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Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2022- The Top 5 Tarot Card Online Sites By Reliable Tarot Card Readers And Psychics|Get The Most Accurate Psychic Reading Related To Love, Relationships And Career

If you are someone that wants to know what the universe has in store when it comes to your career, love life, health, personal relationships, success, or something else, then this article is for you. Tarot reading is known as a popular art practiced by gifted psychics that provide people with guidance, support, clarity, and answers. A deck of tarot cards can make a connection with your inner soul and bring you awareness about particular aspects of your life. Regular visits to tarot card readers were very popular during history. Now, with the spread of the Internet worldwide, online tarot reading is becoming more and more popular.

With that being said, if you are looking for the best online tarot card reading sites that you can visit and where you can find desired answers, guidance, and support, then keep reading as we give you an in-depth guide about the best ones that are available online.

Top 5 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Most Accurate Readings:

  • Kasamba – Overall Best Tarot Card Reading Site
  • Keen Psychics – Best For Love Based Tarot Card Reading
  • AskNow – Best For Psychic Reading For Future Prediction
  • Oranum – Best For Video Based Tarot Card Reading
  • Mysticsense -Best Variety Of Psychic Reading Services

#1.Kasamba – Overall Best Tarot Card Reading Site

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The first on our list is one of the oldest but very well-known tarot reading sites that provide you with thousands of certified psychics and tarot readers from across the world. The site offers expertise in various type of psychic readings, clarity about love and relationships, fortune-telling, astrology, career advice, dream analyzing, and other methods through which you can find guidance about the life situation that you are facing.

Kasamba is a well-established platform that has been providing quality online readings for over 20 years and millions of satisfied customers have given their reviews about their professionalism and quality guidelines.


  • When you start a session you get free tarot reading for the first three minutes
  • They offer a variety of services
  • As a new user, you can get 70% off
  • You can choose your advisor based on their detailed profile pages


  • There is no option for video calling and reading
  • As a beginner, the site can be overwhelming
  • Some of the experts are expensive

How To Join Kasamba?

If you are visiting the website as a beginner, the first thing that you need to do is register. When you make your selection, click to create your username and password, and create your account. After you create your profile, the next step is choosing the type of reading that you want and the payment method. When you complete all the necessary information, you can start chatting immediately.


What makes Kasamba one of the best tarot reading sites is that on their website you can find a range of professional consultants that you can choose from by selecting the type of reading that you want from the category menu. Then, you can search for the one that you think will be the best choice for you.

For every tarot card reader, there are details about their skill sets, levels of expertise, services that they provide, and the experience and qualifications that they possess. In addition, every advisor has their own fee per minute, and on their profile page, you can find the reviews that their customers left as feedback, which can be of great help when choosing the one that is the best choice for you. For the reading session to be successful, it is significant that you and your advisor find a connection and that your expectations match with their style of spiritual guidance.

Another amazing feature that this website has is that it offers a real-time chat platform that allows you to chat simultaneously with your advisor. That way you and your reader can share a connection on a deeper level. What you can do is ask a question in your chat window and the advisor will start working with you.

Additionally, Kasamba is one of the best tarot reading sites that offers offline sessions. You can email them questions or requests that you have and you can expect an answer within 24 hours.

On the website, you can find articles on several topics related to tarot guide, relationships, happiness, horoscope, and many other topics which can be of great help for every reader.

Customer Experience

As a website that offers tarot readings and other services for years, Kasamba has received exceptionally positive reviews from customers around the globe. You can read them on the advisor’s profile which makes your decision-making process easier.

In the same manner, Kasamba offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are not very satisfied with your first reading you can receive up to a $50 refund.

In case you want a refund, you need to request a refund up to 7 days of your reading period with the details of your session. This shows that they take their customer’s experiences and opinions very seriously. The payment process is also very easy, as you can choose to pay with a credit card after you completed your session or add funds via Paypal.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2.Keen Psychics – Best For Love Based Tarot Card Reading

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The next on our list of the best tarot reading sites is Keen. Their decades of experience have allowed them to have a database of extremely talented tarot readers and psychics. This platform offers more than 1,700 advisors that are positively reviewed by numbers of customers that want to gain clarity on various aspects of their lives.

All of the advisors are highly experienced and available at any time of the day for everyone who wants to obtain a deeper understanding of their life experiences.


  • Affordable readings starting with $1.99 for ten minutes
  • You can choose between online chats and phone readings
  • Provide a filter that can make your selection process easier
  • Very confidential and trustworthy


  • No personal connection between the user and the customer

How Do I Get In Touch With An Advisor?

When it comes to making connections on Keen Psychics, there are multiple ways to reach your favorite advisor. When you make your selection, you need to simply click on arrange a chat and call them online or send mail or give them a call. Once the connection is established you need to register and make an account.

As we previously mentioned, Keen’s advisors are open to work at any time of the day trying to cater to different time zones and busy schedules. If for any reason your advisor is not available, you can reschedule your appointment at the desired time and wait for them to contact you.


What is unique about Keen Psychics is the fact that you can search for tarot readers through a filter on their website. What you need to do is choose a segment that you want to receive guidance including tarot reading and then choose a method whether it is a call, chat, or even both. Another attractive feature is that you can search for readers that are providing services within your price range starting with $1.99 to $9.99+. Then you need to click on search and you see a list of the best suitable advisors for you.

For every tarot card reader, you can find details about their level of expertise, number of readings, price range, and even the period when they become advisors. The reviews are publicly displayed as well.

What is more, this network of talented spiritual advisors is helping people to discover answers for questions they have regarding life, finding purpose, getting clarity and closure, and getting a glimpse of what their future holds. With the experience of over 35 million conversations, they are one the most accurate tarot reading sites on the Internet.

Besides tarot reading, Keen psychics has experts that cover many categories from psychic reading, spiritual reading, astrology readings, relationship experts, financial issues, and many more.

Another attractive feature that this platform possesses is the ability to find your match by answering simple questions about your feelings, topics you want to converse with your advisor, specific skills that you are looking for, the way you receive your advice, etc.

Customer Experience

Their trustworthy tarot readings that date from 1999 and the overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the customers make Keen Psychics one of the best online tarot reading sites with the cheapest quality services online.

In addition, they provide really good offers such as getting the first minutes as a newbie for free and receiving a credit up to $25 if you encounter any problems with the platform.

Similarly, you can receive a satisfaction guarantee and reimbursement for an unsatisfactory experience every 30 days. On the Keen Psychics platform, you also have customer support where you can ask questions or if you need assistance. If you need any type of assistance you need to fill the form and select a reason for your contact.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keen Psychics

#3.AskNowBest For Psychic Reading For Future Prediction

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One of the most used tarot reading sites since 2005 takes another spot on our list. Its unique features and interactive website makes the experience even better for every customer. You can take a look at all of the top-rated masters in the first line and experience their spiritual energy.

According to the reviews left by the customers, AskNow is a legitimate platform that allows you to connect with some of the most highly rated and qualified tarot readers and spiritual advisors that specialize in a variety of categories.


  • Very affordable platform charging from only $1 a minute
  • The psychics are specifically chosen
  • The top-rated psychics have 4 stars and above ratings
  • Customer support is available 24/7


  • Not many bilingual psychic
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee

How Does Asknow Work?

This platform offers a wide selection of gifted and experienced tarot readers and psychic advisors that you can choose from. When you make your selection, you need to open your advisor’s profile and schedule an appointment and register to the website or you can call them on the provided telephone number.


One of the refreshing features that this website has is the ask a free question section where you need to type your name, email, day of birth, and category in the appropriate fields and receive a personalized answer.

You can find out more about every tarot reader or psychic advisor by clicking on them. There you can find their picture, as it can tell a lot about a spiritual guide, their price range per minute, as well as details about their experience, number of readings, their zodiac sign, credentials, and categories of expertise.

Correspondingly, you can read all of their reviews and find out more about them by reading their section. All of the advisors have created calendars with schedules where you can see the days when they are available.

Equally exclusive is their free daily horoscope section where you can read your daily dose of horoscope and some exclusive promotions. Furthermore, Asknow provides the customers with helpful articles and videos on topics regarding life experiences, tarot reading, psychic reading, and much more useful information.

What makes Asknow different from many other sites is the fact that all of the psychics are screened, tested, and picked by experienced Psychic Managers. This fact shows us that AskNow takes their customers and their needs as well as the psychics very seriously.

Customer Experience

This well-known platform is not only one of the most positively rated websites for tarot reading and spiritual guidance, but also provides different discounts, such as introductory packages for $30 and $20 for 20 minutes. Their price range varies from the psychics that you choose and the category.

Ask now has great introductory packages like $1 per minute plus free 5 minutes for reading with a master psychic if you are a beginner. Moreover, you can find bundle deals for specific readings. In case you are not satisfied with your experience, you can get an extra 5 minutes for additional reading.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4.Oranum – Best For Video Based Tarot Card Reading

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This online psychic network that offers readings through video chat is another top pick from us. This unique approach gives the tarot reading process a new personalized experience. However, the choice of whether you want to show yourself on the camera or you want to stay anonymous is yours. This network of gifted psychics has been in business for more than 8 years.

According to the reviews from satisfied clients, Oranum is one of the biggest online networks and one of the best online tarot reading sites for people who seek insights into their past, present, and their future.


  • An interactive website that is easy to navigate
  • Live video reading for more personal connection
  • Great variety of languages that are spoken
  • Extensive filtering options


  • There is no offer for phone readings
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee

How Does Oranum Work?

This interactive website is very easy to use, as signing up and making an account is free. It is not needed to add credit card information when you register, which allows you to browse through their website and find the best match for you.


This platform has great features for the ones that want their reading experience to feel even more special. Here, you can join video chats that are streaming 24/7 and see how the conversation with certain psychics would go and whether it is suitable for you.

They work on a credit-based paying system, which means that you can get $9.99 in free credits for registering on the website.

On the top of the page, you can add your favorite advisers and in the search section, you can find numerous categories from live streams, video calls, psychics who offer subscriptions, stories, tarot reading, astrology, guides, pet psychics, and many others.

Other ways that you can discover Oranum as one of the best online tarot reading sites is by getting one-on-one tarot readings, checking the stories for updates, watching free or premium videos, and asking your psychic for special requests.

Once you have the chance to look over the categories and select your psychic, you can click on them and find out more about their work by reading their bio. There you can choose them as your favorite reader, send them a message or surprise them.

Oranum allows you to support your favorite psychic by choosing to enjoy some of the features. Then they earn points by entering a contest and the ones that have the most points can get a reward. This feature can give you more insights besides the reviews which professionals and other people prefer.

Customer Experience

When it comes to their pricing range, Oranum is a great competition to other highly rated psychic websites. Especially for people who prefer video calling instead of messaging. They offer great service chat, which means that if you have any questions regarding credits, membership, or payment, you can access them by clicking on the contact support button.

Besides the introductory offer, you can also choose to purchase credit packages if you want to have private sessions. Their pricing range varies from $27.99 to $97.99 and when you purchase a bundle, you also get free bonus credits. The ability to see the person that you are engaging with and the amazing introductory offer are great reasons to give this platform a go.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5.Mysticsense – Best Variety Of Psychic Reading Services

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Another website that has warm and welcoming energy made it on our list of best online tarot reading sites. If you want to gain clarity on certain aspects of your life, then this site is the perfect one for you, as it offers reading sessions that are tailored to meet every individual’s needs and expectations.

Mysticsense offers a large variety of talented individuals and certified psychics that you can choose from. Their psychics undergo testing and checking processes to ensure their legitimacy. In addition, this company follows a strict confidentiality policy, so you don’t have to worry about revealing any personal and sensitive information.


  • You can select psychics that are specialized in various categories
  • On the website, you can find useful articles on different spiritual topics
  • There is a community forum where you can find answers


  • There is no mobile application
  • You need to subscribe to get a daily horoscope


As a welcoming gift, this platform offers you to gain your first five minutes by registering on their website. However, you need to make a minimum deposit which costs $10, and then arrange your desired session. They also give you credits based on your rate per minute for your chosen spiritual reader.

All of their experienced advisors are displayed on the website and have their own about me page where you can find out more about them. There you can also find more about their expertise and view their years of experience. The price range per minute depends on every psychic. You can call them, message them or offer video readings as well.

The website is very user-friendly, so what we like about it is that on the same page you can see the reviews from customers for every reader which is of great help to choose the right one out of a pool of experienced and talented psychics. On the same page, you can view their schedule and if they are online at the moment.

Their search tools are effectively unique, meaning that you can search by name, date created, top-rated, and by price. What is more, you can search by online status, categories, and even reading style.

When it comes to specialties, their psychic readers are not only one of the best when it comes to tarot reading but you can receive readings that are beyond other platforms from reading through crystals, angel cards, crystal balls, oracle cards, tea lives, and many other methods.

Customer Experience

If you search through the reviews, you can detect that on MysticSense you can find psychics with extremely high ratings and accuracy. As we previously mentioned, they are often tested, which means that the company takes their customers very seriously.

In the matter of prices, their fees depend on the psychic, but they vary from $1 a minute to $5 a minute, and the average cost is $2.49 per minute. As a customer, if you are unhappy with your paid reading, you can ask for a refund within 48 hours. Nevertheless, you can ask for cashback only once. The other option is to get back your credits into your account, but you also must ask for time-back within the time range of 48 hours and only once a month if you have at least two other successful sessions with other psychics.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense

FAQs About Online Tarot Card Readings

What Exactly Is Tarot Reading?

It is a technique in which divination cards are used by gifted tarot reading advisors in order to get a better understanding of the past and the present and make predictions about the future.

The tarot deck contains 78 cards, and every card contains symbols that are keys to life’s mysteries. In tarot, every card layout shows a different meaning based on where it falls in the spread. These symbols hold power that can guide you to clear any uncertainties that you have or how you can improve in specific aspects of your life.

Is Tarot Reading Accurate?

There are a lot of skeptics in regards to tarot readings or any reading of that type. However, many people that have experience with this type of guidance have shared that generally most of the readings are pretty accurate. Hence, online sessions are more effective than offline readings, as physical connections are extremely important for a successful tarot reading session.

If you are unsure about particular reading sessions, you can search our recommended online tarot reading sites and look through the reviews and their offers.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are interested in a tarot reading is that the prediction’s time rate is not always specific. Sometimes they can happen when you don’t expect them or in a couple of months after. For that reason, it is said that the customer’s task is to interpret the ideas that are conveyed to him and grasp the concept, as timelines aren’t always completely precise.

What Kind Of Question Do You Ask During A Tarot Reading?

During tarot reading, no questions are off-limit and there is no judgment. Though there are particular questions that you can ask or probably should ask to get a better experience and some questions need to be avoided during these types of readings.

Before we give you some examples, take into consideration that the questions will depend on your experiences. For example, ask questions about issues that are most pressing for you or ask questions that can guide you to solve some dilemmas that you have or any uncertainty.

One of the best questions to ask starts as follows: ‘What do I need to know..?’, ‘What can I expect if..?’, ‘How can I improve this..?’, ‘How can I understand..?’ and others that will make the experience flow naturally and make your tarot reading experience efficient.

Now, when speaking about questions that you need to avoid, they come in different categories. Medical questions about a specific diagnosis and health problems should be left out for medical professionals. Then avoid questions that you don’t want to find the answer for or the answer is obvious and try to exclude questions about death and personal questions about other people.

How To Prepare For A Reading Session As A Beginner?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about tarot readings, and the answer is that there is no particular way that you can prepare for it. What you can do is prepare the questions and concerns that you have and prepare yourself psychically.

One way to do that is to meditate, take a relaxing bath, go for a walk, or do whatever makes you calm your nerves. You need to have a clear mind and quiet space to have a better experience as possible.

Is Online Tarot Reading Better Than Going In Person?

Both face-to-face tarot meetings and online reading sessions have positive and negative effects, and it can be a matter of opinion and what works best for every individual. With that being said, we recommend online sessions, as these websites provide you with everything you need to have the best experience possible, from affordable price ranges to features catered for everyone’s needs to be met.

Correspondingly, you don’t have to travel long distances in order to meet with your psychic or tight your schedule, as most of the readers on our recommended platforms are available 24/7. Even if you can’t make it, you can always reschedule. Some of the additional advantages include discounts, promotion deals, the ability to search and view reviews from other people, etc.

In Conclusion

Given these points, online tarot reading is very common nowadays now that the Internet is used all around the globe and it is very effective. Most of these popular reading sites provide features that can improve your experience significantly and make your session as better as possible. They give you options to choose the method that you are most comfortable with and to have a better perspective on what you can expect during these sessions.

It is of great importance to find the best psychic that will make the best connection with you and give you the answers that you seek. Additionally, knowing what to expect and how to prepare yourself can be of great help if you are a beginner, in order to help you out even more we recommend choosing Kasamba as your first option. We hope that our guide will give you an idea about what to expect if you want to take part in online tarot readings and we hope that you share your opinions or experience with us.

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