Best Online Psychic Readings: 100% Accurate Psychics for Love, Career, Family, and Life Advice

Are you in search of the best online psychic readings platforms? If so, you’re at the right place!

We live in a world and time where it is deceptively easy to misread or misrepresent things around us. We can either blame the pandemic or the rising technology for it, but the result is the same in both cases. That is, it is getting challenging with time for us to find clarity or meaning in our lives like we once did. However, fortunately, getting in touch with a trustworthy and free psychic reading online site can change all that.

That said, it’s essential to understand that the best psychic reading is not one that merely repeats what you consciously or subconsciously want to hear about your life. In reality, it’s a revelation, either good or bad, which psychics disclose after giving us insightful explanations about our particular circumstances.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to realize that while the internet is awash with a plethora of cheap psychics online, you may find some psychic reading sites offering everything yet delivering very little of it. Therefore, to save you some time, effort, and energy, we’ve researched for you, narrowing down your options to the top five. Moreover, to ensure you only get the best free psychic reading online, we’ll even provide a breakdown of how we made these selections for you. However, before we start, let’s understand how one can receive a reliable free psychic reading using online platforms. >> Visit Our Most Trusted Psychic Readings Website

How to Receive the Best Free Psychic Reading Online?

Getting free psychic readings was never as easy as it is now. There are two reasons behind it – the sudden updates that had to be made because of the coronavirus pandemic and the rising technological advancements. The result is that now you can receive a reading over the phone with audio calls, chat messages, and even video conferences. Long-distance psychic reading advisors are a thing of the present, as people now have the option to talk to experienced psychics without having to leave the comfort of their homes, regardless of where they live.

Furthermore, you can find more than one way to get psychic predictions about your lives these days. For example, you can find spiritual psychic reading online advisors by their name after finding out about them through discussion forums on the internet. However, the better and more reliable option is to get on one of those online psychic portals that gather mystic specialists together under one digital roof. This means you can simply get online, search for the type of psychics or readings you want, select from the bunch of advisors the site displays for you based on their testimonials and level of expertise, and get connected! It is essentially like using a search engine, but only for receiving free psychic readings online.

Having said that, it’s essential to realize that there are different psychic reading portals out there to choose from. While some of them welcome any psychic to sign up with them, other websites prioritize researching those psychics before allowing them in their team. You want to look for the second type of service where clients can leave reviews so that you can assess each psychic based on their performance. Ultimately, this is the best way to get a few much-needed hints about reliable free psychic reading upfront so you don’t end up getting scammed.

So, without any further ado, let’s review the top five free psychic reading online sites you can visit today to turn your life around for the better.

Top 5 Portals for Receiving the Most Reliable Free Psychic Reading Online Services

Unlike what people assume, no single psychic portal or service can excel in offering readings about all aspects of life. Case in point, it’s likely you may find one medium with the best reviews about their tarot reading services, while another might excel at fortune-telling. Similarly, some of the best psychics specialize in offering accurate readings about love and relationships. On the other hand, the rest of the psychic reading advisors might do better in giving career advice or spiritual lessons. Therefore, the bottom line is that each of the free psychic reading services delineated below is worth giving a try in distinct life sectors:

Psychic Source – Trusted free psychic reading advisors for career and financial counseling

Kasamba – The best online psychics for giving accurate love predictions and advice using tarot card readings

Mysticsense – A carefully curated network of expert psychics for offering free psychic reading and guidance on crucial life decisions

Keen – Best platform for new clients to receive psychic love reading online

California Psychics – Top live psychics available for dealing with different life matters with decades’ worth of experience

#1. Psychic Source – Ideal Platform for Accurate Psychic Readings on Career and Financials


Psychic Source is one of the best online psychic readings platforms for accurate career forecasting and finance management insights. Founded in 1989, this online portal is considered the oldest psychic site with three decades of experience in the mystic field. Case in point, the testimonials and thousands of high-star reviews available on their website for different psychics are solid proof of their reliability among customers.

Psychic Source has approximately two hundred and fifty highly talented and spiritually gifted mystic experts, offering services in a wide range of fields. The platform offers everything from psychic love readings and tarot cards to dream interpretation, astrology, and energy healing. Moreover, while this free psychic reading service was initially introduced as a psychic hotline to provide phone readings only, Psychic Source has also evolved with the new time. Therefore, now you can also head to this online site for authentic psychic readings, whether your preferred mode of communication is phone calls, chat messages, or video conferences.

Furthermore, since the psychic reading online experts at Psychic Source cover multiple mystic services, they understand how this can confuse customers, especially when it’s their first time. Therefore, they have made it possible for clients to filter their results by selecting specific specialties by subject, reading medium, and also divination tools for their convenience.

Not to mention, if the psychic selection process still feels overwhelming to you, Psychic Source has the best solution for this problem as well. By using their interactive tool, you can answer a few questions on hand before the algorithm recommends the top three mystic experts for you based on the provided information. When that’s the case, you can review each advisor’s profile to assess their services and testimonials before you decide to book an appointment with any of them.

As for the price structure at Psychic Source for free psychic reading, new clients get the first three minutes free of cost upon contacting any psychic for the first time. Once you know which psychic you want to continue the session with, the rest of the consultation is structured at $1 per minute. However, this rating foundation might differ from psychic to psychic. Additionally, Psychic Source offers a 75% discount for your very first consultation session, which is the biggest offer you can get on such a renowned platform.

Furthermore, suppose you still have doubts about whether the free psychics available on the platform are genuine. In that case, you can put your mind at rest by knowing that Psychic Source vets and screens all psychics for authenticity before adding them to their team of experts. Not to mention, you even get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with a particular psychic’s level of experience.

Lastly, you can also download Psychic Source’s application built for Android and iOS users so that you can receive a psychic reading wherever you like with the most convenience.

Learn more at

#2. Kasamba – Vetted Online Love Psychics with Decades’ Worth of Psychic Reading Experience


Kasamba is one of the best websites that has excelled in the mystic field with reliable chat psychics and over twenty years of experience. Since the platform’s establishment in 1999, they’ve also managed to extend their services to phone psychic reading and email psychic reading online messages. Case in point, it’s no wonder that the experts at Kasamba have delivered their psychic services and spiritual readings to at least millions of clients as of yet.

Another excellent quality about Kasamba is their new customer’s package deal. This free psychic reading platform offers a unique introductory offer to clients by giving them three complimentary minutes every time they contact new chat psychics, trumping other psychic competitions on the get-go. Of course, these minutes can potentially add up to hours with a wide range of chat psychics available on the free psychic reading platform. However, it’s crucial to remember that this offer only applies to live chat psychic readings. Therefore, you can’t ask for free minutes with every new phone psychic reading you get from a different mystic advisor on calls.

Additionally, all first-time clients get a 50% discount on their initial consultation after availing their free minutes. When put together, these combined offers make Kasamba the best psychic reading platform when it comes to pocket-friendly psychic reading online services.

Not to mention, this psychic reading portal’s homepage has a list of famous psychics with detailed profiles that come with thousands of positive testimonials. The list also displays their price structure along with a button so that you can immediately get in touch with a particular mystic advisor when you’re interested in their offered services. Hence, Kasamba also scores well as far as navigation and user convenience goes.

While Kasamba is primarily famous for its love psychics that offer 100% accurate readings online, their psychic readings are also worth trying in other categories, including fortune-telling, tarot card reading, numerology, and personal astrology. Besides these top-reviewed categories, you can check out their experienced psychics for numerology, crystal balls, pendulum, and career forecasts.

The only thing we find lacking on this psychic reading portal is that it doesn’t have a blog section to integrate additional resources for interested clients. However, apart from that, the site is as perfect as it could be, especially for newbies who have never received psychic readings online before. Moreover, the online portal also comes with an intuitive app that smoothly runs on both Android and iOS platforms.

That said, if you choose to go with Kasamba’s free psychic reading online services, we suggest browsing their list of eighty-nine real psychics first, each of them offering something unique and new to the clients. Furthermore, if you find it challenging to choose the best psychics for yourself, you can always head to Kasamba’s 24/7 customer support service for detailed assistance.

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#3. Mysticsense – A Modern-Time Psychic Portal with Lots of Trusted and Free Psychic Reading Advisors


Mysticsense has more than five hundred psychic reading online advisors available on its platform, offering various psychic services and types of readings to clients from around the globe. The moment you land on the Mysticsense online portal, you’ll see a list of psychics currently available at the time. This cuts out the hassle of going through the whole website to search for a psychic, making your job easier.

Moreover, with a 24/7 service available to customers, you’ll always find help on this particular platform when seeking spiritual guidance about different life matters. Not to mention, if you’re wondering if this modern-time website offers certain specialties to clients, you might be right on point. Mysticsense is known to have the best psychics that provide accurate predictions and reliable psychic reading advice when you’re stuck on matters requiring instant decisions from your side.

Plus, signing up on Mysticsense is relatively straightforward than other platforms, thanks to the portal’s four-step registration process. You only need to put in a few details and contact information, and you’re ready to ask for your first psychic session promptly. The best thing about this free psychic reading online platform is that clients get complimentary five minutes of consultation upon their first sign-up that they can distribute among different psychics when searching for one that’s the perfect fit for them. Moreover, you can even demand a refund for your free minutes if you’re not satisfied with a particular psychic’s level of expertise or experience. That way, you can re-utilize your minutes elsewhere as you continue your search for the perfect psychic online.

Additionally, we can’t help but deny the superior 24/7 customer service provided at Mysticsense as it stands out as one of the best among the top free psychic reading platforms. While the website was established in 2020 and so it has only one year’s worth of experience in the mystic field, you still get guaranteed quality and accurate results when working with the psychic reading online advisors here. You can see that their mystic services are not a fluke just by the amount of feedback received by their clients in the recent year. After all, amassing over 14,000 raving compliments and reviews from paying customers in one year is not a goal any standard platform can accomplish.

Finally, thanks to Mysticsense’s budget-friendly price structure, you are always guaranteed cheap and free psychic reading online without any compromise on accuracy or reliability. Moreover, clients are given a choice to connect with experienced psychics online via live chat or voice call.

All in all, this psychic reading firm is undoubtedly one of the best websites today that’s worth giving a try when you’re looking to make big life decisions.

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#4. Keen – The Go-To Psychic Platform for Accurate Readings and Free Psychics


Keen is another of the best free psychic reading online services to offer the most user-friendly experience to clients among the top sites. Thanks to the website’s easy visuals, simple navigation bars, and convenient shortcuts, the platform attracts and successfully retains several new customers right after their first consultation session. Plus, the online portal has a well-organized list of psychics along with service categories, which makes the browsing process a breeze for all customers.

When landing on Keen’s site, the first thing you might notice is that they have integrated a psychic finder for clients. This helps them pick a mystic advisor based on their specialty, preferred mode of communication, and budget range. Moreover, if you’re in search of cheap psychic reading or free psychic readings services with budget-friendly packages, you can even select a minimum amount you can afford to pay at the time while you’re at this website. All in all, it’s one of the easiest ways to find a reliable psychic in a couple of clicks.

In general, Keen’s introductory package offers new clients to only pay $1.99 for a ten-minute trial session where they could evaluate their preferred advisor. If you choose to continue with their services, the remaining session’s cost is adjusted afterward at a relatively lower price the first time. Ultimately, you can either browse manually to reach your perfect psychic or allow the website to connect you with advisors using its own algorithm. Keen’s “Get Matched” feature asks you to fill in a form where you answer a few questions, and the system recommends the ideal mystic advisor with you based on the information. It’s an undeniably interesting way to get in touch with the best psychics online.

Furthermore, with more than twenty years of experience in the psychic industry, Keen has also been able to keep their most famous psychics under their roof. You may even see some of their mystic advisors having performed over 70,000 readings with more than 24,000 ravishing reviews. You can also choose psychics among twenty-four different categories, covering all aspects of life. While the platform is mainly known for offering the most reliable relationship and love psychics online using tarot readings, clients can also try unique categories, including pet psychics, Mayan astrology, and aura cleansing.

Additionally, you can see a “Deals and Promotions” section on Keen’s website, where you can avail different offers provided by the free psychics at the time. These may include anything from seasonal packages to free minutes with multiple deals at throwaway prices.

You can also ask for their 24/7 customer service assistance if you find something challenging to navigate or need your queries answered. The platform even offers an easy-to-navigate application for iOS users for further convenience. Lastly, the psychic mediums available to clients on this portal include chat psychics, phone psychics, and video psychic readings.

Learn more at

#5. California Psychics – The Ultimate Site to Connect with Handpicked Best Psychics for Free Psychic Reading


If you wish to receive insightful readings from psychic reading online advisors about different matters of life, including love, relationship, family, and career, California Psychics is the place to be. This online platform has been operating in the mystic field from the early ’90s, providing their clients with excellent customer service and free psychic readings. The advisors’ profiles and testimonials on the website stand out among the plethora of online psychics platforms, which many people consider a light at the end of their darkened tunnel.

Furthermore, California Psychics is extremely diligent about keeping its hiring process up to par. Case in point, they have built an entire workforce with the most skilled spiritual advisors after putting them through a vigilant screening and testing process. For example, each applicant must pass an advanced test to prove their natural talent with outstanding performance and proficiency. It’s only when the firm is satisfied with an applicant’s credibility that they hire them ultimately.

Not to mention, California Psychics runs background checks on all their psychics so that the clients don’t have to deal with any hassle whatsoever during their consultation. Plus, each mystic advisor is individually ranked on the website as per their reading’s accuracy level, reliability, diligence, and years of experience.

All in all, it is safe to conclude that California Psychics has managed to team up with the most top-rated psychics with decades of experience. These advisors not only offer clients accurate readings about different aspects of life, but they also extend hopes and positive vibes to anyone going through difficult times.

New clients can also benefit from California Psychics’ introductory package using the promo code “ADD5,” which allows them five free minutes of consultation on their first session. Moreover, the charges for the rest of the session start at $1 per minute. However, this price structure might likely differ depending upon the psychics’ expertise.

Additionally, you can connect with the best psychics via chat, voice calls, and video consultation, whichever mode of communication you prefer the most while receiving free psychic reading. Another great detail about this psychic reading online platform is that it offers a variety of psychic styles to clients, including those that are quite rare to find elsewhere. In addition to providing tarot card readings and different types of fortune-telling services, California Psychics has a diverse portfolio that includes I-chings, crystal gazing interpretations, and pendulums.

California Psychics also takes pride in receiving the most positive reviews about their free psychics, offered by their paid customers. In general, the most reviewed service on this platform is tarot reading. You can even find several clients commenting about how California Psychics is the place to be for tending to different life matters, including subjects of professional life, love, financial situations, and family.

The registration and payment process on this site is also relatively simple and to the point. Plus, their impeccable team of customer service, available to clients 24/7, makes your experience even smoother as they help you set up your account and solve technical glitches.

Besides offering free psychic readings to new clients, California Psychics also provides the lowest rates in the mystic field. By categorizing their services and pricing structure into three divisions, including premium, popular, and preferred, customers can choose packages that match their budget the best. Lastly, you can find their applications on Google Play and App Store if you want to connect with the best free psychics with the most convenience.

Learn More at

How Have We Selected the Best Free Psychics for You?

Are you wondering what parameters we’ve used to cross-examine and handpick the best free psychics for you? If so, you can refer to the following section to get informed.

Here are five factors we considered to get you the best psychic services:

Ratings and Reviews for Free Psychic Reading

Customer feedback and ratings are the most prominent indicators that separate untrustworthy cheap psychics from the best psychics.

Since several psychic websites exhibit generic reviews and ratings generated by bots, we ensured all clients’ identities were checked out with the platform’s database. Case in point, the online portals we have reviewed here are all authentic sites with an incredible number of reviews, star ratings, and testimonials.

Consequently, this is the most used method of identifying real psychics from pseudo psychics when someone doesn’t want to play the guessing game.

Pricing Structure and Value for Money

The next thing we focused upon when handpicking the best sites providing free psychic readings is their pricing policy and how much value customers receive in accordance. For instance, an expensive psychic consistently scores well if they have detailed information about their experience and expertise on the website, with excellent testimonials. Similarly, a cheap psychic reading will also return good results if their predictions are said to be truly reliable, according to real-time customers’ feedback.

While keeping these factors in mind when picking the best free psychics, we also ensured that the advisors provide more accessible features and services when charging added fees. It’s imperative that if a particular advisor is asking for more money when performing readings, there must be something worth it for customers.

Lastly, we checked all websites’ for discounts and introductory packages to see whether they can help clients receive reliable yet cheap psychic reading without putting a dent in their wallets.

User Interface and Ease of Navigation

Another main concern for most clients landing on any online psychic portal is that they want a hassle-free experience when surfing through the website. From registering on the free psychic reading online portal and paying for their sessions to connecting with the suitable psychic and receiving instant customer service, all these factors build a website’s reputation.

Therefore, we made it a point not to add any psychic service to our list of suggestions that we had a terrible experience with, be it chat psychics, phone psychics, or video psychics. We understand that while minor considerations may seem negligible for some people, many others may suffer from those when they aren’t used to the online medium.

Professionalism and Trustworthiness

One of the most crucial indications of a good psychic is their level of professionalism. Moreover, how they deal with different types of clients while maintaining their trustworthiness is another vital factor. Small courteous actions like guiding the non-tech savvy people with the online medium and carefully listening to client’s problems before offering a word to them in return are factors that make or break a website in the long run. After all, some famous psychics may start taking their daily affairs for granted after a while, becoming tedious towards their clients.

That is why we ensured the platforms we’re delineating in this guidepost all rate high for being polite, courteous, and professional at all times despite offering cheap psychics.

Best Psychics Online for Free Psychic Reading

Since several people search for “best psychics near me” or “local psychics near me” for their convenience, the only mystic firms we’ve mentioned in this article are based on online platforms. With options to speak with chat psychics, phone psychics, and video psychics, you can opt for any medium you find most comfortable.

Another benefit of online free psychics is that you can maintain discretion through this medium instead of exposing yourself to mystic advisors. Not to mention, it saves your time, energy, and money when you don’t have to attend a meeting elsewhere physically.

What to Look for to Receive the Best Free Psychic Reading Online?

While we’ve only listed the top platforms that perform cheap chat and phone psychic reading online with realistic and reliable results, it’s imperative that you also know how to choose your perfect pick among them. That said, here’s a brief guide on what things to consider when you’re looking for a psychic service that’s the ideal match for you:

Know About Psychic Categories and Specialization

Each psychic reading online platform focuses upon specific mystic categories, dedicating all their time and energy to those areas. For example, while some mystic advisors specialize in performing love readings, others offer clarity about career and finances. You need to have a clear vision about what you want before you start looking for the perfect psychic since almost all top platforms are renowned for offering specific services.

Evaluate Psychics’ Expertise and Experience

Moreover, once you have the perfect psychic reading platform to lean toward, your search for the best psychic should depend upon the advisor’s experience and expertise. For instance, when looking for a reliable love psychic online, your preference should be a spiritual advisor that explicitly tends to love and relationship problems with five-star customer ratings.

Review Modes of Communication for Free Psychic Reading

Furthermore, according to The Mercury News you should research which platform is known for providing free psychic readings online with your preferred mode of communication (i.e., chats, voice calls, and video consultation). For example, Kasamba is specifically known to provide the best chat psychics and cheap psychics online.

Evaluate Discount Offers and Refund Policy

Lastly, browsing through all platform’s introductory packages and refund policies can also help you make the right decision when choosing free psychics. This is especially true when you’re on a tight budget and looking for the best free psychic reading packages.

Summing It Up

Receiving free psychic reading or cheap psychic reading can help you in different phases of life, from managing your career and finances to sorting out your love life, family, or relationships. Ultimately, tending to your personal necessities with spiritual guidance can dictate the outcome of your life problems. As long as you choose the best psychic platforms online, you’re bound to find a psychic reading online advisor that vibes perfectly with your aura.​

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