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California Psychics: Is It a Safe Psychic Site or Just SCAM?

California Psychics: Is It a Safe Psychic Site or Just SCAM? californiapsychics_1302.jpg IMAGE

Today, let’s test the reputable California Psychics to see how legit they are.

California Psychics is one of a few psychic networks delivering the most accurate and trustworthy spiritual services online. Founded in 1995, they’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and always been delivering top-class psychic readings for their clients.

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With a large compilation of the most genuine and proficient psychic advisors from all over the globe, one can reach out for profound guidance at any time they need. The variety of this psychic site gives all clients the opportunity to select whoever they feel most comfortable with to talk to. Although a few might have not really good experience with their services, the readings with California Psychics are still the most authentic ones to get.

People often feel skeptical when it comes to psychic readings, and this review can help them make the right decision.

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What is California Psychics?


If you’re looking for an affordable and accurate reading on the web, look no further as we have California Psychics.

This is a reputable network offering legit psychic readings by phone or chat. They are one of a few places providing the most genuine specialists for all services. All of their interpretations and guidance not only give a glimpse into your past, present, and future but also help them make the right decisions.

Talking to someone with real gifted psychic abilities gets you to discern your true motive and potential in life. To bring you more insights and details about what you want to know, your reader often takes advantage of different divine tools (tarot cards, crystals, birth charts, and so on).

They believe the power of these psychic reading devices can give you the most from a spiritual reading.

At California Psychics, there are 3 stages of pricing called ‘Popular’, ‘Preferred’, and ‘Premium’ and the rates is varied from $1 to $4 depending on your choice. Consider carefully and select the level that suits your needs. But, don’t conclude that psychics with cheaper prices are less-skilled or not authentic.

All have to undergo a rigorous screening and testing process before getting accepted to work on this site. You should take a look at each psychic’s profile and feedback from their previous clients (reviews and ratings) to encounter the reliable one for your online reading session.

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Things I like:

  • Psychics specializing in various topics
  • Every psychic offering services on this platform has to pass a precise screening method at the beginning
  • Psychic readings are conducted through live chat and phone
  • The first budget reading at a low price
  • The ‘Karma Rewards’ program allows you to accumulate credit points in all sessions and use them later for discounts or free readings
  • Money-back assurance allowing you to ask for a refund if feeling unsatisfied with their assistance
  • The whole process is private and anonymous

Things I don’t like:

  • The collection of psychics is still limited
  • Lack of video call readings
  • Users have to provide their personal info in detail for just a free trial

Introductory rate + special offers:

For anyone questioning about any aspect in your life, you can stop by California Psychics and get the answer. On this site, you will be offered different types of readings regarding everything revolving around you, such as love relationships, prosperity, career, marriage, finance, etc.

Why should you check out California Psychics? It’s because they have some amazing offers for all users visiting the site for the first time. They are:

  • A psychic reading charged for $1/min.
  • 5 minutes for free using the code “ADD5”
  • The discount up to 80% OFF

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What Types of Readings are Offered at California Psychics?


As you may know, California Psychics has a variety of services and that’s what impresses me at first. If you don’t really understand the psychic purpose in each category, have a look at the following for clear insights:

Reading Topics

1. Free love psychic reading

Like how they are called, love psychics help you solve questions related to heart matters and give advice to your current relationship.

Will I find my true love?’ ‘Will I get married with my soulmate?’ ‘Is he cheating behind my back?’ ‘What will happen after our divorce?

When it comes to love, you can’t help but having plenty of thoughts. Some say that spiritual advice and guidance from a free love psychic reading can shed light on anything bugging your head all the time, from crush to dating, marriage to bonding, and more. Of course psychics can’t promise a definitive answer (as nothing is set in stone), but their intuitive words will sharpen your thoughts and lead you back on the right track.

Find the answers you need with love psychics

2. Career advice psychic

Do you have any question about career?

If yes, then go ask career advice psychics on California Psychics. They can answer many questions, like if you will find a suitable job, if you feel insecure with your current job, or if there’s any better career path waiting for you ahead.

Sometimes you need to make big decisions in your works, and I have to say it’s really stressing you out. In case you’re confused and in need of guidance, talking to a spiritual advisor specializing in career field can help you determine the next step on your journey.

Don’t know which career to choose? When your unemployment phase stops? How to gain the most of what you are doing in the period of pandemic?

Claim 5 free minutes with a career advice psychic

3. Destiny and life path psychic

Are you on the right path?

When you feel a block in your life and has no idea, or you become confused with too many choices offered, get yourself a life path reading. The session where you can communicate with a psychic removes all the confusions floating in the air and emotional baggage within yourself as well.

Pressuring yourself can generate negativity and give your decision-making process a difficult time. By getting a destiny and life path psychic reading, you can gain clarity from the universe you’ve always sought and confidence on your life experience.

Speak to a psychic expert for better ideas about your future

4. Finance and money advice

In the modern day, money matters a lot. The economy has been broken greatly and millions unemployed due to the pandemic. With all the uncertainties at these moments, nothing can be more helpful than the psychic guidance.

With the assistance of spiritual readers specializing in money matters and finance, you can unlock hidden paths to prosperity and abundance. Where should you invest? How much risk can you afford to take? Money advisors on CA Psychics will give the answers and also offer predictions for your future ahead.

They come up with the information that can change your life positively so that you can improve your perspectives on finance matters and make more well-thought decisions.

Deal with your finances and prepare for all changes with one click away

5. Pet psychics

Pets are our best friends and very attached to our lives, so it would be amazing if we can understand them on deeper levels. It’s good to know that communicating with your pet is now completely possible with the help of pet psychics.

Who are they?

Pet psychics are gifted with the ability to talk with animals. If you feel like your dog is acting weird or something is off with your cat but the vet can’t figure out what the problem is, simply look to a pet psychic for the assistance.

Since your pet cannot express their thoughts and feelings verbally, the psychic use their power to converse with them and convey their messages to you. In case you’re curious with what is in your pet’s mind, access California Psychics for a pet psychic reading.

6. Past life readings

We are all curious creatures; aside from having a glimpse into the future, we also crave to know what happened to our past lives. During a past life reading, the specialist offers details about who you were in your past lives, the purpose of your reincarnation in this present time, and more.

If you’ve always been interested in the never-ending circle of life, it will be an incredible experience to interact with a past life psychic. They help you understand where you soul has been and how your past lives affect you at this moment. In general, they shed light on your past, present, and future.

Discover all past life issues and forgotten memories

7. Deceased loved ones

One of the things we never want to face in life is to say goodbye to our love ones. However, at certain times, they will be taken away from us forever by different reasons; it could be disease, accident, etc. Fortunately, nothing can stop us from communicating with them again, even if they are from the other side.

Deceased loved ones psychics (or mediums) are able to connect with spirits as well as other entities of the afterlife. If you want to get connected to your spouse, siblings, children, or any loved one who has passed away, have a reading with a professional medium.

They will deliver messages between two worlds and give you answers for what is heavy on your noggin or far beyond your reach.

8. Missing persons

Believe it or not, California Psychics also offer the service to help track down the location in case someone goes missing. If your loved one has gone missing, quickly contact missing persons psychics for a support. Only a few specialists work in this category because this gift is rare.

For those in need of assistance in finding a missing loved one, make a call to California Psychics and you’ll be provided clues about where they are.

Keep in mind that psychics can’t guarantee the results absolutely.

Have a free psychic chat for insights about your loved ones

9. Lost objects readings

Can this type of reading really help you find a missing item?

The answer is yes!

The lost objects reading seems to be the last source when it comes to searching for an object that goes missing. You may feel skeptical but the feedback at California Psychics has proven that a psychic got the power to find back the thing you lost before.

They have the foresight that can look beyond what you normally see. Once tuning in to your energy and subconscious mind, they will lead you to your lost object. Before making any contact, you have to focus your attention and memory because deep down you know where and how you lost it.

Lost objects psychics are the most convenient way if you can’t tap into that.

Try the service at California Psychics with any gifted advisor

How to Get Started with California Psychics?

Getting a free psychic reading by phone or online chat on California Psychics is not as complicated as you may think. There are two ways to choose from: 1. access the website directly and sign up or 2. download their mobile app for quick use.

In case you are in a pressing situation and need urgent support from psychic advisors without wanting to register on the site, then simply dial the hotline: +1-866-552-3943

Once calling on the number, you can talk to the support team. Tell them what your problem is and what kind of service you are in need of, and they connect you to a suitable specialist after that. If you don’t feel satisfied with their choice, contact them again and ask for the refund.

What if you don’t want the customer support team to pick a psychic for you?

Well then you have to take a look at all the psychic experts’ profile and read the feedback from their previous clients beforehand. Consider carefully and pick the one you feel most impressed and drawn to. Then, when calling the assistance team, say the name of your favorite psychic and wait to get connected.

In order to use all services on California Psychics effortlessly, it’s significant to understand what each of them is about and every step of signing up.

The whole process is simple to follow and you don’t have to give much personal info:

  • Fill in the blanks your name, birth date, email, etc.
  • Sign up for the first-time reading at $1 per minute
  • Provide your credit card details for the reading payment
  • Choose your favored psychic and enjoy the service

Once completed, clients can pick the reader and adjust the pricing tier themselves.

1. California Psychics promo code

As I mentioned earlier, you can get free psychic chat at this psychic network, but keep in mind that it’s not a completely free session. Like any other popular psychic sites, California Psychics does have introductory offers for all of their new clients, which include the reading at a low rate of $1/min with any of the ‘Popular’ psychics.

None of the psychics is low quality. In fact, all have to undergo a specialized interview process to prove their abilities and skills. Also, they are screened by senior specialists to make sure they enable to deliver a confidential reading. Therefore, no matter what your circumstance is, you will surely gain profound insights and clarity.

On top of that, first-time users can make use of 5 free minutes by typing California Psychics promo code: “ADD5”

Sounds great, right?

No need to be afraid if you don’t want to continue the reading when free minutes run out.

This psychic site has satisfaction guarantee allowing you to get a refund in the first reading. Quickly contact the customer service team if you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with the session as well as the psychic.

California Psychics respects your free will; hence, continuing your reading forward or not is up to you. But, always remember to read all the reviews about your preferred psychic advisor along with the payment range before asking an actual session from them.

2. Free psychic chat horoscope

Another great benefit when visiting California Psychics is that all users can try their horoscope readings for free. Access the homepage and you’ll find a corner where you can get all horoscope information including daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, yearly horoscopes, and compatibility between zodiac signs.

You don’t hear it wrong…yes, all are provided without charging a penny. To sign up for this free offer, simply leave your full name, email, and date of birth in the blank. No need to come back to the site every day for the guidance; instead, you will receive your personalized free daily horoscope newsletters via email.

If you want to know more about horoscopes for your love, career, and marriage to in-depth compatibility in any relationship, free psychic chat horoscope with the legit astrologer is available as well.

Take advantage of this free service to gain deeper insights into different aspects of your life and personalities. In case you have more burden questions regarding your horoscope, then ask for a full-length paid session.

3. Special pricing system

One of special things about California Psychics is definitely the pricing system.

They offer 3 pricing tiers for the clients to choose from.

The first one is Popular. New clients usually have their first-time readings with popular psychics in which they get charged $1 per minute. So, who are popular psychics? They are a few applicants that get selected to work on California Psychics. With rigorous screening process, it’s assured that they all are highly knowledgeable and qualified.

The next tier is Preferred. Who are preferred psychics, you ask? They are individuals gained great reputations to a large number of clients. Many feel impressed by their insightful guidance in any type of reading, and a session with a preferred psychic costs $2 per minute.

The last one in the system is Premium. This tier is the most popular option of users at California Psychics and it’s not surprising at all. Premium psychics are reliable due to their abilities and authenticity in conducting reading sessions. They give you insight about what step to take in life next. Charging $4/min., they are completely qualified and well experienced.

Many often ask me how to choose the best psychic for a reading.

To me, I often read all the reviews at California Psychics. Most of previous clients of each psychic often leave comments about their reading sessions to help new visitors consider and make right choices. There are plenty of sites out there providing reviews from fake accounts that are completely useless. However, be assured as California Psychics gives only genuine and exact ideas.

The feedback on the site will help first-time visitors determine their decision. In addition, don’t ignore the profile to know the psychic’s background, specialties, and reading styles better.

Who are BEST Advisors for Free Psychic Reading by Phone?

No need to waste time to find the most expert psychic!

As I already said, all psychic experts associated with California Psychics are genuine and intuitive in their distinct areas. However, there are usually some more standing out than the others. We’ve picked out a few psychics believed to be the most talented ones from the site based on their exceptional abilities and eternities of expertise.

If you wish to know, have a look at the following…

1. Brandon

The first choice of mine for the best reader at California Psychics is Brandon. Started his extraordinary career since he was just a teenager, he now has over 20 years of experience serving psychic readings. Throughout 2 decades, he has helped lots of people gain clarity in life using his exceptional assistance.

According to his patrons, tarot cards are his favorite tool as he often uses it when conducting his reading sessions. He specializes in solving profession and occupation-related situations; besides, he also delivers readings on all the matters of life.

His services cost $13 per minute.

Contact Brandon to walk on a brighter path of your journey.

2. Ciarra

Another specialist in the most celebrated and experienced list is Ciarra. With over a decade of experience and thousands of readings to her clients, she quickly becomes one of top-notch readers on California Psychics.

During a session online, Ciarra offers interpretations with a vibe full of enlightenment, positivity, and compassion, making sure clients feel more comfortable and empowered. No sugarcoating at all, her guidance is straightforward and can lead one towards a happy, peaceful life. She also prefers using tarot to enhance the accuracy in each reading.

The pricing rate which this advisor charges for her services is $13.

Ciarra is undoubtedly the most beloved and proficient psychic reader on this network.

3. Thomasina

This is the psychic reader handpicked by staff of California Psychics.

Thomasina is a naturally gifted clairvoyant and also specializes in clairsentience and clairaudience as well. She makes use of tarot cards for the enhancement in her psychic ability. Her specialty topics are mainly about communicating with the deceased loved ones, providing guidance, etc. This psychic guarantees to bring you spiritual insights and a better sense of direction into what matters to you.

She has 30 years of experience in using her psychic gifts; so far, on this spiritual site, she has delivered readings to thousands of customers. If you want to be more grounded and happier in life, Thomasina is worth considering.

4. Taylor

When it comes to the most dependable psychic expertizing in life path readings, Taylor is the most recommended. If you are searching for a legit free psychic reading by phone about life path and love, go with this specialist.

She is one of the most reputed psychic interpreters on California Psychics. Since 2010 till now, Taylor has served more than 20,000 high quality readings. No matter which situation you are stuck in, she always comes up with the honest truth and compassion without making you feel hurt or judged.

The pricing rate for her session is $13/min.

Talk to Taylor to discover your true potential and whatever you’re looking for in this life.

5. Victor

Here is another staff pick with the overall rating up to 4.7!

With an amazing gift, Victor is the preferred psychic of many clients. His psychic abilities are strong enough for him to conduct the reading without using any tool. Before you even ask him, he already answers your question.

This psychic reader’s specialties include dream analysis, channeling, clairvoyance, and other things. He began working on California Psychics in 2016 though he has over 15 years of experience; within 5 years, he has fulfilled and satisfied the need of over 6 thousands of clients.

A session with Victor is affordable as he only charges $2 per minute.

If you want to gain insights into blocks in your life, call this advisor.

6. Cooper

This is another phenomenal psychic expert currently working on California Psychics.

If you want to talk to a trusted psychic who can render a genuine session at an affordable price, Cooper is one of a few choices. Guess what? She only charges you $2 for one-minute interaction. This is a bargain if comparing to her special gift, ability and experience.

As an empath, she can tap into your current circumstance and come up with new perspectives giving you a clearer look about the whole situation. Her compassionate readings can cover a variety of topics, like love relationships, career, finance, and so on.

Her style of reading makes you feel comfortable and no sign of judgment. She is like a reliable friend staying on your side and offering you useful advice. Give her a call if you need peace and clarity.

7. Laverne

This list is not complete without Laverne.

With a 4.7 rating and a total of over 30 thousand readings, she is definitely one of most favorite psychics of this network. Began delivering her services in 2014, this clairvoyant has gained the trust of numerous customers within a short period.

Her best service is tarot readings; also, she specializes in love and relationships, career, and more aspects as well. Lavern’s interpretations guide you through tough decisions, boost up your confidence and strength, and lead you to where you once thought unreachable.

She really cares for your needs and future.

This is the quick list in case you need to talk to a real psychic without wasting too much time researching. Each has a detailed profile page on California Psychics in which you can learn about their abilities, reading style, divine tools, main topics, and testimonials from customers.

I’m sure you will find the most expert psychic for your readings.

How Many Payment Options at California Psychics?

Same as the registration, the payment process at this psychic site is super easy because you can pay for your readings using your debit or credit card. Also, they do accept the payment through PayPal as well.

Leave your credit card information in the blank when you’re signing up.

Final Words

When should you visit California Psychics?

Due to this hectic life, sometimes you do need a psychic reading to find back the peace of your mind and balance. Talking with a legit, professional spiritual expert earns you the clarity you’ve always longed for. Immediately access California Psychics whenever you feel lost in life and eager for the guidance.

With the natural gift and extraordinary abilities, they’re capable of sorting your mind out, eliminating your negative energy as well as anxiety, and giving you insight about big decisions you soon have to make.

Come to California Psychics from today and your spiritual experience will be guaranteed positively.

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