Best Silver IRA Companies of 2022

*We may receive a referral fee from some of the companies featured in this article. This is not a financial advice article. Refer to a professional for financial advice. Investing your hard earned money in precious metals allows you to protect your investments. They serve as a hedge against volatile markets and rising inflation. The next question is, which silver IRA companies are the best options for any investor? We’ll go over some of these top IRA companies and their pros and cons.

Top 3 Silver IRA Companies

  1. American Hartford Gold – Best Gold IRA Company overall and most trusted
  2. Birch Gold – Runner up
  3. Goldco – Excellent Customer Service

#1 American Hartford Gold – (4.8/5 Rating) Best Gold IRA Company overall and most trusted

If you’re looking to add silver and other precious metal coins in your portfolio, one of the best firms to help you do that is American Hartford Gold. This family-owned top silver IRA company has been around for a while, offering gold and silver investments to would-be investors. Because of this offering, they have a sizable collection of products and options for silver and other precious metals. One of the best features about this firm is that they offer outstanding customer service. Their representatives go out of their way to help new clients open accounts, assisting them with rollovers, and providing plenty of investment information. The company’s representatives will also inform you of the current silver prices prevailing in the market before you make your purchase. If you’re planning your investments for the long-run, this is one of the firms that can help you achieve that goal. They also make investing easier for beginners since they won’t charge you any setup fees. When you open your IRA account, you’ll pay depository fees based on the size of your investment instead of a flat rate. Pros

  • #1 Gold IRA Company in the nation
  • They have an A+ rating with the BBB
  • You get sound investment advice from certified IRA experts
  • The company is known for outstanding customer service
  • They don’t charge you any shipping fees
  • The firm offers an excellent selection of silver and gold bullions
  • They offer a robust buy back guarantee
  • There is no required minimum investment
  • The company offers a wide selection of silver bullions and coins


  • Their listed silver coin and bullion prices may be out of date
  • They don’t have an online catalog

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#2 Birch Gold Group – (4.7/5 Rating) Runner up

If you’re a seasoned investor who understands how market volatility can help you boost your holdings, then Birch Gold Group can facilitate your investment strategy. You can take market volatility and use it to your advantage. The company can help ensure that your retirement fund remains safe despite an unpredictable market. They’re also backed by an excellent reputation, which means they offer excellent options for their investors. Birch Gold Group has built their business on a solid foundation of market protection. One of their founding principles is using precious metals investments to provide the longevity of any retirement investment. The firm supplies their clients with free information kits allowing customers to understand market conditions quite well. The company has a huge focus on customer education. Their industry experts help clients understand the prevailing market and make sound decisions regarding their retirement investments. Pros

  • Customer service team maintains open communications
  • Very transparent dealings in every transaction
  • They offer a wide range of IRA products
  • Streamlined account setup makes the process easier for new investors
  • They offer plenty of educational resources


  • They charge hidden fees
  • High initial investment amount

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#3 Goldco Precious Metals – (4.5/5 Rating) Excellent Customer Service

If you’re looking for personalized help when setting up your silver IRA accounts or any precious metal IRA, then Goldco can be the best option for you. They’re considered as one of the best options for investing your savings for retirement. The company provides a variety of investment options, such as rolling over a client’s retirement assets into precious metals. The company also facilitates the direct purchase of silver and gold, and provides different options suiting your needs and risk appetite. It is no secret that silver assets can decrease over time. On top of that, the price of silver inversely gets higher as stock prices and other paper asset values fall. Because of these reasons, getting crucial expert advice from a reliable silver IRA company is crucial. Goldco provides clients with all the necessary information before you sign an agreement with them. Pros

  • Clients receive personalized help from seasoned investment specialists
  • You receive investment guidance specific to your needs
  • Aside from silver, they give you an option to invest in other precious metals adding them to your portfolio
  • They provide asset management services including the rolling over of traditional IRA accounts into silver IRA and other precious metals investments.
  • They offer competitive product pricing
  • The company offers an excellent selection of silver and other precious metals
  • They also provide an extensive set of educational resources for investors
  • The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)


  • The company requires investors a minimum $50,000 to start an investment account with them
  • They lack bullion options to diversify one’s portfolio

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Silver IRA: What You Should Know

One of the best ways to diversify your retirement investments is through a silver IRA. When you diversify your portfolio by adding precious metals like silver, you reduce your risk exposure. Doing so allows you to maintain the value of your investments despite unfavorable prevailing market conditions. Since silver prices go up when stock and other financial markets take a drop, the value of your retirement investments remain high, when you keep silver in your portfolio. Investors don’t have to worry about economic shifts of investments being misrepresented, because the IRA industry is heavily regulated. The Internal Revenue Service monitors silver IRA companies at the same level as stocks and bonds. Nevertheless, you are still allowed to self-manage your own account, which gives you more control of your investment.

Is Silver a Good Retirement Investment?

Big time investors often turn to precious metals, including silver, as a hedge when economic turmoil comes around the corner. When there is a period of uncertainty in the markets, many investors move their holdings to silver and other precious metals to preserve the value of their portfolio. When the stock market and other financials go back to normal, they also move part of their precious metals portfolio out so they can engage in trade. Silver has a long history as an investment tool. It has been used as legal tender in many countries and it continues to hold a lot of value in many markets. Its price remains steady despite economic downturns, worldwide instability, and increasing inflation rates.

“The top silver IRA companies are reputable, use fair marketing strategies, and transparent in their business dealings”

What to Look For in a Silver IRA Company

Not all silver IRA companies are the same. It is in your best interest to invest only with the leading firms to secure your retirement investment. Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider when comparing these investment firms:

  • Informative: Investing in silver and other precious metals can sometimes become confusing. The best silver IRA companies will offer plenty of resources to investors so they can make sound investment decisions. Look for a firm that can provide you with easy to understand information. If that company can offer the services of a seasoned market analyst or specialist, then that will be an invaluable resource to you.
  • Fair Marketing Tactics: The best IRA companies won’t make outlandish promises about their investment products. They can offer buy-back guarantees and practice transparency, allowing investors to decide for themselves.
  • Reputable: One of the critical indicators is the quantity and quality of reviews they receive from third-party review platforms. It doesn’t mean they don’t have any negative reviews, but when they do receive negative feedback, they should be highly responsive and help customers when they post complaints online.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Silver IRA Company

IRA custodian companies have different service levels and offerings. They also offer different types of investments. The fee structures also differ from one firm to the other. As an investor, you need to identify the factors that matter most to you. Here are some of the things to consider before you open an account with any silver IRA firm.

1. Track Record and Reputation of the Company

Go over the details of each company review. Find out what other investors like and don’t like about their service. Find out how well they respond to negative customer reviews.

2. Upfront and Reasonable Individual Retirement Account Fees

Transparency is a huge factor when you’re dealing with your retirement investment. The best silver IRA companies should be upfront about the fees they charge. The cost should be reasonable and proportionate to the level of service you’re receiving. Investment firms can charge you a flat fee, which you can pay annually or some other payment terms. On the other hand, some won’t charge you a flat fee, but will charge your account at a percentage of the balance. A flat fee is the more reasonable option since you’re working with a predictable cost.

3. Storage Safety

Silver is a tangible asset, which means it’s something that can be stolen. Choose a silver IRA company that can provide excellent storage options. You have options for commingled storage or segregated storage. Each option will have a different cost, with segregated storage being more secure, but will carry an extra cost.

4. Generous Company Buyback Policies

Buyback policies may not be required by law but they give you the option to invest in both the long and short-term. It also makes your investment more fluid. For instance, if the value of silver drops way below your risk appetite, you can liquidate your silver assets, and the IRA company can offer to purchase your silver.

5. Sincere “Trust Signals” From the Provider

Some of the crucial trust signals to look for include portfolio diversification, which allows investors to reduce risk exposure. Another thing to look for is the quality of investment information and market analysis.

6. Deep Silver IRA Expertise Exhibited by the Provider

Some IRA firms only give you self-education options, but there are those who offer consultation with an industry expert.

Final Thought – Best Silver IRA Companies

After going over all the details and things to look for in the top silver IRA companies, we have to say that the best one on our list is American Hartford Gold. They have very high trust signals and the fact that they don’t require a minimum initial investment will be a big help to new investors. The company has very high ratings and a positive BBB score. We highly recommend that you choose a silver IRA company according to your needs and investment style. We have only provided you the range of options and our own preference. Since each investor is different, we recommend that you weigh the choices according to your preferences despite our recommendations. Silver ira companies Heraldnet.txt Displaying Silver ira companies Heraldnet.txt.

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