Brown Fat: Explore Weight Loss Science of Brown Adipose Tissue

Also known as brown fat, brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a hot trending topic in the weight loss space. Exipure is a nutritional supplement that claims to boost brown fat levels and points to the science behind it. According to experts, brown fat provides a shortcut to weight loss by burning calories naturally.

When a person gets cold, the body burns brown fat to keep the body warm. Some people may think fat is bad for weight loss. However, according to studies, brown fat is good for weight loss. Brown adipose tissue facilitates real and sustainable weight loss.

What is brown adipose tissue? How does it work? How can one raise BAT levels in the body? This review is informed by the revelations of brown adipose tissue experts. It explains everything people need to know about BAT and its function. Keep reading to learn more.

Why is Brown Fat Special?

Brown adipose tissue or brown fat is a special type of fat that is available throughout the body. When the body gets cold, it triggers brown fat to warm it up. Once activated, BAT produces heat through a process known as thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a crucial process for weight loss. It enhances calorie burning and boosts metabolic rate. It enables the body to burn more calories at rest than it normally would. This provides a shortcut to weight loss. According to recent research, thermogenesis can also accomplish the following:

  • Help a person stay warm
  • Help balance appetite by managing levels of leptin
  • Allow people to burn fat and lose weight easily
  • Help balance blood sugar and insulin
  • Increase energy levels throughout the day
  • Boost metabolic rate and make it easier to burn calories throughout the day

According to one study, people with higher levels of brown fat can burn more than 200 extra calories each day. For these reasons and many more, brown fat is seen as a shortcut for weight loss and why new health supplements like Exipure are looking to help individuals boost BAT levels naturally.

How Does Brown Adipose Tissue Work?

Brown fat has more mitochondria than regular fat or white fat. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of animal cells. They are the power behind the brown fat cells, which burn calories to produce heat. Even in terms of composition, brown fat is built differently from regular fat or white fat.

For instance, brown fat contains a high number of mitochondria, which take in sugar and white fat and break them down to release energy. On the other hand, white fat contains just large droplets of lipids or fatty acids. Essentially, brown fat stores more energy in a smaller space than white fat.

The body triggers brown fat through temperature changes. When the body gets cold, it generates norepinephrine hormone. Brown fat contains norepinephrine receptors, which sense the hormone and alert the mitochondria within the brown fat cells to produce energy.

Some studies show how brown adipose tissue works, pointing that it could be essential for weight loss. However, more research is still needed to expose more about this tissue.

How BAT Helps With Weight Loss

Brown fat contains calorie-burning properties that can impact weight loss. When harnessed properly, these calorie-burning effects of BAT can help users burn more calories at rest than they normally would. By burning more calories at rest, users can easily maintain a caloric deficit.

All the same, brown fat stands out for its method of burning calories for fuel. Brown fat compels the body to burn both calories and regular fat for energy. This makes it extra special for weight loss using thermogenesis to boost weight loss results significantly.

Adipose Tissue Boosters

According to several studies, lean people often have more brown adipose tissue than obese or overweight people do. All the same, it’s possible to raise brown adipose tissue levels in the body by engaging in regular physical exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

Exercise plays a vital role in raising the levels of brown adipose tissue. Physical exercise helps users build the levels of brown adipose tissue in their bodies and make it easier to lose weight by activating thermogenesis.

White Fat vs. Brown Fat

Two main types of fat exist in the human body—white fat and brown fat. Both types of fat serve different purposes. Generally, white fat is bad for weight loss. On the other hand, brown fat facilitates weight loss.

White Fat (White Adipose Tissue)

Also known as white fat, regular fat, or standard fat, white adipose tissue (WAT) is the type of fat that comes to mind when the word ‘fat’ is mentioned. This type of fat accumulates throughout the body. It helps keep the body warm by insulating the organs. Since it wraps around the body, it keeps it warm by physically enveloping the organs.

Many studies show that excess levels of white fat are harmful to the body. Several studies link white fat to a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, which are among the major causes of death in the world today.

Brown Fat (Brown Adipose Tissue)

Unlike white fat, brown fat or brown adipose tissue (BAT) facilitates weight loss. It’s packed with iron-rich mitochondria that give it the name ‘brown fat.’ The iron within the mitochondria gives BAT its brown color, hence the name brown fat. As mentioned earlier, when the body gets cold, it activates brown fat.

Once triggered, brown fat generates heat through a process known as thermogenesis. This activity burns calories and fat from all over the body without causing shivering.

Many years ago, researchers believed that only babies possessed brown fat. About 5% of a baby’s weight consists of brown fat. However, more studies have been conducted on this topic and researchers have discovered that adults do possess small reserves of brown fat too. BAT in adults is available in small deposits around the neck and shoulders. Small amounts are also available throughout the body.

Top 5 Ways to Raise Levels of Brown Fat

Every person is born with some brown fat, known as constitutive brown fat. Everyone has this type of fat at birth. However, there’s room to build more brown fat. Some of the body fat is considered ‘recruitable fat.’ This fat can be converted into brown fat with the help of weight loss pills like Exipure for example.

Recruitable fat is available in muscles and white fat in the entire body. Users can recruit the white fat into brown fat and increase their weight loss results. According to experts, it’s possible to raise BAT levels throughout the body by observing the following methods:

1). Exposing the body to cool temperatures

Exposing the body to cool temperatures could raise the levels of brown fat in the body. Some studies show that the body’s recruitable fat should start converting into brown fat at temperatures about 19°C (66°F). When the body is exposed to these temperatures for about two hours, it could significantly raise the levels of brown fat.

Some people take this theory several notches higher by taking cold showers or ice baths. According to experts, exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures could quickly raise the levels of brown fat.

However, those who detest colder temperatures like the Arctic Ocean can simply lower their temperatures at home or just walk outside in cold weather. Unknown to many people, lowering body temperature could create more brown fat.

2). Eat more food

Some brown fat studies suggest that people can actually eat more food to lose weight. In one study, researchers discovered that eating more food could boost the amount of brown fat in the body. Even after eating more food, users can find themselves remaining leaner because of the increased levels of brown fat.

Burning more calories through thermogenesis can help people remain healthier and leaner. It can also protect against obesity and metabolic diseases. While overeating has its share of downsides like weight gain, there’s a fine line between overeating and building brown fat.

3). Exercise

Physical exercise is one of the proven ways to build brown adipose tissue. According to studies, people who engage in regular physical exercise often have more brown adipose tissue than those who don’t exercise often. Physical exercise generates a protein known as irisin, which helps in the conversion of white fat into brown fat.

People who live a sedentary lifestyle often produce less irisin than those who exercise often. Additionally, some types of exercise seem to have a more powerful impact on the development of brown fat. As shown by some studies, intense aerobic interval training is linked to higher levels of brown fat development.

All the same, more research is still needed to confirm the connection between brown fat and exercise. Even so, early research done on mice delivered promising results. Besides, since mice and humans both create irisin protein during exercise, researchers concluded that even humans could significantly boost their BAT levels through exercise.

4). Utilize genetics

Brown fat development could be linked to a person’s genes. Some studies show that people with a particular gene expression have more brown fat than those with a different gene expression. Similarly, researchers have associated brown fat development with another protein.

In one study, researchers discovered that Ebf2 (Early B-cell factor-2) protein plays an important role in brown fat development. In the same study, mice with higher levels of Ebf2 recorded a higher conversion of white fat into brown fat. Researchers also discovered that brown fat cells took in more oxygen, an indication that brown fat produces heat, burns calories, and helps with weight loss.

5). Taking Mirabegron (an overactive bladder drug)

Albeit odd, some studies show that taking a drug designed to treat an overactive bladder could help raise BAT levels. According to studies, Mirabegron could help increase the levels of brown fat. The drug increases the metabolic activity of brown fat, making it easy to lose weight.

In the same study, researchers discovered that Mirabegron could increase resting metabolic rate by an average of 203 calories each day. This is a considerable amount for weight loss. Resting metabolic rate is the number of calories the body burns naturally during the day.

According to experts, increasing the metabolic activity of brown fat could significantly boost the metabolic rate and provide a shortcut for weight loss. Mirabegron also stimulates white fat, which could further boost weight loss.

Brown Fat Could Help With Diabetes and Heart Disease

Brown fat stands out for its weight loss properties. Additionally, some studies reveal that brown fat could help manage the risk of diabetes and heart disease. For example, one review confirmed that brown fat actually burns calories and helps control blood sugar while improving insulin levels. This could lower the risk of diabetes.

In the same study, researchers discovered that brown fat could help remove fat from the blood. This lowers the risk of high cholesterol and related issues, which could trigger heart disease. As some studies confirm, brown fat could help treat obesity and facilitate weight loss. By losing weight, one can avoid diabetes, heart disease, and even early death.

Final Word on Brown Fat

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is redefining the way people approach weight loss. Exipure is a recently launched nutritional supplement that seeks to help users boost their BAT levels naturally, using clinically verified ingredients. Also known as brown fat, brown adipose tissue burns more calories compared to regular white fat.

This makes it easier to lose weight. According to studies, people can lower their BAT levels in various ways including exercise, exposing the body to cold temperatures, and eating more food. When BAT levels increase, the body turns into a fat-burning furnace that creates a shortcut for effective weight loss.

Currently, more research is still coming up about what BAT is all about. However, going by the available findings, focusing on boosting healthy brown fat levels could just work the same as or even better than fat burners, appetite suppressants, and metabolism boosters when it comes to weight loss. This brown fat story could help shed more light on this emerging powerful weight loss solution as many real Exipure customers are already loving the fact their brown adipose tissue levels are on the rise which is at the forefront of helping naturally support those fighting the battle of the bulge.

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