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Top Online Psychic Reading Platforms of 2021: Get GPS for Your Life with the Best Psychic Readers

If you google “the best online psychics near me for accurate readings,” you are most likely to come across suggestions for several tarot card readers, psychic mediums, and astrologers in your area. But there are some problems with that.

For one, not all of them are genuine.

Two, the recent worldwide upheaval due to the virus outbreak has made it more difficult than ever to connect with anyone face to face – which is why most people are skeptical about going out. And that has made them turn to the digital media to search for psychic readings for guidance on their life events.

The current times are such that you could be confronted with extraordinary, almost impossible situations, prompting you to question your life’s purpose and your decisions more than ever before. For instance, you may be concerned about your income or your next professional move. You might be seeking serenity within your mind and heart by connecting with a deceased family member. You could even be looking for love in the midst of this en masse mental depression.

All you need is to simply connect with a psychic online to receive the help you require on your health, career, love life, among others.

But if you’re wondering if an online reading is as accurate as an in-person reading, the answer is yes, and beyond. Through online readings, you can gain access to many highly qualified professionals who may be geographically far away from you but virtually just as near as your friendly neighborhood psychic.

The online psychics on the sites that we’ve mentioned in this blog have been thoroughly examined, and their qualifications, as well as experience, duly verified. If you are an introvert or generally want more privacy, you could have that during your psychic reading by contacting the psychics over email or online chat.

What’s more, you can even save a lot of money using the promotional discounts available on each website and cutting on travel or medical costs that you’d need if you were to step outside to meet a psychic in person.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2021

#1. Kasamba – Top Psychic Reading Site Online

#2. Keen – Best Budget-Friendly Love Readings Available

#3. AskNow – Best On-The-Go Psychic Platform

#4. Oranum – Best For Live Video Readings

#5. Mysticsense – Customized & Accurate Tarot Card Readings

#1. KasambaTop Psychic Reading Site & Editor’s choice


You can find the largest number of online psychic advisors on this website. This site was developed to provide you with the predictions you need to find love, joy, and total contentment. You’re only a few clicks away from getting the help and solutions you need. You can discover the numerous services they offer by looking at the header of the website. These include fortune telling, tarot readings, career forecasts, and even readings dream analysis.

Once you tap on the “More” button, you can check out further advantages of signing up with them, including accessibility to palm readings, subjective meanings, and paranormal subjects.

This platform has been operating for more than 20 years and has assembled the world’s best network of psychics who are eager to share their abilities with you to assist you in your life’s journey.

The psychics are displayed in a gallery, along with photographs and a significant headline. Some people use their full name in the headline, while others use their title, such as “intuitive advisor”.

Other profiles, such as “true love union,” showcase their core specialty. All of them play a part where they offer their knowledge, mainly in the guise of “psychic readings.” Each psychic’s profile indicates whether s/he is accessible online, and you can view a brief description of them on the homepage.

Every new psychic you interact with gives you three free minutes on your first meeting. This is an excellent option offered by Kasamba as it helps you feel relaxed and comfortable with the psychic you meet before you can get started on more personal issues. The essential element of obtaining a successful psychic reading is engaging with somebody you believe you can truly rely on, and Kasamba knows that you might need to chat with some psychics shortly before deciding on the right one for you.

Always go through a psychic’s entire profile to discover more about them, what to experience during a consultation with them, and any additional information they believe would help you select who to connect with. Most psychics may advise what kinds of things you can inquire about and what they can’t provide answers to.

Most psychics, for example, may advise you openly that they will not be suitable if you’re seeking a magic fix or a supernatural solution to life’s difficult issues. The psychics’ profiles offer you a solid idea about what you’re in for, reducing the amount of time you spend chatting with them.


  • Online psychic readings are available through live chat, phone calls, and email on the platform. The availability of video calling isn’t enabled. Clients can select their preferred psychic reading manner as well as their readers.
  • The website has also launched its app, which is accessible on mobile devices, making it easier for customers to benefit from psychic reading online.
  • Customer service is available 24/7 on the website, and users may contact them at any time.
  • The site provides daily horoscopes and prognostication publications to its paid-in customers for no additional charge.


  • You can easily communicate through video, phone, and chat.
  • Psychics are thoroughly verified to ensure that they have relevant experience.
  • You may personalize your online psychic reading using a variety of specializations and tools.
  • The first five free minutes; use them wisely.
  • You can visit the website to get your horoscope.


  • Some psychics only have a limited amount of time in their timetable

Why do we recommend it?

If you’re drawn to a particular psychic, you can start a conversation by clicking the “let’s chat” option. If your preferred psychic isn’t online at the time, you could book a future reading by using the “notify me” option. The psychics on this platform are easy to get in touch with and offer helpful guidance. They are experienced and cordial – two values that you should be looking for in a psychic. Besides, the costs are quite reasonable, given the quality of services provided by the platform and its psychics.

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#2. Keen – Best Budget-Friendly Love Readings Available


Keen’s website makes it easy for you to get the solutions you seek and obtain insightful life counsel. Its per-minute prices range from $1.99 to $9.99+. You can simply choose your pricing range using the sorting feature on the website’s header.

The psychics are contactable either via chat or via call, and you may filter by “best available” or “featured advisers” to suit your needs.

There’s a “more” option to the right that allows you to search by additional criteria. Tarot, medium, empath, or clairvoyant are some of the talents and approaches available. And, based on the purpose of your psychic reading online, you can choose a specialty: destiny/life path, career/work, spirit guides, love/relationships, and more.

Every psychic profile is posted one after the other, with plenty of room for psychics to tell you about their personalities, how skilled they are, their area of specification, and when they are available. Since each profile is customized, you can get a short glimpse of the psychic’s personality. The first line below the profile photo is their username, accompanied by a slogan, and lastly, a brief introductory text.

Towards the midpoint, you can see several stats up front, with their review rating described by five gold stars, the number of psychic readings they’ve done, and for how long they’ve been serving as an advisor with Keen.

Lastly, you could link up with them by selecting “call now,” “chat now,” or “send mail.” However, if you are fascinated with the profile but not ready to commit, you can click on the respective usernames for more information about them. Examining their key profile provides you with more data for consideration. If you seek a mystic psychic reading on pets, ensure that the type of readings is listed among their specialties.

Most psychics have one key specialty and many others of fundamental interest. Furthermore, if you wish to work with a spiritualist who possesses some specific abilities, such as aura cleansing and chakra cleansing, nothing can stop you from testing their skills and methods.

A complete profile helps you study the psychic’s history and technique of approaching each section of the readings. Several psychics have a straightforward approach, while some deliver their psychic readings in a more sympathetic and compassionate tone. It is essential to know this information ahead of time, as it will help you save valuable time with somebody you wouldn’t wish to click with.


  • This website follows a basic framework that has been developed over 20 years of participation with psychic readings online.
  • The user interface is simple to navigate, and new clients may quickly establish their accounts.
  • The customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to address any questions.
  • The group also helps the new client understand how the psychic readings operate and how to get the most out of them.
  • In addition to psychic readings, the psychic readers also provide dream interpretation and translation, aura cleansing, and other world connections.
  • The website has a fantastic channel that makes browsing for a guide a pleasurable experience. When customers specify the type of psychic reading method and the reader they want, the sensitive channel searches through the available options to find the most cost-effective option.


  • A guarantee of complete satisfaction
  • You can visit the website to get your daily horoscope
  • The first three free minutes
  • Spiritual writings and Keen Psychics radio are accessible
  • Introductory deals available


  • No video call option

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend Keen since it provides the first three free minutes of consultation, followed by a mere $1.99 fee for an extra 10 minutes. Besides, and most importantly, the psychic readings are so helpful and authentic that you wouldn’t feel the lack of depth or the personal touch that you’d get from an in-person psychic reading online. Besides, you have more choices and guaranteed satisfaction than you would get if you were to visit a psychic near you.

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#3. AskNow – Best On-The-Go Psychic Platform


You can contact a psychic on Asknow anytime, either online, through chat, or via phone. You can be looking for a job, dating, or family life assistance. There’s an online specialist right now who can provide you with the solutions and direction you require.

Each profile includes an image of the psychic. You’ll note that each psychic has his/her own set of unique offerings. Some offer low rates starting at $1.00 per minute, while others provide a promotional offer of five free minutes to get started on your psychic readings.

You can quickly discover who is online and call them immediately, or you can check their whole profile to discover more about them. When seeking an online psychic reading, Asknow emphasizes each psychic’s specialties and qualifications so that you can obtain a rapid overview of the information you require. If you want to communicate with a deceased loved one, for instance, you can bypass the profiles that focus on job aspirations and income and instead check for those who classify as mediums.

Asknow offers a five-minute contentment warranty to new customers, ensuring that if you’re not happy with your reading for some reason, they give a money-back guarantee. When you use your instincts and realize that psychic communication isn’t suitable for you, simply terminate the call and demand a refund to create another connection with someone who is a perfect replacement for your aura.


  • Live chat, phone calls, and email are all options for getting a psychic reading on the website. This allows clients to choose their preferred way of online psychic reading based on their convenience. If customers don’t feel comfortable revealing personal information over the phone, they can opt for email or live chat.
  • The site offers a detailed section for customer reviews, where first-time and returning customers can submit reviews and suggest them to other customers. This allows clients to select the services as well as readers based on client feedback.
  • All the psychic readers on this website have been thoroughly vetted. The site places high value on the safety of its users and the accuracy of its content. As a result, each psychic reader must prove that they are capable, reliable, and excellent at their online psychic reading services.


  • Two different starting packages are available.
  • With some psychics, the first five free minutes
  • Guarantee of customer satisfaction.
  • 100% online assurance.
  • You can check your horoscope on the website.


  • There are no filters. So, finding the proper psychic requires additional scrolling.

Why we recommend it

We recommend it because this platform is convenient – even for beginners – to get useful insight and guidance on life events and choices through online psychic readings. After using the platform’s services, we realized that this is definitely worth the money people usually spend on psychic readings.

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#4. Oranum – Best For Live Video Readings


Oranum is an online psychic network that provides online psychic readings via live video chat. As opposed to phone readings, you can hear and see your psychic through their webcam, getting a more customized psychic reading experience. If you don’t want your psychic to see your face or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, you can do that too.

Hundreds of psychics are available at Oranum, each with their unique specializations and experiences. Dream interpretation, spiritual healing, clairvoyance, astrology, fortune-telling, and more are available.


  • Oranum has many filters. So, you can choose the online psychic adviser you wish to consult.
  • Once you’ve added a confirmed credit card, you’ll receive a bonus of $9.99 in free credits.
  • Only the psychics’ cameras are turned on during the live online Psychic reading session so that you may watch and chat with them in privacy.
  • The website is simple to use, and creating an account is free. You may register without using a credit card.


  • Psychic profile pages
  • Advanced filters
  • A wide range of languages
  • A wide range of specialties


  • Oranum does not provide telephone readings

Why do we recommend it?

We like Oranum because you get to chat with a psychic initially for free. Also, they have a wide range of specialties. You get live video readings for a very personal link. In addition, they offer a wide range of languages.

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#5. MysticSense – Best Budget-Friendly Tarot Card Readings


Visit the MysticSense website to get a summary of the psychics who are accessible. You may instantly check out their review ratings and specializations, such as spiritual and psychic ability or intuitive empath, along with their highlighted profile photographs.

The per-minute fees for each psychic are posted right beneath their primary slogan. Some psychics put their title alongside their name, while others take a more creative approach, describing themselves with phrases like “spirit oriented” and “divine power.”

MysticSense is designed so that you may personalize your reading to whatever it is you’re searching for, no matter what your question is. This may entail tarot card readings for you, while for others, it may be a love and relationship reading. You have the freedom to search for and locate the kind of service you want, as well as connect with a psychic who is ready to give you an online psychic reading.

Look over the different specializations to help you choose an appropriate psychic. Select the “affairs and cheating hearts” specialty if you’re in a relationship where there has been an affair, and you’re not sure whether you should forgive and move on or end the relationship.

Select the “lost things” specialty if you’ve misplaced a significant item, such as a family treasure or something more practical, such as your vehicle keys, and you can’t remember where you put it. Psychics have a wide range of specializations, and the filtering tools on MysticSense can help you locate someone whose gift is a perfect match for your requirements.

You may pick “soft, sympathetic” from their “reading style” filters if you require harsh messages conveyed in a gentle, empathetic manner. You may choose “direct” from the online psychic reading styles offered if you want a simpler person who pays less attention to your sentiments but gets you on a course of action quickly.

You can choose from several tools like life coaching, counseling, crystal ball, and meditation. From the first page, you may customize your psychic to fit all your needs. Once you’ve identified someone with whom you’d want to connect, go to their entire profile to learn more about how they work. Select between chat, phone, or video to begin your ideal psychic reading whenever you get ready!


  • Availability of chat transcripts to monitor your conversations
  • Chat reading option for a rapid, accurate psychic reading
  • Always online talented and qualified Online psychics
  • Video call reading that provides a face-to-face psychic reading experience
  • Phone call psychic reading method is available for incredible insights


  • Connect with a psychic simply through chat, phone, or video
  • The first five free minutes
  • Online Psychics have a variety of specializations and tools to help you tailor your reading
  • You may check your horoscope on the website


  • Some online psychics have limited time available in their schedules

Why do we recommend it?

We suggest it because of the variety of online psychic reading styles it provides. You are given the option to choose how you get your reading. If you want to get it by Phone call, you can select that. If you wish to have a Chat session Reading, that is also available. And if you want reliable psychic readings, like video call reading, it is also available for you! Although their prices per duration differ, these three reading styles are trusted and precise.

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Steps We Took to Make The List Of The Best Psychic Platforms

To make this list of the best online psychic reading sites, we started looking for customer feedback for the most accurate readings. After picking out some psychic reading sites, we checked their psychic profiles, ease of use, charges, and other factors. We also checked them out ourselves to see how authentic their readings were.

Ultimately, we were left with these five best psychic platforms. These platforms display their readers’ profiles on their psychic reading sites plus their areas of specialties. This makes it easy for people to find solutions to their problems.

Deciding Factors

  • Offers for first-time visitors
  • Availability
  • Affordability
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Qualification of online psychics
  • Experience of the online psychics and of the platform
  • Accountability of the platforms, including satisfaction guarantees

How To Look For The Best Psychics Near Me: A Beginner’s Guide

Experiment with different Online psychics to get diverse outcomes

Online Psychics are endowed with a variety of skills. They prefer to hone one of their skills and take it to the next level. A psychic may specialize in love guidance, while another may provide professional information.

Know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it

Setting some reasonable expectations will not only help you choose the appropriate online psychics but also help you understand what to say and how to say it. You could, of course, consult a psychic to discuss odd topics and learn something new about yourself. Going there without a strategy, on the other hand, would not offer you the results you want. You might just learn some random facts about things you don’t care about. To get the best results, prepare your questions by listening rather than speaking. And then, jot down your findings using pen and paper.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Reading Services

The sheer number of psychic readers accessible to a customer may be the most compelling reason for completing online psychic readings. With the ability to search from various specialists and psychic services, you are sure to find the finest psychic to fit your needs. If you are a first-time customer, you will get free minutes on your first psychic reading.

You can learn about your horoscope, get your cards read, and enjoy various other services. The variety of communication methods and data that a client has access to is just an add-on to the convenience of seeing keen psychics online from the comfort of their own home. Online chat readings are necessary and simple to do, but other options, such as live video psychic readings, allow online psychics to get closer to their audience.

Regardless of the meeting type, there is no more reliable way to find readers with the most excellent expertise than by visiting online psychic reading sites, as each page has a thorough verification and screening process, ensuring that you meet the finest online psychics. There are several mediums to choose from, but with the instruments available at each service, they may easily restrict their options.

All online platforms provide outstanding customer service and a satisfaction guarantee is given, which can be expected from the top psychic reading sites but not from their local psychics. They have the most effective and reliable method of meeting readers online. Furthermore, each of these services is secret, ensuring that their client’s data is kept safe and secure throughout the online psychic reading.

FAQs about Online Psychics

Q: Are phone readings as reliable as local psychic readings?

A: They are not always as accurate. Nevertheless, screening from the top psychic readers on each site allows clients to extend the range of abilities available to them—an option not available during an in-person online psychic reading. Psychic readings by phone or psychic readings online provide a high-quality service backed by online psychics with extensive experience that customers may see on their website.

Their experience may be personalized to fit their needs, thanks to options like online chat and video psychic readings, which aren’t available from local readers. Each site offers resources available to clients who want to learn more about the online psychic reading process and perhaps receive a sense of their destiny before their first encounter. As soon as you visit these pages, your future will begin to clear up.

Finding accurate psychic readers online is, for the most part, a simple process. This is aided by the fact that these online arrangements provide a greater number of options than in-person encounters, as well as access to a diverse group of skilled online psychics who use a variety of approaches and styles.

Whether you are looking for phone psychics, online tarot card readings, or a medium, this psychic reading platform offer the information you need to make your psychic or medium encounter quick, valuable, and well worth your time. You wouldn’t need to google “tarot card reading near me” or “psychic medium near me” to receive a reliable online psychic reading. Each site includes basic information-sharing mechanisms that need a phone number or an email address. Prepare to receive the most excellent phone readings from the top online psychic service providers after that.

Q: How can I get the most out of an online psychic reading?

A: First, you should be truthful in your responses to the reader. Aside from close-to-home data, avoid hiding anything that might have a direct impact on the online psychic reading. You should be more open to forming a connection with the reader.

Before entering a meeting, you should cleanse and calm your mind. Instead of being confused about how to act, you should focus on the subject.

You should make an effort to build trust and a relationship with the psychic. When you need a certain response and don’t get it, you feel dissatisfied and, in the gloomiest circumstances, even tricked. So, you should make certain that you receive the advice of a reader with an open mind.

If you actively engage in the reader’s conversation, the online psychic reading will have a significant impact. Ask questions, provide facts, and successfully tune in to the recommendations.


If you have life questions that you can’t get answers to, remember that there are internet portals that can help you find answers. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or perplexed in life, but you shouldn’t stay there for too long. When you’re stuck in life, don’t be afraid to seek a psychic, whether online or offline.

The advantage of an online consultation is that there are skilled online psychics eager to assist you from all around the world. Whatever you’re going through, you’ll be able to locate someone who can help you get to the other side with wise words. Most of the time, all you require is a fresh approach, and your entire world will change for the better.

You may use Keen to find some of the best-rated online psychics on the internet, Kasamba can help you locate the best match, and MysticSense works hard to ensure that only the most experienced keen psychics are included on their site. Finally, Asknow offers rates that are quite cost-effective. You can try one or all of them. The choice is yours.

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