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Buy Delta-8 THC Flower: Top 3 Delta-8 Flower Brands

Delta-8, an isomer of the well-known delta-9 THC, has, for the right reasons, been trending in the last few years. First, delta-8 THC flowers are made from industrial hemp by rolling it with delta-8 distillate. Second, they are legal in most states in the U.S. Third, delta-8 can have a minimal psychoactive effect, which could mean you will not get high unless you consume a relatively high amount.

You can vape, smoke delta-8 flowers. The quality and efficiency of every delta-8 flower depends on the manufacturer. The following are three of the most popular brands of delta-8 flowers known for their quality, safety, and effectiveness. Yes, we also checked if there are additives used or not, none of these brands spray their delta-8 onto the flower, they are isopropyl alcohol free.

Top 3 Best Delta-8 Flower Brands Online

  1. Exhale Wellness – High Quality & Wide Variety of Delta-8 Buds
  2. BudPop – Strongest Delta-8 Flowers
  3. Delta EFFEX – Runner’s up

#1. Exhale WellnessHigh Quality & Wide Variety of Delta-8 Buds


Exhale Wellness is a long-established brand in the cannabis hemp world. They are known for their excellence in creating safe and effective hemp-derived products. This Los Angeles, California-based cannabis brand is owned and run by a tribe of cannabis specialists. The brand’s core mission is to harness the possible healing power of cannabis and create innovative delta-8 THC products that can restore your body’s performance, stability, and comfort.

Exhale Wellness has served thousands of satisfied and returning customers. The brand is not only reputed for manufacturing high-grade delta-8 THC hemp flowers but also gummies, capsules, edibles, pre-rolls, and tinctures. According to expert opinions and client testimonials, the brand is consistent in delivering products that customers love.

The brand offers an all-inclusive collection of delta-8 THC flowers with flavorful aromas, stimulating effects, and palatable flavors. They create all of the flowers from organic, safe ingredients. Plus, hemp extracts from cannabis hemp plants are grown organically with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. As a result, all of their delta-8 flower strains contain safe amounts of delta-8 to offer smooth and exciting smoking experiences.

Exhale Wellness has highly experienced and talented researchers, supporters, and cultivators to source premium quality and pure cannabis hemp. The brand has partnered with several well-known and trusted hemp farms in Colorado, from where they source all of their delta-8 ingredients.

Moreover, the company’s high-grade delta-8 hemp flowers contain all vegan and organic hemp extracts and superfoods. Their products do not include any artificial flavors, gluten, or artificial colors. In addition, delta-8 THC hemp products from Exhale Wellness are certified non-GMO and dairy-free.

All products manufactured by Exhale Wellness go through detailed third-party testing, and the company makes all testing certifications available so customers can assess each product’s quality and potential safety before buying it. Furthermore, the brand’s products comply with the Federal Farm Bill and contain no more than 0.3% THC content.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Come with Certificates of Analysis
  • Several strains available
  • Sourced from naturally-grown hemp
  • Chemical-free and non-GMO certified ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Shipping is limited to some U.S. states

Customer Reviews

Exhale Wellness has a program where it allows you 30 days to test the products you purchase before you offer your opinion. This ensures you give a true story of your real experiences with the brand’s products when writing your review. Additionally, the company offers a money-back guarantee, so you can return the products if you are not satisfied.

Exhale Wellness has earned a number of positive customer testimonials for being a trusted brand that sells top-notch products. Customers praise the taste and texture of the brand’s delta-8 flowers. Some buyers also mentioned they used the products to ease stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

Several customers have commended the brand’s service team because of the promptness with which their issues were resolved. Moreover, one customer emphasized that he loved the brand’s OG Kush flower strain because it cleared his mind and helped relieve insomnia and pains after a busy day at work.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness for the Best Discount

#2. BudPopStrongest Delta-8 Flowers & Strains


The youngest and most promising delta-8 THC brand on our list, BudPop is owned and run by cannabis industry gurus. The company’s mission is to manufacture high-grade hemp products that meet all safety, quality, and efficiency guidelines.

The team behind this brand has 30 years of combined experience growing hemp and using safely extracted hemp to manufacture high-quality wellness products. Even though it was launched in 2021, BudPop has a high potential to become the leading delta-8 brand. It will only be a matter of time before we get to try more BudPop delta-8 THC products and read more customer reviews, at which point it might potentially rank first.

Within a few months of operation, BudPop has become a highly trusted brand due to their use of safe and organic hemp ingredients. BudPop uses GMO-certified hemp, naturally grown, to produce their delta-8 THC flowers. In addition, the farmers do not use any sort of pesticides or chemicals. The goods are carefully extracted using top-of-the-line technology. That way, the delta-8 content is maximized while the delta-9 THC level is minimized. As a result, the products offer a safe approach to relieving stress, boosting appetite, and alleviating body aches.

Despite their young age, BudPop is dedicated to creating products that surpass client expectations. While the brand does not have a long-established track record, their premium products, combined with their commitment to meeting all quality manufacturing standards, will earn them a good name in no time.

Furthermore, BudPop is unwavering in ensuring the safety of their customers. They maintain high levels of transparency by documenting every single detail of the ingredients they use. While they may not have a large client base yet, the brand confirms that it adheres to all safety and quality guidelines. In addition, the company provides third-party lab reports and Certificates of Analysis to ensure their products are safe to consume and meet your specific quality preferences.


  • Outstanding brand reputation
  • Premium delta-8 flowers
  • High-grade and non-GMO ingredients
  • Offers a variety of excellent strains and flavors
  • All products are third-party lab tested
  • 14-day return policy


  • Only Available Online

Customer Reviews

BudPop has not been around for long, but they have earned a sterling reputation in the few months they have operated. Many customers who used their delta-8 flowers raved about their flavor and efficiency. Several buyers have claimed the smooth high, relaxing effects, and appetite-inducing properties of the flowers were incredible. Other customers were pleased by the quality of customer service and the affordable prices.

Most clients who bought products from BudPop recommended them for their timely deliveries. In addition, several other customers praised the company’s lenient and consumer-friendly refund policies.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop for the Best Discount

#3. Delta EFFEX – Premium Quality


Delta EFFEX is a fast-growing brand known for creating effective products from delta-8 hemp flowers. The brand focuses on manufacturing products that offer therapeutic properties. The majority of their products contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. They are currently the most trusted and highly recommended brand for delta-8 flowers that meet all market standards.

As a leading delta-8 flower brand with a firm industry reputation, Delta EFFEX has served countless satisfied customers. Delta EFFEX surpassed most of our standards for quality and safety as well. They offer two high-quality delta-8 THC-infused hemp flower strains. These are Sour Diesel (Sativa) and Bubba OG Kush (Indica), both of which have varying infused effects and fragrances.

Delta EFFEX uses high-quality and pure hemp-derived ingredients to create their delta-8 flowers. They are made of all-natural and plant-based ingredients. For instance, the delta-8 THC isolate is carefully extracted from high-grade CBD flowers. The CBD compounds are obtained from organically and naturally-grown hemp plants. There are no traces of harmful chemicals or herbicides in the products. This is very important to point out, as the high safety and quality levels guarantee each product is safe for human consumption.

Additionally, the brand has a solid reputation for upholding honesty and integrity in their operations. They work closely with each team member to ensure the delivery of excellent products that surpass client expectations. In addition, the company abides by all state regulations to ensure reputable products. Delta EFFEX has produced the best hemp-derived delta-8 flowers that customers love by adhering to federal regulations and laws. In addition, the Delta EFFEX brand has excellent ratings and many positive reviews.

Delta EFFEX gets all of their products tested for quality and safety in a California-based third-party lab known as Desert Valley. This lab adheres to the two-phase testing policy and does an excellent job of confirming the content of CBC, delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC, CBD, and CBGA present in the products. The company offers all of their lab reports and certificates on their official website. You can download and go through the certifications to learn more about their product ingredients, strengths, safety, and potency.


  • High delta-8 THC levels
  • Potent and quick-acting
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Lab results displayed on the website


  • Pre-roll packaging is not the best
  • Does not offer refunds or replacements

Customer Reviews

Rated 8/10 with 1600 reviews, Delta EFFEX is truly a solid brand. The majority of customers were quite impressed by the potency and safety of these flower strains. In addition, several buyers have publicly praised the amazingly calming effects of their Sour Diesel flower strain. On top of that, most customers are simply in awe of the brand’s credible customer service.

A number of consumers also cited Delta EFFEX as one of the best delta-8 flower brands they have ever bought products from. Furthermore, many customers were pleased by the quality and promptness of their delivery services.

The majority of reviews on their website championed the brand’s trustworthiness, product quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX for the Best Discount

How We Selected the Delta-8 Flowers to Test

When buying delta-8 hemp flowers, the most important thing is to look for a trustworthy brand. Different brands use varying manufacturing and testing methods. Thus, the quality and efficiency vary from one delta-8 hemp flower brand to another.

Here is everything we evaluated while selecting our top three choices for delta-8 hemp flowers.

Source of the Delta-8 Flower Hemp

Every high-grade delta-8 flower is sourced from well-grown and healthy hemp plants. However, we understand not every brand commits the money and time to source their delta-8 flower from organically and naturally-grown hemp plants. Our research evaluated the three brands to ensure their hemp flower plants are grown in organic soils.

We are satisfied that all three brands employ the safest and healthiest methods of growing hemp plants for delta-8 flowers. They are keen on ensuring the soils and plants contain no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

All of the hemp plants are grown following stringent federal regulations. Therefore, if you buy hemp-derived delta-8 flowers from any of these brands, you will surely get safe and effective products.

Brand Reputation

The way a delta-8 flower brand packages itself and the products it sells is essential. First, you must research the brand’s credibility. Because of minimal regulation, black-market products have flooded the delta-8 flower market. The leading and fast-growing delta-8 flower brands do not disguise other brand’s reputations.

Instead, they build their reputation from scratch by manufacturing and selling products that buyers love.

When selecting the best delta-8 flowers, we carefully evaluated each brand’s image and credibility. Next, we assessed the quality and market acceptance of the products sold by the respective brand.

Finally, we went deeper into checking the efficacy and safety of their delta-8 THC flowers. As a result, we are happy these brands have a sterling reputation for offering enjoyable, safe, and effective products.

Customer Experiences with the Brands

Every trustworthy delta-8 flower brand works hard to earn the trust of its customers. Customers go through the reviews of each delta-8 hemp flower brand before they make a purchase.

Customer reviews address everything, including the brand’s weaknesses and strong points. They describe genuine experiences other customers have had with the brand, which gives you an insight into how transparent and reliable the seller is. Customer reviews discuss the things buyers find unique about the brand. They also address areas where the brand could improve.

Third-Party Testing and Certificates of Analysis

There are hundreds of delta-8 hemp flowers available on the market. To buy a safe and efficient product, you must look for a brand with a solid reputation, good customer reviews, and third-party lab Certificates of Analysis. Genuine brands with good reputations will always display all Certificates of Analysis from trusted third-party laboratories.

These certifications outline everything you need to know about the delta-8 hemp flower. They give clear accounts of terpene content, CBD concentration, and delta-8 concentrations. The certificates also carry information regarding the content of heavy metals and chemicals in the products. That makes it easy to know if the product you want to buy meets all quality and safety regulations.

Delta-8 Flower: Buying Guide for Beginners

When planning to buy any type of drug, it is convenient to go online. There, you will not only find reviews of delta-8 flowers, but you can also read guidelines about the product and get firsthand reviews from people who have used it themselves.

Thus far, you know the qualities of a good delta-8 flower brand. That is a good starting point but not a guarantee that you will buy the right delta-8 flowers. Each brand offers a range of delta-8 flowers with varying stimulating effects, quality ratings, and ingredients.

The following are the necessary features you should look for when purchasing delta-8 flowers.

Source of Hemp

Different delta-8 flower brands source their hemp from various farmers. The three products we discussed above are made from hemp-derived cannabis plants grown organically in the United States. The U.S. has more stringent domestic regulations that control the growth of hemp plants and the extraction of hemp. As a result, hemp obtained from farmers on U.S.-based plantations is far superior in quality.

Before you get a delta-8 flower, ensure it comes from hemp sourced from naturally-grown plants. Moreover, check to verify the hemp has passed a third-party test for quality and safety. Finally, you have to make sure the hemp does not contain toxic elements, pesticides, or chemicals.

THC Content

According to legal stipulations, delta-8 flowers should not contain more than 0.3% of delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is known for its aggressive side effects and addictive nature. Therefore, using delta-8 flowers containing more than 0.3% of THC is legally and health-wise not recommended.

As a result, you should look for quality hemp flowers containing the recommended amount of THC. Check out the laboratory results to find out about the cannabinoid profile in the potential delta-8 flower. Also, look for a brand that offers a Certificate of Analysis and third-party test results.

Selection of Strains Offered

Most delta-8 brands offer delta-8 flowers with base strains containing either high-CBD hemp or high-CBG hemp. While both are carefully extracted and supplemented with CBD and delta-8 distillate, they have different effects.

The brands we have mentioned above offer several highly potent delta-8 THC flower strains for you to select from. Each strain has unique properties and terpene profiles, so the effects vary from strain to strain.

For example, you will find strains made for nighttime users and others perfect for daytime users. Know exactly what you want and go for strains that meet your unique needs.

CBD and Terpene Content

CBD and terpenes give your delta-8 flower its unique taste and relaxing effect. In addition, terpenes may have excellent therapeutic benefits including pain relief and anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They also trigger the stimulating and calming effects experienced after you smoke the delta-8 hemp flower.

Many terpenes are available, including A-pinene, Limonene, Guaiol, Myrcene, B-caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool, Terpinolene, and Camphene. Different types of hemp flower strains contain different amounts of these terpenes. Check through the Certificate of Analysis and third-party test reports to know the content and type of terpenes available in your preferred delta-8 flower strain.

Processing Methods

The processing methods a brand uses determine the quality of the final products. There are several processing methods that CBD and wellness companies employ to manufacture their products. These methods vary in efficiency and quality.

Before selecting a product, research the hemp harvesting, preservation, drying, and hemp curing methods the company uses. Avoid products from manufacturers who use high amounts of chemicals to grow and process their cannabis hemp.

Product Purity

Smoking delta-8 flowers containing noticeable amounts of pesticides and chemicals can cause serious side effects. It can also cause various health risks if consumed for an extended period. That is why you should ensure the delta-8 flower you purchase comes from all-natural and safe ingredients.

Additionally, you have to make sure the extracted hemp is non-GMO and 100% organic. We recommend buying from a trusted brand that provides all of its ingredients and lab test reports for customers to assess and determine if the products meet their expectations before purchase.

Customer Service and Shipping

When buying delta-8 flowers, you want to order from a brand that provides detailed information and guides to help clients make the right decisions. You want to know how clients feel about the way the company addresses their queries and needs. Follow the brand’s Q&A section to learn how frequently the support team responds to customers’ concerns. Furthermore, find out if the company addresses delayed or undelivered orders with the professionalism and urgency they deserve.

You should also carefully read the shipping and return policies to know more about costs and returns.

Delta-8 Hemp-Derived Flowers – FAQs

Q. What Exactly Is the Delta-8 Flower?

If you are not into CBD or hemp, you might not have heard the term “delta-8 flowers” before. Therefore, it is only logical to want to learn more about it. Delta-8 flowers are the raw buds extracted from the hemp plants and are infused with delta-8 THC distillate.

Therefore, we can say the delta-8 flower is a pure and safe smokable hemp product with psychoactive properties. The effectiveness and taste of every delta-8 flower depends on the content of cannabinoids, terpenes, and delta-8 concentrate.

Q. Can I Get High After Smoking Delta-8 Flowers?

THC is a hemp compound known to cause intoxication. However, delta-8 flowers contain minimal amounts of THC. Therefore, while you are likely to get stoned after smoking the delta-8 flowers, the intensity depends on the quantity you smoke.

We advise beginner delta-8 flower users to start with smaller amounts. After using delta-8 flowers, you will feel calm and joyful. Delta-8 flowers do not induce the consciousness-altering or anxiety-inducing effects associated with marijuana.

Q. What Has Made Delta-8 Flowers So Popular?

While delta-8 flowers have not been around for long, they are slowly gaining popularity. Their immense popularity is due to the high supply and demand for quality and pure delta-8 flowers. The prevalence is also a result of the rise in the number of strains and brands of delta-8 flowers.

Q. Can Using Delta-8 Flowers Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

It is not a guarantee that you will pass a drug test after consuming delta-8 flower products. Delta-8 has almost the same metabolites as delta-9 THC, meaning you are likely to fail a drug test once you smoke or vape it.

While you may pass the drug test after several attempts, you should not forget that most employers do not have the time to do multiple drug tests.

Q. How Are Delta-8 Flowers Manufactured?

Researchers have yet to discover any cannabis strains that contain considerable amounts of delta-8 THC. The amount of delta-8 content in hemp plants is usually less than 1%. With that being said, for CBD companies to get the right amount of delta-8 THC to create delta-8 flowers, they use state-of-the-art extraction, isolation, and refining technologies.

These include distillation, isomerization of CBD to delta-8, molecular isolation, and thin-film distillation of delta-9 THC to delta-8 THC. Unfortunately, these processes are quite time-consuming, which is why the cost of delta-8 flowers is relatively high.

Q. Does Smoking Delta-8 Flowers Have Therapeutic Effects?

Yes. Delta-8 is approved for legal use in most states in the U.S. However, that does not mean all delta-8 flowers are 100% safe and will not cause side effects.

After smoking or vaping delta-8 flowers, you may experience a range of therapeutic effects. For example, you may experience a reduction in drug-induced nausea and vomiting. You may also experience an increased appetite and higher energy levels.

Q. Is It Possible to Purchase Delta-8 Flowers Online Or at a Local Head Store?

The manufacturing and sale of delta-8 are legal in most states in the U.S. Delta-8 flowers are readily available in dozens of online stores and local head shops. With several brands and companies advocating for creating and selling high-quality and safe delta-8 flowers, you can easily find delta-8 flowers to suit your needs.

However, delta-8 flowers are approved for use only once they have been extracted from pure hemp plants, according to the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. While delta-8 is legal at the federal level, several states have banned the use of delta-8 flowers. These states include Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Rhode Island, Arizona, Iowa, Mississippi, Colorado, Montana, and Arkansas.

Q. How Can I Consume Delta-8 Flowers?

Delta-8 is converted into a liquid after it is extracted from the cannabis plant’s hemp flowers. The liquid is sold online or in local stores. Therefore, you can use the delta-8 flower fluid in your vape or e-cigarette.

Q. Is It Safe to Use Delta-8 Flowers?

Delta-8 flowers when vaped or used as a d-8 edible are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This quick absorption increases their effects. Being herbal in nature, delta-8 flowers do not pose a threat to health like other drugs.

Q. Do Delta-8 Flowers Cause Serious Side Effects?

Vaping or smoking delta-8 flowers may not cause serious side effects. According to research and testimonials from users, delta-8 flowers do not negatively affect your mind or body.

In most instances, the only side effect most users report is a slight euphoric sensation that vanishes after a few hours.

In Conclusion: Where Can I Buy the Best Delta-8 Flowers?

With so many delta-8 flower brands and manufacturers to select from, it is easy to become overwhelmed when deciding which delta-8 flowers to get. However, whether you are purchasing delta-8 flowers for the first time or you have purchased some before, you can always have the assurance of getting quality products if you settle for delta-8 flowers from the top three brands we reviewed above.

In short, BudPop is the best brand for you if you want to try innovative and safe delta-8 flowers from a new brand. BudPop devotes time and resources to developing the best products on the market. However, if you want an established brand, then your best bet is Exhale Wellness.

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