the right choice for you. Each serving contains around 100mg of caffeine along with proven energy boosters like matcha, guayusa, and ginger.

By giving your body antioxidants, caffeine, and other sources of energy, LiquidIV’s Energy Multiplier can make sure you stay productive the day after a big night out. And, at $25 per package (14 servings per packet), Energy Multiplier is one of the more affordable options listed here.

Price: $25

Purple Tree


Purple Tree describes its products as “Celebration Vitamin” pills. You can buy Purple Tree’s formula in the form of hydration drops or capsules. By adding the hydration drops (in liquid form) to 16oz of water, you can hydrate your body and avoid certain hangover symptoms. The Purple Tree capsules, meanwhile, contain similar ingredients in capsule form.

By taking Purple Tree’s hangover supplements, you can purportedly promote healthy liver function, replenish key vitamins and electrolytes lost from drinking, and enjoy better mornings. Overall, Purple Tree advertises its supplements as the world’s purest electrolyte drink mix, giving your body 100% clean mineral salts, essential trace elements, and fast-acting electrolytes without the sugar seen in other hydration formulas. The San Diego-based company sells its hangover pills for $15 to $35 per bottle.

Price: $15 to $35



Sobur is a hangover pill that promises to help you never suffer another hangover. Sobur protects your brain and body after drinking alcohol, stopping your hangovers and helping you wake up feeling energized and healthy.

To achieve these benefits, Sobur contains many of the same ingredients we see with other top-ranked hangover pills on this list, including DHM, vitamin C, B vitamins, N-acetyl L-carnitine, and other proven ingredients. Together, these ingredients can help fight the things that cause your hangover, including toxins like acetaldehyde. The formula also claims to target low blood sugar, dehydration, and other after-effects of drinking. At $35 for 10 servings (20 capsules), Sobur is competitive with other mid-range options on our list.

Price: $35

Fewer Regrets


Fewer Regrets, like most hangover pills on this list, promises to help you live your life with fewer regrets. It doesn’t claim to eliminate all regrets – it just claims to give you fewer regrets. Priced at around $50 for 12 servings, Fewer Regrets uses eight natural ingredients to fight the effects of a hangover.

Fewer Regrets contains green tea extract, Hovenia dulcis, milk thistle, prickly pear cactus, turmeric extract, and other popular ingredients. Some of these ingredients have been linked to antioxidant effects and other benefits. Other ingredients are shown to support your liver in a natural way. Although it’s priced higher than competing mid-range options on this list, Fewer Regrets uses an effective antioxidant formula to fight certain hangover effects.

Price: $50

How We Ranked

Every hangover supplement claims to stop a hangover. However, only the best hangover pills actually work. Here’s how we separated the real hangover pills from the fake hangover cures.

Proven Ingredients: Hangovers are as old as civilization. Some hangover cures are backed by centuries of use. Other hangover cures use advanced science. We preferred hangover pills that used proven ingredients and effective dosages.

Science Backed: It’s hard to scientifically test hangover pills in a controlled setting. Alcohol affects people in different ways. However, many of the top hangover supplement companies cite clinical trials proving they work as advertised to prevent hangovers. We preferred hangover pills with clinical trials, extensive references pages, and other

Manufacturer Reputation & Transparency: Some hangover supplement companies have a longstanding reputation for creating quality products. Some even have medical advisory boards. We considered manufacturer reputation and transparency in our rankings.

Price & Value: Some people are willing to spend $50 to prevent a hangover. Others want to spend $1 to $5. We featured hangover pills with all different price ranges. However, we emphasized strong value at every price to ensure users were getting the most bang for their buck.

Ease of Use: Most hangover pills are designed to be very easy to take. Just pop the capsule and enjoy. Other hangover supplements are mixed with water. We preferred hangover pills that were easy to take and easy to bring on-the-go.

Moneyback Guarantee: People process alcohol in different ways. Some people can prevent hangovers with a B vitamin supplement. Others need herbal extracts, adaptogens, and inflammatory plant extracts. Most of the top-rated hangover pills offer a moneyback guarantee. We preferred supplements that backed up their claims with some type of satisfaction or moneyback guarantee.

Hangover Pill Side Effects

Most hangover pills have no side effects when used by healthy adults in normal dosages.

After all, the point of a hangover pill is to prevent the side effects of drinking.

However, you may be allergic to some of the ingredients in hangover pills, including certain herbal or plant extracts. Some ingredients could lead to an allergic reaction.

Others experience digestive discomfort after taking a supplement for the first time – or taking too much of a certain supplement.

Generally, you can expect to experience no significant side effects when taking a hangover pill.

Hangover Pill Dosages

Hangover pills contain a diverse range of ingredients and work in different ways. Follow the recommended dosage instructions on your hangover pill.

Most hangover supplements require you to take 1 to 2 capsules. Others recommend taking 1 to 2 packets.

For heavy drinking or heavier partying nights, hangover supplement companies may recommend doubling the dose. However, avoid taking more than one or two doses unless recommended by manufacturers.

Scientific Evidence for Hangover Pills

Most hangover pills and hangover supplements are not backed by specific scientific evidence. Most manufacturers do not invest in clinical trials or scientific studies. Instead, they cite third party studies performed on the ingredients and dosages within hangover pills.

Some of the top-rated hangover pills support their claims with dozens of references, peer-reviewed research papers, and double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. The more scientific evidence a manufacturer shared to support their claims, the higher we ranked that manufacturer’s hangover pill.

Flyby is one of the few hangover pill companies that has published a clinical trial on its formula. Flyby recruited 50 healthy subjects for a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human trial. Subjects took Flyby Recovery or a placebo capsule, then consumed their normal amount of alcohol and went to bed. A week later, the test was repeated with the capsules switched. Researchers found that the placebo group experienced symptoms 3 to 5 times worse than their pre-drinking values, while the Flyby Recovery group reported symptoms 4 times better than their pre-drinking values.

It’s no secret why hangovers occur. Acetaldehyde, a harmful toxin, builds up in your body while you drink. It’s one of the main reasons you feel gross the next day. It’s also the reason that hydration alone can’t prevent a hangover. Acetaldehyde isn’t some elaborate mystery: it’s a toxic by-product of ethanol breakdown. Acetaldehyde is 10 to 30 times more toxic than alcohol on its own. Although it doesn’t cause all hangover symptoms, acetaldehyde can cause you to feel worse the day after drinking.

Some also blame hangovers on low blood sugar. Drinking leads to dehydration, and dehydration causes glucose levels to drink. When your body is low in glucose, it draws energy from other sources, leading to hangover-like symptoms. That’s why some people feel better the day after drinking if they consume a fruity or sugary beverage. However, if low blood sugar was the only thing that caused hangovers, then we could prevent hangovers by taking a drink of soda or orange juice before bed – and that’s obviously not the case with most hangovers.

Some also attribute hangovers to an inflammatory response. When your body gets an infection, it creates an inflammatory response to fight that infection. Ethanol (alcohol’s chemical name) is a small molecule that passes straight through the stomach lining. Your body absorbs alcohol quickly through this method.

If you have an empty stomach, your body will start to absorb about 20% of alcohol through your stomach lining within a few minutes of drinking. The remaining 80% of alcohol passes through the small intestine and takes about an hour to reach your bloodstream. That’s why you might feel certain effects of alcohol soon after drinking – with additional effects within an hour. It’s also why some feel alcohol “sneaks up on you”, delivering more powerful effects than you initially expected.

Many attribute alcohol’s hangover effects to the fact that it’s a diuretic. As a diuretic, alcohol makes you urinate more often – and in greater quantities. All of this urine pushes nutrients, vitamins, and minerals out of your body. To rehydrate, you can’t just drink more water. You also need to take more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. That’s why many hangover pills contain the right nutrients in the exact quantities for rehydrating your body after drinking.

Some hangover pills also target GABA. As alcohol reaches your brain, the ethanol molecules bind to GABA receptors, raising GABA levels in the brain. This slows the processing delay in the brain, reducing the speed of nervous system signals. This can lead to slower judgement, moving, and breathing.

Dihydromyricetin is the most popular hangover pill ingredient available today. Backed by dozens of major studies, dihydromyricetin (DHM) has been shown to prevent hangovers in many people. That’s why over half of the best hangover pills listed above contain DHM in some form. In this 2012 study, researchers analyzed the effects of DHM and concluded it was a “novel anti-alcohol intoxication medication.” By taking DHM, participants were better able to control the effects of drinking while also avoiding symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, physical dependence, hangovers, and other unpleasant side effects associated with drinking.

DHM can do more than just prevent hangovers: according to a new USC study, DHM can also help people cope with liver damage. In the 2020 study, researchers found that DHM activated a cascade of mechanisms that quickly erased alcohol from the body, helping your liver keep up with your hard partying lifestyle.

Do you get anxiety before, during, or after drinking? Anxiety is a common – yet underreported – hangover side effect. In this study, researchers found that DHM showed promise as an anxiety disorder treatment. Studies show that DHM could help with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, and phobias, among similar conditions.

Many hangover pills also contain milk thistle extract. Milk thistle has been shown to help with liver disease by supporting liver health in various ways. In this review, researchers found that milk thistle exhibited hepatoprotective (liver protecting) effects through antioxidant activity, blocking toxins at the membrane level, enhanced protein synthesis, antifibrotic activity, and anti-inflammatory effects, among other observed benefits. Many people take milk thistle extract to support liver health, combat fatty liver issues, and help support the liver in other ways.

Milk thistle appears to work because it contains an active ingredient called silymarin. Silymarin has a purported ability to keep toxins from attaching to liver cells. It also holds free radicals in check. Free radicals are unstable molecules created as a by-product of bodily functions – including drinking and breaking down alcohol. Although more largescale research in humans is needed to confirm the liver protecting effects of milk thistle, studies show it could help support the liver in various ways.

Some hangover pills work in a more straightforward way: they contain electrolytes to rehydrate your body. Your body loses electrolytes when working out – and when drinking. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it pushes electrolytes like calcium, sodium, chloride, and potassium out of your body in higher quantities. If you don’t replenish these electrolytes – say, with a hydration drink or a banana – then you could experience a hangover.

Ultimately, hangover research is a unique field of science. However, growing research has validated the claims of many hangover pills and supplements.

FAQs About Hangover Pills

We’re hangover experts, and we get plenty of questions about hangovers, drinking, and how it all works. Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently about the best hangover pills and supplements.

Q: What is a hangover?

A: A hangover is a set of symptoms caused by drinking too much, including fatigue, weakness, thirst, headache, nausea, stomach pain, sensitivity to light and sound, anxiety, sweating, high blood pressure, and muscle aches, among other issues.

Q: Why do hangovers happen?

A: Scientists don’t fully understand how hangovers work, why they happen, or why some people experience worse hangovers than other people. However, hangovers generally occur because alcohol depletes crucial vitamins and minerals from your body, leading to dehydration. Other studies have linked hangovers to inflammation, immune response, and other issues.

Q: Why does alcohol cause a hangover?

A: Alcohol causes a hangover by acting as a diuretic, which means it increases urine production and depletes minerals from your body. Your body also breaks down alcohol (ethanol) into toxic compounds.

Q: What do hangovers feel like?

A: Symptoms of a hangover include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, stomach problems, drowsiness, sweating, excessive thirst, and cognitive problems, among other problems.

Q: What is acetaldehyde?

A: Acetaldehyde is a toxic compound created when your body breaks down alcohol (ethanol). A growing number of hangover pills contain ingredients to specifically target acetaldehyde, which is a toxic compound.

Q: Why do some people get worse hangovers than others?

A: Genetics, diet, physiology, lifestyle habits, drinking habits, and other factors could all influence why some people get worse hangovers than others. Again, science doesn’t fully understand why some people get worse hangovers than others. Some people are prone to hangovers, while others are not.

Q: Can genetics affect hangovers?

A: Studies suggest that people of East Asian descent get worse hangovers because of a genetic mutation. Genetics, lifestyle factors, diet, and other factors can all affect hangovers.

Q: Why do Asians get worse hangovers?

A: Studies show that people of East Asian descent have a mutation in their gene that affects the alcohol enzyme dehydrogenase, converting alcohol more quickly into the toxic compound acetaldehyde. A significant number of Asians also have a mutation in their gene that performs the next metabolic step, converting acetaldehyde into acetic acid.

Q: Do women get worse hangovers than men?

A: Studies show that women are more likely to experience hangovers than men. However, many researchers have attributed this effect to the fact that women have a lower average body weight than men.

Q: Do hangovers get worse for age?

A: Many people claim to experience worse hangovers with age. However, research has not confirmed a connection between age and hangover severity. Some studies have suggested that adolescents are less likely to experience hangovers, although other studies have found that younger people get worse hangovers. Controlling for the amount of alcohol, hangovers do not appear to get worse with age.

Q: Do some drinks cause worse hangovers than others?

A: The ultimate cause of a hangover is alcohol. The more alcohol you consume, the more likely you are to experience a hangover. Drinks with higher alcohol content will lead to worse hangovers than others. Some studies also suggest that the sulfites in wine can cause hangovers, which is why some people experience worse hangovers with wine than other beverages.

Q: How can you prevent hangovers?

A: The best way to prevent hangovers is to take a hangover supplement, eat on a full stomach, avoid drinking too many drinks in a short period of time, and staying hydrated throughout the night.

Q: How do I quickly cure a hangover?

A: Studies show that drinking a hydration beverage, taking an electrolyte formula, and taking other hangover supplements could quickly cure a hangover. You can also find traditional hangover cures from around the world, including pickled herring (in Germany), pickled plums (in Japan), and eating shrimp (in Mexico), among other purported cures.

Q: Can ‘hair of the dog’ cure my hangover?

A: Many people believe the ‘hair of the dog that bit you’ can cure a hangover. By drinking a morning cocktail or beer, for example, you could avoid a hangover. However, studies have found no evidence supporting the hair of the dog technique for curing a hangover.

Q: When do hangovers peak?

A: Hangover symptoms peak when your blood alcohol concentration returns to around zero. Symptoms of a hangover last around 24 hours.

Q: Are hangovers dangerous?

A: Hangovers can be dangerous. You could have poor muscle coordination, response times, and attention when hungover, making it dangerous to drive or make major decisions.

Q: Does the order of drinks impact a hangover?

A: You may have heard phrases like “beer before liquor, never been sicker” or “liquor before beer, have no fear.” However, studies show that the order of drinks does not impact the severity of a hangover in most people. The alcohol content of drinks is the primary indicator of whether or not you’ll experience a hangover.

Q: Is a hangover just dehydration?

A: A hangover is more than just dehydration. If a hangover was just dehydration, then you could drink water and hydrate to avoid a hangover. That’s not the cause. Although booze can dry you out, a hangover is more than just dehydration.

Q: Can smoking make hangovers worse?

A: Studies show that smoking can make hangovers worse. One study found that people who smoked while drinking heavily had worse hangovers than those who did not smoke. Researchers don’t know why this occurs, although some people believe it’s because smoking causes you to drink more.

Q: Do darker beverages cause worse hangovers?

A: Some believe darker beverages cause worse hangovers. Bourbon, red wine, and rum are all associated with worse hangovers because they contain high concentrations of compounds called congeners. These are by-products of the fermentation process.

Q: What’s the best hangover pill?

A: Any of the top-rated hangover pills and supplements listed above are among the best hangover pills available today.

Final Word

Nobody likes a hangover. Fortunately, thanks to science, hangovers can be a thing of the past.

Again, here are the best hangover pills and hangover drinks that are the top-ranked natural hangover prevention remedy supplements on the market in 2021:

By taking the right hangover pill or supplement, you can avoid the worst effects of a hangover – and get back to living a happy and productive day.

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