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Best Knee Sleeves: Reviewing the Top Knee Compression Brace to Buy

Knee sleeves can help with knee pain, support and mobility.

A good knee sleeve provides your knee with the support it needs. Some people use knee sleeves to help recover from an injury. Others use knee sleeves to boost blood flow and circulation. You can also use knee sleeves for pain management, mobility, and all types of athletic activities – including running, basketball, squats, and deadlifts.

There are many knee sleeves available today. All knee sleeves make similar claims about their effectiveness. However, not all knee sleeves work as advertised.

What’s the best knee sleeve for you? What are the top knee sleeves of 2021? We did our research to answer that question. Here is our ranking of the best knee sleeves of 2021.

Ranking the Best Knee Sleeves & Knee Compression Brace Products

Our editorial team tested knee sleeves, contacted manufacturers, checked lab reports, and conducted a stress test to determine the best knee braces available today. Here’s what we found:

  • Exo Sleeve
  • TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve
  • Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve
  • PentagonFit Knee Sleeve
  • VitaKnee
  • KneeWrap Pro
  • Compressa
  • Knee Force
  • Knee Hero
  • Knee Relief Patches
  • Smart Knee Pad
  • Kompress Kinetic Socks
  • Soul Insole
  • Feel Good Knees

Exo Sleeve

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Exo Sleeve is one of the best-known knee sleeve brands on the market. Fortunately, the brand lives up to its reputation by continuing to provide high-quality, effective knee sleeves for a variety of situations.

Their sleeves have been so successful, in fact, that the company has now branched into sandbags, belts, weight belts, resistance bands, and other workout equipment.

Exo Sleeve offers three sizes of knee sleeves, including 5mm, 7mm, and light. If you are someone doing CrossFit, powerlifting bodybuilding we suggest their 5mm or 7mm sleeves for additional support. However, the light sleeve (with a thickness of around 3mm) is ideal for agility, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a knee sleeve without sacrificing mobility. EXO Sleeve is one of the only brands to offer a large selection of designs and colors as well.

Price: $29+

TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve

image 13

TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve is a sleeve that relieves pain in minutes. Backed by thousands of 5-star reviews online, TheraICE Rx’s Compression Sleeve uses a combination of heating, cooling, and compression technology to help you enjoy your favorite activities without the pain.

You start by putting TheraICE Rx’s Compression Sleeve in the freezer or microwave. The sleeve has a gel inside that freezes or heats up. Then, slip the sleeve on any part of your body (like your elbow or knee) and wear it for 15 minutes to enjoy the benefits of compression therapy, heat therapy, and cold therapy rolled into one convenient device.

With $1 million in sales and counting, TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve continues to be one of the top-rated pain relieving sleeves available online today. If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of a compression knee sleeve plus the benefits of a hot or cold compress, then the TheraICE Rx Compression Sleeve is one of the best options available.

Price: $34.99

Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve

image 1

The Circa Knee Compression Sleeve from Caresole uses neoprene material to keep your knees warm, lubricating your joints and preventing injuries. While other knee sleeves are specifically designed for bodybuilders, the Caresold Circa Knee Compression Sleeve is designed for everyday use – like for those who walk on hard surfaces all of the day or anyone who wants to avoid slipping.

Built with state-of-the-art stabilization technology, the Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve features a contoured fit for maximum comfort and minimum slippage. You can also use your knee with a full range of motion, giving you better agility than some of the thicker knee sleeves listed here.

Marketed to both men and women, the Caresole Circa Knee Compression Sleeve is ideal for anyone with aching knees who wants to walk and move more easily. Plus, at around $42 per unit, it’s one of the more cost effective knee sleeves on our list.

Price: $42

PentagonFit Knee Sleeve

image 10

PentagonFit’s Knee Sleeve is a medical-grade compression sleeve designed for instant knee support, stability, and protection. By wearing the knee sleeve daily, you can relieve pain, prevent injury, and recover more quickly.

In fact, PentagonFit also claims their knee sleeve will provide benefits we don’t see advertised with other knee sleeves: according to the official website, you can improve blood circulation, increase stability and support, reduce inflammation and knee pain, increase your range of motion, and protect against knee injuries by wearing the PentagonFit Knee Sleeve daily.

Whether you have knee arthritis, muscle sprains, knee tendonitis, ligament tears, or any other issues, you can enjoy the PentagonFit Knee Sleeve for maximum pain relief and comfort. The sleeve is priced at $39.95 and backed by a moneyback guarantee.

Price: $39.95


image 14

VitaKnee is a popular ergonomic knee support system backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and hundreds of positive reviews from verified buyers online.

Although the manufacturer doesn’t have the same longstanding reputation as other top-rated knee sleeve companies on our list, VitaKnee carves out its niche in the budget market, providing an effective knee sleeve at a discount rate.

If you want a straightforward knee sleeve that can support, strengthen, and protect your knee, then the VitaKnee knee sleeve is one option available online today.

Price: $39.99

KneeWrap Pro

image 8

KneeWrap Pro is a lightweight bandage you can put on and forget to enjoy nice, relieving compression force while avoiding pains and discomfort throughout your lower body.

Like most other knee sleeves listed here, KneeWrap Pro is machine-washable and designed for multiple uses. Plus, the fabric has anti-perspiration properties, making it ideal for use in athletic and non-athletic settings.

Priced at $39, KneeWrap Pro offers similar value to other knee sleeves on our list. Plus, discounts are available when ordering multiple KneeWrap Pros, potentially dropping the price as low as $20 per unit. For a straightforward knee sleeve made from quality fabric, KneeWrap Pro is one option available.

Price: $39


image 2

The Compressa Knee Sleeve is one of the internet’s best-selling and most popular knee sleeves.

Marketed as both a knee compression sleeve and a knee brace, the Compressa Knee Compression Sleeve can purportedly protect your knee, loosen muscles, increase circulation, control temperatures, and improve recovery times, among other benefits.

Some people use the Compressa Knee Sleeve when running. Others use it when lifting weights, playing basketball, working out at the gym, or playing other sports. Whether needing it for everyday use or for specific workouts, the Compressor Knee Compression Sleeve is one of the most popular items on this list for a reason.

Although the $59.99 price tag seems higher than competing options, you get 3 knee sleeves per package (most others come with 1 or 2 knee sleeves), making the Compressor Knee Sleeve one of the best-value options on our list.

Price: $59.99

Knee Force

image 6

Knee Force is a knee sleeve designed to reduce knee pain, increase knee strength, and provide soothing comfort throughout the region. Priced at $39.98 per sleeve, Knee Force is made from breathable mesh, making it easy and comfortable to wear when working out or performing everyday tasks.

Knee Force features a similar design to other top-rated knee sleeves on our list. You get a distinct, green and black color scheme and a breathable, mesh fabric material.

Backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews and available via a 50% discount code, Knee Force provides similar value and effectiveness to other leading knee sleeves on our list.

Price: $39.98

Knee Hero

image 7

Knee Hero is a breathable, non-slip knee brace designed to support your meniscus, ligaments, knee cap, and knee joint. By wearing it daily or during a workout, you can support the knee joint and prevent strains and sprains.

Knee Hero boosts recovery and helps alleviate joint pain. Plus, it’s available in three sizes, including M, L, and XL. At $65 per unit, Knee Hero is one of the most expensive knee sleeves on our list. However, it’s also backed by a 1-2 year warranty (for an added cost), something we don’t see with other providers here.

Overall, Knee Hero provides similar functionality to other leading knee sleeves listed here, although it does so at a higher price tag and with higher quality materials.

Price: $65

Knee Relief Patches

image 8

Knee Relief Patches, sold exclusively online through, are the only product on this list that comes as a patch – not a sleeve. The Knee Relief Patches can be applied for up to 24 hours.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, each patch infuses proven ingredients into your knees and surrounding tissues. The manufacturer claims the patches are ideal for arthritis and meniscus injuries. Plus, with maximum absorption at the knee, the Knee Relief Patches deliver ingredients directly to the source.

Other knee sleeves simply wrap your knee in a compressed fabric. Knee Relief Patches, however, give your knees the ingredients they need to support recovery. You can even combine the patches with a compression sleeve for maximum effectiveness.

Price: $39.75 (12 single-use patches)

Smart Knee Pad

image 11

Smart Knee Pad, sold online through, is the first knee sleeve on our list that uses smart technology to provide soothing relief. Each Smart Knee Pad features three temperature levels to treat different ailments. It’s also made from graphene to provide a constant temperature.

Smart Knee Pad is designed for more than just your knee: you can also use it around your elbow or calf. The heated knee brace relieves discomfort and prevents injury wherever you apply it.

Priced at $79.95 per unit, Smart Knee Pad charges a slightly higher price for having significantly more technology. If you want to customize your knee sleeve’s heating therapy however you like, then Smart Knee Pad is one top-rated choice.

Price: $79.95

Kompress Kinetic Socks

image 9

Kompress Kinetic Socks target knee pain without actually touching your knee. Good foot support is crucial for managing knee pain and back pain. In fact, many people with chronic body pain trace their issues back to their feet.

With the Kompress Kinetic Socks, you can enjoy a patented technology for focal compression, giving you targeted relief throughout the soles of your feet and your ankles. The focal straps wrap around your upper ankle, helping prevent injury.

Some people use the Kompress Kinetic Socks in conjunction with other top-rated knee sleeves on our list. Others use them on their own to prevent pain and injuries. However you use them, you enjoy proven technology that targets your ankles and the soles of your feet.

Price: $24.99

Soul Insole

image 12

Soul Insole is a pad that slips into your shoe to support your foot, helping with knee pain, back pain, and overall body pain. By supporting the arches of your feet, Soul Insole can help your body absorb impacts more effectively while also aligning your body in an optimal way.

Some people use Soul Insole to relieve plantar fasciitis (pain along the arch between your toes and heel). Others use Soul Insole for general, overall pain relief.

However you use Soul Insole, you can save money, improve health, relieve pain, and boost endurance while enjoying a washable and reusable insole for your feet.

Price: $29.99

Feel Good Knees

image 5

Feel Good Knees is a knee pain treatment program sold online through The program comes in the form of instructional videos and PDF eBooks (although you can also order physical copies of the guide).

Developed by Todd Kuslikis, MPA, Feel Good Knees involves using eastern and western holistic practices to speed up your body’s natural healing process.

For some, healing knee pain isn’t as simple as wearing a knee sleeve or applying the right cream. Instead, they need to take a holistic, whole body approach to health and wellness. By buying Feel Good Knees, you can discover proven techniques you can implement today for rapid knee pain relief.

Price: $15

How We Ranked

All knee sleeves claim to support your knees. However, only the best knee sleeves actually work. To separate the best and worst knee sleeves, we used the following metrics:

Material: Knee sleeves are made from different materials. Some knee sleeves are made from elastic material that stores energy, making it easier to complete intense bodybuilding movements. Other knee sleeves are made from Neoprene. We considered knee sleeve material in our rankings.

Customization Options: Knee sleeves have different thickness levels, making it easy to customize the knee sleeve based on your unique needs and preference.

Fit and Comfort: A good knee sleeve should not be loose or baggy. You want a snug fit for the right support. Some knee sleeves get comfort right. Others are uncomfortable in any size. We personally tested knee sleeves wherever possible and considered fit and comfort in our rankings.

Supported by Doctors or Medical Professionals: Some knee sleeves were designed by physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, or other certified medical professionals. Others were built by a team of marketers looking to make a quick buck. Which knee sleeve would you rather wear?

Advertised Benefits: Some knee sleeve companies promise you anything to make the sale. They claim the knee sleeve will immediately eliminate knee pain overnight, for example, and supercharge your squat or running performance. We were wary of knee sleeve companies that advertised unrealistic or dishonest benefits.

Manufacturer Reputation & History: Some manufacturers have a proven reputation for creating high-quality knee sleeves. Other manufacturers have a reputation for mass producing low-quality knee sleeves with little regard for manufacturing quality. We preferred knee sleeves backed by proven manufacturers.

Value for Money: Some people want to spend $200 on a pair of knee sleeves. Others want to spend $20. We weren’t biased for or against specific budgets. However, we wanted our customers to get good value at any price. We considered value in our rankings. If you’re paying a premium price for a knee sleeve, then you expect a premium product. If you’re paying a budget price, then you expect good value.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Good knee sleeve companies know they make high-quality products. That’s why they offer a money-back or satisfaction guarantee. We preferred knee sleeves with a comprehensive, easy-to-use, no-questions-asked money-back or satisfaction guarantee. We were wary of companies that hid terms in the fine print or had no refund policy whatsoever.

What Do Knee Sleeves Do?

Knee problems are among the most common complaints for people of all ages. Some people experience knee problems because of aging and joint issues. Others have medical conditions like arthritis or gout.

Fortunately, knee sleeves can help.

Knee sleeves contain compression material to support your knees. This compression material strengthens your knee joint, giving you added protection when playing basketball, running, or lifting weights.

How Do Knee Sleeves Work?

Knee sleeves work in several ways. They warm the area and increase blood flow. They also aid the recovery process by reducing swelling and pain. Knee sleeves can help limit kneecap movement, reducing the risk of injury.

Some of the crucial functions of knee sleeves include:

Provide Warmth and Compression: Knee sleeves compress the knee area and provide warmth. This compression increases blood flow and responsiveness within the knee.

Give Better Control and Stability: Knee sleeves work in multiple ways to improve control and stability. The compression material supports responsiveness, making it easier for you to control and stabilize the area. The knee sleeves also make it easier to sense location and movement in the region, making it easier to control your actions.

Limit Movement: Knee sleeves allow you to limit movement to a defined range. By limiting movement, knee sleeves can reduce the risk of injury.

Stimulate Blood Flow: Knee sleeves stimulate blood flow to the region, helping with recovery and pain management.

Reduce Swelling: Knee sleeves can reduce swelling in an area, helping you manage recovery after a workout. If you regularly experience pain or swelling in your knees after a workout, then knee sleeves may be able to help.

Who Should Use Knee Sleeves?

Anyone could benefit from knee sleeves. Some people wear knee sleeves to manage joint pain and aging. Others use knee pain for CrossFit, intensive weight lifting, or general athletic activity.

Some of the people who could benefit from knee sleeves include:

  • Anyone who works out, runs, or exercises
  • Someone with joint pain or arthritis
  • Anyone who wants to control swelling and inflammation after a workout while boosting recovery
  • CrossFit athletes
  • Someone who wants to improve their mobility, movement, and range of motion
  • Those with knee pain, upper or lower leg pain, or other lower body pain caused by knee arthritis, muscle sprains, knee tendinitis, ligament tears, and other issues

Overall, good knee sleeves can benefit anyone. Some people use knee sleeves daily to manage pain and recovery. Others use knee sleeves to perform at their best.

How to Pick the Right Knee Sleeve Thickness

Most knee sleeves have a thickness of around 7mm. However, you can also find 3mm and 5mm knee sleeves.

Here’s how to pick the best knee sleeve size for you:

3mm (for maximum agility and mobility)

3mm knee sleeves are the thinnest available. They’re lightweight pieces of material. Sometimes, they’re even made from nylon or spandex – not neoprene. 3mm sleeves are more common among runners and endurance athletes, but they’re less common for weightlifters or cross-training athletes. They provide maximum agility and mobility at the expense of support and stability.

5mm (for medium strength and agility)

If you want the best of both worlds, then a 5mm knee sleeve is a good option. The 5mm knee sleeves offers good strength support and mobility without compromising either quality. You get enough strength to make powerlifting easier. You also have enough agility and mobility to run without issue. However, 5mm sleeves are still too light for many weightlifters and athletes.

7mm (for normal strength and support)

Most knee sleeves use a thickness of 7mm for maximum strength and support. You get a stiffer, more stable fabric, giving you more confidence when lifting weights or cross training. Although they inhibit mobility more than the 3mm and 5mm varieties, a well-fitting 7mm knee sleeve should not inhibit your movement significantly.

Benefits of Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are associated with a range of proven benefits. Good knee sleeves can help with all of the following:

Knee and Patella Support

Knee sleeves limit the movement of your patella, strengthening your joint and reducing the risk of injury. Your patella (your kneecap) is a piece of triangular bone protecting the knee joint. When you wear a tight knee sleeve, you get an extra layer of protection to keep the patella and knee joint in place, regardless of how rigorous the activity is.

Knee Recovery

Because knee sleeves reduce slippage and movement in the knee joint, they can boost recovery. Knee sleeves also boost blood flow and warmth in the area, sending valuable oxygen and nutrients to the tissue to help you recover.

If you find your knees aching days after squats, runs, or a workout, then a knee sleeve may be able to help.


Some people like knee sleeves because they make your knee joint feel warm. Knee joints physically warm the joint and encourage circulation. Better warmth and circulation leads to better recovery and performance.

People have different stances on warmth. Some people like their muscles to feel warm during a workout or athletic event. Others feel it’s unnecessary. Science tells us that knee sleeves don’t significantly impact powerlifting performance one way or the other, so it’s up to your personal preference.


Many people like knee sleeves because they’re comfortable to wear. Some people don’t like the feel of squatting without knee braces. They find knee braces give them added stability and peace of mind, for example.

Knee sleeves can enhance control. They make it easier to feel what’s going on around your legs and knees, helping you adjust your muscles for the workout. Some people try on a knee sleeve once and never go back.

Knee Sleeves Versus Knee Wraps Versus Knee Braces

When shopping for knee support products online, you’ll encounter knee sleeves, knee wraps, and knee braces. The three have similar roles, but they work in different ways.

Knee Sleeve: A knee sleeve provides the knee joint with moderate compression to keep the joint warm and safe. It can help support your knees when doing squats, for example. It can also help with recovery, inflammation, and joint pain.

Knee Brace: A knee brace provides protective cushioning for the anterior (front) knee and patella. These areas support the ligaments. People who have unstable knees may need to use a knee brace to help them recover from injuries. Although a knee sleeve provides some support to these areas, a knee brace is specifically designed to support these areas.

Knee Wraps: Knee wraps are not as common as knee sleeves. However, some bodybuilders use knee wraps for added performance. Knee wraps allow you to lift more weight in certain movements – like squats. They’re made from elastic material that conserves energy, boosting performance. However, some experts advise against using knee wraps because they push the patella (the kneecap) against the thigh bone, increasing friction.

Best Knee Sleeve Fabrics

Most knee sleeves are made from neoprene. However, you can find other knee sleeve materials catered to different uses.

The best knee sleeve fabrics include all of the following:

Neoprene: Neoprene is the most common knee sleeve material, and it’s the material found in virtually every knee sleeve above. Some companies use terms like “high performance fabric” or “mesh underlayer” to hype up their neoprene, but it’s all just neoprene. Neoprene provides good comfort and flexibility at a discount rate.

Nylon / Spandex: Some thinner knee sleeves use nylon or spandex. These materials don’t have the same support as neoprene. However, they’re ideal for agility and mobility.

Copper-Infused Sleeves: Copper-infused sleeves are surging in popularity. Some people claim copper-infused fabric speeds up the healing process. There’s no evidence for this, although copper-infused fabric does limit the buildup up bacteria and odors.

Knee Sleeve Studies: What Does Science Say?

Some scientific studies have validated the use of knee sleeves, claiming they reduce injury and relieve pain. Other studies, however, have suggested that knee sleeve benefits may be caused by the placebo effect.

In this 2012 study, researchers tested the effects of a knee brace and two types of neoprene knee sleeves on the performance of a group of healthy athletes. Researchers found that the braces and sleeves didnot inhibit athletic performance, nor did they improve athletic performance. Researchers did not observe a significant improvement in single leg vertical jumps, crossover hops, or knee flexion and extension, for example. Nevertheless, researchers praised knee sleeves for their potential ability to impact adjacent joints around the knee.

In this 2017 study, researchers reviewed dozens of trials on knee sleeves. After narrowing their search to 20 knee sleeve studies, researchers found that studies observed the most improvements in the proprioception of healthy knees, gait and balance for osteoarthritic knees, and functional improvement of injured knees. Based on these results, researchers suggested that knee sleeves “can effect functional improvements to knee problems,” helping with strength and performance.

Some people use knee sleeves for pain. They’re particularly popular among people with osteoarthritis. In this 2019 study, researchers analyzed the effects of knee sleeves on people with early knee osteoarthritis. Researchers found that knee sleeves led to a significant reduction in pain, early stance, and late stance knee adduction movement and increased walking speed after 6 weeks of application. Researchers noticed an improvement in knee movements by 14.0% just by using a simple knee sleeve, for example, while a knee sleeve with a patella (kneecap) cut-out improved knee movement by 12.1%.

Some knee sleeves are made from elastic materials. Some people believe this elastic material stores movement, making it easier to perform exercise movements. In this 2015 study, researchers tested the effects of elastic knee sleeves on walking, finding that wearing a knee sleeve while walking could reduce knee adduction angles, moments, and impulse in patients with osteoarthritis. Just like the 2019 study above, researchers found a significant improvement in people with osteoarthritis after wearing a knee brace.

Many people wear knee sleeves during squats. Studies suggest that knee sleeves could help with performance during squats. In this study published in Human Movement Science Theses & Dissertations in 2018, a researcher analyzed the effects of knee sleeves on squat performance. The researcher analyzed the performance of experienced, healthy weight lifters with and without knee braces. Based on the analysis, the researchers concluded that knee sleeves did not significantly increase weight lifted, reduced ratings of perceived exertion (RPE), impact muscle activation, alter knee joint angles, or adjust knee joint loads. In other words, knee sleeves had no functional effect on squat performance. Because of these results, the researcher issued no recommendations for or against knee sleeves.

Overall, studies suggest that knee sleeves don’t significantly help performance – but they don’t hurt it either. Some people benefit from knee sleeves significantly. Others just like the warmth and control they get with knee sleeves.

FAQs About Knee Sleeves

image 4

We get plenty of questions about knee sleeves and how they work. Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What are knee sleeves?

A: Knee sleeves are pieces of fabric that wrap over and around the knee joint. They provide support and stability to the knees, potentially reducing the risk of injuries.

Q: Do I really need knee sleeves?

A: If you have no new pain or if you’re new to squatting, then you may not need knee sleeves. However, people who have knee pain or squat heavy loads regularly may benefit from knee sleeves.

Q: How do I reduce knee pain?

A: Knee sleeves are a great way to reduce knee pain. You can also drink water, take a glucosamine supplement, or take other joint pain support supplements to help with knee pain.

Q: What are the advantages of knee sleeves?

A: Knee sleeves help with compression, blood flow, recovery, pain, and mobility.

Q: What are the disadvantages of knee sleeves?

A: Knee sleeves may not be robust enough for knees that are already injured. They don’t provide enough support (choose a knee brace instead if recovering from serious injury). They also should not increase the load you can lift. Some people also claim knee sleeves are supported by the placebo effect: it may feel like knee sleeves are working when they’re actually not, for example. Overall, however, there are little risks involved with wearing a knee sleeve.

Q: Do I need knee sleeves for lifting?

A: You don’t need to wear a knee sleeve when lifting, although many people benefit from wearing a knee sleeve.

Q: Should I choose a 5mm or 7mm knee sleeve?

A: Most knee sleeves come in two thickness levels, including 5mm or 7mm thickness levels. Although it may not seem like a big difference, it can affect the performance of the knee sleeve:

5mm: Gives you support while allowing you to maintain agility.

7mm: Provides heavier protection for shorter, heavier lifts at the expense of some mobility.

Some companies also provide 3mm knee sleeves for the highest amount of agility and the lowest amount of support.

Q: Do knee sleeves prevent injury?

A: Knee sleeves can help support your knee and boost recovery. However, it’s unclear if they actually prevent injuries.

Q: Do knee sleeves help with osteoarthritis?

A: Multiple studies have suggested that knee sleeves help with osteoarthritis. In this 2015 study, for example, researchers found that people with osteoarthritis significantly improved mobility and reduced pain after wearing a knee sleeve.

Q: Do I need knee sleeves for powerlifting?

A: Some people like wearing knee sleeves when powerlifting, while others find they’re unnecessary. It’s up to your personal preference.

Q: Are knee sleeves legal in powerlifting competitions?

A: Different powerlifting competitions have different rules. However, the IPF and USAPL both allow for knee sleeves assuming your knee sleeve meets specific requirements (it must be no thicker than 7mm, made from neoprene, and manufactured by select companies, for example). Double check the competition rules before you compete.

Q: Can I wear knee sleeves at CrossFit events?

A: CrossFit allows you to wear non-branded belts, non-tacky gloves, hand tape, neoprene joint sleeves, and common fitness wear during competition. However, you need prior approval from CrossFit Inc., and the Head Judge has final say on what is allowed and what is not allowed. You are not allowed any grip assistance or weight support devices.

Q: How much should I pay for a knee sleeve?

A: A good pair of knee sleeves is priced at around $70 to $120. However, you can find good-value options in the $30 to $60 price range.

Q: How do I wash knee sleeves?

A: Most knee sleeves can be washed in an ordinary washing machine. However, some people boil their knee sleeves or soak them in white vinegar for a more intense wash (say, if your knee sleeves smell very bad after weeks of intense exercise).

Q: What are the most affordable knee sleeves?

A: Knee Force, Knee Hero, VitaKnee, and PentagonFit Knee Sleeve are all popular and well-rated knee sleeves priced at under $50.

Q: What’s the best knee sleeve material?

A: Knee sleeves come in three main materials, including neoprene, nylon / spandex, and copper-infused sleeves. Neoprene is the most common, and most knee sleeves above use neoprene for the blend of affordability and comfort. However, some people use nylon / spandex for added mobility, while others use copper-infused fabric to fight bacteria and odor.

Q: What’s the best knee sleeve for squats?

A:Exo Sleeve’s 5mm and 7mm knee sleeves are the best knee sleeves for squats.

Q: What are the best knee sleeves for running?

A: The best knee sleeves for running include the thinner 3mm Light options from Exo Sleeve.

Q: What are the best knee sleeves for women?

A:Exo Sleeve makes a great lineup of knee sleeves designed for men and women.

Q: Which size of knee sleeve should I buy?

A: Your knee sleeve should be snug but not tight. It should not be baggy. You want it to give you the support and compression you need without pinching or cutting off your circulation. Most knee sleeves are available in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Q: What’s the difference between a knee brace and a knee sleeve?

A: A knee brace is a rigid device designed to hold your knee in a specific position. It’s particularly useful for injured knees because it limits movement on either side of the knee while preventing hyperextension. Knee sleeves are not as rigid: they’re compression sleeves designed to support your knee during a workout.

Final Word

Knee sleeves can transform your workout. After wearing knee sleeves for a workout, many people never go back.

However, not all knee sleeves are made equal. Some knee sleeves are better than others. Some knee sleeves provide extensive support while maintaining agility. Others are made from cheap and uncomfortable materials.

To find the best knee sleeve available today, pick any of the top-rated knee sleeve companies above.

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