Buy Weed Online | Order [Legally] Cannabis From Top Recreational Marijuana Brands|3 Most Popular Stores of 2021

Weed is still considered taboo. Even if this infamous plant has gained some legal status in recent years, things are far from clear. The medicinal benefits of weeds’ use are also in the conversation. By existing as an alternative medicinal supplement, weed is set to remain in the spotlight. Such attributes can even herald a more forward-looking trend of broader acceptance in the future. Whatever the case, to buy weed online, one needs to be aware of the best places to buy from.

The psychoactive drug called cannabis contains delta-9 THC, a cannabinoid molecule. It’s a primary psychoactive ingredient with the properties of evoking euphoria in consumers. Delta-8 THC is another popular cannabinoid. For comparison, delta-8 THC is less potent than delta-9 THC, so think of it as a “milder” form of delta 9-THC. However, it too may cause the well-known “feeling high” sensation. Hence, since it sounds like less of a risk, the delta-8 THC compound is currently more sought-after. From a medicinal standpoint, it too provides relaxation and calmness.

To put you in the right direction of buying weed, we’ve compiled a ranking of the most reliable brands in the business of medicinal weed. What follows is a detailed examination of their services.

Best Places To Buy Weed Online:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Cannabis Store to Buy Legal Weed & Marijuana
  2. BudPop – Popular Weed Dispensary to Buy Weed Edibles
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Strongest Hemp & Cannabis Online

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Cannabis Store to Buy Legal Weed & Marijuana


Brand Overview

Exhale Wellness is a company known for its careful selection of the ingredients it uses. For their delta-8 products, they make sure to rely solely on the best resources, like the organic farms in Colorado, Los Angeles. With such a policy, it’s no wonder why Exhale Wellness is so popular.

They offer a variety of beneficial products in many different shapes and sizes. You can find helpful supplements on their official site like CBD-flowers, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, cigarettes, concentrates, etc. Or, you can opt for edibles like gummies, soft gels, and oils, all containing legal amounts of THC.

Other factors contribute to Exhale Wellness’ position as the top platform to buy weed online. For one, they constantly strive to create an air of trustworthiness around the brand. The well-designed website is excellent proof of this goal. In addition, it’s extremely user-friendly, so even first-timers can quickly find their way. Plus, there’s the free shipping standard. Hence, when ordering a product after a short search, you’ll most likely receive it fast, too – and with no additional fee. This aspect is one of the main reasons for the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback for Exhale Wellness.

As for statistics, the CBD-flowers seem to be their most popular product. Users have been vocal about how much they enjoy the safety and purity of the buds. The company cultivates them without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Also, they come in ten different terpenes.

The flowers are available in jars and bags of various quantities, ranging between seven grams (0.25 ounces) up to one pound. For their purity, you can check the results of the many third-party tests Exhale Wellness has allowed over the years. Therefore, full transparency is also one of their strong points.


  • Quality products
  • Organic and vegan-friendly
  • Free from GMO or artificial substances
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Vast selection of flavors and product sizes
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Free shipping
  • Verified by third-party lab testings
  • Transparency on all production steps
  • Positive customer feedback


  • No loyalty program
  • Vague “how to use” descriptions


Natural Ingredients: In production, Exhale Wellness utilizes advanced carbon-dioxide methods. That way, they extract the phytochemicals and derive pure and potent compounds. This allows them to never resort to using controversial materials like MCT oil or PEG oil. Instead, Exhale Wellness uses natural flavors in its 900 mg c-cell vape carts. You can also buy pre-rolls and Jack Herer cigarettes. These come in packs of five or eight if you prefer to smoke delta-8 weed.

Potency: Exhale Wellness infuses its products with sufficient amounts of active substances for them to be helpful. They aren’t ones to take risks, though. This brand operates with strict measurements and formulas. Before distribution, Exhale Wellness makes sure to cater to the user’s needs one last time. For example, they pack the CBD gummies in bottles of either 750 mg (30 gummies) or 1,500 mg (60 pieces). Such numbers are in accordance with the usual intake prescription for that type of meds.

Various Products: The popular Exhale Wellness delta-8 oil is available in 15ml, 30ml, or 60ml bottles. In addition, its soft gels hold 30 capsules per container, each with a potency of either 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg of CBD.

Quick Money-Back Guarantee: A “30-day money-back” guarantee is available on all delta-8 items purchased from Exhale Wellness. That period is more than enough for anyone to get comfortable with the purchase.

Customer Reviews

The delta-8 oil by Exhale Wellness is known to aid people suffering from insomnia or increased anxiety. In addition, it helps with managing pain and a host of other health-related issues.

Likewise, their gummies are a fast-acting substance that results in pain relief. Due to such qualities, these two products are the most common “go-to” items of the Exhale Wellness line of products.

Customers also point to the secure delivery system as one of their favorite aspects. Soon after placing the order, Exhale Wellness will ship the product to your doorstep, and those costs won’t fall on you. Plus, judging by reviews, their customer support service is friendly and always available.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Popular Weed Dispensary to Buy Weed Edibles


Brand Overview

BudPop is a reputable name in the medicinal cannabinoid industry. Their focus on quality and safety is evident throughout all their lines of products. And they’ve developed some of the most popular items, too. To ease your search, BudPop even uses a sort of “quiz” that can help you while making a choice.

Aside from that purchasing guide, BudPop offers further educational resources. For example, there are dedicated instructions for the different products on the site. In that way, the company ensures the customers always use these supplements responsibly.

BudPop offers quite attractive loyalty programs, too. With them, you can earn rewards based on points earned, thus gaining access to various discounts in the future. Every single dollar spent on the site contributes to the number of points you have. In addition, subscribed customers are eligible for giveaways and once-in-a-lifetime deals on all the products.

Their delta-8 products are available as flowers, vape cartridges, and gummies. For verification purposes, BudPop openly shares the results of every third-party lab test. Finally, they also offer free shipping with a 30-day money-back policy, just in case.


  • Organic products
  • Verified by third-party lab testing
  • Reliable hemp-source
  • Special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals
  • 100% additives-free
  • 30-day money-return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Clear instructions on the labeling


  • There are only a few strains available
  • The vape carts are relatively small


Potent Products: BudPop offers effective weed-based products containing legal amounts of THC. Also, they refrain from using any harmful substances, like V.G., P.G., PEG, or MCT oil. Perhaps BuPop’s most popular product is the delta-8 flowers. Most notably, the Northern Lights variant.

Attractive Flavors: BudPop delta-8 flowers are also available in cookie flavor. This type includes a special ingredient called the Indica-dominant strain. Such substances impact the overall potency of the product, too. So, when switching from one strain to another, make sure to keep an eye on the DBC content.

Extended Shelf Life: The company makes sure to create items that won’t spoil prematurely. For example, their CBD gummies sport an excellent 12-month shelf life. And that goes for both variants, the Blue Dream Berry and Strawberry Gelato. You can also buy weed online in bulk quantities of three or five bottles. Those are followed by slightly lower prices, with possible discounts of up to 10%.

Customer Reviews

CBD users all around the globe hold BudPop in great esteem for their quality products. It’s a company that has managed to retain an entirely positive review score for many years now. Customers are often vocal about the purity of their BudPop products and are grateful for the free-shipping policy.

Also, BudPop is among the delta-8 companies that include a child-safety cap to secure their containers. Plus, they even use zip-lock bags for some of them. Such practices further establish BudPop as a genuine and trustworthy brand.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD – Strongest Hemp & Cannabis Online


Brand Overview

Hollyweed CBD is another brand that focuses on good quality and provides a wide variety of products. They’re known for producing effective but also tasty products with exciting packages. Just take a quick scroll on the official website, and something will soon catch your eye.

As a primary ingredient, Hollyweed often uses potent Indica gained from Bodhi seeds. For some formulas, they get creative by utilizing some truly exotic compounds. For instance, they even incorporate substances like “Hollyweed pure kush” and “88 G13 Hashplant”. In the right blend, they combine in an earthy, hashy treat filled with rich berry flavor. Hence, Hollyweed also offers some heavy strains, perfect for relaxing after a long day.


  • Secure packaging
  • Captivating aromas
  • Potent and tasty
  • May relieve depression and fatigue
  • Energizing and uplifting


  • No “how to use” instructions available
  • Not the best choice for first-timers


Alternative Approach: Hollyweed’s innovative formulas are an answer for all looking to spice things up a bit. As a result, they may elicit a different kind of “high,” especially for inexperienced users. However, they always operate on scientific evidence and within regulations.

Broader Health Benefits: On average, Hollyweed’s products feature 19-21% of THC levels. Hence, they may indeed aid you with conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, nausea, or appetite loss.

Fruity Flavors: This bud has a sweet berry flavor with a light spicy-hash exhale. The aroma is delightful, albeit somewhat intense, too. Plus, Hollyweed’s CBD buds are also interesting to look at. They have a forest-green color with rich amber undertones and a coating of frosty white trichomes.

Customer Reviews

Holly Weed’s berry-flavored flower is the most favorite among consumers. They are highly potent with a very relaxing effect. In addition, the product has a pungent smell, impressive packaging, and delicious taste.

This company’s products are lauded as great medicinal supplements. Users report feelings of euphoria and even a decline in the migraine’s frequency. Such a formula is not often found, hence the rising popularity of this brand in general.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

Is Weed Legal To Buy?

The end of the 20th century saw a rise in awareness about the benefits of medicinal weed. Since then, scientists have successfully produced various cannabis-based meds, which are still gaining more and more traction today. Once people started to cite them as helpful and harmless, so began the wave of weed-legalization processes. As of today, there are compounds like delta-8 and delta-9 that contain only meager amounts of THC. Due to their substance, they’re easily accessible and can be a part of a doctor’s prescription.

Washington became the first state in the United States to legalize cannabis under state law in December 2012. The state of Colorado followed close behind. Those two are examples of states where even recreational use of weed is legal. Yet, many US states still limit its usage only for therapeutic purposes. Hence, this is an important distinction to keep in mind. Regarding the regulations in your place of residency, weed might not be legal or only allowed under certain conditions. Needless to say, one should be aware of their current surroundings.

For a broader picture, nowadays, a total of 36 states plus Washington DC allow for recreational and medical purchases of weed. As a result, any adult over the age of 21 can purchase marijuana in these states. Of course, though, it isn’t all “willy-nilly.” Many limitations are dictating the frequency of such purchases. For example, one person can buy only specified and fixed amounts of weed. This differs from state to state. It also depends on the form of the weed, whether it is a flower or in liquid/solid forms.

So, all of these circumstances must impact your decision (or even the necessity) to look for weed-related products. Generally, though, medicinal weed shouldn’t be too hard to get. Many states even provide independent stores called dispensaries, local government-regulated locations where medicinal cannabis is freely available. To purchase them, you only need to present your state-issued I.D. or passport.

However, in today’s fast-moving world, there are time-saving alternatives. Namely, online delta-8 and delta-9 providers who take and deliver daily orders of these products.

Buying Guide – What To Look For When Purchasing Weed Online

Compared to the past, buying weed is now much simpler and hassle-free. Many online retailers sell products that adults over the age of 21 can freely purchase. This rise in demand goes in tandem with the increase in production, too. As a result, there are tons of CBD brands competing for your attention.

Before you find a favorite, you must consider the essentials first. For starters, make sure that the use of weed is legal in your place of residency. Next, make sure to understand what exactly you are looking for in terms of effect. You don’t want to overreach and end up with much more than you wished for.

For this, take a look at some crucial factors that’ll help you with this task.

  • Current Regulations

The first prominent factor to check is the legal status of all weed-related products in your country. You don’t want to get into trouble with the law, and you shouldn’t even joke about it. When in doubt, please do quick online research, and you’ll soon know for sure.

Then, after confirming that these products are allowed, focus on the maximum amount one person could buy weed online. Several states allow only medicinal use of weed. If that’s the case, then only a certain amount will be permitted. Currently, a total of 16 US states, including Washington D.C., have fully legalized weed for recreational and medicinal purposes, without any further limitations.

Additionally, 14 US states followed suit by decriminalizing weed. It means that possessing weed below a particular quantity won’t result in jail time. Such circumstances demand that you dedicate some time in the name of thorough research.

  • Understand Your Needs

Today, you can easily find a plethora of weed-based products online. There’s a wide range of options available in various strains, measurements, and flavors. But most importantly, the brands differ in potency, too. Hence, if you don’t pay enough attention, you might face some unwanted after-effects.

Some brands provide educational resources for you to take advantage of. Also, they recommend products based on your preferences, along with instructions and suggestions for their usage.

So, basic knowledge of the products you purchase is mandatory for a better outcome. On a related note, it will also help you spot some less genuine brands. In addition, reputable websites offer free access to third-party lab results, assuring you of a product’s efficacy.

  • The Reputation Of The Brand

Past users’ opinions often yield excellent points for your consideration. If a product impressed someone enough to warrant additional purchases, well, that could work for you too. Plus, many reviews will present intricate details or exactly focus on the things you’re most interested in. After all, there’s no substitute for quality.

Benefits Of Delta-8 THC Weed

Since recently, the delta-8 THC compound has steadily become the most convenient form of CBD content. Its effects are milder and relaxing, although without sacrificing much in terms of potency. Here are some of the further benefits associated with delta-8 THC:

Refreshes Your Cognitive Abilities

Delta-8 THC has neuroprotective properties. It could even fabricate acetylcholine, which is a type of neurotransmitter. As a result, delta-8 may refresh all brain functions. This means you might enjoy increased focus and mental stamina after intake. Also, it’s an element without any adverse side effects.


Delta-8 THC can help you achieve a healthier appetite. Therefore, it is beneficial for people with an eating disorder. On the other hand, there aren’t many substances that have this attribute.

A Remedy For Nausea

With its remarkable properties, delta-8 can even combat nausea. There are 480 documented cases of children undergoing chemotherapy that saw a 100% success rate in reducing nausea.

Reduces Anxiety

The use of delta-8 THC results in a more relaxed state of mind due to its anxiolytic properties. In turn, this helps reduce anxiety in people. To this end, delta-8 binds to the CB1 receptors in the body. Such an ability results in the body being better prepared to regulate all mental stress.

Helps In Pain Relief

The analgesic properties of delta-8 THC help to mitigate any physical pain. These benefits are vastly effective for people suffering from neuropathic and inflammatory pain. It might be the answer to other types of aches as well. For example, a 2018 study suggested that delta-8 can reduce inflammation in the cornea, which is the transparent top layer of your eyes.

Why Should You Buy Weed Online?

There are many advantages to purchasing weed online. Aside from convenience and availability, it’s also an effortless method. Plus, it allows you access to all related information, like:

Many Reputable Brands

Today, you can find numerous online companies that do not compromise quality in any event. But how do you find out their domains? Well, a quick online search is all you need. The web is a place where you can get all the details promptly. Starting from the brand’s history to its distribution methods, it’s all laid out for you. In short, by shopping online, you have unlimited access to all relevant info at a click of a mouse button.

Numerous Options

Delta-8 based edibles come in various flavors, sizes, and quantities. An online search will provide you with ample knowledge of such intricacies. You might also gain some extra value in the vein of discounts, giveaways, and other fantastic deals.

Transparency Through Customer Reviews

The act of buying weed online carries some practical benefits for the customer. Among those is free access to past customers’ reviews. Such information is vital when debating whether a brand is deserving of your trust and consideration.

Privacy First And Foremost

If you want to keep your weed usage private, making an online purchase is the way to go. That way, you’ll completely circumvent all unpleasantries you may encounter otherwise.


Obviously, by opting for the online route, you’ll avoid having to stand in any sort of a queue. Plus, online shopping is available 24/7, without taking a single day off.

FAQs – Buying Online Weed

Q. What Is The Legal Status Of The Delta-8 THC Compound?

Since the 2018 Farm bill, it has been legal to use delta-8 THC derived from the hemp plant. However, US states like Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah are yet to adopt the rule.

Q. What Are The Health Benefits Of Delta-8 THC?

Some of the beneficial effects are potent enough to battle anxiety, nausea, and inflammatory pain. As of today, the full list of possible applications is still expanding.

Q. How Long Do The Delta-8 THC Effects Last?

This depends on many factors, like age, habits, gender, health conditions, etc. It might take 15 to 60 minutes for the effects to kick in for a healthy adult. However, frequent usage may result in severely diminishing returns. In the case of a strong effect, they can persist anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours. Milder consequences may last up to five hours. These stats may prove relative, though.

Q. How Do I Use Delta-8 Flowers?

The intake method is entirely left to the customer’s preference. Delta-8 THC can be used in a roll or as a vape. Additionally, you can add it to other substances when in edible forms, like creams and tinctures. By doing so, one can get creative and produce some new and exciting types.

Q. Is Delta-8 A “High” Inducing Substance?

Even though delta-8 is quite similar to delta-9 in substance, its effects are milder and more subtle. However, it also induces feelings of euphoria in the user. Many people claim that this helps them concentrate and relieves their daily stress. What this means is that you should carefully consume delta-8, too. In doing so, you’ll save yourself from any risk-expectancy.

Q. How Should I Consume Delta-8 Products?

Delta-8 is available in the form of vapes, oils, tinctures, sweets, and even honey. So, you can mix the compound into many existing blends. However, it does include hemp derivatives like CBD, responsible for the “high” effect. Customers should always be aware of this. Next, they should take the necessary precautions before opting to consume any form of delta-8. Especially if one tries to lower the concentrations of hemp derivatives in their system.

Final Thoughts

The online market for weed is an expanding sub-universe. It sprouts new branches almost daily while showing no signs of stopping. As a result, any “fresh” search may lead to more questions than answers.

Therefore, you are more than welcome to use all of the helpful information provided above. And at the same time, try to establish a healthy habit first and foremost. To do so, a knowledgeable basis is the recommended starting point. Luckily, you can start by paying a visit to any of the brands featured in this article, however we suggest one of the brands as our top pick – Exhale Wellness.

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