Best Online Tarot Card Reading: Top 4 Tarot Readings Platforms That Will Turn Your Life Around

Have you ever experienced tarot card reading online? If not, then it’s high time you should explore this forefront.

Gone are the days when people used to sneak around the corner of a back alley to see a tarot card reader. It’s the 21st Century, and tarot readings online are no longer considered taboo. In fact, free online tarot card readings are becoming increasingly popular with every passing second.

Whether it is free love tarot reading or important career advice, there is a free online tarot reading platform that will help you deal with every problem in life.

People all over the world rely on different sources to help make important decisions in their lives. Tarot reading online is one such source. Tarot readings online and free tarot card reading platforms make their life easier and help them identify the key aspects of their life they need to work on.

Some people may even see tarot reading as a mere source of entertainment. However, it does not change the fact that it holds a lot of spiritual importance for most people.

While tarot readings may be common, professional and personal tarot card readings can be quite expensive. To solve this problem, we will review the top four free online tarot reading platforms for you.

Meet The Champions – The Best Free Tarot Reading Online Websites of 2021!

This summary table will help you assess the strength and benefits of each tarot card reading platform and how you can make the most of it.


  • One-Stop-Solution for Love Tarot Card Readings Online
  • Offers 3-mins Free Online Tarot Readings to New Members
  • Offers 100% Refund if You Are Not Happy with the Service

Keen Psychics

  • Ultimate Choice for Future Forecasts and Financial Advice
  • Offers 10-min of Online Tarot Readings at $1.99 for New Members
  • Round-the-clock Customer Care Assistance

Mystic Sense

  • Timeless Tarot Card Readings with a Modern Touch
  • Offers 5-mins Free Online Tarot Readings to New Members
  • Offers Phone and Live Chat Tarot Card Readings Online

Psychic Source

  • Gold-Standard Tarot Card Readings and Accurate Predictions
  • Offers 75% Discount on Online Tarot Readings for New Members
  • Experienced and Trained Tarot Online Experts

#1:Kasamba – One-Stop-Solution for Love Tarot Card Readings Online!


Finding faithful love partners has become as difficult as finding needles from a haystack – it is almost impossible now. In a world where cheating and adultery are glorified, consider yourself lucky if you manage to find someone who even shows an ounce of loyalty.

Your friends at Kasamba understand that loyalty comes at a cost. Therefore, they provide expert tarot card readings to help you deal with the ups and downs of love life.

Whether you are dealing with a cheating partner or struggling to move on after losing a dead one, Kasamba is known for providing outclass tarot card services for all matters of the heart and more.

Let’s hear the story of Samantha. Samantha Knowles has been a loyal Kasamba customer for more than five years now. When she first started off her online tarot reading journey with Kasamba, she was in a really bad place. Here’s what she has to say, “It was the year 2017. My boyfriend of 4 years was the love of my life, and I was ready to take our relationship to the next step. Something unexpected happened when one evening I got a call from a distant friend telling me they saw my boyfriend checking into a hotel with another girl. I was devastated. I locked myself up in my room and cried for weeks. That’s when one of my friends introduced me to a free online tarot card reading by Kasamba.

I kid you not, that one online tarot reading completely changed my life. Getting over heartbreak was not so easy, but the tarot readings online helped me get through each day, and in no time, I was back to being my normal self. If you’re suffering from the loss of a loved one or have been cheated on like me, I will definitely recommend seeking the help of an online tarot reader to completely transform your life.”

Kasamba is a platform that helps you in resolving all your relationship problems. It is a user-friendly website with affordable rates. For a healthy relationship, two factors are significantly important: trust and discipline. These are the crucial factors on which Kasamba tarot online experts will guide you.

With no trust in a relationship, there are lesser chances for it to prosper in the future. You cannot expect a strong bond with your partner unless there is trust among you two. So, if you are going through a tough time in your relationship, it’s high time you try a free online love tarot reading from Kasamba. The online tarot reader would help you both build a stronger relationship and work on your shortcomings. It is the wiser thing to do instead of stressing yourself and seeding negativity in your and your partner’s life.

They offer affordable love tarot reading along with some special offers. When it comes to a free online love tarot reading, Kasamba is the top choice of many people. You can enjoy a free online tarot card reading at a 50% discount if you are a new customer. Moreover, all new Kasamba customers also get to enjoy free online tarot card readings for 3 minutes.

When there is trouble in paradise, one cannot help but question every single thing in their life. Thanks to online tarot card reading experts like Kasamba, these people can find solace in the toughest times of life. Whether you are struggling with love, finances, career, relationships, spirituality, etc., an online tarot card reader from Kasamba would help you gain control of your life.

Sign up now and enjoy free 3 minutes of online tarot card readings!

#2:Keen Psychics – The Ultimate Choice for Authentic Tarot Readings, Future Forecasts and Financial Advice!


People say that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you all the things that make you happy. If you come to think about it, more than half of the people are struggling in the world, both financially and mentally, because of this one problem: money.

Money is the driving factor for a lot of people. They are constantly chasing after money because it is the one thing that can help turn their life around. If you believe that you belong to the same category of people, we have good news for you.

Get ready to say goodbye to all your financial troubles, or at least the stress of it, because online tarot card reading experts from Keen Psychics are here to help you.

The past two years have been tougher for everyone more than usual. That’s when millions of people sought refuge through psychic readings and online tarot readings from experienced professionals like Keen Psychics.

Here is what Jonathan Frances, a 36-year-old accountant from Chicago, has to say about his experience with Keen Psychics, “Online tarot readings and me? You must be out of your mind.

This was my first reaction when my friend told me to see an online tarot card reader after I lost my job due to Covid. I must admit, it was the lowest point in my life, and I didn’t know any better.

After a lot of coercing from my friends, I attended an online tarot card reading session at Keen Psychics. To this day, I’m grateful to my friends for introducing me to Keen Psychics.

The online tarot card readings from Keen Psychics helped me look at the future completely differently. My financial struggle eased out eventually, and I was able to have better control over things in my life. If you are going through the same, please attend at least one online tarot readings session from Keen Psychics, and you will see the difference yourself. Good Luck!”

Keen Psychics has changed the industry dynamics by giving people access to top-notch online tarot readers and tarot card reading experts. These experts have multiple years of experience coupled with the right qualifications that can help improve your personal life. It doesn’t matter if the problem is pertaining to money or love; the tarot card reading online experts at Keen Psychics can help you with both.

Even though Keen Psychics is more popular for its financial and career-related tarot card readings, there are many tarot reading experts specializing in different fields. For example, you can enjoy a tarot reading online free of cost from Keen Psychics and fix things between you and your partner. Apart from this, if you are grieving about the loss of a close one, you can try a psychic medium reading from Keen Psychics to help ease the pain and find closure.

We know that online psychic reading services are sometimes frowned upon for various reasons. Either people believe that it is a scam or legit, high-quality tarot readings are too expensive. Fortunately, it’s the opposite with Keen Psychics. Not only is the platform 100% reliable and accurate, but they are also known for their pocket-friendly tarot reading services that are easily affordable by everyone. We are talking about prices as low as $1.99 for the first 10 minutes of online tarot reading. If that’s not a steal deal, we don’t know what else is!

Meet Keen Psychics for expert advice and authentic future predictions.

# 3: Mystic Sense – Providing Timeless Tarot Card Reading Services with a Modern-Age Twist!


Failures can completely throw you off in life. In everyone’s life, there comes the point when they feel like their life is stuck in one place, and you do not know which direction to go from there. It feels worse when you start comparing it to how things were in your younger years when you felt you had that sense of direction.

Life doesn’t give you any lemons in the beginning. Growing up, things are quite simple and straightforward for most people. You finish your basic education, get a degree, and then start looking for a job. Somewhere, in between this grind and hustle, you start losing control of life. And everything starts falling apart from that point onwards.

This is all part of the process of self-discovery, and the tarot readers online at Mystic Sense are completely aware of the fact. They can help you seek answers to all the burning questions in your head about love, life, career, or a combination of the three.

One cannot on their own foresee what the future holds for them and how they should tackle the challenges of life. Fret not! You can simply book your online tarot readings session at Mystic Sense’s and select one of their expert tarot card readers who hold special mystic abilities and can give insights about what the universe has in store for you.

If you have a specific problem related to your romantic life, you can take a free love tarot card reading online from Mystic Sense. This can help you find new love or solve a problem in your existing love life, figuring out where you may be lacking in your actions. You can find the love you deserve through the guidance and love readings these tarot online experts can provide you.

If the problem exists in the job area of your life, online reading can help you there too. Bad things happen to good people, but that is not a reason to give up. It’s all part of the process. If the job market has been unkind to you, maybe it is time to see why and get clarity so that you can choose the right path. Through their spiritual abilities, Mystic Sense experts can help figure out what tough financial decisions need to be taken or which job would be more fruitful for you.

Here is what a Mystic Sense regular customer has to say about their service, “I have tried several other mystic service platforms, but I have to hand it over to Mystic Sense for being the best one of them all. I love the fact that anyone can use the platform; it is so easy to understand and navigate.

Also, they offer great deals and discount offers for new users that are so pocket-friendly that anyone can afford them. But do you know what the most amazing feature of Mystic Sense is? Unlike other tarot card reading platforms, Mystic Sense allows you to try multiple tarot readers in the free trial. How incredible is that!”

Sign up to Mystic Sense and join the tarot reading fan club, avail a 5-min tarot card reading online for free!

#4: Psychic Source – Undefeated Champions of Online Tarot Card Readings for Thirty Years and More!


If you still haven’t discovered the world of online tarot card readings, you are clearly missing out. Tarot card readings have been a part of human civilization for several decades. There is a fake reason why millions of people from every corner of the world put their faith into tarot card readings, and more recently, online tarot readings.

Choosing your first tarot card reading platform can be a tricky job. That’s why you need to entrust experts like Psychic Source to do complete justice to the task.

The uncertainty of the future is something that constantly stresses you out. You spend countless hours at night, contemplating with yourself if you will ever be able to achieve all the goals you have in life. You will find true love or not? Will you land your dream job or not? How long will you stay healthy and active? How will your relationships with loved ones change over time? Should you take a risk in the business? Will you be able to pay off all your debts in the next few years? Will you ever be truly happy in life?

Questions like these keep spiraling in your head around the clock. Instead of poking yourself with all these unnerving questions, which you can barely answer, it’s better to direct them to an online tarot reading expert instead. Yes, we are not joking!

An online tarot reader from Psychic Source can help answer all the pressing life questions listed above and more. These experts are not just trained professionals in tarot card reading, but they also have multiple years of valuable experience that enables them to pay special attention to each particular user. This is one of the major benefits of seeking online tarot readings from Psychic Source.

If you don’t believe us, hear it from a recent Psychic Source customer, “Hello. My name is Daniel Jackson, and I have just recently tried my first tarot card reading online from Psychic Source.

Being as curious as a cat, I always like to try and experience different things in life. Covid anxiety and depression led me to discover Psychic Source, and I was thrilled to give it a shot. What can I say now? I would have regretted not taking the chance.

My online tarot reader was extremely courteous and helpful. They let me turn off the camera and made me feel super comfortable. I was amazed to hear how accurate and reliable the first few readings were. Rest is history from that point onwards.

It’s my third week, and I’ve already taken five online tarot card reading sessions from Psychic Source. Their customer support staff is online all the time, making it easier to connect with a tarot reader. They can also help you with any other issues that you are facing.

All in all, I will rate them 10/10 for service and 100/10 for changing my opinion about tarot readings.”

Living in the 21st century comes with a price – the price of being part of a never-ending rat race, where everyone is trying to get to the first spot and struggling to do so. There is constant pressure on this generation to climb the highest ladder of success in order to remain part of this rat race. What happens as a result? Your mental health is compromised. You are overburdened with peer pressure. You struggle with making everyday life choices. The risk of loss is too great for you.

This is where a free online tarot card reading from Psychic Source can come to rescue you. With experienced and well-reputed tarot readers online on their panel, Psychic Source holds a legacy of providing accurate and authentic future predictions for all its customers.

Now you may wonder that a platform like Psychic Source, an integral part of the online tarot reading community for more than three decades, must be unbelievably expensive. Here’s the catch: it’s the opposite. Psychic Source aspires to make online tarot card reading services more affordable for everyone so that more and more people can benefit from them.

Join psychic source tarot reading family and get a free 3-minute trial session!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What does a Tarot Card Reading entail?

Essentially, a tarot card reading clarifies the future for someone who is facing difficulty in life and is seeking direction and guidance. Typically, a tarot card session comprises a client-focused reading conducted by a reader through a set of 78 tarot cards. The cards are divided into two further groups or categories:

Major Arcana:

This category comprises 22 cards out of the deck of 78 and represents life’s major themes. These cards are often seen in Hollywood movies and pop culture, where characters are asked to reflect on important choices to be made regarding life.

Minor Arcana:

The remaining 56 cards in the deck belong in this category. These cards are about immediate struggles and day-to-day challenges. They have a very brief influence on life.

Tarot card readers at Everett Daily Herald build a connection with their pack of cards and use their insightfulness and spiritual abilities to reveal the answers you seek about life through the data the cards provide.

A typical reading consists of the tarot online reader choosing and spreading ten cards from the deck, which have been selected after seeking guidance from spiritual entities around them. The cards selected are the ones that speak to the reader, which are then overturned and interpreted using the skills and experience they have acquired in their journey.

Q2. How to phrase the right questions for your online tarot card reading?

Asking the right questions in your tarot card reading session is highly essential if you wish to get accurate and authentic results. We’re giving some tips below to help you get the most out of your tarot card session:

Be Ready to Find Something Unexpected

Do not forget that open-mindedness and flexibility are key. Tarot card readings only work when you don’t have an answer to your question. If you go in expecting a certain answer, you won’t be open to anything different, and the tarot cards online reading will not guide you.

When you go to consult with a tarot card reader for whatever problem you face in life, you go without limiting the options that might be presented to you. The question must be open-ended and not a choice between “a, b and c.” It’s all about trusting the divine to help you find an answer.

Be Specific and Ask Focused Questions

A specific question without too much detail is the ideal way to word it. If it is not focused, it can ruin the online tarot card reading experience. However, do not focus on just part of the problem, rather ask for guidance for the larger situation at play. The perfect equation is to ask a properly worded question but without a lot of detail, leaving it to the tarot cards online reading to guide.

Make It About Yourself

Tarot card readings work best when they are about you and include guidance from no one else. If there is uncertainty about someone else or their actions, word the question to focus on yourself and how it impacts you. For example, ask how you can help the person with their decision or what role you can play in their lives.

Positivity is Key

Give a positive spin to all your questions. Try asking how you can make it happen versus why something is not happening.

Staying Neutral is Helpful

Remove all preconceived notions about tarot cards online reading before connecting with a tarot card reader. There should be no room for pride and ego when you put a question forward. There needs to be a genuine want to seek guidance, whatever it might be. Being neutral is key!

Q3. How accurate are Online Tarot Cards Reading?

Those who believe in tarot cards online readings believe that there is one energy field that connects all humans together, which can be accessed. They harness that energy to give their readings. However, this energy is not limited to a physical distance, which is why Online tarot card readings are also accurate, and there is no special need for a face-to-face or in-person reading.

However, it is important to choose the right tarot cards online service provider for an authentic online reading. Many platforms claim authenticity and access to qualified and experienced readers, giving clients great discounts and rates, but they use pre-programmed answers for their users. This usually means there are no real-life readers at the other end of that transaction, and the readings will not be personalized and mostly be flukes.

This is why it is important to choose the website for an online tarot cards reading. An easy way to check the authenticity of the website is to see the reviews. All trustworthy websites would have a great number of different reviews because they only employ trained and certified readers who have the gift of readings and can guide people to achieve success, happiness, and growth.

While these platforms give users the choice of reviewing different profiles of tarot card readers, the duty falls on the clients to find a good match for their questions for a satisfactory session. This is what can be done:

Firstly, go with a positive mind and remove all doubts and negative expectations. Pessimism can hinder the accuracy of online reading because it becomes a barrier to the connection your reader will need to take with you.

Once embraced positively, your chosen online tarot reader will be able to connect with you and focus the energy just on you to give you a proper life-altering prediction. They will be better able to guide you on your question and help you choose the right path. You will be able to exert confidence, positivity, and bravery in front of the problems you have been facing.

What also matters is the way you take the tarot reading in your overall experience. As discussed, going with an open mind is crucial, and the session will not be fruitful if you are skeptical about the answers you receive. It is important to remember that a tarot card reader can only suggest and guide, but reading won’t be much good if you do not act on it.

An online reading will give you the information you seek, but success and happiness in life depend on what you do with the provided information. While it is a mystical process, it is not as simple as waving a magic wand and all your problems disappearing.

Consider Tarot card reading as a navigator that will point to the right way. It will help you choose the purpose and direction in life that you seek, but walking the path is still on you. Listen closely to what is told, and use it to dodge obstacles and seize opportunities. Your choices will ultimately decide your future.

The Bottom Line

We can all agree that life is not always rainbows and sunshine; we all get our fair share of worries and troubles. There are times when we can pick ourselves back up and face any challenge in life with no issues. However, it is not easy to be in the same spirit all the time.

It can be exhausting, and it is okay. It is okay to feel a little lost at times but most importantly, it is okay to seek additional help at that time. This help can come in any form.

Gaining some sort of certainty about the future can help a lot of people steer clear from a lot of unnecessary worries of life. This is where psychic reading steps in.

People can sometimes find themselves drowning in an abyss of hopelessness, but just knowing those good things love ahead will help them take that much-needed sigh of relief.

It may seem difficult to reach out to a professional for help, but it can be as simple as a click away. All the tarot card reading expert platforms mentioned on mercurynews and in this blog are very easy to use and navigate through.

You may also find yourself questioning whether it is even the right thing for you or not. But rest assured, there is no aspect of life that tarot reading does not cover.

Whether the issue is related to your love life or financial matters, they have it all covered.

It so happens that you cannot point out where that gloominess in your life is coming from, but you don’t even need to find out. Just go up to any of the sources mentioned above, and you will find peace before you even get to the root cause.

One must never forget that there’s a solution for every problem, so don’t let hopelessness be an option. Any situation in life can be made better if we only remember that there is help available. You do not have to be alone in this because you are not. Knowing this can help you swim through the roughest of tides life brings your way.

May the tarot cards be always in your favor! Good Luck!

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