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Bitcoin Revolution Reviews (Updated) – Scam or Legit Trading App? Read This Australia Report

It all started in 2020, in the aftermath of the pandemic. I was laid off without any prior notice. I’m quite happy-go-lucky and jovial, so it never occurred to me that I needed to save a part of my paycheck. I never anticipated that I’d get fired. After I lost my job, it was difficult for me. I was surviving on credit and, by the end of 2020, I had dug myself into a vicious cycle wherein I was taking new loans to pay off my previous loans.

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The global economy was in tatters. It was severely hit. The impact was so dreadful that even in 2020, there weren’t any employment opportunities. But, I’d decided to pull myself out of that bottomless pit. One day, a former colleague suggested that I register myself on one of the automated trading software. He said that he’d been a member of the Bitcoin Revolution since last year.

I registered immediately and deposited $250, the minimum amount. By the end of the day, I was pleasantly surprised to see my $250 increase to $500. Each day, my investment multiplied 3-4 times. In a year, I could clear all my pending debts and rent an apartment in Chicago. All this was only possible due to Bitcoin Revolution.

About Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading software that allows you to trade Bitcoins and win profits. The software has a success rate of nearly 100%. So you can win on every trade. The software, developed in a beginner-friendly method, is ideal for amateur traders. The income from the Bitcoin Revolution software becomes your passive source of income as you don’t have to do any work to earn profits. The software does everything for you, from researching and studying the market to executing profitable trades.

Numerous people have become millionaires on the platform in only 61 days. You can, like thousands of others, trust the software to multiply your hard-earned income. There are limited slots on the platform, so go and earn thousands of dollars by registering with Bitcoin Revolution

How Does Bitcoin Revolution Work?

The Bitcoin Revolution platform is Artificial Intelligence-driven trading software. The software has an ingenious in-built algorithm that uses historical market data and other significant indicators to analyze the market fluctuations. It speculates the future position of the Bitcoin market with pinpoint accuracy. You can win profits on every trade.

The algorithm also makes use of the ‘time-jump’ technology. It allows the algorithm to be ahead of the Bitcoin market by 0.01 seconds. Now, since the software is automatic, the software does all the hard work, including executing trades on your behalf.

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How to Use Bitcoin Revolution?

Step 1: Join Bitcoin Revolution

Signup on the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform by filling a registration form with personal details. The software is free of any charges, so once you’ve completed the registration, you become the platform’s most recent member.

Step 2: Practice in Demo Account

The software provides a ‘demo account’ feature. Using this account, you can execute trades with virtual credits. This feature prepares you for live trading.

Step 3: Add Funds into Trading Account

You’ve to transfer funds to your trading account to begin placing trades. $250 is the minimum deposit. So, you can start by booking small orders and move to execute trades of higher amounts as you get experienced.

Step 4: Set Trading Mode and Parameters

The software supports two trading modes, automatic and manual. If you’re a beginner, you must go with the auto mode, wherein the software places all trades on your behalf. If you want to execute your trades, select the manual mode. Now, set and adjust trading parameters. Modifying and fine-tuning trading parameters gives you 100% control of your trades.

Step 5: Execute Trades and Earn Profits

Based on the parameters you set, the software pulls out the most lucrative trade opportunities and books them on your behalf. As the algorithm has a 100% accuracy rate, you can expect to win profits on every trade.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Revolution

  • Bitcoin Revolution has a staggering accuracy rate of almost 100%, which enables you to win profits on every trade.
  • The algorithm uses critical market indicators and historical market statistics to analyze and break down market movements.
  • Bitcoin Revolution also uses the ‘time-leap’ technology. It allows the software to be consistently ahead of the Bitcoin market by 0.01 seconds.
  • The trading platform supports two trading modes- manual and automated. You can select according to your preference.
  • You’re always in control of your trades. You’ve to set, modify, and fine-tune trading parameters according to your requirements. The software brings out trades based on these parameters.
  • It’s an Internet-based platform. So, you only need a functioning Internet connection and your username, and password to start using the platform.
  • The minimum deposit is $250. This allows you to start by placing orders of small amounts.
  • With the demo account feature, you can practice trading with virtual credits.

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Are the transactions made on the platform secure?

Yes, all your transactions are safe. The Bitcoin Revolution trading platform is one of the most trusted software in the business. Your transactions are under secure encryption.

How much brokerage does the software charge?

The Bitcoin Revolution trading software is free of charge. The company doesn’t charge any registration or withdrawal fees, transaction fees, or any other hidden charges. The money you deposit and your withdrawals are fully yours.

How much profit does the platform guarantee daily?

On average, you can win profits of up to $13,00 every day. The software has helped hundreds to become millionaires. You can be the next millionaire!

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Since automated trading platforms emerged into the financial scenario, it’s been a hit amongst the common public. Unlike banks and investment firms that charge heavy brokerage commissions, Bitcoin Revolution is free. The software helps multiply your hard-earned money in a short period. The profits are directly proportional to your investment, so as you increase your investment, your profits go up as well. Register with the best in the business, Bitcoin Revolution now!

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